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10 Best Instagram Font Generator You Should Try In 2022

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With the phenomenal growth of Instagram as a social media platform in the past few years, it has transformed into one of the favorite tools for digital marketers. Every other person on Instagram is trying to advertise their business and trying to create a community that is going to help them drive the sales. Instagram has proven to be beneficial for most of these businesses if not all. However, when a large number of people are doing the same thing the same way, it is quite hard to stand out.

However, one simple way to do so is by adding a bit of style to the fonts you use. Since it acts as a visual differentiator for the people on Instagram, it tends to attract more attention and get more people interested in what you’re trying to tell them. But how do you use different fonts on Instagram, because it has only one font available by default? Well, to answer that question we bring to you the top 10 Best Instagram Font Generators that can help you add an interesting font to your post descriptions. So without any further ado, let’s begin.

Here is the list of the Best Instagram Font Generator:


Fontify - Best font generator for Instagram

First on the list of Instagram Font Generators is Fortify. One of the most popular apps in the industry, fortify lets you edit and style your text in ways you never thought was possible. The good thing about fontify is that it works on both android and ios devices, which is what makes this versatile and handy for any type of user. Apart from that, it has a variety of fonts to choose from and also allows you to copy them then and there.

Every font has a copy button next to it, which makes it hassle-free as you just have to select a font, write the text, and copy it as is. Also, this app lets you directly open Instagram while you’re typing something, which saves a lot of time as compared to simple copy and paste.

Not only Instagram, but fontify also allows you to copy their fonts on Facebook and WhatsApp as well. With fontify you can use multiple fonts in a single piece of text and if that is something that justifies your aesthetic, you should consider using this application. Fontify is one of the best places to get good fonts from so if you haven’t tried this application yet, you definitely should.

Font for Instagram

Font for Instagram - Best font generator for Instagram

The next app on this list of Instagram Font Generators is Font for Instagram. It may not be as popular as fontify, but it gets the job done. With a clean and easy-to-understand user interface, fonts for Instagram lets you do what you want to without any distractions. All you have to do is download this application and start typing, it’s that simple!

Font for Instagram lets you select any font from their collection, which is slightly leaning towards the more beautiful type of fonts, which look fancy as compared to others. However, fancy attracts attention, so if you want to curate a catchy bio for your profile, be their guest.

Also, font for Instagram lets you convert emojis into texts, which is great if you’re trying to add more style to your descriptions instead of using the overused emoticons. Overall, font for Instagram is a great tool that can help you out to curate creative descriptions and content on your Instagram and other social media platforms as well.

Sprezz keyboard

Sprezz keyboard - Best font generator for Instagram

<strong>App Store</strong> App Store

Sprezz keyboard is another well-known app in this industry. As apparent from the name, sprezz keyboard is primarily a keyboard application but it also serves well as a font generator that’s why it is at 3rd in the list of best font generator for Instagram. What it means is that you can use this application to not only make your keyboard look fancy, but also use to make interesting fonts as well.

They have a variety of fonts to choose from and since this app is a two in one option, it’s quite versatile. However, the only drawback of using this font generator For Twitter is that you have to toggle the settings each time you try to change to a different font. However, the good thing is you can create custom fonts on various social media platforms as it is compatible with most of them out there.

Sprezz keyboard also gives you an option to use Unicode emoticons which is great and adds a bit of character to your texts. Overall, the sprezz keyboard is one of the most popular keyboard apps because of this feature and is hence a great way to make your Instagram descriptions and bio more interesting and eye-catchy.

Fonts-for Instagram

Fonts for Instagram - Best font generator for Instagram

<strong>Google Play</strong> Google Play


Even though it does sound similar, it’s quite different from the font for Instagram, the one we mentioned before. Primarily font generator for Instagram that lets you write your text in multiple attractive font styles. Fonts- Instagram lets you choose from a wide range of styles and also lets you create custom ones if you want to differentiate your texts from fellow font generator users.

However, this app does come with in-app purchases to unlock fancier fonts, which is justified for the price you pay. Like every other mention in this list, fonts- for Instagram lets you write one text in multiple fonts which is a great way to make your post descriptions more attractive.

Also, you can convert normal emoji to text emojis which is a great feature to add “character”, pun intended, to your texts. Moreover, fonts - for Instagram is a decent application for all your font needs and hence you should give it a try.


Fontcap - Best font generator for Instagram

<strong>Google Play</strong> Google Play

Fontcap is one of the easiest font generators available out there. This app lets you choose fonts from a collection of over 150 fonts and numbers which is more than you’ll ever need. All you have to do is open their app, select a font and start typing. Once you’ve written what you had to, you can copy that text and paste it on any application that wants, be it Instagram, Facebook, or even WhatsApp.

