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How To Update Instagram on iOS, Android & Web (2024)

There are many reasons to update your Instagram account, including keeping your information safe and avoiding annoying technical glitches. It only takes a few simple steps to ensure you're using the most up-to-date version of this enjoyable app.
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How to Update Instagram
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Key Takeaways

To update Instagram on iOS: Open the App Store > Click the Profile icon > Locate Instagram and see if an update is available > If needed, tap Update > That’s it!

To update Instagram on Android: Open the Google Play Store > Click the Profile icon > Select manage apps & device > Tap Updates available > If needed, select Update > That’s it!

If Instagram isn’t updated, it can pose security risks and cause technical issues.

As with all social media platforms, Instagram performs updates to its systems often, usually every few months. While this can be annoying, these new versions offer a variety of features to improve the user experience and increase safety. For those who use the platform a lot, you may not notice dramatic differences between updates, but if you only use it periodically, the newer versions may be challenging to navigate. 

One of the most exciting parts of any Instagram update is the new features they release. For example, in 2023, the app announced its new Collab feature, which allows users to send collaboration invites to other content creators and create mutual reels or posts. If you’re trying to grow your audience, staying up-to-date on the latest Instagram updates is crucial, ensuring you don’t miss out on any new and exciting trends. 

How To Update Instagram? (Both iOS & Android)

Updating Instagram is easy, and it only takes a few steps. Whether you’re on an iOS device or Android, the process is similar and takes a few moments. 

To Update Instagram on iOS:

Step #1: Open the App Store

App Store

Step #2: Click the Profile icon

Profile Picture

Step #3: Locate Instagram and see if an update is available

Step #4: If needed, tap Update


To Update Instagram on Android:

Step #1: Open the Google Play Store

Google Play App

Step #2: Click the Profile icon

Profile icon

Step #3: Select manage apps & device

Manage Apps & Device

Step #5: If needed, select Update


Does Instagram Update Automatically?

Instagram gives users the option to turn on or off automatic updates. 

To Turn Automatic Updates On or Off:

Step #1: Open the Instagram app

Step #2: Tap on your profile picture

Step #3: Click the three lines in the top right corner and select Settings and Privacy

Step #4: Select About, then tap App updates

Step #5: Toggle Auto-update Instagram to turn on or off

If the App Updates Option Doesn’t Show Up, You Can Use the Following Steps:

Step #1: Open the Instagram app on your mobile phone

Step #2: Select App or the Application Manager

Step #3: Click Meta App Installer

Step #4: Tap Enable to turn on updates or Disable to turn them off

How To Turn Automatic Updates Off or On on Your Mobile?

If you prefer to control Instagram’s automatic updates on your phone, you can do so without going on to the app. The process is similar for both Android and iOS users and can be done at any time.

To Turn Automatic Updates Off On an Android:

Step #1: Open the Google Play Store

Google Play App

Step #2: Select the Profile icon

Profile icon

Step #3: Click Settings


Step #4: Tap Network Preferences

Network Preferences

Step #5: Select Auto-update apps

Auto-Update Apps

Step #6: Tap Don’t auto-update apps

Don't Auto-Update Apps

Step #7: Press OK

Press OK

To Turn Automatic Updates Off on iOS:

Step #1: Open the Settings app

Settings App

Step #2: Select App Store

App Store

Step #3: In Automatic Downloads, Toggle App Updates

Automatic Downloads

Why Can’t I Update Instagram?

If you’re having difficulty updating your Instagram app, it could be due to a few possible reasons. Let’s take a closer look at the most commonly encountered by users.

1. Instagram’s Servers are Down

Every once in a while, Instagram encounters issues with its servers, and the app doesn’t work properly. When this happens, it can stop you from installing the latest updates. Fortunately, the platform is great about getting itself up and running again quickly, so you won’t have to wait too long to install the newest update.

2. There is an Issue on Your Device

If your device is older, you may not be able to install updates for many of your favorite apps, including Instagram. However, if you have a newer device and are still encountering a problem, you may have malware or a virus affecting its operating system.

3. You’re Out of Storage

When you run out of storage on your phone or tablet, you won’t be able to update Instagram as there isn’t enough room for the latest version, which is almost always larger than the last. There are multiple ways to clear up space on your device, including clearing your cache and deleting unused apps and photos.

4. You Have an Issue with Your Internet Connection

While you may have an internet connection, if it is running slowly or unstable, you may not be able to update your Instagram app. You may not consider this issue since some apps may work fine while others don’t. Switching to WiFi or mobile data can help solidify your connection and ensure all of your apps run properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is My Instagram Missing Features?

If you are using an outdated version of Instagram, you may not have access to all the available features. Once you update the app, you should be able to access them.

Why has My Instagram Changed?

The latest version of Instagram is focused on delivering a more immersive experience for users, using many of the same formulas that make TikTok so popular.

Why is My Version of Instagram Different?

If you don't have the latest version of Instagram, you won't have access to the same layout, design, or features as those who have updated the app. Once you update it, you will see the newest version.


Updating Instagram is easy and is the best way to get the most out of the app. It only takes a few steps, and you can access the latest features and security fixes, ensuring your time on the platform is safe and enjoyable.

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