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Updated on May 9, 2024

Buy TikTok Comments with Fast Delivery genuine and verified services

Have you been struggling to get your TikToks to go viral? Buy TikTok comments and watch your engagement rise overnight. When you buy real TikTok comments from the experts at Viralyft, you’ll get quality results that will not only help your current videos get popular, but will positively impact your future TikToks, as well.

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TikTok Comments
TikTok Comments are perfect for a quick and quality boost without a large budget, these come from real global users.
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  • Safe & Secure
  • 24/7 Support
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  • Enhanced Growth
  • Crypto Accepted
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TikTok Comments
TikTok Comments are perfect for a quick and quality boost without a large budget, these come from real global users.
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Why Viralyft is The #1 Choice?

In case you’re wondering why you should choose Viralyft over the thousands of other websites where you can buy TikTok comments, just check out these six key features of our impeccable service.

From Real Users

Real Comments by Real TikTok Accounts

All the TikTok comments we provide come from active users. Unlike bots, they will deliver meaningful engagement with your content.

Cheap Prices

Cheap Prices

Our prices for TikTok comments are some of the cheapest in the business, yet you still get high quality results and all our amazing benefits.

Fast Delivery

Fast Delivery

We deliver high quality TikTok comments to your video within 24-48 hours.

Refund Guarantee

Refund Guarantee

If for whatever reason you don’t receive all your TikTok comments by the estimated delivery date, we will refund your money.

24/7 live chat support

24/7 Live Support

Have questions? No matter the time of day or week, we’re here for you with 24/7 live support.

SSL Encrypted Payments

SSL Encrypted Payments

Our SSL-encrypted payment system ensures a safe and secure transaction, every time. We also don’t store your payment information.

Why Social Media Privacy Matters!

Viralyft values your privacy, which is why our privacy guarantee ensures the complete confidentiality of your data for every service you purchase.

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How to Buy TikTok Comments

TikTok creators want to know how to buy TikTok comments to boost engagement numbers on their TikToks. We have an easy solution. Buy our TikTok comments packages. It’s high-quality and affordable.

Pick an Plan

Select your plan

We offer several different plans for buying TikTok comments. Simply find the quantity of comments and the price point to meet both your budget and your goals for your video.

Profile Username

Enter your TikTok video URL

After choosing a plan, please provide us with the URL to the TikTok you want to buy comments for. If you’re purchasing custom comments, please provide the text you want us to use in the order details. Finally, make sure your TikTok account is set to “Public,” not “Private.”

Complete your purchase

Complete your purchase

The last step is to provide us with your payment information. After your purchase is complete, you can expect to receive your real TikTok comments within 24-48 hours!

Your Tiktok Comments
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Why Should You Buy TikTok Comments?

If you’re a TikTok creator and you want your video to go viral, you already know that increasing engagement is key. Engagement is any type of action where a TikTok user interacts with your videos, including likes, follows, shares, and comments. 

When a TikTok gets a lot of engagement, the platform’s algorithm starts showing it to more users. This means that you can get even more engagement organically, simply having a nest egg of comments to get your video started. 

That’s exactly why a lot of TikTok creators, influencers, celebrities, and brands buy comments for their videos. 

First, it gives their content a better chance of going viral and converting new users into loyal followers. Then, as their account grows in popularity, it becomes eligible for monetization, allowing the creator to make money simply by creating more viral content or partnering with other brands. Finally, it helps the creator of the account get their work in front of bigger audiences, who can convert into real, paying customers. 

The key to getting the most benefit from buying TikTok comments, however, is not to just buy any old TikTok comments you find on the internet. You need real comments written by real people with TikTok accounts. These types of comments provide more valuable engagement and are permanent – unlike the engagement that comes from bots.

Unfortunately, many websites sell TikTok comments written and delivered by bots. But Viralyft doesn’t. Real TikTok comments are one of the many benefits we offer to our customers, and it’s also why TikTok creators should always buy TikTok comments from us.

Why you should buy
Things To Consider Before Buying

Things To Consider Before Buying TikTok Comments

Buying TikTok comments can be a smart investment but consider these things before you click “Buy Now.” 

Are the TikTok comments I’m buying coming from real users or bots?

The best TikTok comments to buy are those written by real TikTok users.

Unfortunately, most services only provide fake comments from bots or fake accounts. These are likely to disappear as TikTok finds and removes them. And when they disappear, so do all the comments you paid for.

Aside from the risk that they will disappear from your video, comments from bots and fake accounts are often generic and robotic in tone. They don’t read like they were written by real people, even to the average TikTok user. If anyone detects that the majority of your comments are coming from bots, that will instantly lower your credibility.

The good news is when you purchase TikTok comments from Viralyft, you never have to worry about your comments coming from bot accounts.

Do I have a TikTok content creation plan?

To keep TikTok users engaged with your account, you must consistently produce high-quality content. Otherwise, even if buying TikTok comments boosts your engagement go up initially, those metrics will slide right back down again when users realize that you don’t have any other great videos to offer. We recommend creating a content creation plan for your TikTok account before you buy TikTok comments. This strategy will help you sustain long-term growth for your brand.

