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28 Valuable & Verified Snapchat Statistics in 2023

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  5. 28 Valuable & Verified Snapchat Statistics in 2023
Snapchat Statistics
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Snapchat was a fairly recent launch among various other social media platforms ruling the scene today. However, it has gone on to become one of the most important digital platforms in terms of usage. The app provides instant entertainment and gives creative power to its users. Hence, a person gets to be more expressive and showcase their personality with better ease. Perhaps you do not know, but Snapchat started out as something of a virtual flirting app. But today, it has become one of the most significant media of communication. 

There are many other things that you ought to know about this power app in case you want to unlock its true potential. Sure you can go through various guides to figure out Snapchat. However, with the Snapchat statistics that we have provided below, you should be able to figure out various things on your own. Let’s have a look at what the most important Snapchat analytics have got to tell us- 

Hanging Out with Friends/ Socializing

Now, one of the first things that you might want to know is when people tend to use Snapchat most.  It has been seen that people tend to make more use of Snapchat while they are “hanging out with friends”. In fact, in a survey analysis- it was clear to see that as much as 34% of people make use of Snapchat while socializing with friends. Now, this makes proper sense. After all-Snapchat is often used to capture important memories. Other than this, 19% of people like to use Snapchat while they are shopping! On the other hand, 14% of users turn towards the app to capture significant social events and gatherings. 

How Many Product Features Are There?

Since it was launched in 2011, Snapchat has continued to increase the number of features it provides on the app. Currently, there are about 101 Product features in the app that users employ to enhance the work they have captured. We have given a list of the most used features of Snapchat in the last six years below-

  • 2021: Map Layers, Story Studio, Gifting
  • 2020: Spotlight, Camera Kit, Dynamic Lenses
  • 2019: Cameos, Bitmoji TV, Snap Select
  • 2018: Group video chat, Snappables, Snap Originals
  • 2017: Voice filters, Snap Map, Ads Manager
  • 2016: Bitmoji, Stickers, Spectacles

While People Are on The Move

It has also been seen that a large number of people make use of Snapchat while they are commuting. It is possible that Snapchat is preferred over other apps to share files while on the move because of its easy and quick functions. Not only is the app used when commuting, but it is also used by people while they are traveling. 

Growth In People Using Snapchat

In the second quarter of 2021, as many as 293 million people used Snapchat on a daily basis. Since then, by the third quarter, the number has increased to 306 million! As much as 32.4% of these users come from North America itself. The leftover 67.58% of Snapchat’s user base is placed outside of the continent. Since 2016, Snapchat has seen an increase of about 85.44% in its user base.

The highest annual growth rate that has been recorded by Snapchat is as high as 104% that took place in 2014. However, in 2018- Snapchat claims to have seen the worst growth rates 2018 when as many as 1 million users left the app moving from 2017 to 2018. However, the number went well beyond 200 million the next year itself. Following this year, Snapchat has seen a consistent increase in the number of app users not only yearly but on a quarterly basis. 

One Million Daily to Top Performing Spotlight Snaps

Now, this is perhaps among the most important Snapchat stats that we will mention on this list. After all, as content creators- we would all like to know how much we can potentially earn if we manage to get among the biggest fish in the game. Now, Snapchat Spotlight was launched in 2020 and since then has become a widely used feature.

Most of Snapchat’s user-generated content and entertaining media is created through this feature alone. Given the importance it has taken within the app within a short span of time, Snapchat has been paying top Spotlight content creators liberally. On a daily basis, as much as $1 million is given by the app to people who create the highest-performing posts. 

12th in Popularity 

Despite the boggling number of daily active users in Snapchat, it still only comes 12th in popularity according to Snapchat analytics. Of course, the leading platforms include Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. However, Snapchat still ranks higher than many popular social media sites including Twitter and LinkedIn.

5+ Billion Snaps Created Daily

Now let’s talk about daily engagement generated within this app. It has been reported that on average as many as six billion snaps are clicked or created by users on an everyday basis. It is suspected the number is even higher since some snaps are not able to register onto Snapchat Statistics.

