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Buzzoid Review: Quality, Pros and Cons & Our Verdict (2024)

Thinking about buying Instagram followers, likes, or views from Buzzoid? Before you do, read our comprehensive review, and learn how this service works, their pricing plans and features, pros and cons, and more. At the end we’ll let you know our final verdict.
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Buzzoid Review
Table of Contents

In this review, we’re trying out Buzzoid, a provider of Instagram engagement metrics for social media marketers, influencers, and brands. We’ll cover everything about Buzzoid, from their plans, prices, and key features to customer support and reviews.

By the end, you’ll know what we liked and didn’t like about this service and our final verdict for whether or not you should try it out yourself.

Overview of Buzzoid

Background: According to Buzzoid’s About Us page, the website was founded in 2012 by a “group of social media experts.” They claim to have taken years to build up an expert knowledge of how Instagram’s algorithm works. This puts them in a position to be able to offer quality Instagram followers, likes, and views that help IG profiles grow.

Products: As of 2024, Buzzoid offers three products.

Buy Instagram Likes

A service where you can buy anywhere from 50 to 10,000 Instagram likes at a time for a single post on your account.

Buy Instagram Followers

A service where you can buy 100-20,000 real Instagram followers.

Buy Instagram Views

A service for buying 500-50,000 views for your videos on Instagram.

Free Tools: Along with their paid Instagram likes, followers, and views packages, Buzzoid also offers a free trial service which you can use to get 50 free followers. To start the free trial, you must provide your Instagram username and email address.

Supported Social Media Platforms: Buzzoid offers engagement packages for Instagram only.

How Buzzoid Works

Below is a step-by-step overview of our experience buying a Buzzoid Instagram followers package.

Step #1: Selected Instagram Engagement Package. 

Step 1 (Select your instagram followers package)

Step #2: Filled in Our Account Details. 

Step 2 (Fill your account details)

Step #3: Filled in Card Details for Payment. 

Step 3 (Fill card details)

Step #4: Declined Package Upgrade Option.

Step 4 (package upgrade option)

Step #5: Completed Purchase.

In our demonstration, the card payment was declined, but the payment was still deducted and the order was processed.

Step 5 (card declined but payment deducted and order processed)

Pricing Plans and Features

Buzzoid offers three Instagram engagement services: followers, likes, and views. Let’s go over the pricing and features for each service.

1. Instagram Followers

Price: High-Quality Followers packages range from $2.97-$99.99 for 100-20,000 followers. Active Followers packages range from $11.99-$129.99 for 500-10,000 followers.

Key Features:

High-Quality Followers Packages

  • Fast delivery
  • No password requirement
  • 24/7 customer support

Active Followers Packages

  • Guaranteed delivery
  • 30-day refills
  • No password requirement
  • 24/7 customer support

2. Instagram Likes

Price: High-Quality Likes packages range from $1.47-$88.99 for 50-10,000 likes. Premium Likes packages range from $3.49-$199.99 for 50-10,000 likes.

Key Features:

High-Quality Likes Packages

  • Real likes from real people
  • Instant delivery
  • Split likes across more than one post
  • Comes with video views
  • No password requirement
  • 24/7 customer support

Premium Likes Packages

  • Real likes from active users
  • Split likes across more than one post
  • Comes with video views
  • Instant delivery
  • No password requirement
  • 24/7 customer support

3. Instagram Views

Price: High-Quality Views packages range from $1.99-$74.99 for 500-50,000 views.

Key Features:

  • No password requirement
  • Fast delivery (5-20 minutes, depending on the size of the package)
  • 24/7 customer support

Customer Support

When it comes to customer support, Buzzoid is a bit lacking.

Certainly, their claim to be available 24/7 is impressive. It’s also comforting that they include it as a benefit with every one of their packages, regardless of how cheap it is.

What’s not comforting is that when we checked their website, we found that the only way to contact their support team is via a contact form. They don’t have a handy, live chatbot, nor can you reach them by phone. They also don’t specify how quickly they will be able to get back to you.

A lack of multiple means of contacting customer support, along with the uncertainty surrounding how fast they will respond to your query, could spell trouble if you have any issues with your order and need help right as soon as possible.

Pros and Cons

Below are some of the pros and cons we found while using Buzzoid, based on their packages, pricing, key features, and customer support claims.


