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How to Submit a Copyright Claim on TikTok? (2024)

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A TikTok copyright claim is a creator’s nightmare, but this simple dispute method can help get your content reinstated quickly! 

As a TikTok creator, receiving a copyright claim on your content can be incredibly frustrating, hindering your ability to grow your brand and make money. While annoying, virtually every TikToker will encounter this issue, so knowing how to respond properly will save you time and give your content the best chance of reinstatement. In this article, you will learn the ins and outs of dealing with a copyright claim, including how to avoid them and tips to help your TikTok stand out without copyrighted material.

What is a Copyright Claim?

In order to avoid receiving a copyright claim, it’s important to understand what it is. A copyright claim occurs when you use another creator’s copyrighted music without their authorization, knowledge, or legal consent. This usage violates TikTok’s policies and the Digitial Millenium Copyright Act or DMCA. Using copyright-free content is the best way to avoid receiving a claim and avoid being forced to delete any of your hard work. 

TikTok utilizes an advanced automatic detection system for identifying copyrighted music across its platform. While the automated process is effective, wrongly receiving a copyright claim on content you own or have the legal right to use is possible. Maintaining a close eye on your posts as well as thorough records for all original and legal-use music will help make the appeals process faster and easier. 

What Happens If I Receive a Copyright Claim on TikTok?

If you receive a copyright claim, you will receive a notice that TikTok has muted or removed the offending audio or kept your post from uploading altogether. Under the TikTok Repeat Infringement Policy, every IP type is allowed three copyright infringements before the account is permanently removed from the platform, so it’s imperative to ensure you are using only original or copyright-free audio in your posts.

If you receive a claim incorrectly, moving quickly with the appeal process is important to keep your account in good standing and ensure your content is reinstated. However, if the claim is correct and you have illegally used music or audio from another creator, removing it from the post and reuploading the content is the fastest way to ensure TikTok policy compliance.

Note – TikTok counts strikes for trademark and copyright infringements separately, which means your account will not receive a ban if you receive two copyright and one trademark strike.

A ban occurs only when you receive three strikes per infringement offense. Additionally, all strikes accrued expire from the user’s record after 90 days or with a successful appeal, allowing you to have a clean slate every three months.

How To Submit A Copyright Claim Appeal on TikTok?

If you are sure that your content contains no copyrighted material and you have received a claim in error, you have two appeal options: submit an appeal through the TikTok app itself or through the platform’s Counter Notification Form on the website. When you are ready to submit your appeal, follow these steps.

On the Counter Notification Form:

  • Enter your contact information
  • Select your role 
  • Input your report number 
  • Fill in the details stating why you have permission to use the content
  • Upload all evidence supporting your claims
  • State why you believe the content was incorrectly reported
  • Sign your name
  • Click submit

For additional proof when submitting your appeal, include End User License Agreement with your evidence. 

How Long Does a TikTok Appeal Take?

Once you file your appeal, there is nothing left for you to do but wait. While there is no set amount of time for an appeal resolution, many users report only waiting 24 hours, while other cases may take three days to over a week. In some cases, a more in-depth appeal could take months for a resolution. While an extended wait can be discouraging, TikTok is expanding its support staff, which should help expedite the process. 

3 Tips For Avoiding A Copyright Strike on TikTok Videos

  • Only post original music and audio in your posts
  • Obtain prior written permission before using another creator’s content
  • Use only royalty-free music from the TikTok music library or another trusted site

How To Make Your TikTok Videos Unique Without Copyrighted Content?

You don’t have to use copyrighted content to create high-quality TikTok content. Here are some tips you can use to make your videos stand out.

  • Use high-quality edits
  • Don’t forget the hashtags
  • Duet with other creators
  • Keep your content short
  • Prioritize consistent posting
  • Use trendy royalty-free audio

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Delete a Video With a Copyright Claim?

Simply deleting a copyright-claimed video doesn't remove the strike; you must remove the offending content altogether. If you are filing an appeal, set the post to unlisted or private until the process is complete, or if the claim is valid, edit the audio and replace it with a royalty-free alternative.

How Quickly Will My Video Be Reinstated When My Appeal is Approved?

Your video should be reinstated immediately following an approved appeal.


While receiving a TikTok copyright claim is frustrating, there is an appeal process you can follow to reinstate your content. While the process is generally fast, more in-depth claims may take a while. The best way to ensure you don’t encounter a copyright strike is by using only original or royalty-free audio and music and keeping thorough records of any copyrighted material you have permission to post. By using due diligence, you can avoid a TikTok copyright claim and continue focusing on growing your brand! 

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