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Updated on June 3, 2024

Buy Instagram Story Views and Reach More Audiences genuine and verified services

To expand your reach on Instagram and grow your account, your posts need to become more visible to more users. Buy Instagram Story views to drive up your engagement, so you can rank higher in the algorithm. For more benefits, buy real Instagram Story views from Viralyft and enable authentic, long-term growth for your account.

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Instagram Story Views
Instagram Story Views are perfect for a quick and quality boost without a large budget, these come from real global users.
  • Real Views From Active Users
  • 24/7 Fast American Support
  • 24-72 Hours Delivery
  • Non Drop Story Views
  • SSL Encrypted Payments
  • Option to Split Story Views
500 Story Views 22% off
1000 Story Views 28% off
2500 Story Views 36% off
5000 Story Views 42% off
10000 Story Views 49% off
25000 Story Views 57% off
50000 Story Views 65% off
100000 Story Views 71% off
From $5.12
Save 22%

*Account should be public. Don’t buy from others at the same time!

From $8.32
Save 28%

*Account should be public. Don’t buy from others at the same time!

From $14.05
Save 36%

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From $25.84
Save 42%

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From $49
Save 49%

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From $142.83
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From $310.31
Save 71%

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Instagram Story Views
Instagram Story Views are perfect for a quick and quality boost without a large budget, these come from real global users.
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Why Viralyft is The #1 Choice?

Viralyft is the top choice of hundreds of Instagram influencers and marketers to buy Instagram Story views. See our key features to find out what all the fuss is about. 

From Real Users

Real Story Views by Real Instagram Users

All the Instagram Story views we provide come from real Instagram users, not bots or fake accounts.

Cheap Rates

Cheap Rates

Get the views you need for your Instagram Story without breaking your budget. Our plans start as low as $3.99.

Fast Delivery

Fast Delivery

The speed of our delivery rivals that of our competitors. You can expect to receive your real Instagram Story views within hours.

Refill Losses

Loss Refills

Our services are permanent. Should you experience any drop-offs in paid Story views, we’ll refill your losses within six months of the purchase date.

Customer Service

Customer Service

We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service. For any questions or concerns about your order, reach out to our live support team any time of day or night.

SSL Encrypted Payments

Secure, Private Payment

We use a secure, SSL-encrypted payment gateway to process your Viralyft transaction. We also never store your payment information.

Why Social Media Privacy Matters!

At Viralyft, we prioritize the privacy of your data, guaranteeing its complete confidentiality for every service you buy.

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1.5 Million+ Content Creators Globally

How to Buy Instagram Story Views

Eager to buy Instagram Story views and help your content become more visible on the platform? It’s easy to get started with Viralyft. Just follow these three steps to checkout. 

Pick an Plan

Select an Instagram Story views plan

We have several different Instagram Story views plans available. Just find the one that matches your budget and has the number of views you want to buy. Each plan comes with all our benefits, including 24/7 support and fast delivery.

Profile Username

Provide your Instagram username

No need to give us your Instagram account password! All we need is the username for the profile where you want to receive Story views. Make sure your account status is set to “Public,” so that we can find you.

Complete your purchase

Complete your purchase

Enter your preferred payment method and pay via our SSL-encrypted payment system, and your purchase of Instagram Story views will be complete! Rest assured that we do not store your payment information.

Your Instagram Story Views
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before buying instagram story views
After Viralyft

Why Buy Instagram Story views?

Ever since Instagram launched their Stories feature back in 2016, the Instagram experience was changed forever. 

Before the launch of Instagram Stories, creators like influencers, marketers, brands, and artists were essentially fighting for ranking in their followers’ timelines. That battle is still happening today, but Stories give these creators the chance to get their content in front of their followers quicker. 

If one of the benefits of gaining lots of Instagram Story views is content promotion, another benefit is increasing your visibility on the platform. Just like when you get more likes, shares, and comments on a post, so, too, when your Stories get more engagement, the Instagram algorithm ranks your content higher on timelines and in search results.

But how do you get Instagram Story views? That’s a question that many accounts, both old and new, have to grapple with. In particular, the reason it’s such a challenge for new profiles to get more views is they don’t have a large group of followers yet. Typically, only your followers will regularly view your Stories. 

To help you grow your reach up while you gain more followers or get over a lull in engagement, we recommend buying Instagram Story views. This popular strategy is a quick, inexpensive, and safe way to boost your visibility on the app. If you use it properly alongside other social media marketing strategies, you’ll gain all the benefits of Instagram Story views, but faster!

Why you should buy
Things To Consider Before Buying

Things To Consider Before Buying Instagram Story views

Before you purchase Story views on Instagram, consider these points. They will help you make the most of your investment and make real improvements to your content’s visibility.

Are the Instagram Story views I’m purchasing real or fake?

A common misconception surrounding the purchase of Instagram Story views is that they must come from bot accounts. This is not true, and it’s actually a big mistake to buy Story views that come from bots. Let’s explain why.

Instagram has a “no bots” policy for their platform. That means that whenever it finds accounts that are being managed by bots, it will remove them. Furthermore, if it comes to light that you’re buying fake Story views from these types of accounts, it will hurt your credibility, not to mention your engagement metrics.