Five billion is a very high number of media content when taken in terms of daily shares. Compared to Snapchat, Instagram only sees about 95 million videos and photos being shared daily. That’s a mind-boggling difference of 4 billion total shares! Facebook still comes a little close in terms of ‘items’ shared- but these items might not always consist of photos or videos. 

30 minutes/ per day 

The Global Digital Citizen spends about 145 minutes every day on social media. When talking about Snapchat users, we have seen that as much as 30 minutes are spent by an individual within this app. When compared to Instagram, Snapchat has 46% more users at the time of shopping. Similarly, Snapchat beats Twitter by 35%, Facebook by 58%, and YouTube by 137%- on the basis of users spending time on an app while shopping. 

70 points for customer Satisfaction

Now, these Snapchat Stats are based merely on the index called the American Customer Satisfaction Index that is widely used to assess company performance in the USA. Through this index, Snapchat was given a high score of 70 points for customer satisfaction by its users itself. However, the app has lower scores than various other sites including- Pinterest, Reddit, TikTok, Wikipedia, and YouTube. Although the difference in score is not very high, it is something that Snapchat is working on. 

Who has The Largest Snapchat Audience?

Now we will come to Snapchat statistics that are related to user demographics. Talking about countries, India has the largest audience base when it comes to Snapchat. The country has an audience of 115.95 million active users (as of July 2021). Other than India, the other top four countries based on Snapchat usage are-

  • Unites States with as much as 106.2 million users
  • France with 24.1 million Snapchat users
  • The United Kingdom with 20.1 million users
  • Saudi Arabia with 19.7 million users

Other important countries include Pakistan, Mexico, Germany, Iraq, and Egypt. 

Female Users- 54.4%

Talking about men and women- it has been recorded that females are more active on Snapchat than males. They dominate this platform and comprise 54.4% of its most important users. The remaining 44.6% user base within Snapchat consists of men. Again, these are considerations that can greatly help a business that creates gender-specific products. Needless to say, demographics are usually the prime concern when forming your target audience. 

Usage by Age 

Within the US, the age group using Snapchat most actively consist of youngsters between the age of 15-25. They make as much as 48% of the total users within Snapchat. This is a very large share to be taken by any age group within a social media app. People aged between 26-35 comprise 30% of users within Snapchat, while those aged 36-45 comprise 18% of the audience and user base in the app. While the age group of 46-55 years has 11% users on Snapchat, people beyond 56 years of age make up only 5% of this platform. 

Within UK the age demographic is slightly different. Almost 77% of Snapchat’s users in the country come from the age group of 18-24. Ages 35-44 comprise 38% of the remaining user group. The remaining 10% is comprised of people aged above 55, with ages 55-64 being only 8% and the rest 2% is covered by people aged 75 or more.  

What Led to Snapchat’s Fame?

Very early in 2019, Snapchat released some filters, called ‘lenses’ by the company itself. These are the main reason this platform became one of the biggest sensations of the time. The first filter that showed maximum usage was one that turned your digital picture smooth and made your skin flawless. Other filters allowed you to switch gender and picture what you would look like a man or a woman.

Of course, these are overused, obsolete features today- but at the time of their launch- these were all anyone could talk about! As a matter of fact, it was during this time that the rate of downloads for Snapchat almost doubled in number. Whereas in April 2019 Snapchat only had 16.8 million downloads, by the next month this number had increased to 41.5 million. 

180 M Users of Augmented Reality

There are many statistics associated with Snapchat’s Augmented Reality that you might want to have a look at. As a major attraction with Snapchat, the augmented reality feature has about 180 million users. Currently, the app has about 250 thousand lens creators as well as developers. Snapchat has its own Lens Studio through which as many as 2.5 million lenses have been created for the AR feature.

These are available across Camera Kit, Spectacles, and Snap Camera as well. Even more astounding is the number of lens views garnered by Snapchat. Over 3.5 trillion lens views have been recorded by Snapchat through its creator community. 

