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How to Mute Someone on Instagram?

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How to Mute Someone on Instagram
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On social media, anyone is allowed to publish anything they want. However, sometimes it irritates me to see all these ridiculously cringe-worthy posts. You do not need to be inundated by any of it thanks to Instagram’s new feature. Mute someone on Instagram is helpful in this situation.

Muting can be helpful if you wish to join someone who is on Insta however do not wish to see their posts. It can also be helpful if there is just content that you don’t like seeing, like weird photos of flowers.

You are immediately exempt from having to view someone’s material when you activate Instagram’s new mute feature. They won’t swoop in and destroy your day by popping up. One benefit is the flexibility to browse their profile and access their information anytime you want.

How to Mute Someone on Instagram

If you need to mute anybody on Instagram, go to the following procedures:

Log in to your account

Log in to your account - how to mute someone on Instagram

The first thing you need to do is download the Instagram app to mute someone on Instagram. Sign in to your Instagram account using the app.

To log into your account, type your username and password. You can select “alternative option to log in” or “forget password” if you can’t remember your password.

Go to profile

Go to profile.

Visit the person’s profile whose content you don’t want to see and really want to mute them. In the search box there at top of the screen, type their username to do this.

Another option is to tap the person’s name from the list of individuals you are following. On the screen’s upper right corner, tap the three dots. When you access their profile, you can find out more.

Mute post

Mute post - how to mute someone on Instagram

When the profile has been opened you will see two options “following” and “message”. Click on “following” and you’ll see a menu with numerous choices.

To remove their posts from your news feed, click “Mute Posts,” and to remove their stories, click “Mute Story.” Alternatively, you can choose “Mute Posts and Story” to conceal both of their posts and stories.

To Unmute

To Unmute

Unmute can be done by choosing “Unmute” from the same menu. By going to your profile and selecting “Settings,” “Privacy,” then “Muted Accounts,” you may also mute and unmute other users.

The accounts you’ve muted are all listed on the muted accounts tab. From the muted account tab where you may also unmute them by selecting the unmute button.

How to Mute Someone Story

Open Instagram 

The first step is you have to get an Instagram app from play store or you can log into any browser. Sign in to your Instagram account using the app.

When you have logged into your account you have to visit the person’s profile which is available on the tray.

Open Profile

Visit the person’s profile to silence their tale. You can find them in your list of Instagram followers or by looking for them in your list of following.

Your manual search just at top of the page can be used to enter their username. Tap and hold the tale in your story tray after you are on the person’s profile.

Choose from The option

There will be a pop-up menu. The pop-up menu will appear; choose “Mute.” When you choose to silence someone’s tale, a notice will prompt you to confirm your choice.

To affirm, press “Mute.” Your story tray will no longer display the person’s narrative, and you won’t get notifications when they post.

How to Mute Someone’s Message


Direct message

Open your Instagram, log into your account. As in top right corner of the screen, tap the paper Aeroplan icon to access your Instagram Direct Messages (DM).

Open the chat

Scan the chat for the one you want to silence, then swipe left or tap and hold to hold it. Click “Mute” from the menu. You can choose from “8 hours,” “1 week,” or “Forever” when you want to mute the conversation.

Want to unmute

When you successfully silence the discussion, a confirmation message will show up. Go to the same conversation, tap and hold, then choose unmute if you wish to turn the conversation back on.

What Happens if You Mute Someone on Instagram

On your Instagram main page, posts from muted users are not visible. As soon as the person is muted, they are not visible. You can view all stories of such a muted Instagram account on your home page.

Though it is shifted to the end and made partially transparent. No matter when the individual posts their Stories, you will always see it following all of their unmuted profile photographs. Instagram Stories that have been muted won’t play after those of the other users. In contrast, tapping the profile image will allow you to see them.

How to Determine if You’ve Been Muted

So actual reply to the question is that you cannot determine whether someone has muted you. The privacy and anonymity of users are highly valued on Instagram. so that you won’t be informed if you are muted. The individuals who have muted your account cannot be found in a list.

Instagram does, however, give you the option to mute other users. It will keep a record of the profiles you have blocked for you. Open your profile, select Settings > Privacy > Muted Accounts, and then click on the list to access it. The accounts you have muted will be listed here. Also along with information on whether you muted their posts or their narrative.

What is Hiding Your Story

As you examine who has seen your narrative, you may also decide whom to keep your story a secret from. Hide your tale by selecting it from the menu to the right of their name, then tap Hide. A person cannot view your profile or postings if you hide your story from them. This is distinct from blocking them.

You may utilize a number of useful Instagram tools to personalize your profile, one of which is mute. If your privacy is a concern, you can take alternative actions, such as deleting your phone contacts from Instagram.

Additionally, if you want to make it difficult for someone to hack your account on, choose to enable two-factor authentication. If your profile is substantial enough, you might be interested in learning steps to be an Instagram-verified user.

Fresh to Instagram? It can be a good idea to disable Instagram read receipts so you can read messages without worrying about response.


We hope all the steps which are mentioned above for your ease are helpful for you. It is not a very tough task. All steps are explained in a very clear manner. The fact that you can unmute someone on Instagram at any time.

They won’t receive a notification when you do is another great feature. Moreover, you can mute articles or stories on an individual basis if you only want to see one of them.

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