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Updated on June 1, 2024

Buy Instagram Views from Real Users with Instant Delivery

Buy Instagram views from real users. Safe. Fast Delivery. Guaranteed.
Check out our plans below to see why millions of creators trust Viralyft to deliver high-quality views to videos.

82 Reviews
Very good0%
High Quality
Influencer Quality
Boost your video views on videos, reels and any other video content without a large budget. All views are from real accounts.
  • Real & High Quality Views
  • 24/7 Fast American Support
  • 3-6 Hours Delivery
  • Non Drop Views
  • Split Views Into Multiple Videos
  • Secure Payments
Influencer views are from highly engaging, real people who may like, comment or share your videos. Our views expand your video reach by helping content reach the explore page easily.
  • Real Views from Active Users
  • 24/7 Fast American Support
  • 3-6 Hours Delivery
  • Secure Payments
  • Split Views Into Multiple Videos
  • Chances to hit Explore Page
  • Brand Sponsorship Opportunities
500 Views 27% off
1000 Views 36% off
2500 Views 45% off
5000 Views 52% off
10000 Views 59% off
25000 Views 63% off
50000 Views 69% off
From $4.10
Save 27%

*Account should be public. Don’t buy from others at the same time!

From $7.80
Save 36%

*Account should be public. Don’t buy from others at the same time!

From $14.53
Save 45%

*Account should be public. Don’t buy from others at the same time!

From $31.23
Save 52%

*Account should be public. Don’t buy from others at the same time!

From $60.95
Save 59%

*Account should be public. Don’t buy from others at the same time!

From $108.08
Save 63%

*Account should be public. Don’t buy from others at the same time!

From $258.03
Save 69%

*Account should be public. Don’t buy from others at the same time!

500 Views 22% off
1000 Views 32% off
2500 Views 39% off
5000 Views 45% off
10000 Views 51% off
25000 Views 55% off
50000 Views 59% off
100000 Views 62% off
250000 Views 66% off
500000 Views 71% off
From $5.12
Save 22%

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From $8.81
Save 32%

*Account should be public. Don’t buy from others at the same time!

From $14.74
Save 39%

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From $32.71
Save 45%

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From $61.20
Save 51%

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From $99.98
Save 55%

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From $207.29
Save 59%

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From $394.71
Save 62%

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From $882.32
Save 66%

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From $2068.93
Save 71%

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High Quality Views
Boost your video views on videos, reels and any other video content without a large budget. All views are from real accounts.
Secure guaranteed payment
Satisfaction Guarantee
Secure guaranteed Delivery
Influencer Quality Views
Influencer views are from highly engaging, real people who may like, comment or share your videos. Our views expand your video reach by helping content reach the explore page easily.
Secure guaranteed payment
Satisfaction Guarantee
Secure guaranteed Delivery
Trusted by Influencers, Creators & Entrepreneurs

For more than a decade, Viralyft has helped over 1.5 million creators boost their visibility and engagement.
Discover why influencers, creators and entrepreneurs trust us to deliver high-quality views from real users.

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Why Buy Instagram Views from Viralyft?

Viralyft gets 5-star reviews from customers around the world because we offer:

Instagram Views from Real Users
Real Views from Real Users

We offer high-quality views from real Instagram users to boost your Reels and videos. Be confident that your views won’t drop off over time or come from fake accounts.

get instant delivery
Fast Delivery

We’ll deliver your views in just 3-6 hours. Get thousands of views overnight to boost your chances of hitting the Explore page.

we keep your data secure
100% Security-First Service

At Viralyft, we know how important the safety and security of your account is. We’ll never ask for your Instagram account password. Just provide us with the URL for your video, and we’ll deliver your views.

247 Live Support
24/7 Support

Our support team is available 24/7 to answer your questions or help with your order via email, chat and phone. We’re here night and day to benefit all of our customers.

we provide refund guarantee

We’ll deliver all of your views by the estimated delivery date, or you'll get a full refund. That’s our guarantee!

we keep your information secured

Your Instagram account and email data are 100% confidential. We use state-of-the-art encryption to keep any data you exchange with us safe.

Auto Refill

If your Instagram video views drop off, we will autofill them for FREE.

Automatic Drip Feed
Drip Feed

Natural, organic views happen gradually. Our system sends more Instagram views to your account using a drip feed system that looks natural.

How to Buy Real Instagram Views in Under 60 Seconds

Our AI-powered system streamlines the ordering process, allowing us to begin sending high-quality views to your Instagram videos in less than a minute. Our team will review your order and we’ll start sending real views from real people to your videos in seconds.