64% Snap Ads Seen With Audio On

As a business, you might be wondering what is the actual reach of Snapchat when it comes to video ads on the platform. With apps becoming more user-friendly, there is a good chance of ads going unrecognized in case the audio is kept on mute. As far as Snapchat is concerned about 64% of its ads are viewed with their sound on. Hence, the chances of your ad audio being heard here are fairly high. However, to make it even better for advertisers- Snapchat allows you to add captions to your ad video so you might want to keep this in mind.  

How Much Ad Recall?

Ad recall on Snapchat sees higher rates among GenZ audiences. These include people born between 1997-2012, 55% of whom have been noted to have ad recall. The ad recall is in effect just after 0-2 seconds of the ad within this demographic and implies huge lead potential for businesses. People who are aged 40 or older have an ad recall that is half of that seen among GenZ. While 46% of Millenials have reported having ad recall, only 26% of Gen X has been seen to have ad recall. For advertisers who are thinking of launching ads on Snapchat- you can start with an advertising plan that costs as little as $5. 

How much Ad Revenue?

Through recent statistics, it has been made clear that more and more brands are increasing the amount of ad revenue set aside for Snapchat. In 2021, the estimated ad revenue was $2.62 billion. Because of low costing Snapchat ads, small to large-sized businesses have begun to use Snapchat ads extensively.

Global Spending Power- $4.4 Trillion

The audience of Snapchat holds great power over total Global Spending. The users within the app are recorded to have as much as $4.4 trillion in GSP. It has been shown that Snapchat users are engaged efficiently by the app and are highly willing to make purchases through the platform. The larger majority of these Global Spenders come from North America (1.9 trillion dollars) as well as Europe (1.05 trillion dollars). As far as age groups are concerned, Gen Z and Millennials carry about 1 trillion of this global purchasing power by themselves.  

How Many Consult Friends and Family on Snapchat Purchase?

Snapchat also offers more potential for sharing products or ads online. It has been seen that as many as 39% of Snapchat users consult family and friends to get their opinion on a potential purchase through Snapchat. Snapchat has also seen seven times returns on Ad Spend. Here store sales were directly attributable to the campaign. The redemption rate on Snapchat is as high as 14%. Mostly geo-triggered notifications, as well as push notifications, were used to remind people about pending offers. 

Will People Share Purchase on Snapchat?

It has also been seen that people using Snapchat are twice as likely to share their purchase stories, as compared to people who don’t use Snapchat. It has been seen that about 65% of people post directly on their stories to share a moment or a thought about their purchase. As many as 46% of people message brands their purchase pictures and about 45% mention or tag a brand in a snap about their purchase.

Important Snapchat Features

We have already mentioned that content created using Spotlight can get as much as 1 million dollars from Snap Chat. Other notable statistics you ought to know are-

  • As much as 525,000 submissions are received by Snapchat on average merely through the Spotlight feature.
  •  More than 125 million people on Snapchat create significant engagement on Snapchat with the help of Spotlight. 

Other than this, Snap Map is another one of the most used Snapchat features. It basically allows other users to locate a certain person or place over a digital map. According to Snapchat, as many as 250  million users engage with Snap Map on a monthly basis. Currently, you can locate as many as 30 million businesses within the Snap Map.

How Active is Snapchat as a Company?

To date, Snapchat has made as many as 29 acquisitions since 2014. You must have heard of the recent acquisition of AI factory-made by Snapchat through a deal that cost $166 million. The famous ‘Cameos’ feature that you see on Snapchat is actually a result of this acquisition. (Quite astounding that a company will spend 166 million dollars for ONE important feature!). Clearly, Snapchat has a really heavy income and they have spent about 744 million dollars to acquire not more than 4 companies.  This is only a minor fraction of their yearly income, which was as high as 2.5 billion in the year 2020. 

How Many Patents Does Snapchat Have?

Snapchat has patented about 872 of its features. Between 2018-2020 as many as 445 patents were granted by SC. These make about 56.9% of the total patents they have grated today. As of 2021, there were as much as 138 Snapchats that were still pending.

How Impactful is Snapchat In Different Countries?