Is it safe to buy TikTok comments?

Whenever you buy TikTok comments or any other type of engagement service for other social media platforms, remember not to compromise your internet safety. At Viralyft, we take several precautions to ensure your security. For example, we never ask for the password to your TikTok account or for any other sensitive personal data. We also never store your payment information.

How to get more Comments on TikTok

Follow these strategies to help you get more comments on your TikTok videos and gain popularity easily. 

Post authentic and engaging content

The videos that go viral organically on TikTok are always authentic and engaging in some way. They also typically elicit a strong emotional response in the viewer. With this in mind, focus on posting content that will connect emotionally with your target audience and provide something of value to them, be it entertainment or education. The better and more authentic your content is, the more people will comment on them.

Tag other content creators in your niche

One way to get your videos seen by a bigger audience and potentially increase your comments is to tag other content creators in your niche. When you implement this strategy, TikTok is more likely to show your video to users who are fans of those other accounts. Just make sure that your video is relevant in some way to the creators you tag.

Include hashtags in your TikTok caption

Including hashtags in your video’s captions can make it more visible to users who are interested in or follow those hashtags. It’s a smart strategy that can let you target specific audiences that you think would engage with your TikToks. Once again, try to use hashtags that are relevant to your video, so that users who see it won’t be disappointed that they’re not related and scroll away without engaging.

Are hashtags really important to Get TikTok Comments?

Hashtags are an important TikTok tool that can be extremely effective for getting more comments on your videos. When used correctly, they can make your TikToks more visible to users who follow or are interested in the topics that go with those hashtags. The more interested users you reach, the more likely it is they will leave a comment.

The key to making this tool work for you is to choose hashtags that are relevant to your content. We also recommend that you don’t use too many. Since the rise of social media, users have been trained to view content with too many hashtags in the caption of a video or a photo as spam. 

So, be judicious about which hashtags you use, but don’t be afraid to use them in every post.

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that you may have a lot of questions about buying TikTok Comments. Below are the questions that our customers ask the most frequently.

Not all TikTok comments providers offer custom TikTok comments. But Viralyft does! When you place your order, just be sure to include the text for the comments you want us to deliver to your video.

Viralyft delivers real TikTok comments to your video within 24-48 hours. The speed of our delivery makes your video look trendy and popular.

No, we don’t require you to give us the password to your TikTok account. We only need the URL to the video that you’re buying comments for. In addition, if you’re buying custom comments, we need to know what text you want us to include in each comment.

You should see an uptick in engagement after buying TikTok comments. In order to create long-term, sustained growth for your account, however, you should also use other social media marketing strategies like quality content creation.

No, TikTok will not ban your account for buying TikTok comments. In fact, no one, including other users, will notice you bought comments as long as they were made by real users like the ones Viralyft provides.

If you need more comments that our listed plans allow, just contact us, and request a custom order. We will provide as many TikTok comments as you need!

With Viralyft, you can track the status of your TikTok comments order all the way up to the final delivery for peace of mind.

We recommend that you consider your budget, the quality of your video, and your engagement history carefully before ordering TikTok comments. That way, you don’t run the risk of buying too many and causing other users to suspect that you bought comments.

When you buy real TikTok comments and pair this strategy with other social media marketing tactics, your engagement is sure to increase. It will bring you one step closer to going viral!

We offer several payment options for our customers. You can pay with Apple Pay, a credit or debit card, or cryptocurrency.

What Our Customers Say about Viralyft


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Customer Reviews

Read the starred reviews from other Viralyft customers who purchased real TikTok comments plans to help ramp up their accounts.

48 Reviews
Very good0%

I have a health-related TikTok, and we all know how fickle the algorithm can be. I bought comments to help me get back on track. Viralyft’s comments were the best quality of all the services I tried.


These comments are well above and beyond what I expected to receive. A++ If I could give them 100 stars, I would.


I’m a relationship coach who shares advice on TikTok. The comments I bought helped get the conversation started, so more people started commenting naturally. Now I’m getting more followers and views, too.


Wow, I started getting my comments right away. None were from bots, and they’re all still here. I’m definitely sticking to viralyft for my TikTok needs now.

Ava Larynne

A friend recommended Viralyft’s TikTok comments. I was hesitant to try this service, but I’m really happy I did. All of the comments were high quality.

Alicia Watkins

I have a spiritual TikTok, and it’s not easy to get attention or engagement. I bought some comments to get things rolling, and it worked like a charm.


All the comments I bought were real, and they were delivered faster than I thought they would be. I’m going to try their other TikTok services now.

Shavana Karoline

I bought a few comments just to try out this service. Couldn’t believe that they came from realistic accounts and were actually useful comments.


I share reviews of beauty products on TikTok and I needed to boost my engagement. The comments I got were amazing. They even got more people to comment.

Miranda Pilkington

Blown away by the quality of these comments. Most other services deliver comments that look fake, but these ones exceeded my expectations.


