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Updated on May 9, 2024

Buy Clubhouse Followers and Grow Your Voice Faster genuine and verified services

Want your voice and opinions to reach new audiences? Buy Clubhouse followers and take advantage of this still new social app to grow your popularity fast. When you buy followers on Clubhouse, you can quickly build an audience of loyal fans who will help amplify your voice across the platform.

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Clubhouse Followers
Clubhouse Followers are perfect for a quick and quality boost without a large budget, these come from real global users.
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Clubhouse Followers
Clubhouse Followers are perfect for a quick and quality boost without a large budget, these come from real global users.
Secure guaranteed payment
Satisfaction Guarantee
Secure guaranteed Delivery
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Why Viralyft is The #1 Choice?

Viralyft is the best site to buy Clubhouse followers because we’re reputable, dependable, and supportive of our customers. But those aren’t the only reasons to choose us! Find more reasons in our key features.

Real Followers

Real Followers from Real Clubhouse Accounts

Clubhouse is a relatively new platform with not a lot of users on it yet, which makes it more important than ever that the followers you buy are authentic. With Viralyft, you’ll always receive real and active followers, never bots.

Cheap Rates

Affordable Rates

Our plans for Clubhouse followers are affordable and perfect for influencers with low budgets. Choose from plans as low as $10.99.

Quick Delivery

Quick Delivery

You’ll receive your new Clubhouse followers in just 1-2 days. That’s quick!

Permanent Results

Permanent Followers

Your real Clubhouse followers will stick with you permanently. In the event that any do drop off, we’ll replace your losses within six months of your purchase.

24/7 live chat support

24/7 Live Support

Our stellar 24/7 live support team is ready to help you with your questions and concerns, day and night!

SSL Encrypted Payments

SSL-encrypted Payment Gateway

You’ll experience a safe and secure transaction by using our SSL-encrypted payment gateway. We’ll also never store your payment information.

Why Social Media Privacy Matters!
At Viralyft every service you purchase comes with our privacy guarantee. This means your data is fully confidential, no matter what!
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How to Buy Clubhouse Followers

We know you’re ready to find out how to buy followers on Clubhouse. The good news is it’s easy when you choose Viralyft as your provider! Just follow our three steps to finalizing your purchase.

Pick an Plan

Select your Clubhouse followers plan

We offer several different Clubhouse follower packages, with different quantities and affordable prices to meet your needs. Select the one that works best with your budget, knowing that you’ll always receive all our great benefits, like 24/7 support and quick delivery.

Profile Username

Provide your Clubhouse username

Next, provide us with the username to the Clubhouse profile you want us to deliver followers to. Also, be sure your profile is set to “Public.”

Complete your purchase

Complete your purchase

Purchase your Clubhouse followers plan using our secure SSL-encrypted payment gateway. You can use most major credit and debit cards, Apple Pay, or cryptocurrency. We won’t store your payment information.

Your Clubhouse Followers
Before Viralyft
before buying clubhouse followers
After Viralyft

What are the Benefits of Buying Clubhouse followers?

Many people have never heard of the new social media app called Clubhouse. For influencers looking to extend their voices to fresh audiences, that’s actually a good thing! Let’s explain why.

But first: What is Clubhouse? It’s a social media app which lets users set up chat rooms, called “Rooms,” and invite their friends inside to participate in a conversation. Conversations in Rooms are voice-based, not text-based. Think of it like speaking with a large group of friends in real life, but through an app instead of in the same physical room.

Since Clubhouse is still relatively new, it doesn’t have a lot of users compared to more popular social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You may think that’s a disadvantage to influencers, but you’d be wrong. 

It’s much easier for someone who joins an app with a small number of users early to build a following. The reason for that is there simply aren’t as many voices competing against one another for followers. Furthermore, the more followers you have on an app with a low number of users, the more credible your profile appears. This will attract still more users to your following!

The key, then, to becoming a Clubhouse influencer is twofold: 1) get in on it early, and 2) gain a lot of followers quickly. 

The first part – joining the app and setting up a profile early – is the easy part. But acquiring a lot of followers, even on a platform that’s still in its infancy, can be tricky. 

That’s why there’s a great benefit to buying Clubhouse followers. Buying followers has always been a standard practice on every social media platform because it allows you to build an audience quickly, gain credibility, and increase organic engagement. The same strategy works for Clubhouse. 

