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35 Faceless YouTubers Who Never Reveal Their Faces

You don’t have to put yourself in front of the camera to become a viral YouTuber! Check out these 35 faceless YouTubers who are slaying and earning money behind the camera.
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Faceless YouTubers
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Many would-be content creators like the idea of starting a YouTube channel and earning money by posting videos. Their only hang-up is that they don’t want to show their faces, either because they want to remain anonymous or they’re just camera shy. 

Don’t let your aversion to the spotlight hold you back! In this article, we’ll introduce you to 35 faceless YouTubers who are slaying behind the camera and racking up millions of subscribers and views. By the end, you’ll have learned that not showing your face is not a limitation, but an opportunity to be creative in your niche. This is true whether you make crafts like 5-Minute Crafts, give investment advice like Chris Invests, build LEGOs like TD BRICKS, or specialize in something completely unique!

Without further ado, let’s begin!

35 YouTubers Who Don’t Show Their Faces

Here is our list of 35 amazing YouTubers who don’t show their faces in their videos.

1. 5-Minute Crafts

80.4 Million Subscribers

You may recognize 5-Minute Crafts’ content from their posts on Facebook or TikTok, but YouTube is where it all began for this extremely popular creator! Their channel features thousands of videos showing viewers how to make fun DIY crafts for every situation and occasion, typically in 5 minutes or less. Most of the time, all you see of the person demonstrating the crafting process is their hands.

2. Bright Side

44.5 Million Subscribers

No matter what you’re interested in – be it science, myths, history, animals, strange facts, riddles, tests, or anything else – BRIGHT SIDE has probably made a video about it. This is a faceless channel for people who are curious about the world around them. Each video features animations as well as stock video footage and images, with a voiceover.

3. Dream

31.9 Million Subscribers

Dream is a faceless YouTuber who records playback of their Minecraft gaming session and edits them into videos for his channel. It’s the perfect setup for a YouTuber who wants to be famous without revealing their identity, as viewers don’t need to see Dream to focus on learning his techniques or enjoy his shenanigans within the game.

4. Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

Kurzgesagt is a faceless YouTube channel that uses animation to educate and entertain their audience about scientific laws, concepts, and theories. The creative team of illustrators and animators behind these videos never show their faces. Yet they’re able to generate millions of views with their high-quality graphics and compelling storytelling.

21.4 Million Subscribers

5. HowToBasic

One of the main reasons that people go on YouTube is to learn how to do something. That’s the whole premise behind HowToBasic, a faceless YouTuber who shows how to do just about everything – from making egg-fried rice to fixing a broken zipper. Their wide variety of straightforward tutorials and high-quality footage has helped them go viral over and over.

17.4 Million Subscribers

6. Daily Dose Of Internet

Daily Dose of Internet is a faceless YouTube channel where viewers can catch up on compilations of the latest trending, viral, and classic videos on the internet. These videos often show remarkable or sensational events that happen to everyday people and animals.

17.1 Million Subscribers

7. FailArmy

Another way to get millions of engagements without showing your face is to show other people instead. That’s what the faceless comedy channel FailArmy does in their videos: they compile videos of people “failing” at various activities, using footage obtained from security cameras, dashcams, CCTV, and smartphones. Their style of content has earned them widespread virality and acclaim. 

16.7 Million Subscribers

8. Lofi Girl

The videos on the Lofi Girl YouTube channel don’t show any real human beings on-screen. Rather, each one features an anime-style cartoon of a girl sitting at her desk with music playing over it. The music is lofi, meaning it has a raw production quality that many people find relaxing. People listen to Lofi Girl’s videos, which are typically over an hour long, as an accompaniment to their work or studies, or even to fall asleep. This makes this channel’s content highly repeatable, which is a great strategy for generating a lot of views.

13.6 Million Subscribers

9. H2ODelirious

H2ODelirious is a gaming YouTuber who is best known for playing video games and recording funny commentary. Though his thumbnails portray him as a 2D animated character wearing a hockey mask, he’s managed to keep his real identity under wraps. Instead, he focuses on entertaining his audience with his voice and his gameplay.

13.4 Million Subscribers

10. Be Amazed

BE AMAZED posts short documentary-style videos that teach viewers about strange and fascinating facts. What draws viewers to this faceless channel is not just the facts it communicates, but also the humor and the off-the-wall subject matter. For example, their most popular video is “Strangest Last Meal Requests on Death Row” with 28 million views.

11.9 Million Subscribers

11. TheRelaxingEnd

TheRelaxingEnd only shows his hands in his videos, but that’s all he needs to do because his channel is about unboxing tech products like smartphones and game consoles. For some people, unboxings are both interesting and soothing to watch, and TheRelaxingEnd uses that to his advantage. He also reviews what he unboxes, so his audience can learn something, too!