Your video will get the views and engagement you need to go viral, and it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. Here’s how it works:

Step one
pick a package that you want to buy
Choose your views package

Select one of our packages. We offer 500 – 500,000 views. Choose the one that best fits your campaign.

Enter Your Profile URL 1
Enter your Instagram Profile
Step two

Enter your main account name and our industry-leading algorithm will instantly display your latest posts. Select the post(s) you want to send views to, and we’ll automatically divide the views evenly to each one.

(Just make sure that your profile is set to public).

pay for the order and get confirmation
Complete your
Step Three

Proceed to your preferred, secure SSL-certified payment option. You can pay using your Apple Pay, VISA and Mastercard debit or credit card or cryptocurrency like ETH, Bitcoin, Tether and more using Coinbase. You never have to supply your password or personal details to us.

Our advanced AI system will begin checking your order and selected posts before we send it off to one of our expert social mediamanagers with years of experience to verify your details. 

NOTE: DO NOT buy the same service from other providers during an ongoing order with us.

You can track your order right on our site, and we’ll inform you about your order’s status through email.

How many views should I buy?

Our team’s internal research shows that the more Instant views you buy, the better chance you have of your content going viral. We recommend buying smaller packages when sending views to one video and larger packages if you send views to multiple videos.

Is It Safe To Buy Instagram Views for my Videos?

Yes! We send real users to your posts. After over 10+ years and 205+ million views successfully delivered, we’re proud to announce that none of our clients have ever had an account banned. Our team works behind the scenes to keep your account safe when you place an order.

Which videos should I send views to?

Recent Instagram posts featuring your best editing and captions are great posts to send views to when ordering. If your posts are too old, you may not receive the same level of engagement or have Instagram recommend the video because the algorithm favors new, fresh content. You can select multiple posts when checking out and we’ll divide your views among them evenly.

Why should I Buy Instagram Views?

Why Buy packages of Views, followers or likes

Instagram has more than 2.4 billion active monthly users. Every day, users watch more than 17.6 million hours of Reels. The competition is fierce. Buying views is the best way to: 

  • Get your content seen on Instagram
  • Boost your chances of ranking on the Explore page
  • Attract more followers
  • Improve your reach and brand awareness
  • Establish yourself as an authority and thought leader

Viralyft will give your video the “lift” it needs to go viral. Increase your exposure and visibility while growing your following organically. That’s the power of buying Instagram views.

Why Buy packages of Views, followers or likes
Will buying Instagram views help me get more followers?

Yes! Instagram’s algorithm favors videos with high view counts. The more views you have, the higher the chance of hitting the Explore page – and being seen by more users. That will naturally lead to more followers and more engagement.

How quickly will my views be delivered?

Views are sent to your posts naturally using our advanced algorithm. We want to make your views look natural to Instagram, so they’ll begin trickling into your account in seconds. Your order will be completed within a maximum six hours.

You can track your order right on our online dashboard at any time. If you have any questions while your order is being processed, our 24/7 support team is available to answer them.

How much do Instagram Views Cost?

Our views start at packages as small as 500 views that cost less than $0.01 per view.
Buy a 500,000+ view package and you’ll pay just $0.001 for each view. Our entry-level packages are cheaper than a latte –
just $2.99

Here is the complete list of views packages we sell:

Instagram Views Price List
No. Of Views
High Quality Views
Premium Quality Views
Delivery Time
500 Instagram Views
3-6 Hours
1000 Instagram Views
3-6 Hours
2500 Instagram Views
3-6 Hours
5000 Instagram Views
3-6 Hours
10000 Instagram Views
3-6 Hours
25000 Instagram Views
3-6 Hours
50000 Instagram Views
3-6 Hours
100000 Instagram Views
3-6 Hours
250000 Instagram Views
3-6 Hours
500000 Instagram Views
3-6 Hours

Frequently Asked Questions

Many Instagram users who visit Viralyft are curious about how buying Instagram views works. To satisfy that curiosity and allay any concerns,
here are our most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and their answers.

Instagram views require video viewers to watch your content for at least 3 seconds for a view to count.

Yes. We offer exclusive discounts for large-scale buyers and resellers. Contact us for the best deals on custom offers.

Yes. We value your privacy and are among the first places to buy views online with cryptocurrency like ETH, Bitcoin, Tether, Matic and more using coinbase. Our system’s security is routinely tested, and we use SSL encryption to further keep your payment and information as secure as possible.

No. We provide worldwide views because, with 2+ billion users around the world on Instagram, it looks more natural.

Yes. Our algorithm will split views evenly among your videos. 

No. You get Instagram views naturally using our drip feed system, so no one – not even Instagram – will know you purchased views.

Customer Reviews

Viralyft gets 5-star reviews on our site and in emails from customers around the world. Here’s what customers are saying about our services.

