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List of Banned Instagram Hashtags | Don’t Use These!

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  5. List of Banned Instagram Hashtags | Don’t Use These!
Banned Instagram Hashtags

With more than 2 billion monthly active users, Instagram is one of the biggest photo and video-sharing social networking platforms in the world. Earlier, Instagram used to be most popular among teenagers, genZ, and other young audiences. However, today this is not the case with Instagram. Today, photo and video-sharing social networking platforms are used and loved by users from every walk of life. Be it brands, marketers, millennials, world personalities, artists, influencers, or anyone else, every other person is on the platform. Hence, the user base is pretty huge and diverse, offering a plethora of opportunities for all to grow and succeed. If you’re facing these issues like many out there, you most probably be using banned Instagram hashtags in your posts.

However, many are not able to make most of these opportunities as from time to time, their posts keep getting removed by Instagram. From time to time, there are instances when accounts keep getting suspended or restricted.

You need not worry any longer as by the end of this post, you’ll know about hashtags you must avoid. You’ll also get answers to your related questions and knowledge of sites to check banned Instagram hashtags.

Here is the List of Some Banned Instagram Hashtag:

#nasty #edm #animenoobs #snowstorm
#addmysc #eggplant #mustfollow #sopretty
#adulting #elevator #beautyblogger #stranger
#alone #girlsonly #newyearsday #streetphoto
#always #gloves #nudity #sunbathing
#armparty #hawks #overnight #swole
#asiangirl #hotweather #Youngmodel #shower
#ass #humpday #todayimwearing #shit
#assday #hustler #pornfood #tag4like
#assworship #ice #prettygirl #tagsforlikes
#ravens #instasport #pushups #tanlines
#besties #rate #iphonegraphy #petite
#bikinibody #italiano #beautyblogger #teens
#boho #kickoff #saltwater #teen
#brain #killingit #samelove #thought
#costumes #kissing #mirrorphoto #undies
#curvygirls #loseweight #hardworkpaysoff #snap
#date #lulu #singlelife #workflow
#dating #master #skateboarding #parties
#desk #mileycyrus #amearalavey #abdl
#direct #milf #valentinesday #single
#dm #selfharm #snapchat #kansas
#adultlife #bbc #afourchamberedheart #beyonce
#abc7ny #xxx #audaciousprayer #curvy
#babe #akiralane #beautydirectory #cpr
#asia #allbreasts #americangirl #dadylove
#attractive #skype #africanexpeditions #books
#abcess #models #agariogaming #xanax

What happens if you use a banned hashtag?

If you use a banned hashtag, the post may be removed from the platform, and you may be warned or suspended from the platform. Depending on the platform, you may also be blocked from posting content, or your account may be suspended. Furthermore, the platform may take legal action against you, if the hashtag is deemed offensive or violates their terms and conditions.

Additionally, using a banned hashtag can lead to a bad reputation, as other users may view the hashtag as inappropriate or offensive. As such, it is important to be aware of the rules and regulations of the platform you are using, and not to use any banned hashtags.

Why does Instagram ban hashtags?

Instagram has a policy of banning dangerous and offensive hashtags that might be used in a negative way, such as to spread hate speech, violence, or other inappropriate content. This policy helps protect users from encountering content that may be offensive or dangerous.

By banning certain hashtags, Instagram is trying to create a safe environment for its users and discourage the use of such hashtags. Additionally, banning hashtags helps Instagram maintain a clean, family-friendly platform that is free of inappropriate content.

How to avoid banned hashtags?  

The best way to avoid banned hashtags is to read the terms of service of the platform you are using and research the hashtag before using it. If you are unsure if the hashtag is banned, try searching it to see if any content appears.

Additionally, be sure to stay up to date on platform updates and any policy changes that may affect how your hashtag is viewed. When in doubt, be sure to check with the platform before using a hashtag to ensure that it is not banned or blocked.

How to view banned hashtags on Instagram?

If you want to view banned hashtags on Instagram, you can try searching for them directly in the app. However, if the hashtag has been banned, you will not be able to search for it or view any posts with that hashtag.

Additionally, Instagram does not provide any information about why certain hashtags may have been banned or when they may be reinstated. Therefore, it is not possible to view banned hashtags on Instagram.

Let’s have a look at some sites to check banned Instagram hashtags:

IQ Hashtags

IQ Hashtags - Banned Instagram Hashtags

Let’s start with the name that comes to mind first when thinking of sites to check banned Instagram hashtags, IQHashtags. We’re pretty sure you must already have heard or come across IQ Hashtags somewhere or other before. We say so because it is one of the most popular sites widely used by thousands of Instagrammers worldwide.

When it comes to using IQ Hashtags for Instagram-banned hashtags, you get to do mainly two things. Firstly, you can enter hashtags and run a search to check whether it’s banned or is it safe to use.

Secondly, you can enter your Instagram account username or account URL and scan your profile. By scanning, you get to see all the banned hashtags that are there in your profile and get the opportunity to remove those banned hashtags.



The next best site you can rely on to check banned Instagram hashtags is Ritekit. To begin with, Ritekit is one of the best social media toolkits you can use for all your social media needs.

You can use Ritekit for craft & publishing, enhancing posts, adding call-to-action inks, and of course, hashtag research. Irrespective of whether you want to search for hashtags performance, search top hashtags, or look for banned hashtags, you can do it all here.

Meta Hashtags

Meta Hashtags

The third and final entry that we have on this list is Meta Hashtags. It is yet another popular site you can rely on to check banned hashtags on Instagram. Apart from checking banned hashtags, you can also rely on them to generate the best hashtags for your Instagram posts. You need not have any second thoughts or worries as Meta Hashtags are used and trusted by thousands of brands, creators, agencies, etc. worldwide.

You can either go for its free version or for its paid version, which costs $9 monthly basis and $72 yearly basis. The best part is that in case you aren’t satisfied with the paid version, you can claim and get a refund within 7 days.


With all these said, we come to the end of this post on “Banned Instagram hashtags”. Above, we have covered everything that you need to know about these banned hashtags. From listing all the hashtags that are banned on Instagram to answering related FAQs to discussing the sites for checking these hashtags, we’ve covered it all.

As all the knowledge part about banned hashtags comes to an end, it’s time that you make the most out of it. It’s time that you refer to this list of banned hashtags as well as take the assistance of the aforementioned sites before posting on Instagram.

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