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Updated on June 2, 2024

Buy Facebook Views and Trigger Video Virality genuine and verified services

A viral Facebook video can help you expand your audience and grow your business. Buy Fb video views to go viral faster and reach more people. When you buy real Facebook views from Viralyft, you generate authentic engagement that will help you achieve meaningful, long-term growth for your Page.

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Facebook Views
Facebook Video Views are perfect for a quick and quality boost without a large budget, these come from real global users.
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10000 Views 66% off
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Facebook Video Views
Facebook Video Views are perfect for a quick and quality boost without a large budget, these come from real global users.
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Why Viralyft is The #1 Choice?

There are a lot of providers of Facebook video views out there, but you only want to use the most cost-effective of the bunch. Check out Viralyft’s key features to learn why we’re the best choice for your budget, and for the future growth of your Facebook Page.

From Real Users

Real Views from Real Facebook Accounts

All the views we send to your Facebook video come from real Facebook users, not bot users. Real views are higher quality than fake ones, and they will help your Page grow in popularity.

Cheap Prices

Low Prices

We offer low prices for our real Facebook views, so you can receive quality without breaking your budget. Our smallest plan starts at just $6.99!

Speedy Delivery

Super-Fast Delivery

Our super-fast delivery takes just 24-48 hours to complete.

Permanent Results

Permanent Views

Your real Facebook views will stay on your video permanently. In the event that any do drop off, we will refill your losses within six months of your purchase.

24/7 live chat support

24/7 Customer Support

Our customer support department is available to you 24/7. If you have questions or concerns – regardless of the time of day or night – we’re here to help and reassure you.

SSL Encrypted Payments

Safe Payments

With our SSL-encrypted payment system, your payment will occur swiftly and safely. For an added measure of security, know that we will never store your payment information.

Why Social Media Privacy Matters!

We take your privacy seriously at Viralyft, which is why our privacy guarantee ensures the full confidentiality of your data with every service purchase.

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How to Buy Facebook Views

Ready to buy Facebook views and help your videos get seen by more people? Here’s how to get started with Viralyft. 

Pick an Plan

Select your Facebook video views plan

We offer several different plans for Facebook video views, with different quantities and affordable prices to meet your needs. Select the one that works best with your budget, knowing that you’ll always receive all our great benefits, like 24/7 support and quick delivery.

Profile Username

Provide the URL to your Facebook video

Next, provide us with the Facebook video link you want us to deliver views to. Also, be sure your Page and your video are set to “Public,” not “Private.”

Complete your purchase

Complete your purchase

Complete your purchase using our SSL-encrypted payment gateway. We accept all major credit cards, as well as debit cards, Apple Pay and crypto. We’ll also never store any of your payment information.

Your Facebook Video Views
Before Viralyft
before buying facebook video views
After Viralyft

What are the Benefits of Buying Facebook Views?

You’ve likely heard of videos going viral on different social media platforms. A viral video is one that gets a lot of views quickly, typically because it makes a strong emotional impression on the viewers. 

All those views are wonderful for Facebook Pages owned by businesses, brands, marketers, artists, and other entities that self-promote or sell goods and services. Let’s explain why. 

When a Facebook video has lots of views, it means that a lot of different users are watching and enjoying its content. Many of them will want to see more of the same, so they will click on the Page that the video originated from. Ideally, they will follow the Page or navigate to the business’s website to check out the products or services that they sell.

In this way, a viral Facebook video can help you grow your presence on the platform by expanding your audience. The more you expand your audience, the users will discover your Page and become loyal followers, fans, supporters, and customers.

Another way that organic views on Facebook videos benefit your Page is they help your video become more discoverable. Facebook ranks videos with lots of views and other types of engagement higher than those with a comparatively low number. This means having views is key to getting your video seen by a bigger audience, which is one way that your video can go viral. 

Buying Facebook video views is a quick and simple way to get the views you need, so you can experience all the benefits we talked about, like reaching more people, going viral, and growing your Page. It lets you reach your goals of expanding your audience faster without having to grind and build all your views organically.

