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How To Disconnect Facebook from Instagram and Vice Versa

While having your social media accounts linked can be great for cross-promotion, there may come a time when you no longer want them connected. Fortunately, when it comes to Instagram and Facebook, disconnecting them is simple and only takes a few steps.
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How To Disconnect Instagram From Facebook
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Key Takeaways

To disconnect from Instagram: Open your Instagram app > Select Settings > Click Account > Tap Sharing to other apps > Click Facebook > Tap Unlink Account > Select Yes, I’m Sure > That’s it!

To disconnect from Facebook: Log into your Facebook account > Select Settings > Open Permissions and click Apps and Websites > Tap Instagram > Click Remove > Select Remove once more when prompted > That’s it! 

You only have to disconnect from one platform to unlink your accounts; doing so from both is unnecessary.

How To Disconnect Facebook From Instagram? (Android & iPhone)

If you’re using your mobile phone to unlink your social media accounts, the steps are slightly different but equally simple.

To Disconnect Facebook From Instagram on Your Phone:

Step #1: Open your Instagram app

Step #2: Select your profile photo and click the three lines (hamburger menu)

Click Three Horizontal Lines

Step #3: Click Settings

Access Settings

Step #4: Tap Accounts Center

Accounts Center

Step #5: Select Accounts & Profiles

Accounts & Profiles

Step #6: Tap on your Facebook account

Tap Facebook Account

Step #7: Select Remove Accounts Center

Remove Accounts Center

Step #8: Click Continue

Click Continue

Step #9: Select Remove


How To Disconnect Instagram From Facebook

When you’re ready to disconnect your Instagram account from your Facebook, you can do so on either side. Once you unlink your account on one platform, there’s no need to do it on the other; your posts will no longer automatically appear across apps. 

To Disconnect From Facebook:

Step #1: Log into your Facebook account

Step #2: Select Settings

Tap Settings

Step #3: Tap Accounts Center

Accounts Center

Step #4: Select Accounts


Step #5: Tap on your Instagram account

Your Instagram

Step #6: Select Remove Accounts Center

Remove Accounts Center

Step #7: Click Continue


Step #8: Select Remove

Select Remove

How To Limit Your Shared Content

If you don’t want to unlink your Facebook and Instagram accounts completely, you can choose to limit the content that is shared between the two platforms. This option lets you customize and choose what content is shared between the apps and what isn’t, which can be great if you’re growing your social media presence but want greater control over which content you share. 

To Limit Your Shared Content:

Step #1: On your mobile phone, open the Instagram app

Step #2: Click your profile photo and the three lines (hamburger menu)

Click Three Horizontal Lines

Step #3: Select Settings

Access Settings

Step #4: Tap Accounts Center

Accounts Center

Step #5: In Manage Connected Experience, select your custom settings (Logging in with accounts lets you decide if you want to share all of your login details across both platforms; Story and post sharing controls how many of your Instagram stories and posts automatically share to Facebook.)

Connected Experience

Why Are My Social Media Accounts Linked?

Virtually every social media platform allows you to link your accounts together, creating a massive network where you can connect to a larger audience with minimal effort. While there are definite advantages to linking accounts for those looking to grow their social media presence, like streamlined posting and saving time, there are also disadvantages.

The Disadvantages of Linking Your Social Media Accounts

When it comes to privacy, linking your social media accounts may not be the best idea. Let’s take a look at some of the disadvantages of having connected accounts.

Increased Vulnerability To Identity Theft

Social media accounts are a lightning rod for identity thieves looking to steal your personal information. Even if you take precautions like using different passwords and usernames, the more information you share, the greater your risk of becoming a victim of phishing. If a hacker can get into one account, they can access all other linked accounts, making you a sitting duck for having your information and identity stolen.

Automatic Posts

When your social media accounts are linked, any status update you make on one automatically appears on the other. Depending on the platform, it can become annoying for your followers, who may become overwhelmed by the number of times you post in a day. If you have users that follow you on multiple sites, the repetitive information can become boring, and you increase the chance that they may unfollow you to avoid seeing the same posts again and again. Additionally, if any of your accounts are for business use, you risk looking unprofessional to your employer or employees if a linked posting contains sensitive or inappropriate content.

Social Media Burnout

When you’re trying to maintain multiple accounts on different platforms, it’s easy to become burnt out. While linking accounts can save time, if you’re not careful, trying to keep up a high level of content that is site-specific can quickly become overwhelming. Constantly checking each platform for updates will consume your life and take the fun out of growing and connecting with your audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are My Facebook and Instagram Profile Pictures Linked?

Many people don't realize that Facebook owns Instagram, which is why both platforms link to each other. Posting content on one, like your profile picture, will result in automatic uploads to the other unless manually unlinked.

What Happens If I Unlink My Instagram From Facebook?

Once your Instagram account is no longer linked to Facebook, you will have to post to each one manually.

Does Instagram Need To Be Linked To Facebook?

No, you don't have to link your Instagram account to Facebook for it to work.


While there are some advantages to linking your Instagram and Facebook accounts, for many, the safety risks and disadvantages outweigh the benefits. Disconnecting them is simple and only takes a few minutes, giving you peace of mind and greater control over each account. While it may mean a bit more work, keeping each profile separate may be the right choice for you. 

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