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Updated on June 18, 2024

Buy YouTube Likes from Real Users Consuming Content genuine and verified services

To grow your YouTube channel, you need to attract a bigger audience that is interested in your content. You can do that when you buy YouTube likes. Furthermore, when you buy real YouTube likes from Viralyft, you get more authentic engagement from real users with no risk of drop off! Keep reading to see how to do it.

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High-Quality likes are great for giving your video a boost and helping it to rank higher! These come from real users around the world!
  • High-Quality Likes
  • Safe & Secure
  • 24/7 Support
  • 3-4 Days Delivery
  • Secure Payments
  • Enhanced Growth
  • Crypto Accepted
  • Start Trending
  • Fast Response Time
  • Phone Support Team
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Rank Higher
Premium-Quality likes are the best quality offered, these are perfect for ranking higher on search results. These come from real users who are generally in north-america, used by celebrities and music artists globally.
  • Premium Quality Likes
  • Safe & Secure
  • 24/7 Support
  • 3-4 Days Delivery
  • Secure Payments
  • Go Viral Fast
  • Crypto Accepted
  • Get Suggested
  • Fast Response Time
  • Phone Support Team
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Start Trending
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High Quality Likes
High-Quality likes are great for giving your video a boost and helping it to rank higher! These come from real users around the world!
Secure guaranteed payment
Satisfaction Guarantee
Secure guaranteed Delivery
Premium Quality Likes
Premium-Quality likes are the best quality offered, these are perfect for ranking higher on search results. These come from real users who are generally in north-america, used by celebrities and music artists globally.
Secure guaranteed payment
Satisfaction Guarantee
Secure guaranteed Delivery
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Why Viralyft is The #1 Choice?

We know we’re not the only provider of YouTube likes on the internet, but we like to think we’re the best. Discover the key features that make us your best source to buy likes for YouTube!

From Real Users

Real Likes by Real YouTube Accounts

As we deliver likes to your YouTube video, you’ll notice that they all come from real YouTube accounts. All our likes come from real users and can lead to more engagement in the future.

Cheap Rates

Low Prices

Our quality YouTube likes are available to you at some of the lowest prices you’ll ever see. Our cheapest package is $6.99!

Fast Delivery

Fast and On-time Delivery

Your real YouTube likes will be delivered within 24-72 hours. We deliver fast, reliably, and always on time!

Permanent Results

Permanent Results

Our YouTube likes service provides permanent results. No need to worry about drop-offs!

live-chat support for 24 hours

24/7 Live Support Team

We have a live support team on call 24/7 and available to answer your questions through the chatbox on our website, WhatsApp, and email!

Secure Payment Methods

Quick and Secure Payment

Experience a quick and secure checkout with our SSL-encrypted payment gateway. Don’t worry, we won’t store your payment information.

Why Social Media Privacy Matters!

We value your privacy at Viralyft, which is why our privacy guarantee covers every service you buy, keeping your data confidential.

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How to Buy YouTube Likes

Want to know how to buy cheap YouTube likes from Viralyft? The process is simple and convenient. Just follow these three steps.

Pick an Plan

Select your YouTube likes plan

We offer a wide range of plans to meet our customers’ needs. Simply select the one that matches your budget and your desired number of likes. No matter which one you choose, you’ll still receive all our great benefits!

Profile Username

Provide us with the URL to your YouTube video

We only need the URL and will never ask for your account password. Make sure your video is not set to “Private” and that likes for that video are enabled.

Complete your purchase

Complete your purchase

Use our secure SSL-encrypted payment system to complete your purchase. We accept all major credit cards, Apple Pay, and cryptocurrency. We never store your payment information.

Your YouTube Likes
Before Viralyft
before buying youtube likes
After Viralyft

Why should I Buy YouTube Likes?

YouTube videos that make it to the top of search results and get viewed by more people aren’t there by happenstance. More than likely, they’re there because they received a ton of likes from other users. 

Why does this happen? It’s simply how the YouTube algorithm works. 