82 Reviews
Very good0%

As an aspiring chef, I’ve been posting cooking tutorials on Instagram to share my passion for food. Despite putting a lot of effort into filming and editing, my videos weren’t getting much attention. Buying views changed everything. My videos started appearing in recommended feeds and the home page for many people.

Erik Carter

I’ve been using Instagram to share my travel vlogs, but always struggled to get the views I hoped for. Deciding to buy views was a leap of faith, and it paid off more than I could imagine. Not only did my views increase, but the engagement on my videos soared, with new followers. The service was simple and effective. It’s given me the confidence to keep creating and sharing my adventures, knowing there’s a reliable way I could get my videos get seen.

Ethan Blauner

Real people are viewing my latest reels. In just a few hours, I’ve received more views than I did in months of trying to grow my insta account on my own.

Katie Romero

Boosting views on your older reels can significantly enhance your account growth.


I ordered 500 Instagram views but noticed I only got 438. The customer support team was very apologetic and immediately provided an additional 100 views for free. I’ll definitely be using this service again.


My Reels were getting like 0.5% engagement and my sponsor threatened to leave if I didn’t get more views. I’m changing my posting strats but I bought 2.5k views for less than $10 and my sponsor had no idea.

Taylor Bosman

I sell an upscale beauty product. We were doing high volumes of videos with little views so someone on my team recommended buying views to see if it tricks the algorithm. It did. Now im getting my followers and views.


A+ service provider. Im an avid buyer for my corporate accounts and have used the service for followers, likes and views.


I am a relationship coach who can mend any breakup but I was going to divorce my Instagram account because it’s been a one-sided affair. Viralyft stepped in and sent me 500 views in hours to restore my faith in the platform.

Lisa Arianna

Sometimes your Instagram needs a bit of a boost. $7.99 was all it took to grow my account is just a few short hours.

Julia DiCesare

Views! Views! Finally people are seeing the posts that i put so much hard work and effort into creating. Praise be to the Viralyft team for their assistance.


I run a cute puppy gram that people love, but in the last few months, my views have dropped to 30% of what they were last year. I asked this service provider to help me with views, we agreed on a 50k view package to 20 videos and fingers crossed, it seems like its working.


Buy premium views all the time. I swear by this service for my marketing agency.

Darcie Morris

250k views on the premium view tier completely changed my Instagram success. I would give this service 20 stars if I could.

Sarah Lockey

My latest post hit the Explore page after i bought a package of views, comments and likes.

Sara Torres

Highly recommend this service. I’ve tried every Instagram view seller in the past, but none have delivered results like this. I ordered the 10k view package and split the views among multiple videos. The results? 100+ new followers and higher engagement.

Annika Vossen

A+++ service. I paid for 5000 views to my main profile and people actually left a few comments. Can’t recommend this service enough. Ordering a new package right now.

Katharina Wildenhof

1000 views! I purchased 1,000 views for super cheap, and the results were amazing. Views started to hit my main video in a minute, and they kept increasing over the next day or two. I will definitely be using this service again in the future.

George Menabdishvili

Fitness is an oversaturated niche that I couldn’t stand out in. I contacted Viralyft’s support team, who answered my questions fast and put my mind at ease. I bought a 250,000 view package with a bulk discount and split views across 15 videos. What a difference in engagement and followers because Instagram is now recommending my account to others.

Clarissaa Leighann

Sent 10,000 views to my Valentine’s Day beauty video and hit the Explore Page. Right now, I’ve added followers, get more comments and have the confidence to keep growing my profile because my videos are actually being seen.

Sam McClendon

I post content from my travels across Europe, but with no views, it’s hard to gain a following. I purchased 100k views to my videos of Italy, Germany and France. And I hit the EXPLORE PAGE!

Riccardo Palombo

We’re a tech review brand that works with some of the largest brands in the world, but with Instagram’s algorithm changes, we have lost so many views. Viralyft’s team worked with us and it’s a night and day difference.


Selling products on Instagram as a reseller is hard without views. I msgd support, asked them what package they thought I should buy and if they’ve seen any results in my industry. I’ve made my money back many times over after buying views. Thanks Viralyft!


Top notch customer service. Always there at any time, 24/7, to help you with whatever you need. In my case, I needed a custom order, and all it took was me reaching out and they fixed me up right away.


Before I bought my first package from Viralyft, I was seriously struggling in the views department. Even though I felt like my content was good, it just wasn’t gaining any traction. But now, $17 later, I am literally watching my account grow before my eyes!


I was kinda worried that i would regret buying IG views but i have nothing but good things to say about the whole experience. I am 100% sure that the 500 views i bought from viralyft led to the huge boost in Instagram insights of my account.