With all your new followers, you’ll receive all the benefits we described above. Then, when Clubhouse really gets popular, you’ll already be primed and ready to welcome even more fans to your profile.

What are the Benefits of Buying Clubhouse followers
Things To Consider Before Buying Clubhouse Followers

Things To Consider Before Buying Clubhouse Followers

Before you get Clubhouse followers, consider the following important points to maximize the results of your purchase.

Am I buying real Clubhouse followers or bots?

The object of having Clubhouse followers is to have people who are fans of your content and will engage with it in a meaningful way. This is only possible with real followers. The alternative is to pay for bots to follow you, but they won’t be able to participate in any Room conversations or add anything to your discussions.

Bottom line: bots are a waste of your time and money. Real Clubhouse followers are a far superior investment.

Do I have topics to discuss in my Rooms?

Buying followers can only get you so far on Clubhouse. In addition to that strategy, you should also plan which topics you want to discuss in your Rooms. Give your fans something unique and engaging to look forward to talking about and listening to, so that they keep coming back for more.

Is the provider I’m buying Clubhouse followers from safe?

It can be risky to buy Clubhouse followers on the internet. Some providers may try to scam you out of your Clubhouse account password or steal your payment information.

With that in mind, take the time to make sure that the website you’re purchasing a Clubhouse followers plan from is safe and legitimate. Look for green flags, like an SSL-encrypted payment gateway. At Viralyft, we use such a payment system. We also never ask for your Clubhouse password or any other sensitive personal data.

How to get more Followers on Clubhouse

Here are some strategies to use in addition to purchasing Clubhouse followers, so you can increase your followers on the app.

Optimize your profile bio and picture

A great looking profile is the gateway to getting more organic followers. Optimize your profile with a lively, descriptive bio and a clear photo, so that people who discover you know exactly who you are and what kind of content they can expect in your Rooms.

Create Houses

Houses (formerly known as Clubs) are spaces that you can invite followers to and where they can chat in between discussions. You can open Rooms within each House and group them by topic or interest. This way, your fans know which House and Room they should go to for the topic that attracts them the most.

Discuss topics of interest to your target audience

Every influencer has a target audience. These are the users that you want to reach the most because they are the most interested in you, your brand, or whatever you’re selling. That’s why a great strategy to grow more Clubhouse followers organically is to discuss topics that will draw that target audience. You can find out what topics are of interest by performing market analysis or searching other social media platforms for trends in your content niche.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have specific questions about buying Clubhouse followers from Viralyft and how it works? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section for the answers you need.

Clubhouse followers are the Clubhouse users who follow your account on the platform. They can see your:

  • Chats and rooms you create – and join them
  • Clubs
  • Replays

Having more followers gives you credibility and helps you grow your account on Clubhouse.

No. Buying followers on Clubhouse is not against the rules, so you won’t get into any trouble by doing so.

We don’t require any sensitive information to send real followers to your Clubhouse profile. All we need is your Clubhouse username. No need to give us your password!

Viralyft’s Clubhouse followers are real and will follow your account permanently. In the event that any of them do drop off, we’ll refill your losses within six months of your purchase.

You won’t get banned from Clubhouse for buying followers, providing the followers you buy are real users. This is not a problem when you order through Viralyft.

Yes. Buying followers on Clubhouse is a great strategy for driving growth, whether your account is old or new. 

We recommend buying a number of Clubhouse followers that is realistic for your account. For example, if you only have 50 followers, it would look more natural if you gained 250 new followers over 1-2 days than it would if you gained 500 followers.

No. Viralyft’s real Clubhouse followers are indistinguishable from any other profile.

Yes! We only provide real Clubhouse followers. You will never receive a follow from a bot or a fake account from us.


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Customer Reviews

Here are reviews from other Viralyft customers who decided to buy cheap Clubhouse followers to help new audiences discover their voices.

55 Reviews
Very good0%
Joana Alina

Clubhouse is the hardest platform for me to grow. I bought followers and they havent dropped off in three months.

Jefferson Souza

250 followers are cheap enough to try. Seeing dozens of followers in the first few hours of ordering.

Sarii Kaufmann

Cheating the system with my social media agency by buying followers. Clients have been happy for over a year

Maria wigge

This is the second time I’ve purchased followers for my clubhouse account. Both times have been great experiences. 5 stars from me.

Isabelle Schneider

Got all of my followers faster than I thought. Customer support was on point and helped me fix a problem with my order.

