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10 Tips on How to Increase Instagram Engagement

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Ways to Increase Engagement on Instagram
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Wondering how to increase Instagram engagement? Well, from posting saveable content to hosting enticing giveaways — there are tons of tactics or strategies that can be implemented to boost engagements on Instagram. In this post, we have discussed some of the best tried-and-tested ways you can use to engage better with your community. 

With approximately two billion monthly active users, Instagram is a platform that has some serious potential for Returns on Investment (ROI). And, to reap the rewards of such great ROI, you need to have good engagements on the platform. 

Just like all other social media platforms, engagement is the name of the game on Instagram. Engagement plays a very crucial when it comes to growing and achieving success on Instagram. Without engagements, you don’t stand a chance to have good visibility, reach, authority, or credibility on the platform. Whereas with a good number of engagements, you can accomplish whatever you want on Instagram.

On Instagram, engagements are not just referred to as the number of views or followers your account has. It’s the overall interactions that your existing audience and potential followers make with your content. These interactions are measured by a variety of metrics, which are followers, likes, comments, shares, views, saves, click-throughs, DMs, mentions, etc.

You now know what are engagements and what role it plays on Instagram. So, let’s quickly dive into the most important part – ways to increase engagement on Instagram.  Let’s start!

Instagram is a visual medium. So, whatever you’re sharing on the platform should be catchy, attractive, high-quality, and appealing to the eyes. Even if you’re not a pro in creating such content, there are a million tools and freelancers out there to take your content to the next level. To make your content saveable, you can include proper call-to-action (CTAs).

Create and Share Relatable Memes

Out of all types and categories of content, memes are the most engaging content. It is the way to every user’s heart these days. Memes are super funny, creative, and relatable. As a result, today, they’re used by influencers, creators, brands, celebrities, and almost every other user on the platform. 

Simply put, memes are the way to get seen, heard, or desired engagements. You can re-share the most popular and relatable memes with your audience or customize and create your own ones.

Host Enticing Giveaways

Giveaways are one o the most effective ways on the list. It is because as we all know, everyone loves free stuff. And with this knowledge, when you host giveaways, you get engagements not only from your existing audience but also from potential quality Instagram followers. While hosting giveaways, make sure that the reward for it is worth it and you clearly mention what engagement you’re expecting from the audience.

Embrace Video Content

Instagram video contents are a new way to get a good engagement rate on Instagram — especially reels. Video content on Instagram comes in a variety of formats such as reels, stories, IGTV, and video posts. Another really easy way that influencers use to increase engagement on their posts is to buy comments to increase trust and authority on their Instagram profile. You should not only rely on image content and rather pay more attention to video content. It is because these days, videos prove to be more effective. As a bonus tip, try to collaborate with other personalities as much as possible in your videos.

Harness The Potential of Hashtags

Using hashtags is, first and foremost, one of the major tactics to boost visibility and reach on the platform. Greater visibility and reach automatically result in higher engagement levels. Hence, without any doubt or second thought, a hashtags Generator must be part of your Instagram strategy to increase engagement.

There was a recent study conducted by Later. It was found that posts having an average of 30 hashtags received the highest engagements on Instagram. Make sure that you use proper, relevant, and a good mix of hashtags in your every Instagram post.

Create and Promote Your Hashtags, Stickers, & Filters

Creating your custom hashtags, stickers, & filters, and then promoting them is one of the best ways to gain engagement. Using hashtags, stickers, & filters is good but promoting your ones is even better and can do wonders. Make sure whatever you’re creating is simple, authentic, fun, entertaining, and most importantly relevant to your Instagram audience.

Get Active on Stories & Go Live

More than half a billion people actively use and engage on Instagram Stories daily. Hence, stories have an incredible reach. They hold great potential to help you gain engagements on the platform. Make sure that you do not just keep posting stories, but also allow your viewers to engage with them. You can add Q&As, polls, countdowns, hashtags, stickers, GIFs, etc. to gain engagement on your stories.

Going live on Instagram is a great way to connect, interact, build trust, and gain engagement from your audience. According to a survey, it was found that 80% of audiences prefer to watch a live stream over reading a blog post. So, the best way to receive engagements in good numbers is to give your audience what they want – live streams.

Post Consistently and at the Best Times

The more you are consistent and disciplined on the platform, the more opportunities your followers have to engage. Make sure that you are regular with your posts, commit to a consistent schedule, and, most importantly, never quit. 

Posting consistently is a great way to gain more engagement. But posting consistently that too at the right times is an even better way of gaining engagements. For example, if are posting content at regular intervals when your audience is asleep, you won’t get any results. Therefore, if you want to boost engagements, you should always be posting when your audience is highly active and most engaged.

To know about the right times to post reels, you can manually track and analyze your account insights. But, we would suggest you simply take the help of some third-party tools for the purpose.

