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35 Important & Useful TikTok Statistics (2023)

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TikTok has a very sudden launch in 2018 and since then has had an equally sudden rise to fame. This platform got a lot of coverage when it first launched. They were bringing something new to the social media world. They aimed to change how video content was created and viewed. The gap which was left by Musically and Vine was successfully filled by TikTok. Since the launch, the platform has quickly gained a lot of fame across the world. TikTok has gradually become one of the most happening social media platforms. If you want to be a creator or a marketer on TikTok, you should use TikTok statistics to your advantage.

The latest TikTok stats give an insight into the different aspects of TikTok. We have noted down all of the important TikTok statistics and explained the significance they have. These stats are crucial when trying to establish a successful account or a grand on TikTok.

Top TikTok Statistics:

TikTok General Stats

TikTok is a relatively new platform comparing it to other social media platforms. Within a short period, they have managed to have more than a billion active users per month. They have taken a shorter time to reach this huge milestone and it shows the progress that the application has had.

More TikTok stats predict that this growth rate will increase and TikTok will be seeing an increased user base of 1.5 billion users per month.  TikTok has seen massive growth but has been able to sustain it which is great news for influencers and marketers alike.

Ending the year with a bang is the appropriate phrase for TikTok. According to TikTok statistics, it managed to become the most downloaded application in the last quarter of 2021. This is a sign that the popularity of TikTok is not waning down anytime soon. People are actively still downloading the application which indicated an increase in the userbase.

TikTok has brought something new to the social media world and thus has been received in a good light by the majority of the people. Having an application that is increasing in popularity as suggested by these Tiktok stats is something that is attracting brands and marketers to TikTok. The format of TikTok provides some opportunities which other applications fail to provide in this segment making them very popular.

  • 7th most used social media platform

Being the 7th most used social media platform might be one of those TikTok stats which puts people off TikTok. Seeing this stat through the perspective of TikTok being just a few years old completely changes the meaning of the stat. TikTok has managed to rise to the 7th position. It easily beats other popular forms of social media which have been around for a longer time such as Snapchat.

It was beaten by Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and others which have been around for a much longer time. Considering the timeframe in which they have managed to achieve this makes it a very impressive stat and highlights the potential growth of TikTok in the future.

most used social media platform - TikTok statistics


  • Total downloads of TikTok are more than 3 billion

TikTok has been able to attract a great number of people to their platform. This benchmark was passed by the application in March of2021. The application has shown consistency with the downloads it has had.

This bodes well for the application as it indicates that people are still joining the application. By surpassing this landmark of users, it has become one of the first non-Facebook-owned applications to meet this landmark in the social media industry. They have managed to build an image for themselves in this industry and the downloads back this fact.

When TikTok first launched many people thought that it was just a new fad and it wouldn’t stick for long. This perspective has been blown out of the water by the latest TikTok statistics. After combing the total downloads of both android and IOS users, TikTok topped the chart for the most downloaded applications in 2020 and 2021.

Though TikTok was met with restrictions in some countries they have managed to be the most downloaded application for two consecutive years. They have even outperformed Facebook which is one of the veterans of the social media industry. This stat shows that TikTok is here to stay

TikTok is available in 141 counties and it ranks in the top 50 apps of 140 of those countries. It even manages to make the top 10 spots in 124 of those countries. These TikTok statistics show that TikTok has a lot of popularity in all of these countries.

Posting such impressive numbers shows the global appeal of TikTok. Tiktok is managing to draw global interests and have a global user base. In almost all of the countries that it is available it has done well in terms of downloads and usage. This goes on to show the massive reach that TikTok provides to all of its brands and influencers. 

 More General Stats

  • TikTok is seen as one of the top 3 growing brands in 2021
  • TikTok is the 3rd most searched term on YouTube
  • This is available in more than 36 languages

TikTok user stats

  • 51% of users are male

The split between male and female users is pretty even on TikTok. The latest TikTok stats suggest that male users exceed female users by just 2 percent. The gender parity on the platform makes it attractive to people who want to promote their content/brand to both genders.

With this gender division, TikTok becomes an ideal platform to reach out to both male and female audiences. There is no information available on the percentage of non-binary users who make up the platform. Brands and creators find this split the easiest to work with as they have a good percentage of either gender. 

  • 55% of users make their content

Around half of TikTok users make their content. 55% of the users have made at least one video. This shows the level of engagement from the users is very high. They find TikTok to be a fun platform where they want to participate rather than just watch.

With half of the userbase making their content it shows the amount of content on the platform is steadily increasing which helps to get more brands to remote their content on TikTok and brings in marketers.

TikTok keeps showing its promise as one of the best upcoming social media platforms. The high rate of user participation is a testament to the fact that more people are getting engaged in making TikTok videos.

  • Android users spend around 13 hours on TikTok each month

13 hours on TikTok might not seem much but the average video duration justifies this time. Most of the videos are of just a few seconds. This translates to thousands of videos being watched every month.

