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How To Get 100k Followers on TikTok? (11 Strategies)

Want to learn how to get 100K followers on TikTok? Follow our blueprint to success and learn the best ways to elevate your following today.
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How To Get 100k Followers on TikTok
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TikTok is one of the most engaging, addicting social media platforms on the planet. Since 2021, over 1 billion monthly active users worldwide have used the app, and this figure is likely much higher today than it was in the past.

Creators and users want to know how to get 100k followers on TikTok because they appreciate the app’s:

  • Focus on video
  • Monetization options
  • Best-in-class recommendation engine

You can’t deny that the recommendation engine far surpasses the likes of Instagram and Facebook.

It’s easy to get stuck scrolling on TikTok, but you can do more than just scroll. You can be one of the creators who have their posts shown to tens of thousands of people if you follow a proven framework like the one we share below.

If your goal is to get 100k followers on TikTok, we suggest starting with the first recommendation below and also reading our guide on how TikTok’s algorithm works.

1. Buy TikTok Followers

Buying followers is a shortcut that we recommend to anyone who has a TikTok account but lacks the time to commit to steady growth. When you buy followers, we recommend providers who offer:

  • 100% genuine accounts
  • 0-bot guarantees
  • Money back guarantee

We’re obviously biased because over a million creators have used our service and found great success.

At this time, our highest package offers 10k followers, so it’s still going to help you add 10% to your goal.

We recommend that you buy followers in a few circumstances:

  • Your account is new and you need the initial, fast follower growth to get in the good graces of the algorithm.
  • You’re experiencing a lull in new followers. A surge in followers will often help accounts that are seemingly “stuck” naturally attract new followers.
  • You run a large account and need to pad your followers to hit your account growth goals.

Since buying followers from us has zero risk, it’s something everyone with a proper budget should consider.

Speaking of budget, do you have your own website?

2. Add Your TikTok Link to Your Site

If you do have a website, you should add your TikTok link to it. Your website is a major asset and something that you should own if you take your social media growth seriously and want to make it into a personal brand.

Businesses with strong branding should also have a website.

You’ll want to add your link to your:

  • Social media icons
  • Sidebar

Make your social media icons prominent so that your visitors can click on them and begin following you on TikTok and your other social media accounts.

But if you don’t have a website, you can also add your link to Linktree or something similar.


If you have a large following on any platform, you should have a Linktree or similar in your bio. The idea is that people who follow you may click on the link and then follow it to your TikTok account.

As part of your cross-promotion effort, a simple link to your TikTok can help you spur follower growth.

3. Add Captions to Make Your Content More Accessible

Did you know that 2.5 billion people have some degree of hearing loss? At least 700 million have a hearing aid. You don’t want to neglect this large of an audience. In fact, you want to target them with your videos.


It’s as simple as adding captions to your posts. You can do this in a few ways.

How to Add Captions?

You won’t get 100k followers on TikTok with captions alone, but every little bit does help you move closer to your goals. TikTok has its own built-in caption generator that you can use by following these steps:

Step #1: Upload your post

Upload Post

Step #2: Tap Captions


TikTok will use the audio in your video to generate captions automatically. Unfortunately, accuracy is not 100% accurate, so we encourage you to go through the transcription and correct any of the mistakes that you find.

We know that it’s all too easy to ignore this tip and just leave the captions unedited.

You’re busy and trying to maximize your time.

But this is a major mistake that far too many new creators make. Your audience wants your content to be as polished and professional as possible. Take the time to go through each caption because it’s the only way to keep your quality as high as possible.

If you don’t like the built-in captioning or just want to level up your captions, you’ll find plenty of third-party tools that can help:

  • VEED
  • CoSchedule
  • Other editing apps

A lot of editors are using AI caption generators, so be sure to follow the advice above and edit each caption to best meet your viewers’ needs.

4. Use Tools to Find Trending Topics

Trending topics are how many of the largest influencers on TikTok made names for themselves. You’ll find many trends lead to tens of thousands of followers, but it’s not always easy to find them.

