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Updated on May 9, 2024

Buy Real SoundCloud Followers and Grow Your Listener Base genuine and verified services

Every artist on SoundCloud who wants to make it big needs a loyal base of listeners. Buy SoundCloud followers and grow your listener base to new proportions. Moreover, when you buy real SoundCloud followers from Viralyft, you invite authentic engagement that will increase your songs’ popularity.

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SoundCloud Followers
Soundcloud followers are a great choice for anyone needing a boost and wanting real followers from a global fanbase without a large budget.
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SoundCloud Followers
SoundCloud followers are a great choice for anyone needing a boost and wanting real followers from a global fanbase without a large budget.
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Satisfaction Guarantee
Secure guaranteed Delivery
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Why Viralyft is The #1 Choice?

There are a lot of providers of SoundCloud followers out there, so why go with Viralyft? We’re glad you asked! Take a gander at some of our key features that our customers love.

Real Followers

Real Followers with Real SoundCloud Accounts

Whenever you are purchasing SoundCloud followers from Viralyft, you can always be sure they come from real, active SoundCloud users. Bot followers aren’t allowed!

Variety of Affordable Plans

Variety of Affordable Plans

We offer a variety of affordable plans for buying SoundCloud followers, so there’s always an option to fit your budget.

Snappy delivery

Snappy Turnaround Time

We’ll make it snappy and provide SoundCloud followers for your account within 24-72 hours from your purchase.

Long lasting Results

Long-lasting Results

Since our followers are authentic SoundCloud users, they won’t drop off your profile like bots tend to do.

Round the Clock Live Support

Round the Clock Live Support

Contact our live support team round the clock – 24/7 – any time you have a question or a concern with your order.

SSL Encrypted Payments

SSL-encrypted Payment Gateway

Feel safe and secure during checkout when you pay using our SSL-encrypted payment gateway. Don’t worry, we’ll never store your payment information.

Why Social Media Privacy Matters!
At Viralyft every service you purchase comes with our privacy guarantee. This means your data is fully confidential, no matter what!
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How to Buy SoundCloud Followers

Buying SoundCloud followers is an effective strategy that can help you grow your listener base by leaps and bounds. Follow these steps to get started with SoundCloud followers from Viralyft.

Pick an Plan

Select your SoundCloud followers plan

We offer several different plans for SoundCloud followers, with different quantities and affordable prices to meet your needs. Select the one that works best with your budget, knowing that you’ll always receive all our great benefits, like 24/7 support and quick delivery.

Profile Username

Provide the username/URL to your SoundCloud profile

Next, provide us with the SoundCloud username or the URL to the SoundCloud profile you want us to deliver followers to. Also, be sure your profile is set to “Public,” not “Private.”

Complete your purchase

Complete your purchase

Complete your purchase using our SSL-encrypted payment gateway. We accept all major credit cards, as well as debit cards, Apple Pay and crypto. We’ll also never store any of your payment information.

Your SoundCloud Followers
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Soundcloud followers before
After Viralyft

What are the Benefits of Buying Followers from SoundCloud?

Like all social media platforms, with SoundCloud, it pays to have lots of followers. 

You can see this for yourself when you click on the profile of your favorite famous artist or band, and notice their hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of followers. Furthermore, as you scroll through their track list, you’ll see that their songs consistently perform similarly well in terms of Plays, likes, and reposts. 

The benefit of having a high follower count on your SoundCloud profile is you have a built-in fanbase that will engage with all your new songs. This is the main strategy that new artists use to sustain long-term growth for their account. Rather than becoming one-hit wonders, they can release one trending single or album after another.

Another benefit of having lots of SoundCloud followers is they give your profile social status and credibility. People are more likely to play your songs and become fans themselves if they see that a lot of other users enjoy your music, as well. Brands, agents, and record labels are also more impressed by artists with a high following.

For artists just launching (or relaunching) their music career on SoundCloud, getting a lot of followers can be a huge hurdle. No one knows who you are or how great your songs are yet. But you still need followers to help you grow your listener base and become famous. 

That’s the benefit of buying SoundCloud followers. When you buy followers for SoundCloud, you start expanding your listener base instantly, which provides you with the social credibility as well as the increased engagement you need to draw more, non-paid users into your following. 

With this strategy, your listener base will only grow larger and larger, leading you closer to going viral and achieving SoundCloud fame.

Why you should buy
Things To Consider Before Buying

Things To Consider Before Buying SoundCloud Followers

Here’s what you need to know before you buy active SoundCloud followers, so you can make the best use of your investment. 

