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How To Find Liked Posts on Instagram

Instagram’s Liked posts section has moved. Discover how you can find, remove or visit liked posts that you made all the way to your account’s creation.
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How to Find Liked Posts on Instagram
Table of Contents

Key Takeaways

You can view your “Likes” on the “Your activity” page of your profile.

The way that you can view and access your likes has changed in recent months.

The app allows you to unlike multiple posts at once and is more intuitive to use.

Are you confused and don’t know how to find liked posts on Instagram any longer? You’re not alone. Instagram pushed a recent update that changed the way that you used to be able to find the posts that you liked.

We’re going to explain how you can find the posts you liked on Instagram.

How To Find Liked Posts on Instagram on Desktop

If all you want to do is find the posts that you’ve liked, follow these few steps:

Step #1: Open up

Step #2: Log in to your account

Step #3: Navigate to the bottom left of the screen

Step #4: Click on the hamburger icon (three lines)

The Three Lines

Step #5: Click “Your activity

Your Activity

You’ll now have the option to view all of your recent activity on Instagram. You can easily see “Likes,” which is the default.

If you’re like most people, you can scroll through hundreds or thousands of likes that you may have forgotten about.

However, if you want to, you also have the option to Sort & filter your likes.

You’ll Be Able To:

  • Sort by Newest to oldest, which allows you to see all of the posts that you’ve recently liked on the platform.
  • Sort by Oldest to newest, which will allow you to go way back and look at the very first posts that you’ve liked.

Users can also choose a date range for the posts that they’ve liked. For example, you can see the posts that you’ve liked from August 1 – August 31 for any year that you were a part of the social platform.

How To Find Liked Posts on Instagram’s App

Instagram’s app is very similar to using your browser to view likes. However, it’s slightly different. Follow these steps to begin viewing the posts that you’ve liked:

Step #1: Open your app and log in

Step#2: Click on your profile picture at the bottom right

Click Profile

Step #3: Click the hamburger icon (the three lines) on the top right

Click Three Horizontal Lines

Step #4: Tap “Your activity

Your Activity

You’ll now have the chance to view a wide range of activities, including “Likes,” which is the first option on the list.

Inside of the “Likes” section, you’ll notice that it is already on the default sorting method. You’ll be able to adjust your sorting and filtering by:

  • Newest to oldest
  • Oldest to newest
  • All dates
  • All authors

Filtering by the author is a great option if you want to unlike photos that may be influencing your Explore Page or people that you no longer want to associate yourself with on the platform.

You’ll also notice a neat feature on the app that is not available on the desktop or browser version: selecting multiple posts to unlike. If you went on a liking spree and want to undo what you’ve done, it’s fast and easy to do it in the app.

Users also have the option to tap on a particular post that they liked and comment on it or unlike it from this page.

What’s the Default Sorting for Instagram Likes?

The “Likes” tab is sorted by “newest to oldest” by default. You can follow the instructions from earlier in the article to sort and filter your likes to show just the content that you prefer.

You can access your “Likes” activity on your profile and either reminisce about the past, catch up with accounts that you’ve long forgotten or even unlike multiple posts at once to better influence Instagram’s algorithm.

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