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How to Delete Search History on Twitter?

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How To Delete Search History On Twitter
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If you have been using Twitter for a while, then you know how it feels to get webbed in the content rabbit hole of the app. You keep scrolling for hours and your feed is just flooded with monotonous boring content that you have no interest in anymore! Have you ever given it a thought, why does this really happen? Well, it does because Twitter saves your search histories to show you the contents related to your searches on the app. This feature is a move to make you come across more of what you like on your feed to make it more addictive and interesting.

But, our interests keep shifting with time. Isn’t it? And that’s where the issue starts. After a while when you’re done with one of your previous interests, Twitter still keeps flooding your feed with similar content which can eventually get irritating at times. So, the question is what is the way out? Simple; clear the Twitter history! But how? That’s what this article covers. Keep reading to find out!

How to Delete Twitter Search History?

Well, before stepping onto this, it’s important that you understand the basics of Twitter search history. Basically, Twitter has two different types of search histories: recent searches and saved searches.

You should be aware that there are two different forms of search history on Twitter: recent and saved Twitter searches before we move on to erasing your search history on Twitter. The search histories that the Twitter application automatically keeps are what you can call recent searches. The browser device stores it.

Saved searches are ones that you have personally saved. This is there in your account and hence available from every device you have logged in to. It’s fairly simple to delete both your current and stored Twitter searches, however, there are some differences between the two. You can use these instructions to complete it with only a few touches on your smartphone or computer.

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How to Delete Twitter Search History on a PC?

How to delete Twitter search history on a PC

  • Use a Mac or PC to log into your Twitter account.
  • Select the search field.
  • Click on the heading that reads “Clear all” next to the phrase “Recent” at the top of the drop-down suggestions menu.

How to delete Twitter search history on a mobile phone?

How to delete Twitter search history on a mobile phone

  • Tap the magnifying glass icon to access the search bar situated at the bottom of the screen.
  • Tap the top of the screen’s search field.
  • Tap the small “x” next to “Recent searches” to remove all search history.

Way to Delete saved Searches on Twitter

Now that you know how to delete the recent search history on the app, let’s move on to the saved searches. Follow these steps to delete your saved searches without any hassle.

  • Open the Twitter app for mobile devices or sign in to Twitter using your preferred web browser.
  • To view your most recent search queries on Twitter mobile, go to the search box and tap the search bar. Try placing the cursor within the Twitter search bar on a desktop browser.
  • Continue scrolling after the Recent searches to see your list of saved searches.
  • Tap on the item to re-run the search in the mobile app to remove it from your saved searches. On the results screen, select Delete search by clicking the three dots next to the search bar.
  • To remove your saved Twitter information, click the trash can icon next to each item on a desktop and choose Delete from the dialogue box. And that’s it! You can delete your saved searches one at a time this way.

Delete Recent Search History By Logging Out 

If you regularly sign out of Twitter after you use the website or application, you no longer need to manually remove your most recent searches. This is due to the platform’s automated deletion of your most recent searches after you log out. To be clear, only your most recent queries will vanish from your Twitter search history. Your saved searches are still available.

Tap the person icon in the top-left corner of your display to log out of Twitter on mobile. Click Your account after choosing Settings and Privacy from the menu. Choose logout from the Account details menu. Simply click the three dots next to your handle on a desktop to log out of Twitter.

Delete Search Histories By Clearing App Data

If you only want to remove your recent search history, clearing Twitter’s app data is a drastic step, but it surely works! Unlike unloading apps on an iPhone or simply cleaning the cache on Android, this is different.

You can delete all of your choices, settings, accounts, databases, etc. by clearing the app’s data. In essence, it starts the app over from the first day you installed it. The saved search history you have on Twitter won’t be removed, either.

To delete the app data for Twitter on iOS:

  • Choose General from the Settings app’s menu.
  • To see every app that is installed on the device, select iPhone Storage.
  • Choose Twitter.
  • Click on Documents & Data.
  • To conclude, click Remove Documents & Data.

Your current search history will be gone when you sign back into your account after cleaning the Twitter App’s data.

Do the following to delete Twitter’s app data on Android:

  • Open your settings app.
  • Click on Applications and choose Twitter.
  • Go to Storage and choose Clear Data.
  • From the pop-up box that appears, choose OK.

How to Save a Search on Twitter?

It’s easy to save a search on Twitter. After conducting the search, click Save this search by tapping the three dots next to the search field.

How to Delete all the Saved Searches? 

You can eliminate all of your Twitter saved searches by removing them one at a time. As of this writing, Twitter doesn’t offer a facility that lets you erase all previously saved searches at once.


We should understand that there is a reason that Twitter has provided its users with this option of saving searches. It can be hard to follow some searches on Twitter. It becomes overwhelming as the discussions, Twitter hashtags, and phrases spread quickly. To search more efficiently, you’ll need to align your phrase with a particular topic.

Rerunning other iterations of the saved searches is advised to see if any of them yield better outcomes. So, that’s how the saved searches have a pretty useful effect on your social media experiences. But it’s important to know how to delete the extra history that is no more of your need for a smoother performance.

You may save up space on your phone by erasing your browsing history on Twitter, especially if your phone’s memory is getting low. Whether you are deleting saved history or recent searches, you don’t need to exit the app to complete the task.

But, if you want to remove your most recent searches and return the app to its initial condition at the same time, cleaning the Twitter app data can also be useful. So, with the information provided, this article comes to an end! Now that you know all of it, grab your phone and delete all the histories you no more need! Happy tweeting!

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