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21 Engaging Instagram Story Ideas for Business Owners

Want to keep your followers engaged? These 21 Instagram Story ideas for business owners are sure to attract likes, follows and messages.
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Instagram Story Ideas For Business
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Are you struggling to come up with Instagram story ideas for business? You’re not alone. Brainstorming content ideas, choosing the right time to post and actually making the content is really hard.

But we’re going to help you with a lot of fun and exciting ideas that businesses can use to keep followers engaged when they view your story.

1. Product Launch Countdown

Brands of all sizes use product launch countdowns as a leading story idea. You don’t need to do anything special aside from:

  • Post a countdown to your product launch
  • Tease the launch a bit

Most big brands will have product launches that you can use for inspiration and drum up excitement for the release.

2. Showcase Your Product or Service


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Show the world how your product or service can help with:

  • Solving people’s problems
  • Make people’s lives easier
  • Benefitting someone – or another business – in some way

3. Employee Journey


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Your employees are on a journey all the time. You can make a story of:

  • Bill from accounting and how he was just promoted
  • Groups working on your major product release
  • People laughing and joking in the office

Consumers love raw stories that are authentic and real.

4. Behind-the-Scenes Teambuilding 


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Your stories can also provide insight into what it’s like to work for you. Why is this important? It helps you attract the top talent and show the world that your team is “real.” You can show:

  • Teambuilding events
  • Owners working alongside the team
  • Etc.

5. Testimonial or Review Sharing

Once you start making sales, ask customers or clients for testimonials and reviews. You can use this strategy to create videos of others:

  • Recommending your business to the world
  • Explaining how the business helped the person

If you create an Instagram Story like this, you’re also building trust among your audience and can increase sales, too.

6. Product Reveal

Your new product is here – share it. People want to be involved in the release. Show your followers the first glance of your product, create a series of Stories on how to use your product and reveal it to the world through storytelling.

7. Showcase People Wearing/Using Your Product

Do you notice others that are wearing or using your product? Promote and showcase these people. You can create a story with people:

  • Using your product
  • Wearing it
  • Discussing it

And if the people that you include in the story find it, they will show their friends and family, expanding your reach further.

9.  Show Before and After Results as a Service Business

Service-based businesses can show before-and-after results. For example:

  • Landscapers can show overgrown yards turned beautiful
  • Plumbers can show a flooded bathroom and after it fixed
  • Dentists can show a rotten tooth and then a beautiful smile with a dental implant

10. Run a Contest


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Contests generate buzz. Create an Instagram Story about a contest where people can win a:

  • Gift card
  • Free product
  • Trip to your facility
  • Etc.

11. Sorry – We Ran Out

A lot of businesses want to let the world know that: hey, my product is so amazing it is sold out. People will react to this in different ways, but it shows that you have a lot of demand and the person viewing the story may be missing out on something.

12. Throwback to Old Products

New generations of products come out all the time. For example, Motorola can show how their phone went from a non-color screen to a flip phone and then to what it is today, with the Razr+ being one of the most advanced phones.

Viewers love seeing throwbacks of how businesses have progressed over time.

13. Ask Followers If They Love Your Business

Here’s a simple but effective Instagram Story idea: ask your followers if they love your business. Asking questions is a great way to boost engagement. Your followers and customers will be eager to share why they love your business, and you can even share their responses in other Stories. 

14. Explainer Videos


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If you’re just launching your business, you can share an explainer video in your Stories that lets viewers know what you’re all about. Explain how to use your product or service briefly.

You can use apps to create animated Stories for higher engagement. 

15. Create a Product Usage Guide


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Do you sell products? Here’s a great idea for an Instagram Story – share a usage guide. Tell your followers how to use your product properly or offer tips and tricks on how to use your products in different ways. 

16. Run a Fundraiser for Others

One great way to engage with your followers and help a good cause is to fundraise for others. You can help raise money for charities or organizations right from your Instagram Stories. 

In fact, you can add a donation sticker to your Story that takes followers right to the non-profit’s account.

Let followers know why you’re supporting their cause when asking for their donations.

17. Share Your Wisdom as a Service Provider

Does your business provide a service? Maybe you offer roof repair or accounting services. Share some words of wisdom with your followers related to your field. For example, you can share tips on how to save on your taxes or advice on how to maintain your roof in the winter. 

Sharing words of wisdom is a great way to engage with your audience and provide them with valuable content. 

18. Industry Tips and Tricks

As a business owner, you’re an expert in your field. You’re sure to have some tips and tricks that you can share with your followers. 

Create a short video sharing your words of wisdom and add it to your Stories. If your followers have any questions or comments, you can follow up with more Stories that answer them. 

19. Milestone Posts

Have you reached a new milestone with your business? Maybe you reached a certain number of sales or followers. Share these victories with your followers. 

Don’t forget to thank your followers and customers for their support. You can share a heartfelt message or create a graphic to celebrate the achievement. 

20. Flash Sales


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Everyone loves a good sale. Instagram Stories is a great opportunity to promote and share your sale to drum up business and grow your audience.

Create eye-catching graphics with details about your sale and share them in your Stories. 

21. Promote Live Events


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Does your business host live events? Share them on your Instagram Stories. Your followers will be eager to experience them through your eyes.

Share photos or videos of the event. If any of your followers are in attendance, include them and give them a shoutout.

Instagram is the perfect platform to expand your reach and gain new customers as a business. These 21 Instagram Story ideas are sure to keep your account active and engaging to followers.

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