10 Best Tiktok Hashtag Generator Tools: Gain More Reach 2022

TikTok Hashtag Generator Tools

When it comes to gaining wider reach on TikTok, most creators do not understand the importance of hashtags. Often, they use random keywords which reduces their visibility and cuts them off the opportunity to find their target audience. Therefore, TikTok hashtag generator are crucial for digital marketing. Like most other popular social media platforms, TikTok heavily relies on hashtags for categorizing content and organizing the target audience for each creator.

Unfortunately, these tools are not well used by TikTok users. If you are one of them, then it is time to speed up your growth by using the best TikTok hashtag generators. This article is a compilation of the ten most powerful TikTok hashtag generator tools that’ll help you gain a massive following in a short time. Have a look!

Here is the list of the 10 best Tiktok Hashtag Generator tools in 2022

Rite tag

Rite Tag- Tiktok Hashtag Generator

Rite tag is an instant TikTok hashtags generator developed by RiteKit, one of the best social media management companies. This tool generates quality hashtags for your content and provides complete statistics on the text and image of the content. The best part about this TikTok hashtag generator is that it can integrate with your profile to suggest premium hashtags for each post.

Rite tag has a unique color-coding system that differentiates trending hashtags from the rest. It also provides information about the hashtags that have a high shelf life and the ones that are best for TikTok growth. Besides this, this tool also lets you know which hashtags are underused or banned on TikTok. Currently, Ritetag is available at $49 per month. However, you can use the free trial version to test the functionality of the tool.


Seekmetrics- Tiktok Hashtag Generator

Seekmetrics is much more than a hashtag generator TikTok. Some of its powerful features include growth tracking, historical data, key metrics, and unlimited reporting. The demo version of this tool allows you to test all the features for free. The focus of this tool is to offer long reach with utmost ease. Here, you’ll find a plenitude of hashtag suggestions depending on your keyword.

When you search for hashtags, Seekmetrics offer you historical data for every word and also lets you know which hashtag is trending and which one is banned. The ‘Competitive Keywords’ helps you monitor the ranking of your competitors and check their top ranking hashtags. Another option, ‘ Bulk Keyword Checker’, helps to analyze up to 700 keywords at the same time.

Besides this, there are several other features like the ‘Social Share Checker’ which helps to edit meta tags for any URL. The website is an absolute gem for creators looking to skyrocket their online presence. Coming on to the pricing plans, it offers two monthly subscriptions at $9 and $29 per month.



Hashtagify can generate hashtags for TikTok and find the most popular, relevant, and high-ranking keywords for your post. Its analytics tool helps you to get deeper insights into the performance level of each hashtag. Use the most popular and niche-specific hashtags to gain a wider reach and boost your content on TikTok.

Hashtagify understands that to get more visibility on TikTok, you need to optimize your videos with the necessary hashtags. This is exactly why it offers a free tool accessible to everyone for finding the most trending hashtags for their profile. Use these keywords in conjunction with your captions and title to boost your content among the target audience.

TikTok Hashtags

TikTok Hashtags

This is probably one of the best TikTok hashtags generators that offer a straightforward tool to find the best hashtags relevant to your post. Simply enter a keyword in the search bar and the tool will fetch you the most trending and niche-specific hashtags for your post. Copy the set of hashtags and use it straight into your TikTok post to experience incredible results.

The website is very easy to use and you can smoothly find the right hashtags for your post. You don’t need to sign up to get started as the tool is free to use. You can straightaway start your search and get the best hashtags for TikTok. So what are you waiting for? Grab the TikTok Hashtag tool now and improve your ranking on TikTok to stay on top of your niche.

Hashtags for Likes


Coming on to the most reliable TikTok hashtag generator and growth tool – Hashtags for Likes. This tool offers a user-friendly interface with a well-organized analytics dashboard. It comes with an in-built smart hashtag algorithm, a growth-focused engine, and a customer success manager. Hashtags for Likes is known for its customizable features which help in boosting your content across the platform.

These features help to analyze the quality of your post and hashtags used and offer better alternatives for hashtags that are not working for you. All the hashtags generated are specific to the niche you select and they are often the most relevant and trending hashtags for the post.

