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How To Get Verified on Instagram in 2024

Want to get verified on Instagram? Learn how to apply, what you need, what not to do and how to pay for a verification subscription.
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How to Get Verified on Instagram
Table of Contents

Key Takeaways

Less than 4% of Instagram accounts are verified

Celebrities, notable people or brands can get verified by following a strict application process

You’ll need to provide identification to have an account verified

Meta has released a paid subscription for people who want to be verified without meeting the notable person or brand requirements

Instagram verification is highly desired. You’ll find that the little blue checkmark gives you clout and can lead to an uptick in followers. Estimates suggest that less than 4% of all accounts are verified.

However, 73% of influencers that have 1+ million followers are verified.

We’re going to discuss how to get verified on Instagram and the requirements that your account must meet to hit this milestone. We’ll also touch on a few methods to avoid when requesting your verified badge.

How To Get Verified on Instagram in 2024

Verification methods and requirements may change. We’ve recently seen a major change in March when Mark Zuckerberg announced paid verifications after seeing the number of people willing to pay for a similar feature on X.

However, at the time of writing this article, you can still request verification the old-fashioned way.

Meet the Requirements For Verification

Celebrities, public figures and people of note – or brands – can apply for verification. You’ll need to have an account that meets Insta’s Terms of Use and Guidelines. In addition, your account will need to:

  • Represent a real person or brand. You need to be authentic and may need to provide proof of who you are.
  • You can only have one verified account per person or brand. However, if you’re a brand like Nike with multiple divisions and accounts in multiple languages, you can have multiple accounts that are verified.
  • Verified accounts need to be public and active.
  • You need to fill out your biography completely and add a profile picture.
  • Verified accounts must be “notable.” You need to be a person or entity that has been in the news or has such a following that everyone knows you. If you were recently in the news, it’s the ideal time to apply for your badge – start now.

If you run a general account, such as funny clips or cute cat videos, Instagram will not verify the account. However, if you own an account for your dog, who is famous now, you can often get these accounts verified.

Note: Once you are verified, you will not be able to change your username. If you’re found to have lied in any way when getting verified, you can have the verification revoked in the future.

With all of these points in mind, if you do meet the criteria above, you can then request a verification badge.

Request a Verified Badge

Instagram has a seven-step process to request a verification badge. If you’re confident that you meet all of the requirements, you can begin following these steps:

Step #1: Log into the account that you want to request verification on

Step #2: Tap on your profile picture

Step #3: Tap the hamburger menu and go to Settings and privacy

Step #4: Click on the Request verification option

Step #5: Enter in all of the requested information

Step #6: Supply the forms of identification requested

Step #7: Follow the instructions to the end

Accounts for Professionals will find this option underneath the Account Type and Tools section.

You’ll now need to wait for Instagram to verify the account. Even if you think that you meet all of the requirements, your account may not be verified. In this case, you can wait and submit another request in the future.

But there’s also a new option for verification that may work even better for you.

Ditch the Requirements and Pay Meta For a Verification

Following in the footsteps of X (formerly Twitter), Meta – owner of Instagram and Facebook – has launched a Meta Verified program.

The subscription service allows users to pay a monthly fee to get that coveted blue checkmark.

Right now, Meta Verified costs $11.99/month on the web and $14.99/month on mobile.

Along with a verified badge, a subscription will also get you:

  • Access to customer support
  • Proactive impersonation protection

To be eligible for a paid subscription, you must: 

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Complete the verification process
  • Provide a government-issued photo ID
  • Enable two-factor authentication

Keep in mind that there are separate subscription fees for the web version of Instagram and the mobile version. If you want verification on both, the cost will be nearly $27 per month.

Is It Worth Getting Verified on Instagram?

If you’re a creator, influencer or brand, then it’s worth it to get verified on Instagram. Getting verified can provide a number of benefits.

For starters, a verified badge lets everyone know that your account is genuine. Unfortunately, there are a lot of imposters on Instagram, so having that blue checkmark next to your username will help protect your reputation.

Having a verified badge also:

  • Tells other users that your account is trustworthy
  • Helps your account stand out in the search results
  • Helps build authority

Even with a paid option, verification badges are still coveted and rare.

Words of Warning When Trying To Get Verified

Getting verified on Instagram the old-fashioned way isn’t an easy feat for every user. Because the rules are vague, it may feel like there’s no real rhyme or reason for approvals and rejections.

And this makes it tempting to either purchase verification from a third party or exaggerate details to improve your odds of getting verified. 

If you’re trying to get verified on Instagram, make sure that you:

Avoid “Buying” Verification From Third Parties

You can’t “buy” a blue badge from people outside of Instagram – period. If an Instagram user is trying to sell you verification, do not give them money.

Any third party trying to sell verification is a scammer. Unfortunately, many of these accounts do an excellent job of looking legitimate. 

The only genuine ways to get verified are through Instagram’s official application form or by paying for a badge from Meta.

Be 100% Truthful When Requesting Verification

If you want a real shot at getting verified on Instagram (without paying), you must be honest when filling out your application. 

  • Use your real name
  • Don’t falsify your documents
  • Don’t stretch the truth about your notoriety


Getting verified on Instagram is easier than ever, thanks to the paid option, but if that’s not in your budget, you’ll need to put in all of the hard work to build up your follower count and notability. Use the tips and steps above to start the verification process for your Instagram account.

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