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50+ Black YouTubers That Are Making Waves on the Internet

These 50 black YouTubers are making waves in all your favorite content niches. Check out these black entertainers, gamers, beauty influencers, travel experts, and other incredible creators!
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Famous Black Youtubers
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Ever since YouTube launched in 2005, black filmmakers have been making their mark on the platform. From the early stars, like makeup artist Jackie Aina and tech guru Marques Brownlee, to more recent successes such as Liza Koshy and Biggs, there is no end to the parade of black content creators that are inspiring people all around the world, right this moment! 

Are you ready to be inspired by these incredible people, too? If you are, then prepare to dive into our picks for 50 black YouTubers that are making waves on the internet!

50 Famous Black YouTubers According to Content Niche

Below are 50 top black YouTubers across eight niches – entertainment, health & fitness, gaming, fashion & makeup, food, tech, travel, and entrepreneur – whom you must add to your subscription list!


Let’s kick our list off strong with some of the best black YouTube entertainers out there.

1. IShowSpeed

21.1 Million Subscribers

Darren Jason Watkins, Jr., AKA IShowSpeed on YouTube, is best known for streaming video gameplay on platforms like Twitch. He releases vlogs and Shorts about his daily life, as well as music videos to promote his original rap songs, on his YouTube channel. Darren is also a soccer fan and has met (and filmed his encounters with) world-famous soccer players like Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar. 

2. JJ Olatunji

JJ Olatunji AKA KSI is both a popular YouTuber and a professional boxer. One of his most famous accomplishments was winning a boxing match against another well-known YouTuber, Logan Paul. Most of his content on this channel shows him playing video games and reacting to other videos. 

16.3 Million Subscribers

3. DangMattSmith

Matt Smith of DangMattSmith is the perfect channel to follow if you’re looking for laughs, scares, and thrills. This black male YouTuber does it all, from hilarious skits to creepy video reactions to social media challenges.

14.3 Million Subscribers

4. Deji

Deji joins JJ Olatunji as both a content creator and a boxer. In 2022, Deji fought Floyd Mayweather, Jr. in Dubai and was defeated. Comedy is by far this creator’s best arena, and he’s made a lot of fans on YouTube with his funny pranks, challenges, vlogs, and music videos.

11.7 Million Subscribers

5. FunnyMike

If you’re in search of a funny, ongoing skit, then you need to subscribe to Funny Mike! This actor and comedian will have you rolling on the floor with laughter at his family sketches like “Back To School” and “The Crazy StepDaddy,” as well as hilarious vlogs, music videos, and other hijinks.

10.8 Million Subscribers

6. Khaby. Lame

You may recognize Khaby Lame from TikTok, where he became the creator with the most followers (240 million of them) in the history of the platform – just by reacting to other people’s videos! You can enjoy more of his reactions on his YouTube channel, along with vlog-style Shorts and humorous sketches.

5.82 Million Subscribers

Health & Fitness🧘‍♂️

Now let’s turn to those famous black YouTubers who are helping their viewers achieve optimal health and wellbeing!

7. Kali Muscle

3.6 Million Subscribers

Chuck Kirkendall is a bodybuilder, author, model, and of course, a YouTuber. Not only does he use his channel to share his hacks for being healthy and exercising, but he also uses it to try out different physical challenges and special diets. He’s been spotted working out with other famous people, including the rapper 50 Cent, and he’s also appeared in commercials for Geico, Honda, Taco Bell, and other popular brand names.

8. Koboko Fitness

Kola of Koboko Fitness is a personal trainer whose videos give you the tools you need to work out, eat smart, and achieve your health and fitness goals at home. You can choose from her many workout playlists to tackle specific areas of your body that you want to slim down (or bulk up) or to fit in your tight schedule.

1.86 Million Subscribers

9. Broly Gainz

Daryl Anthony Campbell was forced to try calisthenics after he injured himself during weight training. His injury turned out to be a blessing in disguise, for now he’s embraced calisthenics and made it the central theme of a successful fitness trainer YouTube channel called Broly Gainz.

1.29 Million Subscribers

10. Austin Dunham

Austin Dunham is a fitness enthusiast who creates content to guide his viewers through calisthenics and lightweight training. He is also the creator of the AD Workout Programs. For genuine tips, hacks, fitness product reviews, and diet recommendations, follow his channel!

1.09 Million Subscribers

11. Janekate Fitness

Ready to tighten your glutes and get that toned look you see on your favorite Instagram models? If so, then Janekate Fitness is the YouTube channel you’re looking for! With this YouTuber’s home workouts, meal plans, fitness challenges, and other health-focused content, you’re bound to reach your booty goals!