A friend put me onto Viralyft for buying TikTok comments. I’m glad they did because I am one satisfied customer. I’ve only used them once, but I’ll be back again.


I used Viralyft to buy 20 random comments. I only paid $5.99, but the quality of the comments makes it look like I paid closer to $50! It genuinely looks like I have TikTok fans instead of paid users commenting on my video.


I use this service in addition to a few other strategies to get more engagement for my TikToks. I’ve definitely noticed a difference in engagement after buying custom comments from Viralyft. It’s a small investment – only $22.99 for 100 comments – with pretty great results.


My biggest worry about buying TikTok comments was that they would go away over time and I would lose my investment. It’s happened to me in the past. But Viralyft assured me i wouldn’t lose any, and if for whatever reason I did, they’d refill them. So far it’s been two months and I haven’t seen any drop off in the comments I bought for that TikTok. I’m very impressed!


I needed 5K comments and Viralyft was able to hook me up with a custom order. All I had to do was contact them and they answered right away. These guys are legit!


I was having a slow period on TikTok. Even though I have a lot of followers, my videos just weren’t getting the same engagement they used to. Bought 250 comments for $45 on three separate occasions and it got me over the hump. Now I actually have more engagement than my pre-slow period levels!


If you need TikTok comments service on a budget, Viralyft is definitely the place to go. They have such amazingly cheap rates, but the paid comments are still high quality and you get great benefits, too.


Having bought TikTok comments before from another website with disappointing results, I was hesitant to try it again. However, when I found Viralyft and saw how they give you comments from real accounts, not bots (that was the problem with the other places I tried), I decided to take the plunge. I’m very glad I did because my TikToks have been performing better than ever!


I finally had a tikTok go viral last week after trying for MONTHS. Obviously, people really liked the concept for this particular video more than the others, but I also credit Viralyft’s TikTok custom comments for giving my TikTok a boost. They definitely came through for me.


I like buying tiktok comments from viralyft more than from other sites. They made me feel safe giving them my payment info. I actually didn’t feel like i was getting scammed. plus, if i ever need help with anything, i can just contact their 24/7 support!


Buying random comments for my TikTok was easy with Viralyft! All they needed was the URL to the video and for my account to be set to public, which it already was. From there, it was a simple matter of giving them my Apple pay information. The whole process was smooth and convenient. Affordable price, too!


Viralyft has changed my social media game. I love their TikTok comments which help me to get the best results.


Viralyft has been a blessing to my account. They have allowed me to get the ideal audience through TikTok comments.


Had amazing results with their TikTok services. Will buy more.


You’re missing out if you don’t buy services from Viralyft. They have some of the best TikTok comments in the game and I’m very impressed.


Just go ahead and buy their TikTok comments. They manage to deliver upon all the promises made by them.


Viralyft has one of the friendliest bunch of workers. They helped me to understand their packages and select the best one. It’s great to see a company going out of its way to put the demands of the customers first.


Authenticity is a big part of my brand image. I’m very happy with my choice of using their services. All the comments I have received have been real. You’ve got to try them to believe it for yourselves.


Using these services for three months. Does everything which it claims on the website. Must buy for all creators.


Needed quick comments to boost my reach. They delivered the TikTok comments before the expected delivery time. They’ve got fast delivery system!


One of the biggest reasons to use Viralyft is its prompt service. They take up all customer-related matters as a priority which makes them the best in my eyes.


I was very skeptical about the service offered by the company. However, after trying their services I am fully sold. I have got a crazy audience on TikTok due to the comments I bought from them.


I have used professional TikTok marketing companies but they have not worked for me. Viralyft was a breath of fresh air. This company has provided me with more value than all of the other companies combined.


The TikTok comments exceeded all of my expectations.


Love how simple the website is. It is easy to navigate and helps you get the services you want quickly. They’ve instant delivery process. Shout out to the developers.


Blown away by the engagement which I got because of the comments


I have to call them one of the best companies in the world because of their services. They have managed to get some of the best features to their site.


Having comments is quite important for TikTok, Especially when it comes to outperforming the TikTok Algorithm. Viralyft has helped me to get the best comments and rise to the top of the rankings.


I haven’t found any other company which is better than Viralyft. They have given me the best experience.


I have become a regular customer after buying their services. They have helped me grow my brand through TikTok comments.


Top-notch customer satisfaction and Highest quality comments services are the best way to describe this company.


I am getting the recognition I deserve and using their services. I recommend everyone to buy TikTok comments from them. They do not disappoint with any aspect of their business.


Kudos to the team for pulling off such a great set of services. They have everything which you could ask for.


Getting famous on TikTok was almost impossible for me. I tried all of the top methods but still failed to get visibility. Buying these TikTok comments has been exactly what I had been searching for.


The company has earned my trust and loyalty.


These TikTok comments provide engagement which justifies the time I spend behind my content.


Try them out and you will not regret it.


I have been scammed many times by fake social media companies. Viralyft gave me all of the TikTok comments I paid for and is a legit company.

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