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Is Buying TikTok Followers Worth It in 2024? Let’s Find Out

For the money you have to spend on them, is buying TikTok followers worth it? Find out as we explore the advantages and disadvantages of this growth strategy to render a verdict.
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Is Buying TikTok Followers Worth It
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The top creators, brands, and celebrities on TikTok regularly buy followers to boost their already huge fanbase. Having learned about this strategy for growing your account, you may be wondering if it’s right for you, too. 

But is buying TikTok followers worth it? Are the results it produces cost-effective, considering the drain it places on your social media marketing budget? These are important questions to ask, particularly for TikTok creators who are just starting out and don’t have many resources to spare.

Let’s find out the answers by considering the advantages and disadvantages of buying TikTok followers.

Advantages of Buying TikTok Followers

Obviously, if buying TikTok followers is a standard practice in the industry, it must come with many advantages. And indeed, we’ve got a list of them below that’s quite promising. Check it out!

1. Increases Follower Count Fast

The first positive impact of buying TikTok followers is they increase your follower count fast. That can do a lot toward helping you build your reputation as a popular, authentic creator.

2. Leads To Organic Growth

With the strong foundation that a large following on TikTok grants you, your TikTok account will naturally undergo an increase in organic growth. This is due to the fact that, as more users see how many followers you have, they will be more inclined to trust you and your reputation.

3. Helps You Get Monetized Faster

To access monetization methods like the Creator Fund and the Creator Marketplace on TikTok, you need to reach certain thresholds on your account. One of those thresholds is 10,000 followers. 

Needless to say, buying a few hundred or thousand followers now and then – or even 10K all at once – can help you achieve your goals of earning money through content creation faster.

4. May Lead To Other Types of Engagement

When you buy followers, they may engage with your content in other ways besides a follow. This isn’t a guaranteed perk, but it’s always a possibility!

5. Doesn’t Break the Bank

Most sellers of TikTok followers charge affordable prices for individual packages or plans. This means that anyone, regardless of their budget, can buy followers without breaking the bank.

Disadvantages of Buying TikTok Followers

No social media growth strategy is perfect, and buying TikTok followers is no exception. 

But are its downsides negative enough to outweigh the advantages? Read on to see!

1. Doesn’t Help Your Account Grow All On Its Own

Despite helping you build your reputation and increase organic growth and engagement, buying TikTok followers isn’t an all-in-one fix-it tool. You’ll need to employ other methods of marketing your brand and expanding your reach on the app, as well. If you rely on buying followers alone, you likely won’t enjoy long-term, sustained success or popularity.

2. May Not Get You Real Followers

Whenever you purchase TikTok followers, you may run the risk of buying bot followers instead of real ones. 

Bot followers can negatively impact your reputation if they’re discovered. They’re also prone to dropping off your account shortly after delivery. This is because TikTok removes them as soon as it comes across them as violations of the platform’s Community Guidelines.

The good news is you can avoid this disadvantage by carefully vetting the website you want to purchase TikTok followers from. Make sure that they’re like Viralyft and only sell engagements from accounts that are run by real human beings.

3. Costs Money

Anytime a TikTok growth strategy costs money, that’s a disadvantage to the creator. The smaller and newer a creator you are, the less money you have to spend on extra assets like followers. 

With all that in mind, considering all the potential benefits and the affordability of most TikTok follower packages, it may still be a worthwhile investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do a Lot of People Buy TikTok Followers?

Yes. Buying TikTok followers is a common practice that even your favorite creators, celebrities, and brands use on a regular basis.

Is Buying TikTok Followers Safe?

Yes, it’s safe, as long as you use a reputable seller that provides real followers instead of bots.

Verdict: Yes, Buying TikTok Followers Is Worth It

When comparing the advantages and disadvantages of buying TikTok followers, it’s clear what the verdict is. 

Yes, buying TikTok followers is certainly worth it! At least, it can be if you treat it as one strategy in a multi-pronged plan to build your fanbase, grow your engagement, and expand your influence on the video-sharing app. 

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