So, what can you do to find trending topics?

Use tools. Manual methods do exist, but they’re time-consuming and provide similar results. We recommend using the following:

A. Keyword Research Tools

Keyword research tools can help you spot keywords that people are interested in and that can help you brainstorm great ideas for new videos. You’ll find plenty of options available. Some are paid, so keep this in mind:

  • TikTok’s Keyword Insights tool (best option)
  • Ahrefs

B. Social Listening

Social listening tools will help you remain at the forefront of any niche and is something that you need to be using anyway. Tools for social listening include:

  • Hootsuite
  • SproutSocial
  • BuzzSumo
  • Many others

If you set up the right listening parameters, they’ll help you find keywords to use in your descriptions and also come up with content ideas.

C. Google Trends

Google Trends

Google has a lot of tools, and Trends is one that is very powerful. You can explore trends and keep branching deeper and deeper into them. If there are any trends in your industry, consider creating videos around them.

You don’t want to create just trending videos, but they are a fantastic option for rapid follower growth.

D. Other Social Platforms

And on a final note, you can also use other social platforms to see what’s “hot” right now. For example, if you look on X and see a topic trending in your niche, you can be one of the first to mention it on TikTok.

Leverage the power of all of the social media networks that you use to create the best content for your audience on TikTok.

5. Focus on Building a Brand and Aesthetic

Do you have a brand? Do you have an aesthetic? If not, it’s time to start thinking about these things well before you get 100k followers. We’ll break this down a little bit to help you better understand what brand and aesthetic mean:

  • Branding is what helps people identify you out of all of the other billion users. You want to consider things such as your icon, name and messaging.
  • Aesthetic also goes along with your brand, and it can become integral to your videos. You want to consider the color theme, background and other elements of your video and profile that make you unique.

And since you’re focusing on branding now, it’s a good time because you’ll also be increasing the number of posts that you make.

6. Commit to Posting 2 – 4 Times a Day

How often do you post? TikTok recommends posting 1 –4 times each day. You want to be sure that you’re posting at least twice per day if you want to hit 100k followers.

Creators are entertainers, and if you’re not producing content, you won’t receive the recognition that your account deserves.

Businesses can post once per day and still see a decent amount of growth on their accounts.

Single creators who are trying to get 100k followers on TikTok can start with one post and ramp up production. But you want to keep your quality level as high as possible because quality is always going to be more important than quantity.

If you can post 2 – 4 times a day without sacrificing quality, it will be a powerful tool to push your account past the 100k threshold.

7. Begin Outsourcing Time-Intensive Tasks

Running a TikTok account with a big following takes time and effort. Why not enlist the help of others to save yourself some time? This way, you can focus on what’s most important: creating content.

Here are some time-intensive tasks that you can start outsourcing:

  • Video Editing: It’s worth the investment to hire someone to professionally edit your videos, especially if you’re pressed for time or don’t have the skill. You can find great talent on sites like Fiverr or even Upwork.
  • Writing Scripts for Your Videos: Writing scripts requires a special talent, and it can be time-consuming. Try outsourcing it to a professional script writer. You’ll still supply the idea and provide direction, but they’ll put your vision into words.
  • Posting or Scheduling: Scheduling and posting content also takes time. You can hire a social media manager or virtual assistant to handle this task for you. I recommend proceeding with caution here because this person will have access to your account. Consider using a professional service for this and ensure there’s a contract in place.

Outsourcing will require an investment, but it will free up valuable time that you can use to improve your content.

8. Reinvest Your Money and Buy TikTok Ads

If you’re already making money with your TikTok account, you can reinvest some of those funds into ads that will promote your account.

Ads will increase your reach, helping you get more followers, views and comments in the process.

You can buy ads right through the TikTok Ads Manager tool. What’s great about TikTok ads is that you can easily find your audience and leverage their viewing behaviors, interests and interactions to deliver more relevant ads.

TikTok gives you a ton of tools to make your ads more effective, including a library of more than 100 customizable video templates that you can use. Just drop in your photos, logos, text and background music.

