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100% free Instagram views from real people. The Viralyft Team invites you to sign up for free views to the post of your choosing. No password. No personal information. We just require your email and a post URL to send views to when signing up.

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100% free Instagram views from real people. The Viralyft Team invites you to sign up for free views to the post of your choosing. No password. No personal information. We just require your email and a post URL to send views to when signing up.

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Why Our Tools Blow the Competition Away?

100% Secure

We never ask for your Instagram login information. Our service is 100% secure because we never ask for more than a post URL and email address.

Bonus Views

Viralyft wants your post to go viral. We often send bonus views to your post to help your content gain traction.

24/7 Support

Have issues with our free tool? We'll provide the same 24/7 support that we do to paid users to our free users.

Real Views from Real People

Viralyft sends real views from real people to your posts. You never have to worry about bot traffic with us.

No Download Required

Get your free views without downloading an app or browser extension. Just add your email and URL below to get started.

No Credit Card Required

Free means 100% free. We never ask you for your credit card information when using our free tools.

How to Get Free Instagram Reel or Video Views

Click Tools and select Free Instagram Views

Enter the video's URL

Enter your email address

Click I’m not a robot

Just click the button to get free video views, and we’ll begin sending you views shortly

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Why Do You Need Instagram Views?

Instagram views are your key to unlocking your account’s virality. Your free views will help:

Increase Instagram engagement
Attract more followers to your account
Get your content seen by more people

If your content isn’t gaining traction and being seen, free views can help

Does This Tool Work for Free Instagram Story Views and Reel Views?

No. Our tool is for free Instagram Reel views and post views. We do not offer free Story views at this time.

Does Viralyft Have a Free Instagram Views App?

No. Right now, the only way to use our free views tool is to use our official website. If you do find apps on the App Store or Google Play offering free views, be sure that they’re:
Legitimate apps that aren’t just used to harvest data
100% real views and not from fake or bot accounts

How to Get More Views on Instagram

Free views are a great place to start if you want to boost your engagement. But it’s important to have a strategy to get more views in the future. Here are some tips:

Focus on Creating Great Content

One of the best ways to get more views on Instagram is to create great content that your audience wants to see. Create a mixture of content, including static images, video posts and Reels. Choose topics that your followers are interested in.

Buy Instagram Views

One simple and effective way to get more views is to buy them. At Viralyft, we provide views from real Instagram accounts and a wide range of packages at affordable prices. Buying views is a great way to kickstart engagement and bolster your organic views.

Write Engaging Captions for Your Posts

Engaging captions make users stop scrolling and pay attention to your content. Tell a story and weave relevant keywords into your captions to help more people find your content.

Ensure Your Posts and Videos are High-Quality

Instagram wants its users to have the best possible experience when using their platform. That means showing them high-quality videos and photos.

Engage with Your Followers

Are you interacting with your followers? If you’re actively responding to comments and connecting with your followers, they’ll be more likely to view your content and even share it with friends.

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Get FREE Instagram Reels Views Instantly with Our NEW Tool

Do you want free Instagram views? We offering 100% FREE views to you. No credit card or personal information necessary. Give our tool a try.

Asked Questions

Want to learn more about how our free Instagram views tool works and what you can expect? Read our FAQs below.

There are no view requirements for being featured on the Explore Page. Instagram has stated that the content on the Explore Page is tailored to the user’s preferences and based on the posts they have liked, saved and commented on.
Yes, you can receive free Instagram Reel or video views daily, limited to once every 24 hours for each video on your account.
Yes, all of our free views are from real Instagram accounts. Other providers use bots or fake accounts to provide views, but these fake accounts are likely to be banned from Instagram, causing you to lose those views.
Instagram has stated that a view is counted whenever a video is watched for at least 3 seconds. If someone scrolls past your video, it will not count as a view.
No. Instagram has stated that loops do not count as views. Rewatching a Reel may count as another view, but there’s no guarantee that it will. Unique views are the best way to boost your views.
Once you sign up for your free views, you will start receiving them in just a few hours or less.
No. Your account must be public to receive free Instagram views. If your account is private, other Instagram users cannot view your posts.
With our tool, you can receive free views for individual posts. You can send your views to whichever post you want as long as your account is public.
With Viralyft, you can request up to 100 views for free. We offer several affordable options for buying views if you wish to boost your exposure even more.
No. We will never ask for your Instagram account password for any of our free tools or paid services. We respect your privacy.
No. We can only provide views for video posts, Reels and Stories. Our views come from real Instagram accounts, which can make it challenging to send views to Live broadcasts.
No. Because our views come from real Instagram accounts, you don’t have to worry about them declining or dropping off in the future.

Customer Reviews

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What? This really works? I didn’t expect to get free views, but after putting in my information, people I didn’t know were viewing my content.

Emily Johnson

My views spiked like crazy after adding my deets. Just sad I can’t keep getting free views multiple times a day.


Just do it. You get free views and can request more the next day.

Mia Davis

100 free Instagram views!!! You don’t have to pay a dime and get real views from real people. What’s not to like? I think they even sent more than 100 views, which I didn’t expect AT ALL.

Ethan Miller

Put in my info the first time and forgot about it. Later on I checked my post and boom - tons of views. Thanks Viralyft.


Viralyft is killing it with these free tools. Used the free likes a bit ago and hear about the free views from a friend. Didn't disappoint.

Jackson Taylor

Took a few hours but got my free views. So excited to give their paid service a try to see if it works just as good as their free one.


Who doesn’t want free views for Instagram? Viralyft help me go viral! I want to make $$$ as an influencer.

Caleb Brown

Instagram views are dipping a lot before using this service. No one sees my content. Viralyft changes the game, sends me 100 views and then other people start seeing what I post. Crazy.

Ava Wilson

Another great tool. Actually works and seems like views are from real accounts and not bots. I'm impressed and plan on trying their paid service.


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