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2024 Instagram Community Guidelines: What to Avoid

Do you know Instagram’s community guidelines? Your account can be banned or suspended if you break these often-overlooked rules for posts, comments and likes.
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Instagram community guidelines
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Instagram strives to be a safe and authentic platform for expression and inspiration. While most users will never have issues with community guidelines, avid posters and commenters can.

If you want to read the entire guidelines, you can do so on Instagram’s official Community Guidelines page.

We’re going to give you the TL;DR for community guidelines to help you keep your account in good standing and prevent your account from suspension or being banned. We’ve even seen some accounts lose massive engagement because they didn’t adhere to the guidelines.

Spam – It’s Not Wanted

It goes without saying Instagram doesn’t want you to spam. Spam is considered a form of harassing communication, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t post often on your own account.

You can post an average of 3 times per week or 3 times per day without issue. But what you want to avoid is:

  • Submitting too many comments, especially with the same text over and over again.
  • Spam liking photos or comments of others.

If you comment often or like too many photos in a short period of time, Instagram may temporarily block your actions. One influencer I follow could no longer comment back on comments on her own post because she hit Instagram’s internal limit.

No Hate Speech, Bullying or the Like

Expression and inspiration are the backbone of Instagram, but they’re not without limitations. Instagram wants its platform to be safe for all users. You need to avoid posting content or comments that can be viewed as:

  • Hate speech
  • Abuse
  • Bullying

You cannot attack a person because of their gender, religion, disability, disease, ethnicity or for any other reason.

Avoid Posting Content That You Don’t Have Right to Post

It’s common to post memes, celebrity pictures and other forms of content that you don’t own. However, if you don’t own the intellectual property or have the right to post it, the copyright holder can report the content.

1. Don’t Post “Illegal Content”

Some content is seen as being illegal. You shouldn’t post content that praises or supports anything that is illegal, such as:

  • Terrorism
  • Hate groups
  • Organized crime

You cannot offer sexual services on Instagram, nor can you sell drugs or firearms on the platform.

2. Don’t Post Graphic Images

Make sure that all of the photos and videos you post on Instagram are appropriate for a wide audience. Instagram does not allow nudity – even if the content is creative or artistic in nature.

There are some exceptions:

  • Nudity in photos of sculptures or paintings
  • Photos of women breastfeeding or mastectomy scarring

Images and videos that feature graphic violence are also not allowed.

3. Only Use Third-Party Apps That Comply with Instagram’s Guidelines

Third-party apps can be super helpful for analytics, creating content and scheduling content. But sometimes, these apps don’t comply with Instagram’s community guidelines and can lead to your account getting banned.

Stick with official or approved third-party apps for your Instagram account.

4. Don’t Spread Misinformation

As a general rule of thumb, you should avoid spreading rumors or false information on your Instagram account. Take the time to double-check that all of your content is factual.

Here are some tips:

  • Always be mindful of your sources. Only share information from reputable and credible sources.
  • Take overly sensational claims with a grain of salt and avoid sharing them. There’s a good chance they aren’t true.
  • Check the date of the information – it may already be outdated.

It may sound like overkill to take these steps, but remember that your reputation is on the line. If you spread misinformation, not only will it hurt your personal brand, but it can also lead to Instagram users reporting your account.

What Happens If I Break Instagram’s Guidelines?

If you violate Instagram’s community guidelines, your account may be temporarily or permanently banned.

Instagram will also remove any content that violates their guidelines.

Temporary bans can last anywhere from a few hours to a few days.

If your account is permanently banned, you may be able to restore it through the in-app appeal process or by contacting Instagram directly.


Following Instagram’s community guidelines can help prevent bans, but it can also help you grow your account. Stick to them, and you’ll be well on your way to gaining influencer status.

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