Overall, it’s best to avoid fake Instagram Story views altogether and stick with authentic ones from real Instagram users.

Do I have a schedule for consistently posting new Instagram content?

To get the most benefit from the boost in engagement from your Instagram Stories, create a schedule for consistently posting fresh content. Post Stories, posts, and even Reels on a regular basis to keep your followers, old and new, engaged.

Is the website I’m buying Instagram Story views from legitimate?

It’s important to only purchase Instagram Story views from websites that are legitimate. Some unsavory websites that claim to provide effective Instagram Story views are only out to profit off you. They may, for example, ask you for information they don’t need, like the password to your Instagram account. They may also store your payment information for their own benefit.
To avoid falling prey to such scams, make sure the website you’re buying Instagram views from is legitimate and has your safety in their best interests.

How to get more Story Views on Instagram

In addition to buying a Viralyft plan for real, active Instagram Story views, try these strategies for getting more Story views organically. 

Post new Stories often

To maintain a constant presence at the top of your followers’ Instagram timelines, you must post new Stories as often as you can. You can update your Story as many times a day as you like. There’s no limit! Just make sure you’re uploading content that your target audience will be interested in, so that they will look forward to clicking on your Stories icon.

Add stickers, links, and other engaging interactive elements

Make your Instagram Stories more exciting by including stickers, relevant links, hashtags, and other fun, interactive elements.

Share other creators’ posts

Did you know that you can tag other Instagram creators and share their posts in your Instagram Stories? This strategy can be a great way to participate in your community, connect with other creators, and ultimately, get more views on your Story.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? Concerns? Don’t worry, the answers you seek are most likely in our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section below. If they’re not, feel free to reach out to our live support team for further assistance.

Yes! Viralyft provides real Instagram Story views from real users that can help drive up authentic engagement with your account. Choose from our wide range of plans, starting at just $3.99.

Yes. Please be sure that your Instagram account status is set to “Public” and not “Private” before you purchase one of our Story views plans. 

Buying Instagram Stories will never get you banned from Instagram, as long as the views you’re buying are real and come from real users.

Yes! Since they come from our network of real, active Instagram users, your Story views from Viralyft are extremely unlikely to drop off your content. 

You will start receiving your real Instagram Story views within hours of your purchase, and you will finish receiving within 24-72 hours.

Yes! In fact, it’s an industry secret that these types of successful accounts buy Instagram Story views (and other engagement metrics) all the time.

We currently accept Apple Pay, credit and debit cards from most major providers, and cryptocurrency. We don’t accept PayPal at this time. 

What Our Customers Say about Viralyft


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Customer Reviews

See what past Viralyft customers have had to say about their experience with our real Instagram Story views service. 

40 Reviews
Very good0%
Matt Smith

Almost gave up on my stories, but Viralyft helped me out. Bought the biggest package they had and I’m pleased with the results.

Khyam Apperley

I wanted a custom package for my views. Customer support helped me out. Got my views fast and I can’t wait to buy more.

Karla Torrealba

Viralyft’s story views have been a gamechanger for our business. All of our engagement is up.

Alexis Madero

Couldn’t believe that all my views stuck around and that they were delivered so fast. I can’t wait to buy more.


I started with the smallest package months ago and now I’m regularly buying story views. Don’t think twice about it!


I got 50k story views for my account. Made my purchase with crypto and it was super easy. Highly recommend.


I’m a dog groomer who posts stories every day. I bought views to boost my engagement. It did the trick.


Got my views and followers from Viralyft after a friend recommended them. Buying was easy and secure. They delivered as promised.


This is my first time buying story views for my DIY crafting Instagram. I’ve bought comments and likes before. 100% will buy more views again.

Noe kipre

10K views later and my Instagram is back from the dead. 5 Stars from me. Will def buy more story views again.

Carolin Meyer

Buying story views helped me with my makeup tutorials. More views led to more DMs asking about products and techniques. It’s amazing how such a simple change can make a big difference in who sees and interacts with your content. Totally worth it!


Views on stories? Super fast & effective. Will use again.


Quick story views, makes my profile look busy. 👌

Janice Fion

I decided to try buying story views from Viralyft for our new collection’s launch. The increase in views was immediate, and it actually helped drive up our sales. More people inquiring, more engagement, and definitely more eyes on our brand. Super pleased with the results.

Jess Wagner

I’m all about DIY crafts and sharing them on Insta, but getting ppl to actually see my stories was a struggle. Decided to give this service a try, and omg, the difference it made! My story views blew up, and I got tons of messages from ppl loving my projects, asking for advice, or just saying they admire my work. It really brought my content to life, making my little hobby feel like it’s reaching and inspiring so many more ppl. Totally recommend if you’re looking to get your passion project out there.

Joey Abbott

Wasn’t sure if buying story views would do much, but wow, I was wrong. My stories got more attention. It’s like people finally see what I’m posting. Definitely recommend for anyone trying to boost their Insta story.

Courtney Rudegeair

my stories r shining now, thx for the views!