Joe Martin

I’ve been trying to grow my Clubhouse for so long I’ve lost count of the months. I finally broke down and bought followers. Now I’m starting to see growth.

Xheisi Prenga

My motivational clubhouse is really taking off now thanks to the followers I got from Viralyft. I recommend this service to everyone now.

Huda Mustafa

If you’re struggling to grow your Clubhouse, try this service. It’s so easy to buy, and you can even pay with bitcoin if you want.

Jake Hughes

I’m an artist who is trying to grow their clubhouse account. Buying followers has helped me reach my goals.

Hector Ges

Getting clubhouse followers is easy now because of Viralyft. I recommend the 500-follower package.


I bought 500 Clubhouse followers from Viralyft, and it was the best experience with a provider that I’ve ever had! They made every step of the process clear and easy. Before I knew it, my new followers had arrived at my profile. I’ve never been more popular on this app!


Buying Clubhouse followers has helped me attract more, unpaid followers. It’s also been a smooth experience working with Viralyft. No problems so far.


Viralyft’s Clubhouse followers service is pretty amazing. Their prices are budget-friendly, their live support is helpful, and they don’t ask for any private info aside from your Clubhouse username. I feel secure when I purchase through them. And, of course, the results are completely satisfactory.


I highly recommend Viralyft over any other Clubhouse followers provider. They know their stuff and they have all kinds of advice for making the most of your purchase. They do an awesome job at making sure you get the best social media growth services.


If you’re looking for followers on Clubhouse that are actually real and worth your money, stop looking because you’ve found it. Viralyft is my top choice for Clubhouse followers and all kinds of other social media engagement. I’ve never had any problems with them, and I always get great outcomes. They’ll save you a headache, for sure.


I’ve been doing great numbers on Clubhouse Rooms lately, and I believe part of the credit goes to the real followers I bought from Viralyft. I’ve definitely noticed some of them engaging with me beyond just following. The 500 followers plan was well worth the $18!


If I could give Viralyft 10 stars, I would! I bought their 250 Clubhouse followers plan, and it was so worth it. I’ve gotten more engagement with my profile and my rooms, and I’ve also gotten so much more confidence. I plan to use Viralyft regularly now along with my other marketing strategies.


Not everybody is selling Clubhouse followers right now since the app isn’t super popular yet. So, you can imagine how surprised I was when I came across Viralyft. I’m happy to report that their service was top-notch. It was a huge relief, actually, because I needed a good, reliable source of followers for Clubhouse, and I found one in Viralyft.


I always wanted a way to grow my Clubhouse following and Viralyft came up with an answer. First of all, there aren’t enough places where you can buy followers for Clubhouse and none of them are as affordable as Viralyft. I can get more followers while staying within my budget.


I love being a creator on Clubhouse. It’s been a great way to connect with other creators and have them have me as an inspiration. I was just struggling with getting more followers and that’s what Viralyft helped me with. They provided me with affordable plans that brought quality followers.


The best thing about Viralyft is that you only get followers that are free of bots. I know because I have tried other places to get more followers, but they never worked like they did here with Viralyft. Every single follower was a real Clubhouse user and I have never seen anything like this before.


My Clubhouse account was looking a bit empty. Viralyft helped me build up my following without breaking my budget. I am so happy I found Viralyft. It is the perfect way for me to gain followers, without spending a ton of money.


I am very pleased with the number of followers added to my Clubhouse through Viralyft. When I was first starting out, I would have given just about anything to get my account where it is today.


Viralyft is definitely the best place to buy Clubhouse followers. The number of followers I get through Viralyft is very impressive. It’s also very easy to use and very cheap as well. I recommend it to anyone who wants to increase their Clubhouse followers.


I was looking for a place where I could buy Clubhouse followers and I could not find any other site like Viralyft. This is the only site where you can buy legit followers for the right money. All the other sites either sell bots or are TOO expensive and sometimes even both.


It’s important to have a strong following on social media networks if you are an influencer. Viralyft has made it easy for me to find the right amount of followers that will help me grow my Clubhouse account. Amazing features and quality at amazing prices.


I just wanted to say thank you for the great product! In just a few days of using Viralyft, I have had more people join my Clubhouse than I have ever had. It’s really cool that I can get so many people to follow me so fast and so easy. It’s a huge time saver too as I don’t have to keep trying different strategies.


I’m more than happy with the high quality clubhouse followers I’ve gotten from them and I will say that this company has been nothing but awesome. Their support team is always available to help out when needed. One thing I really like is that they allow me to track my orders.