You see, the YouTube algorithm deems videos with lots of likes as more popular and relevant to their content niche than other videos. As a result, it’s more likely to show those videos to more users by ranking them higher in search results for related keywords and topics. 

What all this tells us is that getting more likes on your YouTube videos is a great strategy for attracting a bigger audience. But there’s a problem, too. If your channel is new or you haven’t had much success growing your subscriber list, likes can be hard to come by. 

To solve this problem, do what other YouTube creators, influencers, musicians, and entrepreneurs do all the time: buy YouTube likes.

There’s a right way and a wrong way to buy YouTube likes. The wrong way is to buy likes from bots and fake accounts, which are prone to getting removed by YouTube. Not only that, but they offer no other type of meaningful engagement beyond a simple like. 

The right way is to buy real YouTube likes. These likes come from YouTube accounts run by real users, which means the likelihood of them dropping off your video is almost nothing. You’re also more likely to get other types of engagement from them, such as comments, providing your content appeals to their interests.

Furthermore, when you buy real YouTube likes, you increase your channel’s credibility for users who discover your videos organically. The more credible your channel appears, the more people will want to see what you have to offer. It’s a simple, yet effective strategy that you could see benefits of buying YouTube likes from far into the future.

Why you should buy
Things To Consider Before Buying

Things To Consider Before Buying YouTube Likes

Before you buy likes for YouTube, consider these important points, so that you can make the most of your investment in your YouTube channel.

Are the YouTube likes I’m purchasing coming from real YouTube users or fake ones?

It’s most beneficial for the growth of your channel if you buy YouTube likes from real users on the platform. If, on the other hand, you buy fake likes from bot accounts, you could damage not only your engagement metrics, but also your credibility as a YouTube creator.

How do fake likes ruin your engagement metrics? YouTube has a policy against bot accounts, meaning that the platform removes them as soon as it discovers them. As they get removed, so do the likes they gave your video, which will cause the number of likes on your video to drop dramatically.

What about fake likes damaging your credibility? If YouTube discovers that you purchased likes from bots, they will remove your video. The removal will reflect poorly on your reputation and on your channel at large.

For these reasons, make sure the likes you’re purchasing for your YouTube videos are real, not fake.

Am I focusing on creating great content that people want to watch?

Buying likes will help boost engagement for your video. But if you want to keep that momentum going and capitalize on your bigger audience, you need to constantly upload new videos for them to watch.

Focus on creating great content that your target audience in your content niche wants to watch. This way, you’ll not

Do I feel safe buying YouTube likes?

You should always feel safe while buying YouTube likes online. You should never feel pressured to give out sensitive personal data like the password to your YouTube account, or to have the provider store your payment information. These are huge red flags that the provider you’re about to buy from is trying to scam you.

Instead, go with a secure website like Viralyft. We keep you completely safe by processing your payment through an SSL-encrypted gateway, not storing your payment information, and never asking for the password to your YouTube account or for other private data.

Pros & Cons of Buying YouTube Likes from Viralyft

We want your decision to purchase YouTube likes from Viralyft to be as informed as possible. That’s why we made a pros and cons list, so you can see both the potential benefits and any disadvantages of our service.

Real likes

Our video likes come from real YouTube users, not bots!

Meaningful engagement

The real human users we send to like your videos may provide engagement beyond a simple like.

Fast and on time delivery

You’ll see your new YouTube likes in just 3-4 days. No password requirement: We never require the password to your YouTube account.

Payment security

We never store your payment information, and our payment gateway is SSL-encrypted for maximum security.

No drop offs

The YouTube likes you buy from Viralyft are permanent. Drop offs occur rarely, and if they do, we will refill your losses.

Not a comprehensive solution

Buying YouTube likes from Viralyft is just one tool you should be using to attract a bigger audience for your videos. It’s not a comprehensive solution.

Can go viral

You should ensure that your content and channel is read to go viral. This means producing well edited content that has a clear message that resonates with the audience.

Not a management service

Keep in mind that this is one of many tools that should be used in conjunction with a well laid out marketing plan. As we do not manage your channel day to day, it will be up to you to engage with the new found users.

How do I increase Likes on YouTube?