Are the SoundCloud followers I’m buying bots or real people?

Only real SoundCloud followers can provide authentic engagement and help you grow your account and your listener base. Bots, on the other hand, are only capable of performing the action you paid for. They will never be able to enjoy your songs, which means they will never take the initiative to interact with them in other ways, such as liking or reposting them.

Bot followers are also highly likely to disappear as SoundCloud discovers and removes them. With legit followers, drop-offs aren’t something you need to worry about.

For these reasons, be sure that the provider you choose to buy SoundCloud followers from is selling you follows from real SoundCloud users.

Do I have a plan for creating and uploading quality music to my profile?

You must have great music on your profile if you want the followers you purchased to interact meaningfully with your account. Plus, you want to attract organic followers, as well, but it’s hard to do that when you don’t give them fresh songs to listen to.
So, before you buy SoundCloud followers, create a plan for creating and uploading quality music to your profile for all your followers, paid and organic traffic, to enjoy.

Is the website I’m buying SoundCloud followers from safe?

Not all websites are safe to purchase SoundCloud followers from. There are a lot of scammers out there who just want to make a quick buck off SoundCloud artists instead of helping them.

That’s why at Viralyft, we put our customers first and work hard to craft an experience that is safe and secure. For example, our payment gateway is SSL-encrypted, and we never store our customers’ payment information. We also never ask for your SoundCloud account password.

Pros & Cons of Buying SoundCloud Followers

In case you’re still on the fence about buying SoundCloud followers from Viralyft, here’s a pros and cons list that outlines the good and the bad about using our best services. 

Real followers

Every follower we send you is a real, active SoundCloud user.

Authentic engagement

Begin with paid followers and generate authentic engagement as your listener base grows.

Instant delivery

Start getting your new followers instantly after you purchase your plan.

Secure payment

Pay with peace of mind using our SSL-encrypted gateway.

Permanent results

Watch your SoundCloud listener base expand without the fear of drop-offs.

Long-term growth

Use paid followers alongside other strategies, like content creation, to help grow your SoundCloud fanbase long-term.

Not a comprehensive solution

Using Viralyft’s real SoundCloud followers alone won’t help you grow your listener base.

How to get more Followers on SoundCloud

Follow these strategies to get more SoundCloud followers organically.

Tag your songs appropriately

Songs on SoundCloud become more discoverable if they are tagged. Users search for or follow tags to find certain genres or styles of music that they like, so the SoundCloud algorithm is more likely to show them other music that is categorized under those same criteria.

Tag your songs with genres, moods, and other descriptors that are appropriate to the style, content, and tone of your music. This way, the SoundCloud algorithm will push them out to targeted listeners who follow or like the same tags.

Promote your songs on other social media platforms

Cross promotion is a strategy that all successful musicians use to spread their songs to new audiences and gain more followers. If they can do it, you can do it, too!
If you have accounts on other social media platforms, such as Instagram, TikTok, or Twitter, promote your songs to your followers there. Be sure to include a link to your SoundCloud, so that your fans know where to go. Also, encourage your followers on your other social media accounts to follow you on SoundCloud, as this will allow them to stay up to date on your latest releases.

Become an active member of the SoundCloud community

One way to gain more SoundCloud followers is to let other members of the SoundCloud know you’re there.

To do this, become an active member of the community. Start following and supporting other artists in your niche, engaging with comments on your songs, and sharing music that you enjoy to your timeline. Eventually, other SoundCloud artists and fans will come to recognize who you are and return the support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the questions we get asked the most frequently as providers of SoundCloud followers to musicians of all genres and styles.

Yes! Viralyft only providers real SoundCloud followers with real SoundCloud accounts. You never have to worry that the followers you buy using our service are fake.

Yes! We currently offer an affordable plan for buying 1000 SoundCloud followers that costs $24.99.

After you purchase your SoundCloud followers plan from Viralyft, we will deliver your new followers to your SoundCloud profile over the course of 24-72 hours. For us to start the delivery, you must provide us with the URL to your SoundCloud profile.

Yes, Our network of SoundCloud followers is global, but if there is a specific country you want followers from, send us a message and we can arrange a custom order.

It’s possible that your music could go viral after buying SoundCloud followers. However, it’s important that you use other strategies to grow in popularity, as well, like producing quality music. Buying followers alone doesn’t guarantee that you will go viral.