I needed to boost my Instagram stories and reels views. Buying 5K views from Viralyft did the trick! I got so many more views after that, and my follower count has gone up, too!


I’d had a bad run of Instagram video content that I just couldn’t convert any new followers on. A friend told me to try Viralyft. I thought, what the heck, and I bought the 25000 tier since it was so cheap. Best decision I EVER made. My bad run is over at last!


Purchased Instagram views but was a little confused on the delivery date. Contacted the support team, and they were able to answer all my questions. Plus, all the views got delivered when they said they would. Great service all around.


Viralyft is great! There are some who say that buying Instagram views is cheating, but it’s hard to look at it that way when EVERYONE ELSE in this industry is doing it. Plus, you can’t deny that it also boosts your organic traffic, especially when you do it the way Viralyft does it with real users and all that. Choose them!


I’ve tried different Instagram views websites over the years, but nobody does it like Viralyft. I personally have had such a great experience, from the quality of their views to the fast delivery. If I could give them 10 stars, I would!


V for Viralyft, or V for Victory? Whose victory? Mine! I finally went viral on Instagram, and I credit Viralyft for the whole thing! Their 10K package worked AMAZING for me! Go check them out ASAP!


Viralyft worked pretty well for me, even though I picked the smallest package. I like that their rates are cheap. That was important for me since I’m just starting out on Instagram. As my account gets bigger, I’ll definitely come back for the bigger packages.


Viralyft offers a great deal on Instagram views! Probably the best I’ve seen, and I’ve been to a lot of different websites. Best part is that even though it’s cheap, it pays off and then some.


I recommend Viralyft for any Instagram user who could use a little extra boost for their videos. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to the app or if you’ve been posting for years. It WORKS.


It’s so cool that Viralyft lets you use crypto to buy Instagram views. Not a lot of places have caught up with the times, but Viralyft is AHEAD of its time.


I had a pretty good experience buying from Viralyft. The process was quick and easy. I was worried I would have to give them my Instagram password, but all they needed was the URL of the video I wanted to get views for.


I’ve gotten so many new followers since I bought Viralyft’s 50K tier. What blows my mind is I only paid $59.99. So 60 bucks for an increase of around 3K followers? You can’t beat that!


I have been buying likes for my posts for a while now and it was about time I did the same for my videos. Bought 2.5k views for $3.99 and it turned out to be a great decision. All my videos are performing well and I have no complaints.


I have been buying Instagram views from here for a good while now. My favorite part about this specific service is that they are global. Due to this, my reach has grown to wider audience all round the world and I’m getting new followers from many different countries which is amazing.


It is a common problem between such sites that their products ultimately disappear like they never existed. Viralyft is not like them thankfully. The views that I got from them 2 months ago, are still with me just like they arrived.


I heard from a friend about paid likes and all and then found out I could even buy Instagram video views. So I did and it helped me a lot. The engagement has obviously risen and my reach is way better than before as well.


If you want to buy social media promotions and are skeptical about anything, just give Viralyft a try. I began the same and now I am a regular with them after having bought 7-8 plans. Without a doubt, I can say it was the best decision I ever made online. You can try it for yourself and I guarantee you’ll have the same experience.


It’s amazing how Viralyft has been able to pull off the most pocket-friendly plans for all these years. The value for money you get here is in a league of its own. Buying views form here will benefit both your account and your pockets.


Dropping is easily one of the most hated thing among people who buy social media services. I mean who would like losing things that you have paid for. With Viralyft I have never lost any and if that’s what you’re looking for, Viralyft is the best.


I have heard a lot about Virlayft’s consistency and it turned out to be true. Especially in the case of deliveries. Every order I’ve received from them has been spot on and never late. You gotta commend stuff like that because it is rare online.


I have been wanting to get famous online for a long time now but this is the first time it is looking anywhere near possible. Since buying 10k Instagram views from Viralyft, two of my videos have gone viral and stand with more than 50k views in total.


After buying Instagram views for three times from here, I can say that their views are completely legitimate. If they were using bots, half of them would’ve been gone in a week. Also it would have caused my account to be flagged. It is a proof that Viralyft is reliable.


I have heard so many stories from friends and strangers about getting their accounts banned for using paid views or likes. That only happens when you use sites that aren’t trustworthy. Unlike themz Viralyft is a global agency with clients all over the world. I have been using their service for months and had zero trouble with my account.


All the sites selling views should take a lesson from Viralyft. They are just the most reliable out there. After all, the team has been marketing for over 10 years. They have made sure to make everything easy and secured for the customer.

More Instagram Services for Every Budget

We offer a one-stop shop for all of your Instagram needs, including likes, comments and more.