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Instagram Comments Not Posting or Showing? 7 Ways to Fix

Comments are vital to maintaining a thriving community on Instagram – plus they’re amazing for helping you grow your brand! So, when you can’t see them, that’s a problem. Discover 7 reasons and fixes for Instagram comments not showing.
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Why Are Instagram Comments Not Showing
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Even though most people log into Instagram to look at photos and watch Reels, the comments section is still an important part of the social media platform’s community. This is where users express their support (and dislike) of other creators, hold debates, and express their opinions. 

For brands and influencers on Instagram, comments are even more essential. The main benefit they provide is they help increase your influence and discoverability on the app by raising your engagement rate.

So, when comments aren’t visible on your Instagram content or on other accounts’ posts, that’s a sign that something’s wrong. But you may need to do some digging to get to the bottom of it. 

Below, we’ve got seven common reasons for Instagram comments not showing to share with you, as well as a few potential fixes you can use to try and get the discourse flowing again!

7 Reasons Comments Aren’t Posting or Showing on Instagram

Let’s discuss the reasons that comments aren’t showing on Instagram, starting with problems with the app itself.

1. Instagram Needs to be Updated to the Latest Version

Your App is Outdated

If you’re not seeing comments on any posts in your feed, the first thing you should do is check if you have the latest version of Instagram downloaded to your mobile device. 

You see, when developers release a new version of a software or platform, the old version becomes increasingly dysfunctional. That’s because it’s no longer supported by the developers or your mobile device. 

Solution: Update Your Instagram App to the Latest Version

In the event that your Instagram app is out of date, close the Instagram app and go into your app store. Next, find the section of the app store that shows which apps need to be updated and select Instagram

After the update has been downloaded and installed, open Instagram again and see if comments are visible.

2. Instagram is Experiencing a Glitch or a Bug

In some cases, Instagram may be experiencing a glitch or a bug in their software that is causing comments to appear hidden. A glitch is a temporary interruption or fault in the system that causes an error. It often happens at random. A bug, meanwhile, is a fault that is more long-lasting and typically affects a lot of people simultaneously.

Solution: Restart the Instagram App or Update It

Sometimes, fixing a comment glitch can be as simple as closing the Instagram app and then opening it again.

To address a bug, though, you may need to update the app. In that case, keep an eye on Instagram’s official social media accounts on Instagram, X, or Facebook, as they will likely post when an update that will fix the bug becomes available.

3. Instagram is Suffering a Server Outage

Is Instagram Server Down Checker Banner

Social media platforms (and all other apps and websites) operate from servers. Servers are powerful computers that store and send data, resources, and other essential information. But they’re not perfect. They can be sluggish or even go down.

When Instagram’s servers go down, the app and website may stop loading comments.

Solution: Wait for the Servers to Come Back Online

If Instagram’s servers are down, there’s nothing you can do but wait for them to come back online. You can check the status of this issue by following the official Instagram account on other social media platforms.

4. The Instagram App Cache is Full

Something else can cause comments on Instagram to not load: your Instagram app cache may be full. 

The cache is the repository for data about what pages or posts you’ve already viewed, so that when they come up in your feed again, they can load faster. Over time, however, your cache can get full, and this can cause features like comments to load slowly instead.

Solution: Empty Your Instagram App Cache

Emptying the cache on an app is a simple process, even if you’ve never done it before. Check out our guide to easily clearing your Instagram cache whether you’re using an iPhone, Android, or desktop computer.

5. Your Internet Connection is Weak

Another potential culprit behind comments on Instagram refusing to load is your internet connection. If you’re not getting a strong signal, then your computer or mobile device will be slow to pull up anything, much less an Instagram post’s comment section.

Solution: Reset or Troubleshoot Your Internet Connection (or contact your internet provider)

When your internet isn’t working properly, you can often fix it by resetting it or accessing the troubleshooter on your computer or mobile device. If those solutions fail, though, contact your internet provider and let them know you’re experiencing slow speeds.

6. The Post Creator Disabled Comments

The Post Creator Disabled Comments

Of course, comments not showing on an Instagram post may not be your fault or Instagram’s, either. Creators have the power to disable the comment sections on their posts, which could be why none appear on the ones you’re looking at.

In this scenario, if another account disabled the comments on their post, there’s nothing you can do. It’s their right to not have comments on their content if they wish.

7. The Post Creator Deleted or Hid Comments

The Post Creator Deleted or Hid Comments

Finally, a post creator also has the ability to delete or hide comments on their posts. You may notice that this is happening if you comment on their post and can’t find it again later. 

Once again, though, there’s nothing you can do. You can’t prevent another user from getting rid of comments that were made on their original posts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Comments Hidden on Instagram?

Creators can hide comments on their Instagram posts if they choose. But comments can also disappear if Instagram is undergoing a glitch, bug, or server outage, or if the app needs to be updated.

Why Do My Comments Disappear on Instagram?

Your comments might disappear on Instagram for three main reasons: 1) Your comments violated Instagram’s Community Guidelines so the platform removed them; 2) the post creator hid or deleted your comments; or 3) the post creator blocked you, and now all your old comments on their content are gone.

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