Instagram Engagement Rate Calculator Tools:

Irrespective of whether you’re an influencer, creator, brand, or an individual who has just started, you can leverage the engagement rates of your Instagram to reach unimaginable heights. However, determining your Instagram engagement rates is quite a challenging task. We are sure that before reading this article you must not have thought or given much attention to your Instagram engagement rates. We also know that several questions might be going through your mind such as-

Is the “engagement” of a post the number of times it was saved? What should be given more importance, followers or impressions? What gives a better overall picture of the Instagram account’s engagement rate? Is there any way or tool to calculate and check Instagram engagement rate?

To answer all your queries and address all your issues, below we have discussed what is engagement rate and its importance. Later, we also put together some of the best Instagram engagement rate calculator tools available in the market. Keep reading!

What is Instagram’s Engagement Rate?

Instagram engagement rate is a wide topic and its calculation is very complex. But if we try to sum up or define it in simple terms, it is the total number of your post engagements (likes, shares, and comments) divided by your account’s total number of followers.

Why is Measuring Your Instagram Engagement Rate Important?

The value of measuring, calculating, and knowing your engagement rates extends way beyond gloating over vanity metrics. It provides you with relevant and useful stats rather than vanity metrics such as the number of likes, comments, shares, etc. of your posts.

High engagement rates on Instagram accords to more reach, authority, and credibility of your account on the platform. If your account has a good number of likes, comments, followers, and other stats, it’ll leave a better impression on your current audience as well as potential followers.

You cannot determine or know accurately without measuring the engagement rate whether your account is having higher engagement rate or the opposite. Once you know about it, keeping track of engagement rates also becomes very crucial. It is because you need to continuously keep an eye on how your content is performing and liked by the audience. 

Now, as we’ve discussed the basics of Instagram engagement rate and its importance, let’s see how it can actually be calculated. Calculating the engagement rate on Instagram manually is a very complicated process. It requires a lot of time and effort. Therefore, we would suggest you opt for tools available in the market to calculate the engagement rate.

Here are some of the best tools that you can use –


Phlanx - engagement rate Instagram

Phlanx is the all-in-one engagement rate calculator tool out there in the market. Not just Instagram, but it also offers engagement calculators for various social media platforms, which include YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Twitter, and TikTok. 

Phlanx’s calculator tool is very simple and easy to use. All you need to go to its Instagram engagement calculator tool, put your Instagram username in the available search bar, and then click the search button. Voila, it’s all done and you’ll get all the stats of your Instagram account displayed within a few minutes. You’ll get to know the percentage engagement rate, average likes, and average comments per post.

Apart from engagement calculators, Phlanx also offers a variety of other tools such as social media auditors, brand mentions tools, social campaign managers, contract generators, competitor tracking tools, and many more. All these make it one of the best online marketing platforms for businesses.

The best part about Phlanx is that it offers a one-month free trial to all the new users. Hence, you get to know whether or not you should be opting for its paid plans.


InBeat - engagement rate Instagram

InBeat is the ultimate search engine you can use to find Micro-Nano influencer databases. At InBeat, you don’t have any limit on the number of searches, and on top of that, you also get powerful search filters.

The best part is that you get all your search results in milliseconds. Also, the company offers affordable and transparent fluffless pricing for its plans. All these are the reasons why more than 1K agencies and eCommerce brands rely on it for their needs.

InBeat offers an Instagram engagement rate calculator. You can use it to find your or other Instagram influencers‘ account’s engagement rate, followers count, popular content, and more. To calculate engagements, all you need to do is just enter an Instagram username in the available search bar and click the ‘check profile’ button.



Whether you’re a creator looking to calculate your account’s engagement rate or a brand looking to analyze an influencer’s engagement rates, you can rely on Grin’s engagement rate calculator. You can use the tool not only for Instagram but also for TikTok and YouTube. 

Grin is the all-in-one and number one creator management platform out there. It helps its clients build valuable brands through the power of creator relationships. You can rely on the Grin to improve your influencer marketing, affiliate marketing, customer advocacy, branded content, athlete marketing, PR & communications, DTC eCommerce, and more. 

With Grin, you need not go bouncing between social platforms, eCommerce software, and email inboxes. It is because it brings all the needs of end-to-end influencer marketing under one roof by offering a wide range of integrations.

It offers easy integration with Gmail, Outlook, Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, Instagram, Slack, and Salesforce Commerce Cloud. As there are so many tools, features, and complicated processes, we would recommend you to go for its free demo before buying its subscription.

Hype Auditor

Hype Auditor

Well, here comes a free Instagram engagement rate calculator you can use to find out how much your Instagram account is able to keep your followers engaged. Not just Instagram, Hype Auditor offers in-depth influencer analytics tools for major social media platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, and Twitch. Apart from analytics, you can also use Hype Auditor for influencer discovery, campaign management, market analysis, media plans, and more. 


With that, we come to an end of our post on ways to increase engagement on Instagram, discussion on Instagram engagement rate, and its calculators. Hopefully, this post was successful in answering all your queries and solving all your issues. Make sure that you’re implementing all the gained knowledge while planning and strategizing your content for Instagram next. All the very best for your Instagram success!

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