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michael smith

I use Viralyft for Instagram. It does exactly what I need it to, i.e. inflate my numbers at critical moments.

Evonne Gilbert

I have been a regular customer of Viralyft for a year now. This site has been a decent catalyst for my Instagram growth.


One of the best sites I’ve used! Doesn’t delay the order. Quality is consistent most of the time.


This is the best site I could find that maintains the quality most of the time. I can only vouch for Instagram and TikTok.

Ethan Nguyen

I ordered views and likes for my YouTube videos. Got them delivered on time. Will use it again soon.


For me, this site worked the best for Instagram. I could see the results I was hoping for.

Matthew Rodriguez

It is easy to use Viralyft. Everything is laid out clearly. The easiest way to buy quality likes and followers for Instagram.

Jennifer Hernandez

I am impressed with the fast delivery and the quality of the services. Great job!


Never thought I will receive quality followers. Guess it’s not a scam after all.

Christopher Taylor

Viralyft is going straight to my paraphernalia for social media promotion. I liked the quality of the likes and views I bought for TikTok and Instagram.

Joshua Martinez

Reached from 1k followers to 8k in 2 months. I’ve only bought around 1k followers in that time. I invested mostly in views and likes.

Peter Burnett

Using this site has been a straightforward thing for me. I needed more likes and views to attract more users. It worked for me on YouTube and Instagram, the latter having much better results.

David Dudley

Viralyft has become the go-to site for buying likes and views for Instagram. I recently started using the site for TikTok as well. It has helped increase my growth speed.

Tracy Stark

I have used other sites but I keep coming back to Viralyft because of the consistency in quality.

Justin Witthuhn

I enjoy using a site that’s easy and gives it to you straight. You are here to inflate your numbers and the site does that well.

John Luther

I like how quickly everything works from the order placement to the delivery.

Darrell Davis

I started using this site out of curiosity. I didn’t notice much change in growth for the first couple of months. But it has helped me gain some momentum in the last few months. I am excited to see where it goes from here.

Victor Marchetti

It is easier for me to get more views and likes on YouTube even without using this site. But I did use it regularly to get to that point.


I’ve greatly enjoyed using Viralyft for TikTok and Instagram. Decent quality and cheap.

Colin Thompson

Wanted a tool that could help boost stats on Instagram whenever I need. Viralyft fits the role perfectly. It hits the sweet spot for my budgetary constraints as well.


I didn’t think it would work. But I did get enough results to give it a few more tries.

Mark Swart

One of the reasons I still use this site is because of its Instagram services. I’ve had the best results using Viralyft for Instagram. I guess because likes and followers play a better role in promotion on Instagram.


One of the things that this site does best is quick delivery. I’ve never had issues with it while ordering likes and followers for Instagram.

Jayde Smith

I like the site. It does what it says. I’ve used it to boost my numbers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


I knew my content was good because for the few hundred to thousand views of my videos the likes to dislikes ratio were overwhelmingly high and the comments were quite positive. Using Viralyft helped me break the initial barrier and now I regularly get a few thousand views with some videos even hitting 10k views.

Ruth Pittari

I’ve used almost all the services that Viralyft offers. My clients are on different platforms. This is one of the tools I like to use because it is cheap and does what it needs to.


Finding the right tool is important but I think you need to have the right promotion strategy as well. Viralyft works perfectly for me and I often use it for my clients as well. No complaints as of yet!

Jenny Lindstrom

Fast, cheap and reliable. That’s all I needed.

Steve Weaver

I did see some positive results after using the site. Guess I was expecting something wildly different. Nonetheless, the site does its job.


Even after using it for 6 months, I don’t have much to complain about. It generally gets the job done.

Omar Villalobos

After using Viralyft for YouTube I did notice some positive results. My videos rank higher now.

Alan Gerecke

I think I have struck paydirt with my first try itself. Viralyft was the first site I tried and its Instagram services worked for me.

Mark Burdett

Guess who got their first sponsor on YouTube? Me! I used Viralyft to boost views on certain videos and it often did the trick.

Dino Rettagliata

Viralyft is one of the tools in my arsenal. Good value for money.

Jim Sizemore

Affordable, fast and decent quality. Need I say more?

Sue Gibson

Viralyft was recommended to me by a friend who recently started getting sponsors on Instagram. I like the services for Instagram and TikTok. It is quite compatible with my strategy.

Kim Lira

Whenever it is time to put forth a new campaign for my clients I use Viralyft as one of the tools for promotion. It works well.

Lucy Mrn

I think more than finding the right tool it is about finding the tool that fits your strategy. Viralyft was the right tool for me.

Rick Stones

Things have become easier since I started using Viralyft for Instagram likes and followers.