Fontcap works well with all the social media platforms and gives you good fonts to choose from. The app does come with ads so that’s one thing to keep an eye out on, but apart from that, this application is one of the most popular android apps in this industry.

Fontcap also lets you share your favorite fonts with other people, which can make you get congruence on different posts. It’s a very simple-to-use application that comes hand in every social situation, where you have to be creative. If you haven’t yet, you must check this app out to get the best traction results on your Instagram.

Cool fonts for Instagram

Cool fonts for Instagram - Best font generator for Instagram-

Cool fonts for Instagram is yet another font generator tool for Instagram and other social media platforms. Many people have used this application and found it to be pretty interesting and functional as well. Their user interface is pretty simple and it shows you what exactly you want to see instead of giving you useless features to act as a distraction.

On cool fonts for Instagram, you just have to type in the text and the app will show you several different fonts to choose from. It gives you more than enough options to select the one that you want and also lets you directly copy the text to the place you want to post the text.

Cool fonts for Instagram give you variety, ease of use, and even functionality which makes your work effortless as is. Cool fonts for Instagram are a great tool for any social media buff, looking to widen their audience by using creative font styles. This application has given people results by actually increasing traction, so it’s a must-use for anyone trying to up their Instagram game.



Fontsy is another great tool available on the AppStore for Instagram creatives. It lets you choose from their vast collection of fonts, which are sure to leave an impact on the people seeing them. However, fontsy works on a freemium model, which means when you download the app for free, it lets you use some basic font styles and characters, but if you want to test out the full potential of this application, you have to subscribe to their service for $9.99/month which is decent enough to pay for their great services.

Their font generator works very well with any social media platform of your choice and lets you alleviate the aesthetics of any posts that you like. It also lets you use the text emoticons, which the millennials love using and is a differentiator from the overused ones of today.

Fontsy is the perfect app to download on your iPhone or iPad to enjoy the usage of great fonts on your Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook. If you’re looking to let your creativity out through your fonts, then find the one that suits your aesthetic on fontsy and start using it as soon as possible. Fontsy is a great tool for ios users.

Instagram fonts

Instagram fonts

We have already listed various font generators for Instagram for both android and ios users above. However, if you want to use Instagram from your desktop, where do you go to reform your fonts? Well, Instagram fonts are the way to go. All you have to do is, go to their website, type in the text that you want to make look good and click on the font that you like.

If you already have the text ready then, Instagram fonts just take seconds of your time to give you the perfect font you desire. They have hundreds of different font styles, both normal and fancy, so choose away! As you keep clicking on the “load more” button, the website keeps showing you more options to choose from, until you find the one you resonate with the most. 

Instagram fonts are a way to be creative instantly. We are sure that you would find something of your choice on this platform as there are so many options. If you haven’t used this website yet, consider this as a sign to do so.

Instagram fonts generator

Instagram fonts generator

Instagram fonts generator is a fun way to add more creativity to your texts. This website lets you generate cool Instagram fonts in a matter of seconds, which is why it’s so widely used. All you have to do is write the text on their website and let them do the rest.

Once you have selected the font that you like, copy it anywhere you want as it is compatible with most social media platforms. However, speaking of compatibility, since this application uses a lot of special characters, some don't appear the way you want them to on the mobile screen.

However that does not happen a lot, so you don't have to worry much about it. Also, this font generator adds emojis to the mix to make an interesting combo out of the fonts that you want to use. Instagram fonts generator is the way to go if you’re trying to make your descriptions and texts stand out amongst the rest.



Last but not least in the list of Best font generator for Instagram is Textpopo. This website lets you add a variety of styles to your simple and boring texts and makes them look great. Textpopo has been in this industry for quite a long time and is hence one of the most popular amongst the social media buffs of today.

This website not only gives you a variety of fonts but also uses text emojis and specials characters to convey the message that you want yo, which is perfect for any post description or bio. Their interface is super easy to use, as you just have to type the text in their text box, and voila!

You have hundreds of options to choose from, where you will find a font of your liking. Overall, text pops is a great tool for any Instagrammer that’s trying to get their text A-game on point.


The Best font generator for Instagram mentioned above are great to use and has been tested by thousands of people around the globe. So if you have ever wondered about making your texts look pretty and eye-catchy on any social media platform, these services are a must-try as you will not regret using them at all.

These font generators are of great help in bringing attention to your posts and also help you with various social media problems. If you haven’t ever tried adding a different font to your texts then this is your cue to do so and the sites mentioned here are a great starting point for the same.

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