One important thing to note here is that TikTok requires you to spend at least $500 on a campaign, so be prepared to make an investment.

The payoff will be worth it when you inch closer to your goal of 100K followers.

9. Hop on Fiverr and Buy Shoutouts

Shoutouts are a great way to grow your following fast. When an influencer with a large following mentions you or tags you in a post, your account will be seen by their followers. And there’s a good chance they’ll at least check out your profile. Many will probably follow you.

There are quite a few places to get shoutouts, but Fiverr is a great option. It’s easy to buy from the platform, and you can vet the seller before making your purchase.

Shoutouts are affordable, too. For example, you can buy a shoutout from an Instagram account with 80,000 followers for just $15.

There’s no limit to how many shoutouts you buy, so you can effectively expand your reach instantly if you have the budget. As long as you have great content on your account, you’re sure to get more followers fast.

I do recommend being discerning about where you get your shoutouts. It should be from an account that has a similar audience. Otherwise, you’re just wasting your money.

Let’s say that you have a fitness TikTok account. If you buy a shoutout from someone who has a finance-related account, then their audience probably won’t be interested in your content.

10. Offer Genuine Insights and Advice

People love authenticity. They want to hear real experiences, stories and insights. Indulge them by sharing your own personal experiences and advice. You’ll spark new conversations, and that will encourage people to share your content and follow you.


  • Sharing a personal story that your audience can relate to
  • Giving your audience helpful advice about something you know is troubling them
  • Sharing resources that have personally helped you (books, professionals, exercises, etc.)

Whatever you share, make sure that you are genuine and that your advice comes from your own personal experience.

When you offer real, valuable information, people are more likely to share it with others. Those people are more likely to follow you and engage with your content.

11. Add a CTA to Follow Your Account

A call-to-action (CTA) is a powerful tool that you can use to get more people to follow your account. The concept is simple:

  • At the end of your video, ask your viewers to follow you

You can say something as simple as “follow for more” or “follow my journey.” 

Weave your CTA in naturally with your closing to make it more effective.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Easy to Get Noticed on TikTok?

TikTok has over 1 billion active monthly users. It’s not as easy as it once was to get noticed on the platform, but it’s not impossible either.

It’s important to be patient, especially if you have a new account. Yes, you want to reach 100K followers, but it can take time for your videos to be seen.

TikTok gauges how well your content performs by promoting it on a limited number of users’ FYP. Once you start getting likes and comments, the algorithm will recommend it to more people.

How Many TikToks Should I Post a Day?

The number of TikToks you should post in a day will depend on your niche or industry. TikTok recommends posting three times a day, but for some creators, posting 1 to 2 times per day is ideal.

Just take care not to overdo it. If you post too many times in a day, your audience may get annoyed, or they may report you for spam – even if your content is awesome.

If you’re not sure what’s appropriate for your audience, try looking at other successful creators in your niche or industry. How often do they post? If they’re only posting once a day, then try not to post more than twice a day.

Do Hashtags Get You on the FYP?

Use Popular Hashtags

They can. Trending hashtags are more likely to be picked up by the algorithm, which means you’ll have a higher chance of getting on the FYP.

Hashtags help TikTok make sense of your content and its topic. Try using trending hashtags for rapid growth and quick followers.

Is TikTok Promoting Worth It?

If you have the budget, yes, it’s worth promoting your videos. Your goal is to get 100K followers, and you need all the help you can get to hit that milestone. Promoting your videos will help expand your reach and encourage more people to follow you.

It’s easy to start promoting videos right from the Business Suite or Creator Tools. You can choose any video that has original sound or sound from the Commercial Music Library.

Once you’ve selected a video to promote, the next step is to choose your goal: more followers, more views or more website visits. In this case, you’ll want to choose more followers.

TikTok will also ask you to select your audience: automatic or custom. Automatic is the best option in most cases.

We recommend promoting your best-performing videos. These are videos that your audience already loves and have high engagement levels. They’re sure to perform well as ads, too.

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