847 K Subscribers

12. Brix Fitness

Robert Glover doesn’t just want to help men lose their extra pounds. He also wants to help them be their best selves mentally. His videos focus on both the physical and mental sides of male health and are a great source of encouragement no matter what phase of your weight loss journey you’re on.

782 K Subscribers


Gaming is one of the most popular niches on YouTube, so it makes sense that some of the most well-known black YouTubers are found in this category. Let’s meet them now!

13. CoryxKenshin

17.3 Million Subscribers

Cory DeVante Williams is a gamer who is best known for streaming his humorous reactions to horror gameplay. He also films TikTok reaction videos. In 2021, he was ranked number four on the list of the top creators in the United States due to how many new subscribers he acquired that year.

14. Berleezy

Berleezy, AKA Berlin Edmond, is a popular black Twitch streamer and regularly uploads recordings of himself playing video games to his YouTube channel. In 2022, he collaborated with Grand Slam singles champion tennis player Naomi Osaka to unveil her outfit in the Battle Royale game, Fortnite.

2.41 Million Subscribers

15. AfroSenju XL

AfroSenju XL is a black gaming YouTuber who plays the newest, most hyped video games and shares his experiences with his audience. He is regarded as a funny and relatable content creator, as well as an accomplished video game player. 

1.88 Million Subscribers

16. ProjectSupreme

ProjectSupreme is one of the best sources for Roblox gameplay footage. He typically posts new content on a daily basis and keeps his fans engaged with videos of him completing challenges, competing against other players, and spending his in-game money. 

1.69 Million Subscribers

17. The Black Hokage

Corey Smallwood, AKA the Black Hokage, makes a living posting his reviews – some of them serious, some tongue-in-cheek – of new video games, as well as other types of content to his YouTube channel. For example, he has a few ongoing series, including one where he roasts popular video game characters. He’s also a podcast host and a Twitch streamer.

620 K Subscribers

18. Biggs

Biggs is a black gaming YouTuber based in the United Kingdom. His channel is mostly dedicated to his Roblox gameplay content, which he records with his wife, Zai. His videos are also distinctive due to their 2D animated thumbnails featuring Biggs and Zai as Roblox characters.

615 K Subscribers

Fashion & Makeup💄

Moving on to the best black creators for all things related to fashion and makeup!

19. Jackie Aina

3.53 Million Subscribers

Jackie Aina is one of the most famous black female YouTubers in the beauty world. She focuses primarily on makeup tutorials, motivational content, and reviews of products that are marketed toward black women. She frequently collaborates with other black influencers, models, and celebrities, including, most recently, Tabitha Brown, Gigi Gorgeous, and Winnie Harlow.

20. Patricia Bright

Patricia Bright is a fashion influencer who wants to help other women look their best, whether they’re attending New York Fashion Week or stepping out to run errands. In addition to her clothing hauls and vlogs, Patricia also shares lifestyle hacks and beauty and hair tips.

2.8 Million Subscribers

21. Shalom Blac

Shalom Blac became a famous influencer after embracing burn scars she sustained in an accident as a child. She lives life to the fullest with her growing family and loves to vlog her daily activities, along with hair and beauty demonstrations and clothing try-ons, on her channel.

1.58 Million Subscribers

22. Nyma Tang

Nyma Tang is a beauty expert who is famous for her makeup reviews and tutorials. She’s the perfect person to subscribe to for product recommendations, regardless of budget. She also collaborates with famous individuals like John Legend and Jackie Aina.

1.35 Million Subscribers

23. Mary J Black

Mary J. Black is a beauty and fashion YouTuber who is famous for her makeup transformation videos. With her knowledge and experience, Mary is able to expertly turn women’s makeup looks from drab to glam to produce dramatic and compelling content.

708 K Subscribers

24. Ellarie

Ellarie does it all: single parenting, vlogging, beauty influencing, and even makeup tutorials. She also shares her traveling adventures, shopping hauls, and time spent hanging out with friends and families. For real and raw fashion and beauty content, look no further than her channel!

669 K Subscribers


Black communities have some of the best cuisine and cooking techniques in the world. Check out six amazing black food YouTube creators!

25. Divas Can Cook

1.15 Million Subscribers

Divas Can Cook is the ultimate resource for Southern-style entrees, appetizers, desserts, and everything in-between! It’s also one of the original food vlogs on the internet, and the host, Monique Kilgore, has released her own cookbook. You can be sure that the eats on this channel are to die for!

