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How To See Who Subscribed To You on YouTube (2024)

If you’re a YouTube creator, then pleasing your audience is a priority. But how can you know what pleases your audience if you don’t know who they are? We can help you find out. Keep reading to learn how to see who subscribed to you on YouTube.
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How to see who subscribed to you on youtube
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As a YouTube creator whose main goal is to grow your channel, your subscribers are extremely important to you. 

The people who subscribe to your channel aren’t just followers; they’re a source of engagement for your content. Moreover, they are one of the keys to boosting your reputation on the platform, attracting more ad partners and collaborators to your channel, and qualifying your content for monetization. 

But it’s not all about gaining more subscribers. It’s also about keeping the ones you already have. And to do that, you need to get to know them. 

When you get to know your subscribers, you learn what kind of videos they want to see and what content they’re interested in. From there, you can develop videos, ads, and social media posts that appeal directly to your subscribers, as well as other users who share similar interests and preferences.

But how can you know them if you don’t even know who they are? 

The answer to that question is you can find out who they are – pretty easily, in fact. 

In this article, we’ll show you how to see who subscribed to you on YouTube, as well as share other helpful tips that will help you learn more about your subscribers. 

How To See Who Subscribed To You on YouTube (3 Steps)

First, let’s tackle where to find the names of your subscribers on YouTube. 

Step #1: Log into your YouTube Studio account.

Click YouTube Studio

Step #2: Scroll down your Dashboard and find the box that says Recent subscribers

Recent subscribers

Step #3: Click SEE ALL. Your lifetime subscribers (as in, your subscribers that you accumulated over the lifetime of your channel) will be displayed in pages. You can also view the number of subscribers you gained in the last 7, 28, 90, or 365 days.

From here, you can go to each subscriber’s channel by clicking on their name. You can also subscribe to their channel by clicking the SUBSCRIBE button next to their listing.

YouTube only displays the subscribers who decided to make their subscription to your channel public. If you notice a difference between your total number of subscribers and the number of people you see in step 3, that could be the reason for it.

Tips💡for Learning More About Your YouTube Audience

Now you know who your subscribers are. What do you do with that information? 

Here are some tips to help you learn more about your YouTube audience.

1. Browse the Activity on Your Subscribers’ Channels

The most obvious action to take after finding out who your subscribers are is to click on their channels and look at their activity. Have they posted any videos? What videos have they liked? What playlists have they created or saved? 

All this data can help you paint a good picture of what kind of content each subscriber typically enjoys. Based on your findings, you can brainstorm videos for your channel that you think all (or a large number of) your followers would like.

2. Post Polls to Your Channel

Find out what your subscribers really think about you, your content, and what they want to see in the future by posting polls to the Community tab on your channel. 

To do that, sign into your YouTube account and click the Create button. There should be an option that says Create A Post. If not, it could be because you haven’t enabled your account for Advanced Settings, or your channel creates content exclusively for kids. 

Learn more about becoming eligible to create Community posts here.

3. Use the Audience Tab in YouTube Analytics

The Analytics tab in YouTube Studio tells you a lot of information about your subscribers without you having to research it yourself.

It’s amazing what you can find out about your subscribers, plus the rest of your viewers, using Analytics. With a glance, you can find out what channels your audience watches, how much watch time is from your subscribers, your viewers’ ages and genders, and so much more. Then, you can collect that data and start developing personas for your audience. 

Personas are fictional figures that represent a typical viewer, all the way down to their age, gender, location, content preferences, and more. You may have several “typical” viewers, and that’s okay! 

Once you have your personas in hand, use them as a reference point for future content creation. They are a well of ideas for videos that will spark interest and drive engagement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You See How Many Subscribers a YouTuber Has?

Yes. You can see the number of subscribers that a YouTuber has on their channel homepage.

Can YouTubers Find Out Who Unsubscribed?

No. There’s no way for you to identify who unsubscribed to your channel unless you keep a detailed list and recognize each subscriber by name.


Finding out who is subscribed to you on YouTube can be enlightening for you and beneficial for the growth of your channel. By learning who your audience is, you can create more targeted content that generates those all-important engagement metrics. 

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