Alongside buying real YouTube video likes, try these strategies and put the maximum effort behind attracting more users to your channel.

Post quality videos that appeal to your target audience

No matter what your niche is, you have a target audience that is interested in the type of content that you produce for your channel.
One tactic that is effective at getting more likes for your videos is posting content that appeals directly to your target audience’s wants and needs. You can find out about those wants and needs by paying attention to news, trends, and debates in your community, and then brainstorming video ideas from there. These videos will naturally attract more likes because they address the current topics that everyone is talking about and wants to see more of.

Promote your YouTube content on social media

Don’t just post videos to YouTube and wait for organic engagement to roll in. Be proactive and promote your content on other social media networks such as Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter.

Use SEO strategies to make your videos more discoverable

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a practice that successful YouTube creators use to make their content more discoverable via the YouTube search engine. To use this strategy yourself, start including one to three keywords or key phrases that are relevant to your YouTube video in the title, transcript, caption, and thumbnail. This way, when someone searches for those key terms, the YouTube algorithm will include your video in the results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions? See our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section, where we answer the most common queries about buying YouTube likes that we get from our customers.

Yes! Buying YouTube likes is a common industry practice that successful YouTube channels use all the time. Viralyft is a reputable provider of this service.

Not if you buy real YouTube likes from real users, which is what we provide at Viralyft. Buying YouTube likes is only against YouTube’s Terms and Conditions if they come from bot accounts.

The likelihood of the YouTube likes you buy from Viralyft dropping off is slim to none because they come from real users. However, if you happen to experience any losses, we will refill them within six months of your purchase.

When used in tandem with other social media marketing strategies like quality content creation, purchasing YouTube video likes can absolutely help grow your channel, both in the short-term and the long-term.

There is no limit to the number of YouTube likes you can buy. If you want more than our biggest plan allows, simply send us a message, and request a custom order.

Yes, you can track your Viralyft order by clicking the green “Track Order” button in the upper righthand corner of the screen.

Yes! It’s an industry secret that successful YouTubers, including influencers, brands, and celebrities, buy YouTube likes and other engagement metrics to boost their channels.

Viralyft’s YouTube video likes are all non-drops. You should experience little to no drop-off for the likes that you purchase using our service.

Unfortunately, we’re not able to provide likes for your private YouTube video. The video must be “Public” for our real users to engage with it.

All we require from you is the URL to your YouTube video and your preferred payment method. We never ask for the password to your YouTube account, and we don’t keep your payment information.

What Our Customers Say about Viralyft


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Customer Reviews

Curious about what our customers have to say about buying YouTube likes from Viralyft? Check out some of their reviews and ratings below.

67 Reviews
Very good0%
Ryan Gormley

Super happy. Likes were instant and effective.

Brooke Michelle

Been postin guitar tuts for a bit but hard to get noticed 😔 took a chance n bought likes, totally blown away by wut happened next. My vid got way more likes n engagement just shot up! Ppl r commenting, sharing, n actually interactin with my stuff. Feels like those first likes really started everything. Plus, it was super ez to do n the likes came in like, right away. Anybody trying to get their stuff out there, this service is a must. Seriously changed how my channel’s doin.


The provider I used was top-notch. I’ve been a regular customer for my business channel, relying on their likes and views services, and have always been pleased with the outcomes.

Rebecca Gallagher

I market a luxury beauty item, and our videos were getting low likes. A team member proposed purchasing likes to game the algorithm. It paid off, with a rise in subscribers and likes.


My recent video fell short in engagement, prompting my sponsor’s concern. To remedy this, I overhauled my upload strategy and discreetly invested less than $100 to increase likes. The outcome? Success! Engagement surged, pleasing both viewers and my sponsor.


You can try to grow your channel organically over years or let Viralyft deliver more likes in days than I’ve received in months.

Tiyana Robinson

Viralyft offers the old school quality of service that other service providers fail to offer.


I bought 1000 likes months ago and they’re still there. A++ service provider.

Patrick Anderson

LIKES for everyone. Fast and cheap for me.


Send likes to your older videos and it will really help spur your account growth.