Why you should buy
Things To Consider Before Buying

Things To Consider Before Buying Facebook Views

We want you to make the most of your investment into your organic Facebook video views. To do so, consider these points before purchasing your plan.

Am I buying real Facebook views or fake ones?

Buying Facebook views is most effective when they come from real Facebook profiles. If the profiles are fake and run by bots, then, unfortunately, you’re wasting your money.

Cheap Facebook views from bot accounts are a bad investment. That’s because they are highly likely to disappear as the bots are discovered and removed from the platform per Facebook’s Terms of Service. When they go, so do the views you bought.

And that’s not the only disadvantage of buying fake Facebook views. Fake views can hurt your credibility if they are discovered. Furthermore, the profiles behind them will never offer any other kind of meaningful engagement for your Page. Avoid all these problems by making sure you’re buying real Facebook views.

What’s my plan for creating and uploading Facebook videos?

You want only your best videos to go viral on Facebook. That’s why you should have a plan for creating and consistently uploading videos to your Page. This way, all the views you buy go toward great content, which has a better chance of going viral with more organic engagement because it’s best quality facebook views. Best of all, your constant stream of fresh video content will keep your new audience engaged.

Is the provider I’m using legitimate?

Don’t become a victim of an unscrupulous website that preys on Facebook users and tries to scam them. Viralyft is a legitimate website that aims to keep our customers safe at all times. That’s why our payment gateway is SSL-secured, and why we never store your payment information. We also never ask for the password to your Facebook account or any other sensitive information.

How to get more Facebook Video Views

Here are some strategies to help you get more views for your Facebook video, which you can use alongside your Viralyft Facebook views plan to get the best results. 

Invest in high-quality camera equipment

Videos that are shot with high-quality equipment look more professional. As such, they will attract more views and reflect positively on your own integrity. If you haven’t already, invest in a high-quality camera, microphone, and other equipment to elevate the quality of your videos.

Hire actors

If you have a skit or a commercial you want to promote on Facebook, consider hiring actors to perform in it. Their talent and training will make your video better and help you achieve the best results.

Cross promote on other social media platforms

Cross-promoting your Facebook videos on other social media platforms can help you draw new audiences to your Page. Just be sure to share the URL to the Facebook video you want to promote along with a clip or a screenshot from the video itself. But don’t show the entire footage! Remember, the goal is to get people to watch the video and engage with it on Facebook.

Will Facebook Views increase my reach?

Facebook video views services have the amazing potential benefit of increasing your reach on the platform. 

This is because of Facbook’s algorithm reasons. First, a video with lots of views ranks higher on the platform than those with low numbers, which makes them more visible to more users. Second, having a lot of views also increases a video’s credibility, so that when users see it in their timeline or in search results, they are more likely to trust it and view it. 

That’s why buying fb views is such a great investment! Using this strategy, you can grow the popularity of your video as well as the influence and popularity of your Page. It’s an easy decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about how buying Facebook views works at Viralyft and other concerns? Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and find the answers you need.

It’s possible to buy video views on Facebook when you use a reputable provider like Viralyft. Choose from our affordably priced plans, the lowest one costing just $6.99.

You can get 1000 views on Facebook from Viralyft for an extremely affordable price of just $11.99. 

Your account won’t get banned, providing that the views you buy for your Facebook video are real. If they come from bot accounts, you could get banned for violating Facebook’s Terms of Service.

No. Since our views are real and come from real Facebook users, there is a slim to none chance of drop-offs occurring. 

Not if your Facebook video views come from real users. If the users are real, there’s no way for anyone to tell for certain that you bought their views. 

Anyone with a public profile or Page on Facebook can purchase views for their Facebook videos! It’s a common practice in this industry and is used by brands, businesses, influencers, marketers, and famous people alike.

Each Viralyft Facebook views plan is only applicable to one video. You can, however, if you want to purchase facebook video views package for each seperate video then you can.