26. Tabitha Brown

Watching Tabitha Brown is like getting a warm hug. Her vegan food recipes will have your mouth watering, and her motivational vlogs about her relationship with her husband, other amazing entrepreneurs, and life in general will keep you inspired.

1.04 Million Subscribers

27. It’s So Good

Miriam of It’s So Good brings you the tastiest homecooked eats for any and every occasion with her engaging vlogs. She’ll show you how to make a scrumptious meal and then eat it while she brings you up to speed on what’s going on in her life. Watching her content is like sharing a meal with your best friend!

964 K Subscribers

28. SisiYemmie

If you’re a fan of Nigerian cuisine or have always wanted to try it, subscribe to SisiYemmieTV. This channel is run by Yemisi, a Nigerian food vlogger and chef. In addition to sharing recipes on YouTube, she also releases digital cookbooks and planners to help you get through your week. 

957 K Subscribers

29. Fit Men Cook

Fit Men Cook is a YouTube channel and website founded by Kevin Curry, a cook, entrepreneur, and author. His goal is to share recipes and tips to aid men and women in their quest to eat real and wholesome food for their health. While you’re checking out his videos, don’t forget to look up his cookbook, The Fit Cook!

642 K Subscribers

30. Camirra’s Kitchen

Camirra’s Kitchen is the YouTube channel where you’ll find bold and delicious ideas for food you can make at home. And in case you’re lacking in cooking skills, just know that Camirra is self-taught. She’s living proof that anyone can make the switch from store-bought and fast food to authentic homemade meals!

257 K Subscribers


What’s going on in the world of tech? These black tech YouTubers will get you up to speed!

31. Marques Brownlee

17.7 Million Subscribers

Marques Keith Brownlee is an American tech expert and enthusiast whose reviews and opinions are highly respected in the technology community at large. In 2019 at the 10th Shorty Awards, he was dubbed “Creator of the Decade,” and he has also been called “the best technology reviewer on the planet” by a higher-up in Google.

32. UrAvgConsumer

Judner Aura at UrAvgConsumer helps his audience make the best decisions about which consumer electronics to buy and which ones to discard from the shopping cart. He makes understanding technology a simple matter for everyday folks. 

3.24 Million Subscribers

33. Soldier Knows Best

If you’re interested in all types of technology and software, from Apple Watches to electric scooters, then Soldier Knows Best should be the channel at the top of your black tech YouTubers list. The host, Mark Watson, is an expert in the field, has won two Shorty Awards for his content, and is an ambassador for Poynter Institute’s Mediawise program.

819 K Subscribers

34. TechMeOut

Looking for a black female perspective on tech? TechMeOut is your girl! Not only does this influencer review the newest and best consumer electronics, like phones and laptops, but she also unboxes them to show you how they look and operate. Plus, she recommends the top apps to download on iOS and Android devices

395 K Subscribers

35. PMHK

PMHK is a South African YouTuber who uses and reviews new tech products for home, office, and daily use and gives his opinion on them. In addition to reviews, you’ll also find him showing off his latest tech shopping hauls online and recommending the best crypto apps in his region.

12.9 K Subscribers


Whether you’re planning your next trip or just feeling a little wanderlust, you can enjoy exploring new vistas by watching these black YouTubers in the travel niche.

36. Blackman Da Traveller

412 K Subscribers

Blackman Da Traveller takes his YouTube subscribers all over the world with him. His goal is to travel where tourists seldom trod, which enables him to provide a unique viewing experience. He’s currently roaming Bangladesh, but he’s also trekked throughout Kenya, Afghanistan, Romania, Spain, India, and many more countries.

37. Lydia Dinga

Traveling for a living has its high and low points, and Lydia Dinga, travel vlogger, wants to show you all of them. Her videos will take you to many different countries and islands, so that you can see the places she stays, the experiences she has, and the relationships she cultivates along the way.

230 K Subscribers

38. Cindyrella OG

Cindyrella OG is a lifestyle, fashion, and beauty influencer who is always jetting off to exotic and luxurious places – some as close to home in the United States as New York Fashion Week, and others as far off as Turks and Caicos southeast of the Bahamas! Don’t miss an exciting moment of her Instagram-worthy vlogs.

230 K Subscribers

39. Being Neiicey

Being Neiicey is the YouTube home of Shaneice Crystal, a sparkling influencer and model who shares just about every detail of her travels and lifestyle in her vlogs. Most recently, you’ll find her in Curacao, but she’s also traveled to Mexico, Indonesia, Greece, and Toronto, all within the past 12 months!

