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How to Loop a YouTube Video? (iOS, Android & Desktop)

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How to Loop a YouTube Video
Table of Contents

Key Takeaways

Loop YouTube video (Phone): Launch the YouTube app > Play the video > Go to “Settings” icon > Select “Additional settings” > Tap on “Loop video.”

Loop YouTube video (Computer): Go to > Play video > Right-click on it > Click on “Loop.”

Loop YouTube video (Phone/Computer playlists): Open the YouTube app/website Play video from a playlist > On the top-left of list “Next:<next_video_name>,” tap on the loop icon twice.

Loop a YouTube video on TV: Sign in to YouTube > Add a video in a playlist > Open YouTube TV app on TV > Open “Library” > Play and pause it > Scroll down > Click on “Repeat” twice.

The days when you’re so hooked to a music video that you want to listen to it on-repeat… do you just manually hit on the replay button – over and over?

Well, not anymore, YouTube Loop is here to save the day!

This amazing YouTube feature lets you repeat a particular video infinite times… until you’re satisfied, or to say, until you’re sick of it!

And, if you don’t know how to loop a YouTube video at all, don’t worry – you’re just at the right place.

Here, you’ll learn to use YouTube looping on mobile devices (iOS and Android) and on the desktop, looping shortcuts for playlists, and the answer to all sorts of questions around it!

How to Loop a YouTube Video on Mobile?

The process of looping a YouTube video on mobile devices is a breeze, with just a few taps here and there. You can follow the same steps for both iOS and Android devices.

Step #1: Launch the YouTube app on your phone. If you don’t have it, download it from the Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS).

Step #2: To search for a video, tap on the magnifying glass icon on the top right and type the video name in the search bar.

If you want to play a saved/downloaded video, go to “You” at the bottom right corner. Go to your “Playlists” to find videos saved in specific playlists and “Watch Later.” Go to “Downloads” for downloaded videos.

Magnifying Glass

Step #3: Once you find it, tap to play.

Tap to Play

Step #4: Wait until the ads end.

Step #5: When the video starts playing, go to the “Settings” icon on the top right. A menu appears at the bottom.


Note: If the icon is not visible, tap anywhere on the video. Different buttons, including “Settings,” show up around the edges of the video.

Step #6: Go to “Additional settings.”

Additional Settings

Step #7: Tap on “Loop video.” The toggle switch beside is turned on and you can enjoy unlimited loops of the video. If it is a downloaded video and your internet is off, it shows “Loop video Off” and becomes “Loop video On” after tapping.


  • You can turn off looping by repeating steps 4, 5, and 6. When you tap on “Loop video” next time, the toggle switch turns off which indicates the loop is stopped.
  • This doesn’t switch on the loop for all videos. Even if you rewatch the current video later, you will have to follow the steps again.

Loop Video

How to Loop a YouTube Video on a Computer/PC?

When it comes to using YouTube on a computer/PC, most people can’t find looping – mainly because there’s still no specific button for it. But we’ll handhold you through it so much so that at the end of it, you’ll feel it was all a cakewalk!

Step #1: Go to


There’s no need to log in to your account unless you want to watch:

  • Content is restricted to 18 years old and above.
  • Content saved/downloaded in your account.

To sign in to your account, click on “Sign in” at the top right corner and enter your account credentials.

Step #2: On the search bar on the top (indicated with “Search” and a magnifying glass icon), type the video name you want to watch.

To find saved/watched later videos, find “You” in the left column of icons and tap. To find downloaded videos, tap on “Downloads” below “You” on the homepage.

To check for new uploads from subscribed channels, click on the horizontal-three-line/hamburger icon on the top left of the homepage. A panel appears on the left. Scroll down to “Subscriptions” and click on any channel to check their latest videos.

To find new videos, you can check the “Explore” on the panel.


Step #3: Play a video that you want to loop.

Play a video

Step #4: Wait until all ads end. If you’re on a premium plan, you will be directed to step 5.

Step #5: Once the video starts playing, right-click anywhere on the video to get a drop-down menu.

If this doesn’t work, press the Shift key and then right-click. An alternate menu appears. This works on Firefox but not Chrome.

