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Can You See Who Likes Your YouTube Video? Let’s Find Out

It’s always exciting to see the likes count on your YouTube video rise! But can you see who likes your YouTube video? Find out and discover the best ways to learn more about who’s enjoying your content!
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Can You See Who Likes Your YouTube Video
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It’s satisfying – not to mention exciting – to see the likes counter on your YouTube video rise higher and higher. Not only is it a great sign that a lot of people enjoy your content, but it’s also an insight into your audience’s preferences. 

An even more valuable insight would be to know what kind of users are liking your videos. Do they share similar characteristics or personality traits? Are they mostly of a certain age or gender? And are they your followers, or did they discover your channel organically? 

Answering these questions can help you create more targeted content that appeals to the people who are watching it. That way, you can repeat your engagement wins in the future.

Knowing which users liked your YouTube video would be a wonderful thing. But is it actually possible?

Let’s find out.

No, You Can’t See Who Likes Your YouTube Video

Unfortunately, the answer is no. YouTube doesn’t show you the names of the users who like your video. In fact, the only time you can see who engages with your content is if they comment on your video. 

You may be wondering why this is the case. It’s for a very simple reason: privacy

YouTube wants to protect users who like or dislike a video from having their interactions monitored by people they don’t know. This means that if a disreputable creator sees that someone disliked their video, they won’t be able to target that user with hateful messages or call them out.

On the plus side, even though you can’t see who’s liking your YouTube content, you can see that your likes are increasing. That alone tells you that you’ve hit on a type of video that appeals to many people!

3 Ways To Discover Who Your Viewers on YouTube Are

Still, learning more about your audience and the content they want to see is extremely important. This information can help you in all kinds of ways, from providing you with video ideas to optimizing your marketing campaigns.

So, how can you discover who your viewers are on YouTube? Here are 3 different ways.

1. Check Your Comments Section

First, check the comments section of your video. Next to every comment, the username and profile picture of the user is displayed. By clicking on the username, you’ll be taken to their channel and be able to see if they have any videos, playlists, channels, or bio information listed. If they do, be on the lookout for any details about them, what type of content they prefer, etc.

2. Look At Your Subscribers

Did you know that you can view who’s subscribed to your channel? It’s easy to do – just follow this tutorial!

Keep in mind that just because someone subscribes to you doesn’t mean they’re the ones liking your videos. But it’s a good place to look anyway, since they probably wouldn’t still be subscribed if they didn’t like what you put out.

3. Explore Your Audience Insights

Finally, don’t overlook your most important resource for information about your viewers: the Audience tab in YouTube Studio. This is where you can see basic demographic information about your audience, as well as other channels they subscribe to, how many of the watch hours on your channel come from your subscribers, and more.

With these three strategies, you can piece together the type of people who like your content the most. That will give you just as much insight as being able to see who likes your YouTube videos would.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You See Who Disliked Your Youtube Video?

No. YouTube doesn’t show you which users liked or disliked your video. It only shows how many likes and dislikes you received.

Where Can I See How Many Likes And Dislikes Are On My Youtube Video?

Go to your YouTube Studio account and select Content from the lefthand menu. Find the video you want, scroll all the way to the right, and hover over the likes to dislikes ratio to see how many of each the video received.


Though you can’t see who liked your YouTube video, that doesn’t mean you can’t figure out who’s enjoying the content you’re posting. With a little detective work, you can learn a lot more about your audience than you would by simply checking the accounts of the people clicking “thumbs up.”

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