The users on TikTok spend a lot of time watching content on the application. If you are looking to start making content, be rest assured that there are people who will view your content. Just like there is a massive amount of content on TikTok, the demand for it is also high. 

TikTok was always seen as a platform for youngsters and not exactly adults. This had prevented many companies from dipping their feet into TikTok. If your target audience is adults then the new TikTok statistics have some promising news for you. Only 32.5% of TikTok users are under the age of 19. Other TikTok statistics also suggest that 48% of people using TikTok are in the age range of 18 to 29.

If you are targeting this age range, TikTok is a great platform to be on. People within 18-29 years of age make up almost half of the use of the platform. TikTok has a young adult population that is highly marketable.

South Asian countries have surpassed USA and Europe in terms of their usage of TikTok. There are 198 million people in South Asian countries who use TikTok. The figure in North America stands at 105 million. If you are looking to reach out to the South Asian population on social media, TikTok might just be a great place to do it. TikTok has risen in popularity over time and the South Asian countries lead this chart.

Through the latest Instagram statistics, it has been found out that the first 3 seconds of a video are the most crucial when getting users to watch your TikTok videos. Most of the users decide to watch or skip a TikTok in the first 3 seconds of the video.

This is a crucial stat for creators. When making the videos creators should focus on getting the viewers hooked to the video right at the start. This allows for maximum user retention. The more catchy and interesting the first 3 seconds of your video are the better are your chances of getting a user to watch your entire video.

  • The majority of users follow at least 1 new user every month

63% of users follow new people on TikTok every month. This bodes well for all of the new creators out there. Even if you start your content creation journey on TikTok today, you will manage to get followers for your channel. The majority of the huge user base of TikTok following new people allows for the growth of new creators.

This is one of those TikTok stats which shows that the users on the platform are not rigid with their followers and like getting to find new content and follow new creators.

More User Stats

  • An average user spends 52 minutes on the app every day
  • 41% of users upload reaction videos
  • TikTok registers more than 100 billion monthly views on videos

TikTok Revenue stats

Users of TikTok are spending money on the application. This can be seen through the TikTok statistics which ranks TikTok as the second most spent app in the Playstore and the Apple app store. Only Tinder ranks above TikTok in the amount of money spent. Users spend their money on the platform which proves the high level of user engagement that TikTok attracts.

  • TikTok revenue grew by 60% by the end of 2021

Having a 60% growth over last year shows that the appeal of the application is not going away. The interest in the application from brands and users is sustainable and this has led to an increase in revenue. Companies have started to spend more money on TikTok which highlights the steady growth of the platform and revenue through the years  

TikTok engagement stats

Engagement is one of the most important aspects for any TikTok creator. TikTok stats show that even the orientation of your videos can affect the engagement you have. Engagement on vertically shot videos is higher than that of others. This is mainly because TikTok is used on phones and the vertical orientation provides the best user experience.

If you are not shooting your videos vertically you should start now. Just adjusting the orientation of all of your videos makes them more appealing to the viewers. This results in more interactions from them on each video which gives you more engagement.

  • The average engagement rate is 18%

On average a creator gets 18% engagement on their videos. This TikTok statistics helps in two ways. This serves as a benchmark for creators. If your rate of engagement on your videos is more than 185 you are on the right path to TikTok glory. A lower engagement rate than 18% shows that changes need to be made to your content.

18% average engagement is a great value. This brings more brands to use creators for sponsored posts. Having this engagement rate just shows. Instagram reels which is a direct competitor to TikTok draws in much lower rates of engagement. This makes TikTok the most dominant platform in terms of engagement for the shorter video formats. 

TikTok is the place to be for budding content creators. One of the main difficulties faced by new creators on all platforms is gaining views and engagement. TikTok accounts with a small userbase of 100k followers have been shown to have an engagement rate of up to 5%.

In comparison with the other brands, TikTok posts a much-improved figure. Instagram has an engagement rate of 1.10% and Twitter has 0.3%. When deciphering these TikTok stats, TikTok is the best platform for new creators. They find it much easier to build an audience and gain engagement on TikTok than on other platforms. 

The major chunk of the user base opens their TikTok application more than once a day. This helps creators to have a higher chance of reaching more people on TikTok. The content and the short video format of TikTok have been able to get many people addicted to the app. This results in more people opening the application multiple times a day.

This is also a good sign for the popularity of the application. If users do not like the content or the app they would not open the app as frequently as they do. 

63% of users claim to have liked at least 1 video in a month. Unlike some of the other platforms, users like to engage with the content they see. Getting likes on TikTok is easier due to the level of interaction that the users provide. With more likes on your content, you can secure better deals on TikTok. Getting sponsored by brands is also easier when you have a lot of likes on your videos which is a lot of engagement.

TikTok is becoming a creator-friendly platform. Making good content is getting you the engagement and likes you want which makes the job of creators much simpler. The majority of the users like to engage with the videos posted on the platform.  