9.24 Million Subscribers

12. Be Inspired

Be Inspired describes itself as “an open-minded channel for those who are seeking knowledge.” The type of knowledge that this creator shares through their faceless videos include how to tap into sound and vibrational frequencies, as well as stories and evidence to support their claims. It may sound strange, but it resonates with a lot of subscribers. 

8.8 Million Subscribers

13. The Organic Chemistry Tutor

You don’t have to show your face to educate your audience. The Organic Chemistry Tutor’s channel is home to hundreds of tutorials covering topics like organic and general chemistry, physics, and algebra. Students of all levels can learn how to tackle the most complex formulas just by watching his videos, in which he only shows the screen that he is writing on.

7.05 Million Subscribers

14. America’s Funniest Home Videos

Want to make people laugh? You can do so without showing your face by taking a cue from America’s Funniest Home Videos. People send this channel home videos that they think are funny; then, with their permission, AFV posts it as part of a Try Not To Laugh challenge. It’s great fun and super popular!

6.38 Million Subscribers

15. Mr. Nightmare

6.35 Million Subscribers

There’s also a place on YouTube for faceless creators who want to give their audience chills instead of laughs. Mr. Nightmare is an excellent example of such a channel. Their videos consist of true stories and crimes that are bound to make anyone shiver with fright. 

16. Chills

While Mr. Nightmare shares stories with stock images, Chills AKA Dylan posts creepy, bizarre, and sometimes scary videos found across the internet. His compilations typically come with “chilling” titles like “15 Scary Videos Engraved in My Imagination” and “11 Scariest Things Caught By Drones.”

6.21 Million Subscribers

17. FilmSpot Trailer

Nothing generates more excitement and discourse on the internet than previews of upcoming movies. FilmSpot Trailer capitalizes on that potential by posting teasers, trailers, and clips from films and television shows that are set to premiere within the next couple of years. That’s a smart use of faceless content creation!

5.53 Million Subscribers

18. Looper

Looper is a faceless entertainment YouTube channel that focuses on film and television. Most of their videos are about the latest news in the industry, but they also post Easter eggs (i.e., trivia), untold histories, and rankings. Their videos are a great source of information for movie and TV buffs.

5.7 Million Subscribers

19. Rousseau

Rousseau is a talented pianist who posts faceless covers of classical music and pop songs. In the background of each video is a reactive visualizer which accompanies the piano notes. Some of his most popular renditions include “Für Elise” by Beethoven, “Clair de Lune” by Debussy, and “Nuvole Bianche” by Ludovico Einaudi.

5.05 Million Subscribers

20. SwaggerSouls

SwaggerSouls runs a faceless gaming channel on YouTube. His real name is unknown, but his online avatar is a “Part time idiot, full time knight helmet wearing, sexy hunk of a man.” His humor and skills as a gamer have earned him a high level of popularity, both on YouTube and on the streaming service, Twitch.

4.95 Million Subscribers

21. YT Object

YT Object is a unique YouTube channel. It features videos of extreme close-ups of everyday objects, like fishing line, pens, syringe needles, orange peels, and much more. This type of video often produces a pleasing autonomous sensory meridian response, or ASMR in its viewers, hence its popularity.

4.42 Million Subscribers

22. Td Bricks

Tyler is the creator behind TD BRICKS, a YouTube channel that focuses exclusively on LEGO content. Though you can see his face in his profile pictures, Tyler remains off-camera for his LEGO builds except for his hands. His creativity and enthusiasm for LEGO serve as both entertainment and education for his viewers. 

3.63 Million Subscribers

23. Mr. Hacker

If you love asking, “What would happen if I [fill in the blank]?” you can monetize your passion on YouTube like Mr. Hacker. This YouTuber is always blowing his viewers’ minds with random experiments, hacks, tricks, and tips. He mostly films his hands, so that his face is not in the spotlight. This allows his audience to focus on the footage from his experiments with balloons, eggs, watermelons, and just about any other household item you can think of!

3.39 Million Subscribers

24. Code Bullet

Code Bullet is a computer science major who decided to take his skills and turn them into entertaining videos for YouTube. His face is absent from his content, as he chooses instead to make his experiments with coding and AI the stars of the show. 

3.05 Million Subscribers

25. Economics Explained

2.37 Million Subscribers

Economics is a topic that is perfect for a faceless YouTube channel. Not a whole lot of people know about it or understand it, but it can be explained and analyzed with a simple voiceover. That’s what Economics Explained does as they break down complex economics-related news and concepts for the average viewer.

