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60 Instagram Call to Action (CTAs) to Boost Engagement

Think your Instagram game is strong? Wait until you see how these 60 CTAs can skyrocket your engagement and conversions!
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Best Call To Action (CTA) Ideas For Instagram
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Feeling overwhelmed by the constant advice to incorporate a Call To Action (CTA) on Instagram? You’ve likely heard time and again how important CTAs are for engaging your audience, but the real struggle comes when trying to figure out exactly what to say.

How do you create a CTA that resonates, drives action, and doesn’t sound like EVERYONE else?

This challenge can leave even the most creative minds scratching their heads, searching for that perfect blend of words that motivates followers to click, comment, or buy.

Our guide aims to simplify this process, offering actionable and innovative CTA ideas tailored for Instagram that actually work, making your decision-making process that much easier.

What Is A Call To Action (CTA)?

First things first, you need to know what a CTA is.

A Call to Action (CTA) is a prompt on a website or social media platform that encourages users to take some specified action.

In the context of Instagram, this could be anything from inviting followers to visit a link in bio, to encouraging comments, shares, or saves on a post.

The significance of a CTA lies in its ability to guide your audience towards the next step, whether that’s engaging with content, purchasing a product, or signing up for more information.

Effective CTAs can significantly boost interaction, drive sales, and increase follower engagement, making them a key component of successful online marketing strategies.

What Makes A CTA Exceptional?

Simply put, not all Calls to Actions (CTAs) are created equal. A poorly crafted CTA can easily fall flat, failing to motivate your audience to take the desired action.

An exceptional CTA, on the other hand, means truly understanding what drives your audience, what speaks to their needs, and how to tap into their desires with just a few words.

Coming up with such a CTA requires insight, precision, and a bit of creativity.

But what makes a CTA stand out? Here are some key elements:

  • Clarity: Your CTA should leave no room for confusion. It needs to be clear and direct, telling your audience exactly what you want them to do.
  • Relevance: It must be relevant to the audience’s interests and needs. A relevant CTA feels natural rather than forced, fitting seamlessly with the content.
  • Urgency: Creating a sense of urgency without resorting to pressure encourages quicker action. Phrases like “limited time offer” can make your audience feel the need to act now.
  • Value Proposition: Highlight the benefits. What will your audience gain by taking action? An effective CTA makes this benefit unmistakable.
  • Visually Striking: On platforms like Instagram, a visually appealing CTA can make a big difference. Whether it’s through bold text, contrasting colors, or a compelling image, your CTA should catch the eye.
  • Action-Oriented Language: Use verbs that inspire action. Words like “discover,” “learn,” “join,” or “start” can be more motivating than passive language.
  • Personal Touch: Personalizing CTAs, where possible, can increase their effectiveness. Addressing the audience directly or using language that feels personal can make the CTA more engaging.

In essence, an exceptional CTA marries form and function: it’s not just looking good or sounding clever; your goal is to create a bridge between the audience’s needs and what you’re offering, making the next step irresistible.

60 Powerful & Engaging Instagram CTAs For Everyone

1. For Engagement

  • “Share your thoughts below!”
  • “Double tap if you agree!”
  • “Tag someone who needs to see this!”
  • “Save this for later!”
  • “Swipe left to see more!”
  • “Which one do you prefer? Vote below!”
  • “Show us some love if you relate!”
  • “Drop your favorite emoji in the comments!”
  • “Challenge: try this and tag us!”
  • “What’s your take on this? Comment below!”

2. For Sales and Promotions

  • “Shop our limited-time offer!”
  • “Grab yours before they’re gone!”
  • “Exclusive sale, just for our followers!”
  • “Use code INSTA20 for 20% off!”
  • “Flash sale alert! Tap to shop!”
  • “Unlock your special discount at the link in bio!”
  • “Today only: free shipping worldwide!”
  • “Add to your collection now!”
  • “Claim your offer – today only!”
  • “Don’t miss out on our exclusive deal!”

3. For Content Discovery

  • “Discover the secrets to success!”
  • “Uncover the latest trends – link in bio!”
  • “Explore our top picks for you!”
  • “Find out more by clicking the link!”
  • “Dive into our newest blog post!”
  • “Join our community for more insights!”
  • “Learn the tips that make a difference!”
  • “Start your journey to better health!”
  • “Find your style inspiration here!”
  • “Get the guide everyone’s talking about!”

4. For Community Building

  • “Become a part of our growing family!”
  • “Join the conversation in our community!”
  • “Follow us for daily inspiration!”
  • “Subscribe for exclusive content!”
  • “Be the first to know – follow us now!”
  • “Let’s build something great together!”
  • “Connect with like-minded individuals!”
  • “Share your story with us!”
  • “Help us spread the word!”
  • “Join our mission to make a difference!”

5. For Events and Webinars

  • “Reserve your spot now!”
  • “Don’t miss our live session – set a reminder!”
  • “Join our exclusive webinar!”
  • “Sign up for our next event!”
  • “Catch us live at [time] – don’t miss out!”
  • “Mark your calendar!”
  • “Secure your early bird ticket!”
  • “Be part of our next big thing!”
  • “Experience it live with us!”
  • “Register today and unlock a special bonus!”

6. For Inspiration and Motivation

  • “Dream bigger, start today.”
  • “Turn your can’ts into cans.”
  • “We’ll inspire your next adventure.”
  • “Fuel your fire, follow us.”
  • “Chase your dreams, we’ll show you how.”

7. For Customer Testimonials

  • “Hear from our happy customers by clicking here.”
  • “Go to our page for real stories, real results.”
  • “Check us out and see why they love us.”
  • “Transformations that speak volumes.”
  • “Our customers tell the story best.”

Each CTA is crafted to not just attract attention but to also provide a clear, actionable step for your followers to take, whether it’s engaging with your content, participating in promotions, or joining your community. Use these CTAs to bring life to your Instagram strategy and watch as your engagement and conversions start to climb.

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