Because the SoundCloud followers we provide are genuine, there is an extremely low probability of them dropping off your account. If they do, we’ll refill your loss within six months of your purchase.

It’s entirely possible that you will get more Plays if you buy real SoundCloud followers. Just be sure that you upload quality music that people will want to listen to.

Not as long as you buy real SoundCloud followers. These users will be indistinguishable from organic followers, meaning the platform won’t detect them and flag your account.

The beauty of buying real SoundCloud followers is they can’t be told apart from any other user. They are active and engage with music, just like any normal account. Therefore, when you buy real followers, other users won’t even be able to tell that you paid for them


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Customer Reviews

Here’s what some of our customers had to say about using Viralyft’s service to buy high-quality, authentic SoundCloud followers.

41 Reviews
Very good0%

I don’t know if it’s just me, but it seems like since I bought SoundCloud followers at Viralyft, my other engagement (plays, likes, etc.) have gone up, too. It’s all great to me!

Samy Kamel

Using Viralyft was an amazing experience! The process was easy, with nothing weird or fishy about it. And the delivery and the real SoundCloud followers were all just as described. Overall, I’m extremely happy with my results.


Viralyft helped me get more listeners. I bought one of their smaller plans, the 250 followers one for $10, and within a week I had a jump in Plays. I’ve also gotten more followers than the ones I paid for. It’s good to see the money I spent paying off (no pun intended).


I love using Viralyft. I’ve bought SoundCloud followers a couple of different times from them. The first time was just to test the water, but it worked so well that I came back and bought 500 more real SoundCloud followers. As my following keeps growing organically, I’ll probably be back for more, just to give it another boost in between my new music.


I like that Viralyft offers a refill guarantee. I saw a couple followers drop off after a few weeks, but Viralyft replaced them right away. I only spent 5 bucks for 100 followers, so I appreciate that I still get all the benefits this provider has to offer. According to me, Viralyft is one of the best sites to buy soundcloud followers.


It’s pretty cool watching my follower count go up over two or three days. I like that they don’t all come in at once because then it wouldn’t look very natural. I think that’s also how you can tell that they’re real followers, not bots. Viralyft definitely knows what they’re doing.


Viralyft has great customer service. Their live support team was super helpful, especially considering that it was 3 AM when I messaged them. They really are available 24/7!


The affordable prices with all the benefits are really what sold me on Viralyft. That and the fact that they don’t ask for your SoundCloud password, and they also don’t keep your payment info. They feel legitimate, not scammy.


This is the best place to buy cheap SoundCloud followers. They don’t jerk you around or try to upsell you. They just show you what they have, explain their benefits, and then let you decide which plan works best for your needs.


These SoundCloud followers from Viralyft are high quality. I’ve noticed a few of them playing and liking my music – not something I expected, for sure! But it’s a pleasant surprise. You get your investment back and more with this service.


I’ve seen more engagement with my SoundCloud songs than ever before since buying real followers from Viralyft. The best part of all is the increase in Plays and likes, since those are what I need to help me go viral. But having a solid reserve of loyal listeners is also key.


Viralyft is a great place to buy Soundcloud followers. They have a lot of flexibility in choosing how many followers you want to buy and at a very low price. I have been very satisfied with my purchase from Viralyft. The quality and the followers being permanent is amazing.


The followers I bought from Viralyft were very active and engaged with my tracks. They also had good-looking profiles, which is very important. I’d recommend Viralyft to anyone looking for high-quality followers on SoundCloud.


I have used Viralyft for SoundCloud followers for two weeks now, and I can see that it’s working. I had only bought followers from here but now my music is getting more plays and likes as well. The reaction I am getting is way better than I normally do and I think it is all because of Viralyft.


Viralyft is the best provider of real SoundCloud followers. They are cheap, easy to work with and they deliver on time. I have been using them for a while now and I am very happy with the service they provide. If you are looking for real SoundCloud followers then Viralyft is the place to go!


It’s been a few weeks since I ordered followers from Viralyft, but I still haven’t lost any of them. In the past, I’ve bought followers from other websites and they all eventually disappeared. But Viralyft is the real deal. They’re the only place where I’ll buy my SoundCloud followers.


I would highly recommend Viralyft to anyone looking for SoundCloud followers. I’ve personally tried several companies and Viralyft is the best by far. Their service is second to none and their customer service is simply the best.