The latest TikTok stats have shown that videos with music make up 80% of the most popular videos. A good selection of music is necessary for the video to succeed. Music is seen as an essential element for TikTok videos. The stats have also pointed to the fact that users enjoy the content that has music with it.

This is one of the reasons that some of the dance challenges have racked up so many views and likes on the platform. Creators should use this stat to understand the users like music in their videos. Adding music to the content they are creating will help them reach their TikTok goals much faster.

  • The most popular video categories have a billion views or more

TikTok has a few video categories which perform much better than the rest. While there are different types of videos that satisfy the needs of all users, some categories just edge past the rest. These categories have racked up more than a billion views. These tats keep showcasing the wide reach of the platform. If you manage to create videos in some of the popular categories getting the views becomes easier. 

 More engagement stats

  • 54% of users claim to comment on at least 1 video every month
  • Entertainment was the most viewed category with 443.3 billion views
  • 43% of TikTok users have at least done one duet

TikTok Influencer stats

Charlie is the most followed on TikTok and the creator with the most likes. She has 136 million followers and 10 billion likes on the platform. She has claimed the top spot with her dance videos along with videos she makes with her family.

Even some of the niches have influencers with a lot of followers. This shows that the followers on TikTok are more evenly distributed on TikTok and you can easily get users no matter how unique your content is. 

  • Prices for sponsored posts vary from $20-$100,000+

The average cost of a sponsored video on TikTok is around $200. This increases with the number of followers you have. The ceiling is very high with users making hundreds of thousands by doing sponsored posts. As a creator, you will find brands who associate with your niche and would want to get their brands promoted by you.

TikTok Advertisement statistics

  • Brands spend an average of $6,000 for in-feed advertisements

Brands have started to use TikTok for their marketing purposes. They spend $6000 for multiple in-feed advertisements. These advertisements have helped brands to promote themselves and thus they have increased their spending on TikTok.

If you are a brand looking to enter marketing on TikTok, spending some money on in-feed advertisements is something that you should employ. The increased spending on these types of adverts backs the fact that companies have gained a lot of promotion through this method.

  • 61% of the users said they buy items from brands that they see advertised

61% of the users have said that they bought products from advertisements they see on TikTok. Having 61% of the entire platform receptive to buying goods they see here is a great sign for companies. This implies that the money they spend on advertising gives them a good return on investment. As a brand, the money you spend gets you a new base of customers.

This stat has proved that investing in advertisements on TikTok helps companies to boost their sales and have a large customer base who come from TikTok.

Many companies have migrated to TikTok and created their accounts. Through the traditional methods of advertising, brands come off as very formal and rigid. TikTok allows brands to have a fun engagement with their customers and create a positive brand image. Brands constitute almost 4% of the entire content created on the platform.

In a bid to be more approachable to new clients, brands have started to do fun challenges and other types of videos on TikTok. If your brand is not on TikTok you should create an account and start posting content. Seeing brands engage with their customers on social media sites like TikTok helps to find new customers and have a positive image of the brand.

  • Half of the ads are emotional in nature

50% of the advertisements have been seen to have emotional messages in them. Emotional messages in advertisements have performed well. They get good responses from the users and thus half of the companies have started to employ that strategy. Emotional messages allow the users to connect with the brands which results in better responses making creative advertisements with emotional messages helps to get the best results when advertising on TikTok.

As a brand, you may think about what type of adverts will get you the best responses on TikTok. The type of video made by a brand for advertisements plays a big role in determining the engagement and reach they will have. TikTok stats state that 33% of users respond better to advertisements that refer to them directly. Using this method should allow you to maximize the responses that a brand gets on their advertisements. Videos that refer to customers directly connect with them better and thus elicit better responses.

Many brands like to do hashtag challenges where quite a few influencers and creators use their hashtags to create videos. These challenges are great for promoting a brand and thus they cost a lot. They cost over 100k on TikTok. Despite the high prices companies are ready to pay the price since the promotion they receive through this advertising method outweighs the money they have to spend.

A brand takeover is a type of advertisement where the brand can give a full-screen advertisement when users open TikTok on their phones. Companies are ready to spend this money as this guarantees around 5 million impressions. A brand can even choose a particular category where they want this advertisement to be displayed. This shows that companies are putting a lot of money into TikTok because it has a very high ceiling.

More Advertisement stats

  • 63% of TikTok users consider themselves brand conscious
  • TikTok provides advertisement credits of $300 and more to new brands


TikTok is considered one of the most influential social media platforms. It has managed to solidify its position in the social media world. TikTok is competing with some of the oldest forms of social media platforms and trying to get a better share of the industry to its name. Many of the key metrics have been hidden by the parent company. Despite this, all of the stats which are available to us show the growing significance and influence of TikTok in the social media industry.

All of the key TikTok stats have been highlighted and displayed in the article above. These stats should help you to get a better understanding of TikTok. These TikTok statistics should be referred to by brands and marketers before promoting on the platform as it provides them with a good guide of what to do. Using TikTok statistics is the smart way to go about TikTok. These insights will make your journey on TikTok as a creator or a brand much easier.

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