180 K Subscribers

40. Tamara Renaye

Tamara Renaye is a travel, beauty, and fashion vlogger. She’s always looking her best and coaching her followers with hair and makeup tutorials. No matter where she goes – Jamaica, Cancun, or even Aruba – she’ll show you how it’s possible to look glamorous and live a glamorous lifestyle, too.

176 K Subscribers


Entrepreneurs are always hustling to make their professional dreams come true. Here are a few black entrepreneur YouTubers that can help you jumpstart your own career with their wisdom and experience.

41. Daymond John

154 K Subscribers

Daymond Garfield John is by far one of the foremost experts in the entrepreneurial space. He is not only a renowned fashion designer, but he was also a cast member on the reality show Shark Tank and has received several awards, including Brandweek Marketer of the Year. Now, you can learn directly from him by watching the interviews and lectures on his YouTube channel.

42. CEO Deshayla

CEO Deshayla is well-versed in all things business-related, especially when it comes to digital marketing and credit. She uses her eight years of experience to make business concepts, like credit cards and LLCs, digestible to anyone. 

107 K Subscribers

43. Fungai Ndemera

Fungai Ndemera is primarily a health tech entrepreneur, but she’s also a STEM ambassador, a business mentor, and an angel investor. Through her lectures on YouTube, she empowers anyone looking to be a businessperson, particularly in the health industry, to innovate their way to success.

102 K Subscribers

44. Vivalapinkposh

If you want to learn how to promote yourself and make money using social media, Vivalapinkposh may be your ticket to the top. With a decade of experience under her belt, this entrepreneur and mother of three has released several courses and e-books (plus hundreds of YouTube videos) to help people learn how to become social media influencers and make money. 

85.6 K Subscribers

45. The Tshegofatso

Tshegofatso is a prime example of someone who can do it all. She’s a software engineer, but she’s also a small business owner. You can learn how she juggles all these financial balls through her YouTube vlogs.

28.6 K Subscribers

Other Famous Black YouTubers

We can’t leave out these other famous black YouTubers! They don’t necessarily fit into a single niche, but they’ve still become household names!

46. KSI

24.1 Million Subscribers

Wait, didn’t we already talk about KSI? Yes, we did, but that was his vlogging and boxing channel. This channel is for KSI’s music and lyric videos. Listen to him rap alongside Bugzy Malone, Lil Wayne, YUNGBLUD, and other talented stars!

47. Liza Koshy

Liza Koshy is an influencer, entertainer, and actress. She has her own YouTube Originals Show, has interviewed United States President Joe Biden and several celebrities, and continues to keep her fans in stitches with her humorous and heartfelt vlogs.

17 Million Subscribers


TBJZL is always playing games, online and in real life. He’s an amateur soccer player and often films videos of himself on the field. You can also find him playing video games and hanging out with the Sidemen, a group of UK-based YouTubers. 

4.95 Million Subscribers

49. ZIAS!

ZIAS posts a unique type of YouTube content: reaction videos. Every day, he posts new videos where he reacts to rap music videos and songs that he’s watching or listening to for the first time. His fans value his opinions highly, and his channel is an excellent resource for anyone who loves rap. 

4.75 Million Subscribers

50. Kai Cenat Live

Kai Cenat is a gamer and entertainer who posts videos from his Twitch game streams to his channel. He is also known for his humorous content that includes challenges, reactions, and pranks. At both the 12th Streamy Awards in 2022 and the Streamer Awards in 2023, he was dubbed “Streamer of the Year.”

4.7 Million Subscribers

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Black Gaming YouTuber is the Best?

There are many amazing black gaming YouTubers, but Berleezy is one of the best. He has over 2 million subscribers on his channel, and his style of gaming is both humorous and skilled.

Which Black Male YouTuber is the Most Popular?

Marques Brownlee is the most popular of the black male YouTubers. His channel has been active on YouTube since 2008, and he has since made a name for himself around the world as a knowledgeable tech reviewer.

Which Black YouTuber was the First One on the Platform?

It’s difficult to say who was the first well-known black YouTuber, but it is generally acknowledged that Jackie Aina was the first, having joined the platform in 2006, a year after it was launched.

Which Country in Africa uses YouTube the Most?

According to Statista Morocco in North Africa has the highest YouTube penetration rate on the continent.

How Much Money Does Marques Brownlee Get Paid from YouTube?

According to Technie+Gamers Marques Brownlee earns between $1.2 million and $1.6 million per year from his primary YouTube channel.


The black community has so many amazing qualities and talents to offer, educate, and entertain global audiences with. We hope you enjoy the above 50 black YouTubers from multiple content niches! 

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