Writing this review after receiving my order of Clubhouse followers. Thank you, thank you for this incredible service. I honestly don’t know what else to say. You’ve gone above and beyond my expectations and I’m happy with the results!


Viralyft is very easy to use, and it does not take long at all to see the results. I have been recommending this to all of my friends who are looking for followers on Clubhouse. Hope more and more people find out about this.


Viralyft is a great company! They definitely pay attention to the customers and make sure to meet their expectations. I used this site to get more followers on Clubhouse and I’m extremely happy with my experience with them. If you want more followers, Viralyft is a perfect way to get them!


Viralyft is a great place to get Clubhouse followers. I have been using them for a couple of months now and they have been working great for me!


I just wanted to thank you for making this possible. I absolutely love Viralyft. Now I have more followers in my Clubhouse than ever before. I can get more followers with just a few clicks on my screen. It really makes promoting my Clubhouse easy and helps me focus on my content!


Viralyft is doing a great job for me! I’ve been using their services for my Clubhouse since earlier this year and it’s been really good. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is looking for a quality Clubhouse service.


Viralyft is one of the best websites to buy Clubhouse followers. Their prices are reasonable and their services are fast. I will recommend them to anybody who needs real followers for cheap. Usually, good things don’t come this cheap which makes Viralyft so special.


Viralyft is hands down the best site to buy Clubhouse followers. I have been a customer for two years now and I have never been disappointed. They provide real followers as promised paired with amazing speed. Clubhouse is relatively new so there are very few sites that sell stuff like this and none of them are as reliable as Viralyft.


I have been buying their Clubhouse followers for a while now, and I am really happy with the quality of the followers they provide. Since this platform is so new, I didn’t expect the quality was going to be this good. All these followers are real listeners. If you are looking for real followers, you should go with Viralyft.


I have purchased followers on Clubhouse from here on two occasions, purchasing 250 followers each time. I can honestly say that I am very, VERY impressed with this company. They are fast and efficient and the followers they sold were indeed real people! I definitely trust them for all of my social media marketing needs.


Viralyft has always been a trusted site for me and they delivered like always when I came here to buy Clubhouse followers. Their customer service was fantastic as usual and they have the best delivery time on the internet.


I am completely satisfied with my experience ordering Clubhouse followers from Viralyft. The followers they sold me were real people, not accounts with no followers. I loved that I was able to track the progress of my order and when it was going to be delivered. Also, they were very quick in their delivery. If I need more followers, I know where to go now!


I am very happy with how Viralyft has helped me set up my Clubhouse account. I receive my followers on time and the quality of the accounts are great! I would definitely recommend Viralyft to anyone looking for quality Clubhouse followers.


I have been using their service for the last 3 weeks, and I have had nothing but good experiences. There was not even one single follower they provided me that was fake. This has been definitely worth all of my money.


I have made two purchases so far, and I am completely satisfied with the service, delivery speed and customer care. The Clubhouse followers they sell are real people, with their own followers and groups. I will definitely buy it again!


I am really impressed with the quality of the social media followers they provide. At first, I was concerned that followers would be of low quality, but it turns out that the followers they provide are genuine Clubhouse users. They are always very engaged and interested in the content I put out too.


I have been a satisfied customer for over a year already with Viralyft. But only recently have I started buying followers for Clubhouse. I have only received real human followers that interact with my audio.


Viralyft has come to me as the easiest way of getting a lot of real, high quality followers on Clubhouse. I have been using their services for a few months now and have been getting more listeners than I ever had. This is also boosting my Clubhouse presence organically!


Viralyft is by far the best Clubhouse seller that I’ve seen. I know other websites who claim to be selling Clubhouse followers but all of the packages they sell are of fake followers or garbage bots. Viralyft is completely legit and their followers are top-notch.


I have read a lot of positive comments about this site before, but I still wasn’t sure if I could trust them. My fears are gone now because my followers are here and they are real people. I would recommend Viralyft to anyone who wants to buy Clubhouse followers.


I’ve been using Viralyft for some time now to get followers for my Clubhouse account. I like the user interface on their site; I know what’s available and how many followers of each type I can expect. And, all at a price that fits my budget.


The process was easy and straightforward. The delivery was fast, and the price is competitive. They even have an order tracking feature that I did not expect. I have no problem recommending them to anyone who needs Clubhouse followers.