Besides providing game-changing hashtags for your posts, this tool also analyses your previous posts and provides suggestions to remove the unsuitable hashtags from the well-performing ones. It also provides suggestions based on the type of audience you have and the kind of content you post. Thus, balancing out all the niche-related hashtags to help you gain massive online exposure. The pricing of this tool starts from $19 per week and goes up to $25 per week which is slightly expensive as compared to other tools. However, the features offered by it are worth every penny.

All Hashtag

All hashtag- Tiktok Hashtag Generator

Launched in 2015, this TikTok hashtag generator offers wonderful features to create, generate, analyze and research the best industry-specific hashtags for your profile. The Hashtag generator TikTok tool allows you to generate high-quality hashtags. It provides a list of the best and most relevant hashtags for your post.

In addition to this, this TikTok hashtags generator tool also allows you to create branded hashtags exclusively for your profile which helps in gaining more followers. The hashtag analyzer as the name suggests provides analytical data and information about your hashtags. All these features make this tool the best TikTok hashtags generator tool.

With a user-friendly interface, you can choose the top hashtag using keyword research. You can also find Live Hashtags used by your competitors using the exact keyword as in your post. The best part is that is free to use so you can go all in and make the most out of this tool.

Tuck Tools

Tuck Tools- Tiktok Hashtag Generator

Tuck Tools is one of the best TikTok hashtags generators and offers gold standard services for digital growth. Their TikTok hashtags generator is one of a kind that suggests the most powerful keywords based on the content. The suggested hashtags offer maximum engagement helping you grow exponentially on the platform. Typically, the hashtag generator combines several tools like hashtag suggestions, analytics, and branded hashtag search. All these features help to organize a list of the most powerful hashtags for each post that improves the ranking of your content.

Influencer Marketing Hub

Influencer Marketing Hub- Tiktok Hashtag Generator

The influencer market hub offers a lot more than just a TikTok hashtag generator. Many popular influencers, brands, and businesses find this tool very promising and useful to calculate their hashtag engagement and overall growth. the hashtag generator for TikTok finds potential keywords for all your posts based on the type of content.

Finding hashtags is very easy with this tool. All you need to do is to upload a snapshot of your TikTok content. The algorithm smartly identifies the content type and suggests relevant hashtags that’ll improve your visibility on TikTok. This intuitive selection is powered by the automated AI interface built into this tool. The best part is that it is a free tool so you don’t have to spend a single penny on generating game-changing hashtags for your TikTok profile.

Hashtags Generator

Hashtags Generator- Tiktok Hashtag Generator

Hashtags Generator is a fascinating TikTok hashtag generator that helps you improve your ranking on social media. This tool offers a state-of-the-art search engine that provides incredible hashtag suggestions filtered to match your audience and niche. The tool is very simple to use with an excellent targeting algorithm. It also offers various informative blogs to help you understand all the features.

With Hashtags Generator, you can monitor the hashtags of your top competitors and construct a list of hashtag suggestions that are relevant to your posts. You can even find different categories of a hashtag that let you know which ones are trending and which ones are not useful for your growth. The best part is that it is free to use. So, go ahead and give this tool a try to find the most popular hashtags for your content.

Tags Finder

Tags finder - Tiktok Hashtag Generator

Tags Finder is another best TikTok hashtags generator that allows you to search up to 10 hashtags at the same time. You can use several filters like country/region to find the most trending hashtags specific to your target audience. You can even add exclusions to certain offensive words to eliminate unwanted hashtag suggestions. All these facilities are incredible in boosting your content on TikTok and improving your performance rate.

Apart from the 10 hashtags search, this tool offers a list of related hashtags based on your search query. These suggestions are usually long-range tags. If you find something interesting in the related hashtags you can combine it with your chosen hashtag to gain maximum exposure. The best part is that Tags Finder is completely free to use. So don’t waste any more time, use Tags Finder to get the most trending hashtags and broaden your following on TikTok.


TikTok hashtag generators are excellent tools that help to improve your ranking on the search engines. It increases your success rate and overall visibility. Thus helping you gain more followers and engagement from the target audience. With a reliable hashtag generator, you can receive powerful keywords that can be incorporated into various posts, TikTok campaigns, and advertisements.

The above list provides a detailed review of the ten best TikTok hashtags generators. Make sure to go through each tool preview and choose the most efficient one for your profile. Blend trending hashtags with branded ones to get maximum exposure on the platform and see tremendous results in your popularity.