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10 Best Most Useful Instagram Hashtag Generator Tools in 2023

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Want to increase Instagram engagements organically using hashtags? Here are the best Instagram hashtag generator tools in 2023. Although Twitter was the first social media platform to introduce hashtags, Instagram has proven to make the most out of this feature.

The use of hashtags is one of the most effective organic methods used to gain engagements on Instagram. But since the platform has restricted the use of only 30 hashtags per post, it’s important to be careful with the approach. Using random and popular hashtags is not a smart move, as it’s important to use only relevant and targeted tags.

Gone are the days when one had to spend hours looking for the right hashtags to accelerate growth. Today, there are several Instagram hashtag generator tools that can help you find popular and relevant tags for all niches. If you want to up your hashtag game,

Here are the 10 best Instagram hashtags generator tools in 2023.



If you are looking for the best Instagram hashtags generator, HashtagsForLikes has a special place in our corner. It has helped several influencers and to do businesses on instagram reach their target audience effectively and organically. It is trusted by over 11k agencies and marketers, including Neil Patel, Oberlo, Influencive, and more. The tool offers a full suite of solutions for not only Instagram but also TikTok.

Users can discover the trending and the best hashtags to reach their target audience. Since their results are segregated for different niches, it helps in targeted growth and higher engagements. From music to photography to traveling, you can discover relevant hashtags across all industries. Besides this, users can also curate and save hashtag campaigns for future use.

One of the most unique aspects of this tool is the additional features that it offers. It shows live Instagram stats for different hashtags, including factors like difficulty score, competitor hashtags, insights, and more. Users can measure the performance of their results to optimize their hashtag strategy for even bigger growth. To benefit from this hashtag generator Instagram, get started at $19 weekly or $59 monthly.

All Hashtag


All hashtag

As suggested by its name, All Hashtag is indeed all about hashtags. Launched in 2015, this Instagram hashtag generator has been helping users gain engagements ever since.  Their hashtag generator is a free tool that helps users generate hundreds of relevant hashtags based on the searched keyword. This shows categorized results on the basis of Top hashtags, Random hashtags, and Live hashtags.

Users can also type their own keywords to create branded hashtags with their Hashtag Creator tool. If you want to optimize or limit your hashtags, you can simply do so with their Hashtag Counter. One of the most useful tools of All Hashtag is its Hashtag Analytics. This gives a clear visual representation of the score for each hashtag.

It also shows the ranking of each hashtag, so you can create a targeted strategy accordingly. Since its results are optimized for different niches, this is suitable for people from all industries. Since this tool is completely free of cost, everyone can benefit off it for optimum growth.



Tailwind is your one-stop destination for all Instagram marketing needs, including hashtag strategy. This tool is trusted by more than a million small businesses and brands, including big names like Shopify and CB2.  Its Instagram Hashtag Finder feature can help you multiply your reach with perfect fit-pick hashtags for every post. Its intelligent hashtag recommendations are tailored to every post and niches.

The tool takes care of auto-posting your content and inserting hashtags in the first comment. Users can also browse through their analytics to save top-performing hashtag lists for the future. It automatically teas care of topping it off with fresh hashtags on the fly. Besides their hashtag generator Instagram, they also offer an array of additional features. This includes an instagram scheduler, planner, smart bio optimizer, access to Tailwind communities, and detailed analytics.

These services help in a well-rounded Instagram marketing strategy, helping users gain engagements organically. Users can get started with this tool ad get access to basic features for free. For more advanced features, their paid plans start from $79 monthly.



Instavast is yet another one-stop social media marketing tool that comes with a powerful Instagram hashtag generator tool. This tool helps in automatically generating relevant and popular hashtags for your posts. All you have to do is to insert your post, keyword, or post URL. The tool is as simple as it could be, and users can find suitable hashtags in just a couple of steps.

It is a lesser-known fact that Instagram also has a list of banned hashtags that people may end up using accidentally. Some hashtags are permanently banned, while others are temporarily banned hashtags.  With the help of the Instavast tool, users can get an A-Z list of banned hashtags to prevent any issues and be able to gain engagements.

They also offer many other services that can help users increase engagements organically.  These may include scheduler and automation, auto direct messages, comment tracker, and many more. Although many of its features are paid, it also offers some free tools along with a free trial for the remaining. Lucky for you, users have access to its Instagram hashtags generator for free!



A standalone tool of RiteKit’s social media toolkit, Ritetag is another powerful Instagram hashtag generator. Their tools are trusted by so many agencies, marketers, influencers, brands, and small businesses.  Some of the big names that trust this tool include Forbes, Business Insider, Entrepreneur, Buffer, KitKat, Spotify amongst many others. Users can either install their application from the Play Store, Google Play or get a browser extension.

This is a must-have tool for all Instagram users to get instant hashtag suggestions on the go. Users can simply upload any image or insert any text to get results. All their results are based on real-time tracking and active trends across different industries.  They also provided detailed stats for each hashtag. Users can save this research for future use and get a comparative study as well.