If you have a mouse without a proper button (eg, Mac Magic Mouse), click on the mouse’s right side or click with two fingers.

If you use a trackpad and have no mouse, click on the bottom right corner of the trackpad or tap on the trackpad with two fingers at once.

Right Click

Step #6: The drop-down menu shows the “Loop” option. Click on it. A checkmark appears beside “Loop,” and the menu disappears. The video will continue playing on a loop for unlimited times.


  • The loping applies only to the currently playing video. You’ll have to do it all over for a new video. You’ll also have to repeat it if you close this video and play it again.
  • You can turn off the loop by repeating steps 5 and 6. This time, the checkmark disappears beside “Loop.”


How to Loop a YouTube Video on Playlists?

The above looping methods apply to saved videos on “Watch Later” or “Playlists” and downloaded videos in “Downloads.”

However, there’s another shortcut for looping for videos on these lists.

📱 On Mobile Devices

Step #1: Launch the app and tap on “You” on the bottom right.

Step #2: Go to “View all” beside Playlists – for saved videos on Playlists and Watch Later. Or go to “Downloads” – for downloaded videos.

Step #3: Click on the video you want to play.

Step #4: If there are any ads, let them play or skip if you have an option. Ads don’t appear on downloaded videos.

Step #5: Once the video starts playing, the list with the follow-up videos will also appear right below it.

If it doesn’t show up, check the bottom. it will show a banner with “Next:<next_video_name>.” Tap on that to expand the list.

Step #6: On that list, over the lined-up videos, the leftmost icon is a repeat/loop button.

Tap that once. The icon will become bold. This makes all the videos on the playlist run one after the other. After playing the last video, it plays the first one again.

Tap that once more. The bold icon shows “1” in its center – this will put the specific video on loop.

🖥️ On Computer/PC

Step #1: Go to and log in to your account.

Step #2: On the homepage’s left panel of icons, tap on “You” to find videos saved on Playlists and Watch Later.

Note: This feature is not available for Downloads for the desktop version yet (March 2024). However, to check for its availability, go to “Downloads” under the “You” icon on the homepage.

Step #3: Play the video on any list. The playlist name or “Watch Later” shows up underneath the video with all the lined-up videos that will play one after the other.

Step #4: On top of the listed videos, the leftmost icon is the loop/repeat button.

Tap once: The icon turns bold. All the videos on the playlist run one after the other. After the last video plays and ends, the first video plays again.

Tap that once more: “1” appears in the center of the bold icon. This will make the specific video play on loop.

How to Add a Video to the Watch Later List, Playlist, or Downloads?

The steps are different for this:

1. Under the creator’s name, there’s a line of options, including “Likes” and “Share.” Slide that towards the left until you find “Download” and “Save

2. To save it, click on “Save.” This saves the video in the playlist where you last saved a video and shows “Saved to recent playlist <playlist_name>.”

  • To change it, tap on “Change” right beside it. This shows a list of existing playlists. Uncheck the playlist you don’t want it in
  • To save it in the Watch Later list, choose the “Watch Later” list.
  • To save it in another playlist, check the desired playlist.
  • To save it on a new playlist, tap on “+ Create a new playlist.” Add the playlist name, select privacy, and tap on “Create.” The playlist is created, and the video is added to it.
  • Click on “Download” to download the video.

Note: Many videos won’t have the “Download” option – especially music videos.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Looping Websites?

Several YouTube video looping websites and apps offer to loop a single part of a video. However, they come with downsides and risks.

They may play too many ads or contain malware that can steal sensitive information and compromise your account’s safety and privacy.

What if a YouTube Video Doesn’t Play?

Check your internet connection. Close the video and play it again. If you’re on a desktop, reload the page.


With these simple steps, you can now seamlessly enjoy any video on YouTube without hitting the replay button over and over.

Whether it’s a song, guided meditation, tutorial, or any other form of entertainment, you can now truly listen/watch anything on-repeat without any manual interference.

And if you’re a creator, don’t forget to remind your subscribers to loop your videos to watch them on repeat!

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