26. Boxlapse

Boxlapse is a highly niche channel that puts the camera on plants instead of humans. Yes, you read that right! The timelapse videos on Boxlapse are sped up to show the growth of different types of plants over a period of many months. So, if you have a green thumb, consider putting it to use as this channel has!

2 Million Subscribers

27. Nomadic Ambience

Nomadic Ambience is a solo traveler and a YouTuber who records sounds from the various places that they visit. They then put those sounds together in a video, so that anyone who watches it can experience what it’s like to stand in that place in real life. This is an amazing idea if you love traveling, but don’t want to speak or be seen in the video!

1.2 Million Subscribers

28. Garden Tips

Dr. Naazir is the narrator and creator behind GARDEN TIPS, a YouTube channel that’s all about gardening. Through his voiceovers and footage of plants, Dr. Naazir guides his audience through how to accomplish common gardening techniques, like seed germination. There’s no need for him to show his face since the object of his videos is to teach gardening. 

1.19 Million Subscribers

29. MagnatesMedia

John, the owner of the YouTube channel MagnatesMedia, is all about educating his audience about business and money while simultaneously providing them with an entertaining experience. Amid his “mini movies” about “The Disturbing History of Coca-Cola” and “Why Netflix is Collapsing,” you’ll find engaging (faceless) animations that turn lectures into storytime. 

1.19 Million Subscribers

30. Moon

In the same vein as Magnates Media, Moon produces faceless mini-movie-style content. But instead of focusing mostly on businesses, Moon offers social commentary on a vast range of topics. Their top three most popular videos are, “TikTok Is Worse Than You Thought,” “The Truman Show Tried To Warn You,” and “Why Men Love American Psycho.”

1.18 Million Subscribers

31. Mister Test

Mister Test is a resource for personality tests, quizzes, trivia, and more content that helps viewers learn more about themselves. It’s also a smart idea for a YouTube channel because it doesn’t require the creator to show their face. Plus, who doesn’t love taking quizzes on the internet?

609 K  Subscribers

32. Online Hustle

While you’re looking for ways to turn YouTube into a side hustle, why not make your channel all about opening new streams of income? That’s exactly what Online Hustle does, and all their videos are faceless! After all, you don’t have to become a recognizable public figure to teach your audience how to hustle as hard as you do.

282 K Subscribers

33. Everyday Money

Everyday Money looks at new and innovative ways to earn money online. Not only is this a beneficial service for viewers who want to know how they can make money, but it’s also a great example of how to run a valuable faceless YouTube channel.

272 K Subscribers

34. Animal Facts 

185 K Subscribers

Everybody loves animals, so it makes sense to make faceless videos that are dedicated entirely to wild animals, pets, and pet products. Animal Facts is a YouTube channel that is doing just that! Though some of their reviews feature the host of the channel on camera, most of their content eschews a human subject and focuses entirely on sharing fun facts and trivia about our friends from the animal kingdom.

35. Chris Invests

Chris of Chris Invests uses whiteboard animation in all his videos instead of filming himself. By doing so, he’s able to distill stodgy financial topics like investments and savings into concepts that are easy to visualize. Thus, he educates his audience as well as keeps them interested with his compelling visuals. And he doesn’t have to show his real face!

135 K Subscribers

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Faceless YouTubers Tackle Interactions with Viewers?

Some faceless YouTubers use an animated avatar to “speak” to viewers through the camera. Some of them narrate footage, as for documentary-style content. Others will make something else – e.g., another person or an object – the focus of the video, so that interaction with the host or speaker is no longer necessary.

What Types of People Start Faceless YouTube Channels?

The types of people who start faceless YouTube channels are typically those who wish to remain anonymous for privacy reasons. For example, they may wish to avoid becoming recognizable to complete strangers, or they may not want people that they know to find out they’re making YouTube videos.

What Content Niches Can You Talk About as a Faceless YouTuber?

There is no limit to the content niches you can talk about as a faceless YouTuber! Some of the most popular niches include Gaming, Finance, Education, Entertainment, Tech, and Product Unboxings.

How Do Faceless YouTubers Manage Collaborations with Brands?

Faceless YouTubers can still collaborate with brands, providing that promoting the brand or their product doesn’t require the creator to show their face. If part of the collaboration involves promoting a physical product, ideally, they will be able to take pictures of it or film it being used with their faces out of the frame.

Is It Possible To Discover Personal Details About a Faceless YouTuber?

Some faceless YouTubers may share personal details about themselves in their channel About page. They may also have a social media presence somewhere else that shows their face or more information about their identity. A Google search will often bring this data up.


We hope that these 35 faceless YouTubers have shown you that growing your presence on YouTube without showing your face is 100% possible! 

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