Kiutsumong Yimkhiung

Real people are liking my newest video. I have more views in a few hours than i did in months of trying to grow my channel.


$49.99 for 1k likes is the best money you can spend on new videos. Really. Add it into your marketing budget because this small fee will cause rapid channel growth.


I ordered 100 likes and it seemed I was short a few and had just 97. Customer support was very apologetic and sent over 100 likes for free. I will be using this service again.

Jervy Baltazar

Just placed my order and am reporting back that the transaction is complete and delivery is supposed to take a few days.


Viralyft provides peace of mind with every order. I needed likes on my most recent video and bought a small likes package. The video has thousands of new views from organic search.


Viralyft delivered YouTube likes promptly and from real user accounts, boosting my video’s visibility. Transparent, efficient, and a game-changer for YouTubers!


I wanted to buy some likes for my YouTube videos to help it reach more people. It’s certainly gotten a lot more attention – even beyond my paid likes – since I purchased a Viralyft plan.


I bought 1000 likes on YouTube from Viralyft for $50, and it was the best $50 I’ve ever spent on my channel! More people than ever are watching my videos and I have hundreds more subscribers, too. Thanks, Viralyft!


I have a low budget for YouTube marketing, so it was encouraging to see how affordable Viralyft was. I decided to go with 250 YouTube likes for $14.99, just to see if it worked. I would say it did! I’ve had a lot more engagement and even some new subscribers after buying that plan. Next time I want to buy a bigger plan and see what results I get!


I’ve been purchasing 500 YouTube likes from Viralyft for every video I’ve posted in the past three months. It’s been well worth the investment. My engagement metrics and my subscriber counts just keep going up, up, up! I’ll keep coming back for more.


Viralyft offers the best, most effective services of any YouTube likes provider I’ve ever seen. The live support that’s always on, even in the middle of the night, plus the no drop-off and refill guarantee made me feel confident in my initial purchase. By this time, I’ve bought several YouTube likes plans from them, and my channel is busier than ever! No problems whatsoever!


After I bought 500 YouTube likes for $30, I saw a major uptick in overall engagement with my video. Even my subscriber count went up. I feel like my videos are finally getting seen by the right people, and a big portion of the credit goes to Viralyft and their real likes.


If you have been told to purchase likes to help grow your YouTube channel, but you’re afraid of getting scammed, you’ve come to the right provider. I’ve had nothing but great experiences with Viralyft, and I’ve bought several of their social media services, not just YouTube likes. Not once have I felt like I was being cheated or that I didn’t get my money’s worth.


Viralyft is far and away the best service for YouTube video likes I’ve ever used – and I’ve used quite a few! Viralyft just does it better. Not only do they send you likes from real accounts instead of bots, but they’re also always there to support you and make everything run smoothly. It feels like I’m talking to people who actually care about my success instead of money grabbers. Definitely give them a try!


I needed a custom order for 50k YouTube likes, and Viralyft handled it beautifully. Very professional and helpful. I also liked that I was able to track my order and see the likes appearing on my videos over the course of a few days. It was kind of fun to watch, lol. It hasn’t been long since I made my purchase, but my organic engagement has already started to go up. Excited to see where it goes from here!


I was kind of amazed by how effective buying YouTube likes was, especially considering how cheap Viralyft’s price are. But lo and behold, my viewership went up, just like they suggested it would. I’ve also been focusing on increasing my video quality and cross promotion strategies, which I think will help for long-term organic growth. But these YouTube likes from Viralyft gave me just the boost I needed to get going.


Delivery of my 1000 YouTube likes from Viralyft was prompt, transaction went smoothly, and my views increased tremendously. No complaints! 10/10 experience!


I thought that buying likes for youtube could be expensive but Viralyft’s plans made me realize that was not the case. I am happy with the quality of the service too. I will come back to this site if I need more likes for sure.


I had tried many other sites to buy youtube likes, but they all seemed a bit dodgy and shady. Viralyft was totally professional and had the best prices for the quality of service that they provided. I will definitely be back for more!