Grace Ellen

Story views went 🚀! Instant boost, lov it!

Katerina Hough

Bought story views and noticed a spike in interest and follow-ups on my finance advice posts. real people to engaged with my content.


Viralyft’s Instagram story view plans are the most affordable I’ve ever seen while still giving you the best quality engagement. They are absolutely worth the investment.


Viralyft is the best! I’ve used some of their other services before, but I only recently started buying one of their Instagram Story views plans, as well. They never fail to impress, from the timeliness of their delivery to the responsiveness and helpfulness of their 24/7 live support team. You can never go wrong with Viralyft, as far as I’m concerned.

Stephen Wilson

I needed instagram 5000 story views and viralyft saved the day. They had a plan for that number and the price was reasonable (my budget for marketing is not that high yet, so cheap rates are key for me). I was able to track my order with their handy track order feature, so i saw every last view come rolling in. overall, i give them a 5 out of 5.


I’m very pleased with my experience with Viralyft. They managed my order of 10000 Instagram Story views extremely well. The delivery was on time, there were no drop-offs, and even the transaction went off perfectly. Best of all, I’m seeing real, authentic engagement after my purchase.


I went with a small plan of just 100 Instagram Story views. My account doesn’t have that large of a following yet, so it seemed like a smart move. I feel like it’s helped so far. I’ve definitely noticed an uptick in followers and likes on my posts, so that’s a huge plus. I’ll probably go with a bigger plan next time and see what results I get.


What can I say about Viralyft that other reviewers haven’t already said? Basically, I’ve experienced the same great benefits as everyone else. I bought 500 views on Instagram Story for $3.99, and ever since then I’ve noticed more engagement, more people finding my profile – just more everything! I highly recommend them for this and all their other engagement services.

Remy hammer

I was a bit confused about which plan I should select. I used their live chat option and was connected to a support executive within minutes. He was kind and patient enough to explain the advantages of the plans and guide me in selecting the correct plan for me. I will visit them again for more services.

Julian Bening

The fact that you can buy 25k views in a single order makes it very exciting for me. It helps me to place huge orders in a single go and makes it more convenient for me. Other sites have a much smaller limit and have issues delivering big orders. They were able to deliver my order without any issues.

Aldo Gillett

The safety of my account is a key concern for me. They did not ask for my login information but just the link to my account. This kept my account safe while I was purchasing Instagram story views. Unlike many other sites, they take your safety seriously which has made them my favorite site to buy Instagram views and other services.

Beatrice tatum

I’m so happy with the services Viralyft provide. They have managed to help me improve my engagement through Instagram story views. The impact of their services got me to the top of Instagram. Will be looking forward to buying more services from them in the future.

Kendal reeves

You guys are missing out if you are not using their services. I got Instagram story views from them and they have managed to sweep me off my feel. The delivery was on time and the impact of the services could be witnessed almost immediately. They have become my go-to site to buy Instagram services and will continue to order from them in the future.

Cody Brand

There are many reasons to love Viralyft but their efficiency takes the cake for me. I have made multiple orders and they have managed to deliver all of them on time. I have never faced any delays even when ordering huge quantities. They are one of the most reliable companies out there for Instagram services.

Zetta Mae penn

I heard some fellow creators talking about how beneficial this site is. When I bought story views from them I Understood the true range of their capabilities. I must say you will not regret buying their services. I am satisfied with the story views and their effectiveness. Their packages are a must-have for anyone looking to establish themselves on Instagram.

Tanya waits

Viralyft has become my first choice for Instagram services. They have the best Instagram story views available in this industry. Partnering up with them has made my journey on Social media much easier. I can now gain engagement without having to spend much time on Instagram.

Nancy haim

I am new to Instagram and wanted to have good engagement rates on the platform. This company has helped me to change my fortune on Instagram. I have managed to reach the target I had set on Instagram all because of the engagement I got from their story views.

Maya spielberg

The team at Viralyft are wizards. I bought Instagram story views and saw a boost in all of the key stats. I recommend them to all of my friends. Couldn’t have achieved great things on Instagram without their support

Samantha collins

The quality of Instagram story views they provide is unmatched at this price. Other sites charge thousands of dollars for the services they are providing. Finding them has allowed me to save tons of money while getting good Instagram story views. Will make any more purchases in the future.

Christian Flescher

I have been a customer of Viralyft for a long time. With each order, they have raised the bar even higher. I have made them a permanent part of my marketing strategy. I do not go to any other sites as they manage to provide the best services in all aspects, loved their Instagram story views the most.

Ethan Holland

Being skeptical of their services I ordered just 500 views. After seeing how effective they were in helping my account I have ordered more. I order story views from them almost every week. Love the support from their customer service as well. Overall an amazing site to buy Instagram story views from.

Dexter Wahlberg

If you are like me, price is a huge factor. I have searched the internet but could not find another service provider who has better prices. Considering the authentic services they provide they have kept cheap prices.

Tyler Gadot

The site is so easy to use. I was able to select my package and complete the payment in a matter of a few minutes. They help me to save time with every purchase I make on their website. The ease of use has made them the top choice for me.

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