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3 Best Live Streaming Software for YouTube (2024)

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Best YouTube Live Streaming Software
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It is well-documented that adding live-streamed content to your arsenal is a great way to get noticed not only by more people, but to be picked up by YouTube’s algorithm. But did you know that you have options when it comes to the streaming software you use? With several video-enhancing apps and platforms on the internet, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be leveraging the best live streaming software for YouTube in 2024 to take your content creation to the next level.

Let’s answer some Frequently Asked Questions about live streaming software as it relates to YouTube content, as well as reveal the top contenders for 2024.

What Does Live Streaming Software Do?

Live stream technology allows the host to transmit sound or audio live through a video platform like YouTube. Unlike television technology, however, both the host and the viewer must have access to the internet and a capable device such as a tablet or smartphone. In contrast, TV relies on satellite communication, whereas live streaming videos simply require an internet connection.

What’s more, live streamed content on YouTube will no longer be visible after the current recording ends, until up to 24 hours later when YouTube processes the video and uploads it to the host’s channel. A live streamed video can only be archived if it is less than 12 hours long–otherwise, it’s currently too demanding for YouTube to accommodate.

Which Software Is Used for Live Streaming on YouTube?

YouTube offers its own live streaming software from OBS Studio, or “Open Broadcaster Software.” Happily, this software is free and offers video producers and viewers high-definition video recording and screen capture capabilities.

Do You Need Streaming Software for YouTube Live?

As we mentioned above, YouTube already comes with live streaming capabilities–which were implemented back in 2011. There is nothing wrong with leveraging this software via your smartphone, tablet, webcam, or even encoder–which allows for screen sharing capabilities and broadcasting.

Why Upgrade Your Live Streaming Software From OBS

Generally speaking, it’s better to utilize YouTube’s OBS software and release that real-time content as opposed to not creating any live streamed videos at all. However, if you’re really looking to up your YouTube game, stand out with your audience, and continue to establish yourself as a credible authority with your viewership, we recommend taking the next step. You might be surprised at some of the features and benefits associated with going the extra mile, so to speak, for your audience.

Leveraging modern and improved live streaming software allows for benefits that include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Enhanced customization of your video content
  • Continuity for your audience in terms of branding and messaging
  • Seamless integration of cross-channel promotion for effortlessly improved reach

Best Live Streaming Software for YouTube as of 2024

Enhancing your approach to live streaming is likely not only to improve your experience of live content creation but also to improve the experience of consuming your content for your viewers. Let’s look at some of the best live streaming software for YouTube that’s recently emerged:

1. Prism Live

Prism Live

Prism Live Benefits

  • The app comes at no additional cost
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Android
  • Very beginner-friendly
  • Capability to live stream camera feed, screen activity, or even an avatar version of yourself
  • Customizable video settings, including camera and photo storage capabilities
  • Offers enhanced filters and visual customizations
  • Easily broadcasts videos to most major platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, and more
  • Creates a comprehensive feed from comments from all broadcasting channels, so you can respond to multiple audiences in real-time
  • Additional features include the ability to add gifs and videos, a “subscribe” button, or even to draw on your screen. These personal touches can be stored preemptively in the “Studio” function to be added as you see fit
  • Ability to create video and music Playlists
  • The “Widgets” functionality allows you to add features such as a live stream comment feed on your video or even add your website for optimized visibility

Potential Pitfalls

  • Might not be free of charge forever as the brand continues to develop
  • Doesn’t offer a “Guest” feature
  • Because it is an app, it has the potential to crash or malfunction
  • If you plan to broadcast across multiple channels, this app is likelier to use up more bandwidth both in terms of your internet and the capabilities of your device

2. Camo Studio

Camo Studio

Camo Studio Benefits

  • Free, with every intention of staying that way.
  • Allows for multiple camera integration–including forward and backward-facing cameras on the iPad itself, but also external cameras
  • Great for gamers, as it can be used to broadcast or share Xbox or PlayStation activity
  • Also has chat and comment capabilities
  • Live recording features as well

Potential Pitfalls

  • Only compatible with iPad
  • Can’t cast to multiple channels at once

3. Stream Yard

Stream Yard

Stream Yard Benefits

  • This platform is also compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac
  • No need to download and install yet another app
  • Has a relatively simple user experience
  • Can cast to multiple platforms at once, like Prism Live–but it is all done through the cloud. This means less bandwidth is required from your streaming device and your internet
  • Can easily add guests
  • Can choose from an array of templates for your video production layout and can even interact with live stream comments, promoting particularly relevant ones. This helps to boost engagement
  • Offers a tiered payment system where you can add on more features for more pay. The bottom rung of this tier is free
  • Can be utilized to run webinars in addition to creating live content in their “Professional” tier, which combines many uses for one platform

Potential Pitfalls

  • This web-based platform can be a little more cumbersome to navigate on mobile
  • Might be a bit advanced for “beginners”


While it’s always better to get started with YouTube’s OBS with live content rather than not live stream at all, there are ways that you can further up your game as a content creator. In selecting the best live streaming software for YouTube 2024 has to offer–whether that’s through an app or an online platform–you can create deeper engagement with your audience and find fresh ways to add value to their experience with your brand. Finding the right fit is a personal one–so best of luck on your journey. Remember: there is no wrong way to live stream!

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