Viralyft really helped me out! I was in a jam because I needed likes on my youtube videos, and they delivered! The process was very easy. I was able to buy what I needed from the comfort of my own home. Viralyft is perfect for anyone who needs instant results online.


I was looking for affordable long-lasting youtube likes and I found Viralyft. I liked their pricing, so I bought from them. I got a fast delivery of my package and they provided me with a tracking number to track my order even. Everything turned out better than expected.


I used Viralyft’s service to buy long-lasting youtube likes and I am extremely satisfied with their service. This goes beyond just the quality of likes. Their support staff is also very friendly and helpful.


Viralyft is THE best out there. They offer the cheapest rates than any other site for youtube likes! I have been a loyal customer of Viralyft for over 2 years now and using their services for several social media platforms and they have never let me down.


If you want to increase your youtube performance, this is the best place to get some help. The likes I bought from here have boosted my profile like never before. My videos are doing good now and I’m getting a lot of new subs too.


I am so happy to have found viralyft because I was searching for a reliable site where I can buy youtube likes. I really love the customer service too. They are very helpful when you have any questions. My purchase arrived very fast even. I will definitely be buying more from them. Thank You!


I needed likes for my video and I wasn’t sure how to go about it. I heard from a friend of mine that Viralyft had the best service around, so I had to try them out. They were cheap, they delivered fast, and the likes were permanent.


I’ve been using Viralyft for a few weeks now, and I’m really happy with their services. The best thing about them is that they provide you with likes from all over the world! Their support is great, they answer very quickly, and they offer a lot of features. I’ll recommend them to all my friends!


So me and my wife run a small vlogging Youtube channel which we needed some boost for. We needed to buy YouTube likes but didn’t have a lot of money to spend. This company helped us out and we were able to get 1000 + real likes for just $49.99. It was cheaper than the rest and the end results were even better.


Well, I have been buying Youtube Likes from Viralyft and I have only good things to say about the company. Their service is by far the best on the market right now. I would recommend anyone who is looking for youtube likes to buy them from here.


I just gotta thank Viralyft a lot! Thanks for this amazing service! I’ve been getting youtube likes from you for around 1 year and never had any problems. Haven’t regretted anything one bit and will keep buying more.


I really appreciate working with Viralyft. They are the only ones who can give me REAL and SAFE youtube likes without giving me headaches. The service is fast, price-wise very good and I get a good response from the support if I have any questions too.


I’ve tried several sites out there for buying YT likes, but Viralyft is the only one that I trust. The staff is always quick to respond to questions and concerns, and they’;re diligent about keeping your account safe. Every time I’ve come across a problem, they’ve been happy to help! There’s no other site I’d recommend.


They are the only service that has not let me down with my Youtube likes. There is a lot of competition in this field and most of them do not deliver. But these guys are great! I have been ordering from them for a few months now. Their delivery time is always on point and they never miss a beat! I will continue to use their services as long as they provide them!


I have bought youtube likes and subscribers from a lot of scammers out there. They claim that they are the best, but they aren’t. Viralyft on the other hand is real and really good at what they do. I am impressed with their service and will definitely continue to use their social media marketing services!


I’ve been buying from Viralyft for a while now and I’m always satisfied with the quality of their service. I would definitely recommend them to anyone interested in buying YouTube likes, views, or subscribers. Thanks, guys, keep up the good work!


My youtube channel is brand new and I was looking for some good quality likes for it, I bought them from here and I can see the results. You guys are offering really good service. Thank you so much.


It was great in every manner, and I was overjoyed when it completed giving the likes. I’m looking forward to purchasing another 1000 likes from them.


This is the first time I’ve written a review for a service, and Viralyft has done an excellent job in terms of expert advice and high-quality likes. They also assisted me in selecting the plan that best met my requirements.


I guarantee that your joy will know no boundaries, just like mine did when I witnessed the results after purchasing 5000 likes from Viralyft.


Even though I purchased the cheapest subscription of 100 likes, Viralyft delivered high-grade likes each and every time. Undoubtedly, one of the premier sites in the YouTube market for purchasing high-quality YouTube likes at affordable prices.

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