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How to Get Verified on YouTube & Get Verification Badge

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How To Get Verified on YouTube
Table of Contents

Anytime you see a YouTube channel with a tiny checkmark next to the name, that channel has been verified by the platform. The checkmark is called a verification badge.

Most serious YouTube creators covet a verification badge, for reasons we’ll go into later. But there is sometimes confusion about the steps you need to take to get it and, once you’ve got it, how to keep it. We’re here to clear that confusion away with our comprehensive guide to how to get verified on YouTube.

Why Should You Get Verified on YouTube?

But first, why should you get verified on YouTube anyway? What’s all the fuss about?

There are actually several great reasons for YouTube creators to seek after verification badges for their channels. But they may not be as obvious as you think. Let’s tackle them one by one.

Reason #1: It Boosts Your Social Credibility

Getting verified can do a lot toward boosting your social credibility on the platform. Even though you don’t get access to any special features through it, the checkmark lets viewers and other creators know that you’ve built an impressive following and are worthy of engaging with.

Reason #2: It Confirms Your Authenticity

A verification badge next to your YouTube channel name lets viewers know that the videos they’re seeing are from the real you, not someone whose name is similar or a counterfeit profile. More importantly, viewers who see verified channels as authentic and legitimate are more likely to subscribe and engage with them.

Reason #3: It Demonstrates Your Hard Work

Getting your channel verified is like getting a badge of honor. It validates all the hard work you’ve done on the platform – from gaining thousands of subscribers to optimizing your profile and, most importantly, creating incredible content. Think of it like a pat on the back for all your efforts.

Who Can Get Verified on YouTube? (Eligibility Requirements)

Before you can get verified on YouTube, there are certain eligibility requirements you have to meet.

YouTube states that you must have the following to even be considered for verification.

  • 100,000 subscribers
  • An authentic channel (meaning, you are who you say you are and you’re not trying to pass yourself off as another creator or entity)
  • A complete, public, and active channel (meaning, your channel is not private, you’re consistently posting new video content, and your channel’s banner, description, and profile picture are filled out)
Side Note: It is in fact possible for channels with less than 100,000 subscribers to get verified. We’ll explain how that works later in the guide.

3 Steps to Getting Your YouTube Channel Verified 

Do you meet all the eligibility requirements for getting verified on YouTube? If so, proceed to the steps for applying and getting approved.

Step #1: Navigate to the Application

First, you’ll need to find the official application. We’ve made it easy for you: here’s a link.

Incidentally, if you don’t qualify for YouTube verification, the page at the other end of that link will let you know by preventing you from filling out the application in the first place.

Step #2: Fill Out the Application with Your Channel Name and ID

YouTube channel Verification form

Once you click on the application, fill it out with the name of your channel and your channel ID in the appropriate boxes.

If at this point, you’re thinking, “Channel ID?! What’s that?!” don’t worry. YouTube provides you with a link below that box to recover it if you don’t remember it or have it on hand.

Step #3: Wait for YouTube’s Verdict

YouTube Verification application is completed

The last step is simply to wait for YouTube’s verdict. They generally take around two weeks to make a decision. During that time, be prepared in case they reach out to you for any other kind of information or documentation to help them verify your identity.

How To Maintain Your YouTube Channel Verification

Let’s say you hear back from YouTube and they’ve approved your application for a channel verification badge. Yes, it’s time to celebrate, but it’s also time to learn what you need to do to keep that precious checkmark.

The good news is, it’s easy to maintain your YouTube channel verification status.

Here are the rules you must follow once you’ve been verified.

That’s it! Easy, Right?

How To Get Verified on YouTube without 100K Subscribers

We mentioned earlier that it’s possible to get verified on YouTube without having 100,000 or more subscribers to your channel.

While that’s true, there’s no hard and fast way to do it. You’re basically beholden to the platform and if it decides, as it states, to “proactively verify channels with fewer than 100,000 subscribers that are well-known outside of YouTube.”

One thing you can do (and which you are probably doing anyway) is grow your social media presence both on and outside of YouTube. As you continue to post high-quality videos to your channel, promote yourself on other platforms, as well. Become a well-known presence, both on and off YouTube.

What Causes You to Lose YouTube Verification Badge?

After you’ve built up a successful YouTube channel and gotten approved for a verification badge, the last thing you want to do is lose the checkmark. But it can and does happen.

Things that can cause you to lose your badge include:

  • Changing your channel name
  • Violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines or Terms of Service

As long as you avoid those scenarios, you shouldn’t have a problem with your verification badge being pulled.

YouTube Account Verification vs YouTube Verification Badge

Before we move on to the steps you need to follow to get your YouTube channel verified, we want to clarify an important distinction.

When you first open your YouTube account, you are asked to provide the platform with your mobile phone number, so that it can send you a verification code. This process is designed to verify that you’re a real human being. It’s completely different from the verification badge, so make sure you don’t confuse the two.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You have to Get Verified on YouTube First Before You Start Getting Paid?

No, YouTube creators who fulfill certain requirements for engagement metrics can monetize their videos, regardless of whether they’re verified or not.

How Many Subscribers Do I have to Get Before I Can Get a YouTube Verification Badge?

YouTube states that you must have at least 100,000 subscribers before your channel is eligible for a verification badge.

How Long is the Process of Getting My Channel Verified on YouTube?

It takes about two weeks for YouTube to approve your verification badge application.

Will I Gain Access to More Features with a Verification Badge?

No. Verified YouTube channels don’t get any special privileges or access to extra features that aren’t available to regular creators.

Do I have to Give out My Mobile Phone Number to Finish the Verification Application?

YouTube only asks you for your mobile phone number when it needs to verify your account for identity purposes. This is a separate process unrelated to the application for a verification badge, which only requires your channel name and ID.

Wrapping Up

As long as you meet the requirements, applying for and maintaining a verification badge for your YouTube channel is a walk in the park. Just refer to our three steps when you’re ready to apply, and you’ll have your verdict within about two weeks.

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