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Top 20 French YouTubers with the Most Subscribers (2024)

French creators have captured the adoration of millions of YouTube subscribers. Find out which French YouTubers, both male and female, make the top 20 list of most popular YouTube personalities in France, based on their subscriber counts.
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Top French YouTubers
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Have you ever wanted to know which French YouTube channels that users around the world like to watch the most?

Maybe you, like so many people in the United States and internationally, have an affinity for all things French. Or maybe you want to perform market research for your own brand and find out the kind of content that broader, global audiences enjoy.

Whatever your reason for being curious about the top YouTubers in France, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we’ll show you which male and female French YouTubers are the most popular in their country based on their subscriber counts. By the end, you’ll also have a deeper knowledge of the types of videos that French people enjoy watching, as well as creating.

Keep reading, si vous plait!

Male French YouTubers

1. Lucas Hauchard @Squeezie

18 Million Subscribers

Lucas Hauchard, or Squeezie, is a YouTube gamer and the most popular French YouTuber based solely on the number of his subscribers. In addition to testing video games and sharing life updates on his channel, he also posts original music. He’s released one album to date, along with more than 15 singles.

2. Cyprien Iov @cyprien

14.4 Million Subscribers

Cyprien is a French comedian and actor. He is best known for his comedic short films, which he writes, directs, and stars in. He first became famous on Dailymotion under the pseudonym Monsieur Dream.

3. Norman Jacky Cyril Thavaud @NormanFaitDesVideos

11.7 Million Subscribers

Norman Thavaud achieved worldwide fame by posting original comedy short films on his YouTube channel, @NormanFaitDesVideos. His videos have accumulated billions of views.

4. Maxime Chabroud @Amixem

8.09 Million Subscribers

Maxime Chabroud is a popular French online filmmaker. His content covers a variety of interesting topics, including travel, comedy, and Leboncoin, which is a French classified ads website.

5. Yvick Letexier @mistervofficial

6.19 Million Subscribers

Yvick Letexier, also known as Mister V, is a rapper, actor, and comedian. He frequently posts videos of his comedy sets, along with music videos for his singles. To date, he has released two full albums.

6. Kevin Tran @superkevintran

5.48 Million Subscribers

Kevin Tran is the brother of Henry Tran. Together, they are an online comedy duo known as Le Rire Jaune. But Kevin is also popular in his own right. His humorous videos and vlogs regularly generate hundreds of thousands of views.

7. Sebastien Frit @SEBFRIT

5.22 Million Subscribers

Sebastien Frit is best known for his web documentaries. In pursuit of adventure and compelling stories, he’s traveled the world and visited far away locations like West Papua, Kyrgyzstan, and India.

8. Frédéric Molas @joueurdugrenier

3.76 Million Subscribers

Frederic Molas is a famous French game tester. He is also one half of Joueur du Grenier, a web series where Molas and his friend, Sebastien Rassiat, perform tongue-in-cheek reviews of classic video games.

9. Jerome Niel @LaFermeJerome

1.12 Million Subscribers

Jerome Niel is a writer, comedian, and choreographer who, in addition to being popular on YouTube, has also helped create and starred in several different cable television miniseries.

10. Pierre Luc Cloutier @PLCloutier

274 K Subscribers

Pierre Luc Cloutier speaks French but is based in Canada. His videos are mostly humorous and include content like food challenges, adding 100 layers of different objects or food items together, interviews, and life updates.

Female French YouTubers

11. Nathalie Odzierejko @Natoo

5.15 Million Subscribers

Nathalie Odzierejko, AKA Natoo, is a French YouTube vlogger, author, actress, and comedian. She also owns her own jewelry brand, Joyau Magique. She has the most subscribers of any female French YouTuber.

12. Marie Lopez @EnjoyPhoenix

3.67 Million Subscribers

Marie Lopez is famous for her YouTube vlogs covering fashion, makeup, and lifestyle tips directed at teenagers. She is also well-known for advocating for eco-friendly business practices and brands.

13. Andy Raconte @Andy

3.45 Million Subscribers

Andy Raconte is a videographer, model, author, and actress. She currently has two YouTube channels: @Andy for skits and book promotions, and @SoAndyDIY for lifestyle and home renovation content.

14. Sanaa El Mahalli @Sananas

3.1 Million Subscribers

Sanaa El Mahalli is a fashion and beauty influencer. Most of her content consists of makeup tutorials, beauty brand reviews, getting ready videos, and shopping hauls.

15. Horia @UnMondeAuFeminin

2.43 Million Subscribers

Horia is a YouTube creator who achieved popularity for her stories about true crimes, unsolved mysteries, paranormal sightings, and horrific phenomena.

16. Fulvia @LufyMakesYouUp

1.46 Million Subscribers

Fulvia is a YouTube vlogger who shares lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and technology tips. She also takes part in viral challenges.

17. Emma “Paris” Caritz @EmmaCakeCup

1.38 Million Subscribers

Emma Paris is a popular French lifestyle influencer and vlogger. In 2023, Vogue Magazine interviewed her in a video titled, “73 questions with Emma Paris.”

18. Marion Moretti @MarionCameleon

779 K Subscribers

Marion Moretti is a makeup artist. Her YouTube channel is full of videos of her teaching her audience makeup techniques and tips, reviewing beauty products, and displaying her remarkable artistic talent.

19. Ina Mihalache @SolangeTeParle

420 K Subscribers

Ina Mihalache is a France-based Canadian comedian, artist, author, and actress. Most of her YouTube content is humorous and framed from the point of view of a fictional character of Ina’s making, Solange.

20. Lysandre Nadeau @lysandrenadeau

418 K Subscribers

Lysandre Nadeau is a vlogger and actress. She uses her YouTube platform to share advice and scenes from her life, often in a comedic tone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Most Popular French YouTuber?

The most popular French YouTuber is Lucas Hauchard, or Squeezie, with 18M subscribers.

What is the Most Viewed French YouTube Video?

The most viewed French YouTube video is Derniere Danse by Indila with over 1B views.


Now that you know the top 20 French YouTubers, add them to your “Subscribed” list to expand your knowledge of global YouTube content!

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