While we don’t guarantee that any of the real users we send to view your Facebook videos will follow your Page, it is possible that some of them will if they enjoy your content. You can also buy a separate plan for real Facebook followers.

We deliver views to your Facebook video over the course of 24-48 hours. We don’t send them all at once, so that the rise in views will be perceived as more natural. At the same time, the delivery is still speedy enough to make it appear as if your video is going viral.

We are known for offering cheap, affordable pricing for all our Facebook video views plans, but we also offer discounts from time to time. For that reason, we encourage you to check our website often!

No, we will never ask for the password to your Facebook account. We only need the URL to the video you want us to deliver views to.

What Our Customers Say about Viralyft


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Customer Reviews

The verdicts are in about Viralyft’s real Facebook views plans. Here’s what past customers think about our services and their experiences with us.

51 Reviews
Very good0%

A+ pricing, A++ delivery. Real views from global accounts. I’m using this service to help me hit 200k followers for my lifestyle page. 10/10 stars.


Purchased three times and it gets better and better. Sent an extra 1000 views on my last order.

Juliard Andaya

I have a green thumb for gardening but no for growing a social media page. Our team has experimented with multiple service options and the results were professional.

Carrie Patterson

Delivery was faster than expected. Top service and support.

Ryan Johnson

LEGIT. I was recommended this service by me friend who is a sort of social media guru. Order was completed to satisfaction.


I’m convinced Facebook refuses to promote posts unless they have a hundred views. My order completed in two days and my normal views per post has more than doubled.

Kris Laidlaw

Parenting posts get a lot of views, unless you are me posting them. A mom who follows me purchased views from this service. Praying it works for me.

Brynn Smith

Two minutes from finding a package of views to hitting the checkout button. My tracking code was sent to my email and everything.


Don’t wait for Facebook to start promoting your posts. I invested in 10k views for my posts on historical stats and my posts have been getting lofty engagement ever since.

Yomer Pelaez

I’m pivoting to FB after Google’s recent core update killed my site. Just bought the 1k package and excited to see what happens. Ordering was easy.

Oscar Acosta

Saw immediate engagement increase on my fitness tips post. 💪

Claire Taylor

I’m so impressed with the speed and quality of Viralyft that I ended up ordering multiple times over the past 3 or so months. The views I bought made a real difference in my video’s performance. Like some others have said, I also got real people liking and reacting to my stuff. Not sure if that’s because the algorithm or what. The customer support was also very responsive and helpful throughout the entire process.

Kalelaa Hoska

Fantastic service! The views started pouring in within hours of my order. It’s made a significant difference in how my content is perceived online.

Joel Axewood

Views skyrocketed overnight! Unbelievable service. 👏

Anna Romanenko

Gave this platform a shot and it exceeded my expectations! Not only did my views increase, but I also noticed a bump in engagement on my page. The process was literally so easy to order from.

Falon Kylons

Quick views, noticeable difference. Satisfied customer here.


I’ve used this service a few times now, and it’s always delivered. The views come in fast and have helped increase the credibility of my page significantly. It’s great for getting that initial push your content needs to be noticed by more people.

Cindee Allen

Rlly good ad fast facebook views. Got 1k in few days.

Ronnie Manges

Delayed start but got all views. Happy enough.


I bought 500 Facebook video views from Viralyft a while back. Waited until now to review to see what kind of results I would get, and I’m happy to report that they’ve been great! I’m very impressed and plan on buying another 500 views soon.


My budget for Facebook videos is small to begin with, so I definitely didn’t have a lot to buy views. But I heard it would help me grow my audience, so I gave it a shot. 1000 views and $12 later, and my video is doing great! So is my Page. Go with Viralyft if you’re on the fence about buying video views because they do it right.


I needed views for my Facebook video quickly, so I bought the 10K views from Viralyft. Within hours I had already started to receive them. By the end of two days, every last one of them had been delivered to my video. And the views are still going up from organic traffic. I’m definitely impressed!