Website is informative
Pricing is transparent
Offers several payment options


Limited selection; only serves Instagram
Quality was extremely poor, and the likes and followers did not look realistic
Price was high considering the quality we got
Retention of the followers was low; most unfollowed us quickly after delivery

What Customers Are Saying About It

To see how Buzzoid’s customers feel about their services, we checked Sitejabber.

On Sitejabber, Buzzoid currently holds a 4.26 out of 5-star rating. Most of the reviews are positive and glow with praise of Buzzoid’s fast delivery and simple purchase process. Some also mentioned that they saw upticks in engagement on their Instagram accounts.

On the other hand, most of the negative reviewers said that the engagements they purchased disappeared shortly after they were delivered to their accounts. Many of them also reported that the followers they received didn’t look real.

Customers also complained that Buzzoid only refills losses for 30 days. After that, customers are on their own.

Quality of Instagram Followers we received from

Followers received by buzzoid

Our Verdict

Buzzoid is straightforward, easy to use, and provides no shortage of flexible, affordable options for buying Instagram followers, likes, and views. Their website contains valuable information about their services and how they work, and it also includes a blog and several FAQ sections.

Unfortunately, Buzzoid falls short where it counts the most.

During our experience testing the service, we found that the followers we bought didn’t look like authentic users. That’s a big problem because bot users violate Instagram’s Terms and Conditions. If you get caught buying them, you could get in trouble with the platform.

Just as disturbing is the fact that the followers Buzzoid sent us dropped off quickly. Judging by reviews on Sitejabber, several other customers have suffered the same losses and noticed the same fakery in their new paid followers.

Another area that Buzzoid lacks quality is in their customer support. Again, their claim of providing 24/7 support is notable, but they only give their customers one way to contact them. They also don’t specify how long it will take the support team to respond to any questions or concerns. That’s not very reassuring, especially if you have a problem with your order and want to get it resolved quickly.

Finally, Buzzoid only offers followers, likes, and views for Instagram. They don’t support any other platforms. This begs the question: Why use Buzzoid when there are plenty of other websites that offer packages for several social media platforms, not just one?

Our final verdict is that Buzzoid is not the best choice among Instagram engagement providers.

Their services are lacking, and the quality of their engagement metrics are clearly not as high as they claim.

We give it 2 out of 5 stars.

4 Alternatives To Buzzoid

While Buzzoid was a disappointing experience, the good news is there are several alternatives you can try out instead. Here are four of them.

1. Viralyft


Viralyft is a social media promotion service that offers plans for growing engagement on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and other platforms. We specialize in providing real engagement from real users that can help you grow – for real! Furthermore, all our customers benefit from our amazing benefits, including a 24/7 live support team which you can reach via email, WhatsApp, or chatbot.

2. Twicsy


Twicsy has been recommended by major news media outlets like US Weekly, Men’s Journal, and Digital Trends. They also have a 5-star rating on Trustpilot. Even though they only offer Instagram engagements, they inspire confidence with their personable, informative website and cheap prices.

3. InstaFollowers


With a punchy, colorful website, InstaFollowers introduces their Instagram engagement packages, how they work, and reasons why you should choose their service over anywhere else. They promise 100% real interactions with every order, along with other important benefits like quick delivery and 24/7 support. At some point in the future, they’re also planning to offer engagements for YouTube and TikTok.

4. Famoid


Like Viralyft, Famoid supports several social media platforms, including Instagram. While their prices are higher than the other providers we’ve mentioned so far, they do claim to send authentic users to engage with your account. They also refill losses (although they don’t specify up to what point).

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Buzzoid Have Bad Reviews?

Yes, Buzzoid has some bad reviews. Some customers who used it complained that the Instagram followers they purchased from Buzzoid were fake and disappeared quickly.

Is it Safe to Use Buzzoid?

Buzzoid appears to be safe to use. However, it seems that at least some of their customers receive fake-looking engagement that drops off quickly. In that respect, buying from Buzzoid may be an unsafe investment.

Are there Better Services than Buzzoid?

Yes. Viralyft is a better service in that we support more social media platforms, have more options for contacting customer support, and provide genuine engagement from real social media users.

Does Buzzoid Offer a Free Trial?

Yes. You can get 50 free followers from Buzzoid by providing them with your Instagram username and your email address.

How Long Does it Take for Buzzoid to Deliver Instagram Engagements to My Account?

Buzzoid says that they will start delivering the Instagram followers, likes, or views you bought to your profile within minutes of your purchase.

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