On a global scale, the total reach of Snapchat’s advertising comprises 8.4% of people above the age of 13. In as many as 11 countries, more than 40% of this demographic can be reached simply via Snapchat Ads. Below we have listed countries that have the highest reach rate among audiences above the age of 13-

  • Luxembourg
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Norway
  • Kuwait
  • Denmark
  • Sweden
  • Iraq
  • Ireland
  • France
  • Bahrain

Snapchat Performance Through 2020

  • In 2020 Snapchat saw an increase in Daily Active users by 17% (35 million).
  • On average Snapchat, users opened the app more than 30 times every single day.
  • The number of people who viewed shows through the discover feature increased by 45% in 2020
  • The daily engagement rate with Discover content increased by 40% for people aged 35+
  • Snapchat officially collaborated with The Washington Post, ESPN, and Buzzfeed to launch a new feature ‘Happening Now’. This provides curated, real-time news from the above sources.
  • They have also expanded their partnerships with Disney, NFL, NBA, ViacomCBS, NBC, and ESPN.
  • Their various partnerships and collaborations will also help them reach more than 10 million snapchatters of the Middle East every month.

How Has Engagement Improved?

Snapchat made various strategic moves in 2020 to make sure that its engagement increases in the coming years. They have improved Snap Map which already has a reach of about 200 million Snapchat users. They have launched new features like ‘places’ that also offer stories, reviews, and delivery options for local businesses. Snapchat also integrated as many as 800 apps with Snap Kit. Currently, as many as 150 million Snapchat users are engaging with these integrations. Since 2019 as many as 100 million users have made use of Snap Games.

How Much Time do People Spend Watching Ads?

The amount of time spent by users on Snapchat ads varies as per the age group. Gen Z scored 79/100 in ad-watching time (the least of all) but has better recall as mentioned before. On the other hand, Millennials got a score of 94/100 and Gen X topped the chart with 151/100 points accorded by Snapchat. 

International Growth Statistics

As per Snapchat’s 2022 Investor presentation, the app supported more than 40 local languages. They have launched more than 2.5M million lenses and also comprise more than 250k Global lens creators. Today, they have more than 400 international content partners for local content that cover 20 countries. 

Snapchat Community Statistics

  • Snapchat has 2 platforms for ‘Creators’ – Camera/Augmented Reality and Spotlight.
  • They have 1 ‘Publisher’ section, that is, the discover tab
  • More than 75 Million People watch beauty publishers and show monthly on SC.
  • More than 65 Million people watch Health and Fitness content monthly
  • They have 3 mediums made for ‘Developers’- Snap Kit, Games, as well as Snapchat Minis
  • More than 120 Million people watch International Creators on SC monthly.

Core Snapchat Statistics

Their five core performing platforms consist of Snap Map, Communications, Snapchat Camera, Stories, and Spotlight. Other than the 200 million individuals engaging with Snapchat Augmented Reality, the AR lenses are used for fun more than 6 billion times every day on average. Currently, there are 46 Snap Games as well as 15 Snap Minis available on the app.

Within their Discover panel, they have partnered with more than 700 organizations across 21 countries. Out of these, 25 significant partners were able to reach 50 million + Snapchat Users in 2021. Snapchat has also ensured that their new core feature ‘Spotlight’ is available in more than 150 countries. As a matter of fact, they have reported a 100% increase in the number of people subscribing to the ‘Creators’ feature on Snapchat. 


The Snapchat statistics given above can be used to greatly enhance your relationship with your audience. Particularly useful for marketers, Snapchat is much more than a simple social media platform that connects friends and families or acts as a ‘casual interaction’ tool. Even for influencers, the place can be a great medium through which they can increase fans and followers, driving people to websites, blogs, or other profiles.

Moreover, the snapchat statistics given above are a clear indication of how Snapchat has been giving tough competition to all other digital platforms meant for virtual socialization and entertainment. Clearly, this platform is only going to get better in the coming years. Don’t fall behind in the race, and head straight to Snapchat if you want to expand your audience base.

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