I came across Viralyft by chance and decided to give them a try. I’ve never used any company that sold SoundCloud followers before and honestly didn’t believe it would work. But I was really surprised when I saw the new followers arrive. I could definitely recommend Viralyft!


Viralyft is the best place to buy SoundCloud followers. I used to buy followers at other sites, but most of them either turned out to be fake accounts or totally disappeared after a while. That’s why I switched over to Viralyft because the followers I bought from here are all real people.


I have purchased over 4000 followers from Viralyft and they are being a great help to my small online music career. I have also purchased a few plays from them here and there. I have never had any issues with the followers or plays that I purchased from them. They are helping me tremendously.


I’ve been using Viralyft for a few months now and I love it! You can tell that all of their followers are real people. They have a great plan selection and the prices are very reasonable. I would recommend them to anyone looking to buy SoundCloud followers.


I have been doing my research on SoundCloud promotion services for a long time. I found Viralyft to be the best choice. The service is very good. It is very safe and secure, they deliver on time without any problems, and there are no bots or spam accounts.


Viralyft knows how important it is to promote your music with SoundCloud followers. It’s a great way to get noticed and make music for a living. Viralyft is helping me just by giving me real SoundCloud followers at a low cost!


I’ve been buying from Viralyft for almost a year and I can say they are one of the best sellers on the market. They provide great support and all their followers are real users, which is really important because fake followers usually go against the guidelines of all social media. I’d recommend them to anyone looking to gain some serious followers!


I’m so glad I found Viralyft because I was running out of strategies to get more followers on my own. Buying followers is hard too because you really don’t know who is legit and who isn’t. But thankfully Viralyft was the very first site I paid money to and they never disappointed me. It helped me save time and money.


I never thought it would be so easy to actually buy real followers for SoundCloud. I’m a huge fan of Viralyft’s services now. I definitely recommend Viralyft to everyone who wants their music to get more engagement.


I’ve bought so many followers from here. This is the only site I trust. The Soundcloud followers they provide are all high quality and I haven’t ever been scammed here. Heard a lot of incidents where people end up losing their money trying to buy Soundcloud followers $1 and stuff online and they always got scammed.


Everything about Viralyft’s Soundcloud follower packages is top class. The followers are real, the speeds are amazing, and the price is just perfect. I can buy 1k followers for just $24.99 here and can expect all of them to be real. I compared a lot of websites’ prices and this here was the best deal. There aren’t many websites that do this.


The Followers are REAL, they don’t get deleted and they spread on their own. I am also seeing a great boost in my overall reach on Soundcloud ever since I bought followers from here. The service is legit and the prices are very reasonable. I would definitely recommend Viralyft to anyone!


I am so happy with the followers I have bought at viralyft. I have tried quite a few websites, but they were either too slow or their followers were fake. I have not even seen any of these followers disappear like I have heard usually happens. I really believe was really lucky to find this website.


I’m really impressed with the service here. I was looking for adding 1000 extra followers to my SoundCloud account, and Viralyft delivered just that. I can also see that all of the followers are real people who are interested in my music. I’ll definitely be coming back to buy more followers from Viralyft!


I am a rapper and I have to say that Viralyft is one of the best. I have been using their services for a while now and I have been completely satisfied with their performance. Their followers are real and their delivery is fast. I am starting to see the good effect on my new uploads and it just makes me so happy.


I have been using Viralyft for a long time now. I can say that they are the best service out there, their customer service is amazing and they delivered as promised. I got my followers delivered as promised. Also, the price tags you find are some of the cheapest on the whole internet. I will definitely use them again in the future if needed. It is really helping my Soundcloud dream.


I have ordered followers from them several times already. The last time I bought 250 followers for $9.99. They are super fast, efficient, and the best sellers on the web. I am very pleased with my results. I have already placed another order for 500 more followers. I am so satisfied with my first purchase.


I have to say this is one of the best sites I have tried. They have amazing prices and I can’t believe the deals that I’m getting with them.


I was almost on the verge of quitting music when I found them. They have helped me to improve my music career on SoundCloud.


I have had the best experience with this company. They take care of you like a real family. Super stoked to have found them.


The massive follower spike I have got is great for my career. Thank you, guys, for making my dream a reality and helping me soar.


I always thought these services were scams. Viralyft has completely changed my view with their legit packages. Highly recommend.


Decided to take a leap of faith with this company. Cannot say I regret it even one bit. Love everything this company has done for me.


Dealing with so many services on the internet had left me disappointed. None of them were able to meet my demands like Viralyft could. Love their services.

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