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How To Do Collab Posts on Instagram: Double the Impact

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In recent years, Instagram has been upping its game, offering its users countless features that foster creativity, brand promotion, and a sense of togetherness. One such feature that aims to take posting to the next level is Collab posting, which has reached new heights of significance on the platform.

Collab posts have fundamentally shaped how content creators and influencers connect, share, and create. In the dynamic nature of Instagram, collabs have enabled multiple accounts to flourish exponentially.

So, if redefining your Instagram performance is what you’re interested in, read on to learn how to use Collab posts on Instagram for a doubled impact.

What Are Collaborative Posts on Instagram?

learn about Collaborative Post on Instagram

An Instagram Collab post is a co-authorized post with other content creators on the platform. It allows you to invite or be invited as a collaborator on a post that will appear on both your and the other collaborator’s feeds, with likes and comments visible for both accounts. The usernames of the two accounts will be shown at the top of the post.

Collabs vs Tagging and Mentions

Simply tagging or mentioning someone on a photo does not make a post collaborative.

Here is what separates the two:

  • First, your post won’t be shared with another account’s followers if you tag or mention them; it will only be if you add them as collaborators.
  • Second, tagging or mentioning can be done without prior consent from the other account, and the post will automatically show on their feed unless it has been set for manual approval. However, you must accept the Collab invitation to join a post as a collaborator.
  • Third, being tagged or mentioned does not make you a co-author in a post; you will be credited only after receiving and accepting the invite for a collaboration.
  • And last, IG stories โ€“ you can mention or be mentioned, but you cannot co-author an Instagram story yet.

Why Should You Use Instagram’s Collab Feature?

why use Instagram collab feature

Enhanced creativity, increased engagement, brand partnerships, and staying relevant on Instagram are compelling reasons enough to have you consider collaborating with other accounts.

  • Enhanced Creativity โ€“ Collaborating with like-minded individuals will result in an outburst of creativity. In addition, partnering with creators from different fields can help you bring a fresh touch and diversify your content.
  • Increased Engagement โ€“ When you collaborate with another user to create a post, it has the potential to generate more likes, comments, and shares than usual posts, resulting in a higher engagement rate. The logic behind it is simple โ€“ followers from both accounts are being exposed to that content. To further grow your audience, promote the partnering account and encourage them to do the same for you.
  • Brand Partnership โ€“ Instagram Collab posts are perfect for brand partnerships and promotion. Using the feature when collaborating with another brand or influencer on an Instagram post, preferably one with a decent audience rate, is an excellent idea to reach a broader audience for your business.
  • Staying Relevant โ€“ Leveraging recent Instagram features helps you stay up-to-date in the ever-changing social media landscape. Collab posts will keep you up to speed and show your audience you are there to make an impact.

How To Use Collab Posts on Instagram?

The original account (the one that creates the collaborative post) should be public to be able to invite public or private accounts to an Instagram Collab post. Private accounts can also invite another account to collaborate, whether private or public, but only if the invited account follows the original account. Remember: a Collab Instagram post requires consent from both partnering accounts.

Now that you know the ABC’s, here is how to collab on Instagram:

  • After you edit the post and are ready to share, press Tag people
  • Then, tap Invite Collaborators
  • Search for the collaborative account in the search bar
  • Tap Done
  • Share the post

The post will be shared with both of your followers only after the invited account accepts the invitation. Know that you can invite only one account per collaborative post.

For someone to be able to invite you as a collaborator, your Tags and Mentions need to be turned on. So, if someone has trouble inviting you as a collaborator, you must adjust your settings. To do that:

  • Navigate to your Instagram profile and tap Settings and Privacy from the three-line menu.
  • Select Tags and Mentions.
  • Ensure your tags and mentions are turned on (for everyone or just people you follow).

Accepting or Declining an Invite To Collaborate on a Post

When an account lists you as a collaborator, you will receive a message from Instagram. You can either accept or decline the invitation.

To accept the invite:

  • Open the DM
  • Tap on the collaboration invite
  • Tap Review
  • Tap Accept

To decline the invite:

  • Open the DM
  • Tap on the collaboration invite
  • Tap Review
  • Tap Decline

Removing a Collaborator From Your Post

Say you mistakenly listed the wrong account as a collaborator or simply changed your mind – you can remove them instantly. Removing a collaborator from the post you created is doable both during or after tapping the share button.

To remove a collaborator while creating a post:

  • Tap Tag People
  • On the right of the collaborator’s account, touch the “X” button
  • Tap Done

Removing a Collaborator From a Post You’ve Already Published

To remove a collaborating account from an already published post, follow these instructions:

  • Go to the post you want to remove the collaborator from
  • In the upper right corner, find the three-dot menu
  • Tap Edit
  • Tap Tag People
  • Touch the “X” button on the collaborator’s right
  • Tap Done
  • Follow the remaining instructions, then tap Done once more

Removing Yourself as a Collaborator From Someone Else’s Published Post

To remove yourself as a collaborator from another account’s published post, follow these instructions:

  • Go to the post you want to remove yourself as a collaborator from
  • Find the three-dot menu
  • Tap Stop Sharing
  • Follow the on-screen instructions, then tap Stop Sharing once more

Things To Consider

There are things to bear in mind in the process of creating an Instagram Collaboration post. In the following section, we will elaborate more on the conditions for a successful collab and what can terminate an Instagram collaboration.

  • The original creator holds the key to the collaboration post. They can decide to remove the invited account, or the latter can remove themselves from the Collab; either way, the post will still be preserved in the primary creator’s feed. Collaboration also ends if one of you blocks the other.
  • A collaboration post can be deleted only by the original account. If they do so, the post will be immediately removed from the other account’s feed.
  • In case the original creator switches to a private account, only their followers can access the Collab post.
  • Deactivation of the account by the original creator will result in the removal of the collaborative post from both feeds. However, the post will be restored if the primary creator reactivates their account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Can't I Do a Collab Post on Instagram?

If others cannot invite you as a collaborator, you must readjust your settings. Make sure you have provided prior access to the original creator by turning Tags and Mentions on. The same applies to the other party if you want to invite them. In addition, if the original creator's account is private, make sure you follow them. Ultimately, both accounts being public and allowing tagging is best.

Can You Collaborate on an Existing Post on Instagram?

Unfortunately, as of now, there is no option to add a collaborator to an existing Instagram post.

How Do I Accept a Collab Post on Instagram in 2023?

To accept an invitation for a collab, navigate to the DM section and find the collaboration invite. Then, tap on Review and Accept.

Can I Collaborate with Influencers on Instagram?

Collaborating with influencers on Instagram is a great marketing strategy. Like with any other account, a Collab post with influencers is just as possible. All it takes is for the influencer to accept your invitation or vice-versa.

How Do I Measure the Success of a Collaborative Post?

The central premise on which you can base the success of an Instagram Collab post is the engagement rate, i.e., how many accounts you have reached, including likes, comments, saves, and shares. These are available for both the original and the invited account.

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