All its hashtags are color-coded so you can differentiate easily between long-life hashtags, overused, only for Instagram, and hot now hashtags. As you can see, the tool is pretty comprehensive and can help users formulate the perfect hashtag strategy. Users can test its free version and move on to its paid plan for $54 monthly.


Hashtagify - Instagram Hashtag Generator

Hashtagify is a hashtag-exclusive tool that can make users believe in the power of hashtag campaign marketing. This is one of the most detailed tools that can help you accelerate your Instagram growth triple-fold. It aims to find, analyze and amplify the hashtag strategy of its users. It provides users with targeted hashtags in 6 different languages.

Otter than this, it also takes care of small details like spelling variants and top country results. Not just niche hashtags, users can find out popular hashtags, overused hashtags, outdated hashtags, most suitable hashtags, and much more.

The tool also provides users with custom suggestions to amplify their brand message and gain a wider reach. They also have a very user-friendly dashboard consisting of all the latest trends, customizable reports, and aggregated analytics. One of the most unique aspects of this tool is its hashtag lessons to educate users on building the most effective strategies.

It has both beginner-level lessons and advanced hashtag lessons. Even if you don’t have a paid plan, you can do some basic hashtag research. Users can get their hands on more advanced features with an investment of $29 monthly.

Display purposes

Display purposes - Instagram Hashtag Generator

If you are on a tight budget, this is the right Instagram hashtags generator tool for you. Display Purposes is a completely free website that can help users amplify their reach with the right hashtags.

The tool allows users to insert their Instagram account name and add further information describing what your account is about.

As you start adding more information about yourself and your purpose, it keeps providing relevant and popular hashtags. Users can get detailed insights about the categories they have chosen to see what’s working and what isn’t.

It also gives insights about related hashtags that may help in driving more engagements. You can also insert hashtags that you currently use to get better alternatives.

If you want to make a pre-saved campaign to save time, Display Purposes assists in that as well. This hashtag generator is quite simple to use with a user-friendly interface.

Users can leverage their tool for instant results. For a deeper understanding of how to make the most of hashtag marketing and content marketing, check out their updated and resourceful section.


Sistrix - Instagram Hashtag Generator

Founded by an SEO consultant, Johannes Beus, Sistrix is has been helping users formulate the right hashtag strategy since 2008. The tool has effectively helped several users get more followers and achieve higher visibility. This Instagram hashtag generator is based on more than 15 billion hashtag combinations.

Presently, it consists of more than 7.7 million hashtags. Moreover, their team takes care of updating these hashtags every single day to generate only relevant results.  The tool is pretty straightforward to use, owing to its user-friendly interface. All one has to do is insert a keyword in the search bar and wait for the results to load.

Its free version allows 25 queries per day, which is quite sufficient and reasonable. It automatically takes care of grouping these keywords based on different niches. It also has a lot of free resources like free tools, blogs, tutorial workshops, and a lot more.

Besides its hashtag generator, it also offers other features like improving Google ranking, influencer scout, and more. For more targeting growth, users can get their paid plans starting at $99 monthly.


Flick - Instagram Hashtag Generator

If you want to grow your audience by reaching new people with every post, Flick is another recommended hashtag generator on Instagram. Trusted by more than 20k brands, marketers, and creators; it has helped several accounts in expanding their influence using hashtags. Users can find quality hashtags within minutes to drive more impressions and views. For every search query, the tool provides 40 new hashtags.

It also shows expected metrics based on previous results, such as the competition level and average likes. Users can filter these results using key hashtag metrics to sort the best fits for their account. They also show results for flagged and banned hashtags. Users can also find a centralized location for all their favorite hashtags so you no longer need to wrestle with your Notes app. To see the effectiveness of your hashtags, its insights are data-driven and quite detailed.

These insights include competition score, potential reach score, rank ratio, average best rank, an efficiency score. It can also help in building a hashtag strategy on an auto-pilot mode. This Instagram hashtags generator is quite affordable, starting at only $7 monthly after the trial ends.


Inflact - Instagram Hashtag Generator

Inflact is an AI-powered tool that can drastically help you accelerate your Instagram hashtag game. This tool is trusted by more than 1.2 million users including several big names across different industries. Vogue is known to use this tool and 15k new followers in only 2 months along with boosted traffic by 24.4%. Their hashtags generators can help in amplifying our reach 3x.

Users can insert 5 usernames at the same time, or simply insert a URL or photo to get results. Their algorithm is very smart and helps in identifying niche hashtags in every language. Users can also generate targeted hashtag results based on the location. Their database consists of millions of hashtags and is constantly and consistently updated.

It can also help you level up your hashtag strategy with its visualized analytics. This consists of actualized metrics, graphs, competitor analysis, top-performing hashtags, and more. To shoot up your organic engagement and explode your account with real followers, take a tool at their features.


We hope this list of hashtag generators on Instagram helps you strengthen your organic marketing strategy. Using these tools, you can create a buzz around your brand and generate lasting results. Now, you know 

Some of these Instagram hashtags Generator tools are free of cost, and others come with a free trial. Try and test these tools to fight the right Instagram hashtags generator for your profile. Feel free to share your suggestions by dropping a comment, and stay tuned for more such recommendations!

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