Crystal Adams

I like all the benefits that Viralyft offers. That’s really what draws me back to them time after time. That and the fact that the real users they send to view my videos are AMAZING. I haven’t had any problems with them at all.

Samy Kamel

Buying Facebook views is one of the strategies I use regularly to help grow my account. Viralyft gives me great results without charging an arm and a leg. I always return to them when I post a new video and want to give it an extra boost.


Viralyft is the best provider of Facebook views I’ve come across, and I’ve come across A LOT. Tried quite a few of them, too, and Viralyft is just better. Their support, their payment options, their plans, their instant delivery… everything is top notch.


Nothing has struck me as much as the 2500 views from Viralyft, and of course, this is just my perspective, which you may interpret when you use the service since you will have the same experience.


Bravo to the specialists that worked tirelessly to increase the number of views on my Facebook material and give me the greatest results.


Thank you, Viralyft team, for creating this gem of a buy views option, since it made me the true star when I purchased 5000 views.


I was initially averse to the concept of employing Viralyft when I first learned about it. However, after purchasing 1000 views from them, everything changed for me, and I am now a frequent consumer.


I’ve never written a review before, so this is simply me attempting to express the fantastic 2500 views Viralyft provided me for $19.99. This gave me a lot of confidence in Viralyft.


I’ve never been sorry for buying Facebook views from Viralyft. This is the type of high-quality service they provide, and they make sure it doesn’t change.


My brain is still whirling from how incredible the 5000 views are. I will enthusiastically suggest this website to anybody who asks.


If you’re on the fence about whether or not to purchase views from Viralyft, you should go ahead and do it. There is no other service that can supply you with premium views. They provide top quality facebook services that no one can offer.


Viralyft has established itself as a competent and developed business that believes in providing only the best to its clients. When I purchased 10,000 views from them, this is what I got.


Thank you to everyone who suggested I utilise this website. I would suggest Viralyft to anybody looking for a trustworthy business that can supply them with premium views.


Viralyft is the top service in the business because of its numerous smart features. For me, it wasn’t just about the 5000 views; it was about how they handled it professionally and calmly that made me a fan.


Because of what Viralyft has in its luggage and the passion with which it operates, it appears that a lot of people are enamored with this site.


I could see it with my own eyes how compassionately Viralyft provided my 1000 views, making me stay with them and encouraging me to buy more from them.


The beauty of this website is that it is really plain and easy to navigate. It was an easy procedure to choose a package and purchase views from them with secure transactions.


After purchasing 10000 Facebook views, Viralyft resurrected me by providing the best results I’d ever seen. Without a doubt, a reputable company that pays attention to every detail.


As far as I can tell, Viralyft has done an excellent job of assembling a team of social media growth professionals to give the greatest quality of views imaginable.


The money I made to acquire 5000 views paid off since I got the boost I needed. I’ll definitely recommend Viralyft to my circle of friends.


To be succinct, I appreciated the 2500 views and was really considering using a service like Viralyft. If there had been a choice, I would have awarded more than 5 stars.


After using Viralyft for a couple of weeks now, I can say that it definitely works! My views and traffic have increased significantly, and I couldn’t be happier


If you’re looking for a way to boost your traffic and get more views, then Viralyft is definitely the way to go. Trust me when I say it can skyrocket your engagement within a few hours.


I’m so glad I decided to try Viralyft! It’s been a boon for my Facebook business.


Absolutely love Viralyft!! It gave instant exposure to my business.


I never knew the value of buying real Facebook views instead of fake ones, and I always wondered why my plans with other websites didn’t work. Now I get it! My results have been much better since using Viralyft.


I really appreciate Viralyft’s emphasis on privacy and security. I had another, similar provider ask me for the password to my Facebook account, and that ended that relationship real quick. Viralyft only needs the url to my Facebook video to deliver views.


Viralyft lets you pay through several different ways, which is one of the many things I like about buying Facebook views through them. I was able to use my Apple Pay – so convenient and much easier than having to dig out my credit card.

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