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How to Post Horizontal Videos on Instagram?

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  5. How to Post Horizontal Videos on Instagram?
horizontal videos on instagram

We’ll go over the procedures for how to upload horizontal videos on Instagram, including how to get the video’s necessary aspect ratio. We’ll also go through some commonly requested queries regarding uploading landscape videos to Instagram. Look at this!

Requirements for Horizontal video on Instagram-

A common cinematic mode is still horizontal video, often called landscape orientation. It’s simply the standard viewing mode on our televisions and also in the theatre. Prior to the development of internet access and, specifically, mobile applications, the horizontal mode dominated video viewing.

The first thing to know is how to post a video to the site before talking about the orientation of any particular movie. It’s also important to consider the following fundamental requirements:

  • The community standards must be followed by the uploaded video’s content. Instagram retains the right to delete it in this situation.
  • The permitted aspect ratio ranges from 1.91:1 to 9:16.
  • The minimum pixel count for the resolution is 720. 30 frames per second (FPS) is the suggested pace.
  • A 10-minute video might have a file size of up to 650 gigabytes (MB).  The maximum file size for videos that are 60 minutes long is 3.6 GB.
  • The lowest Instagram landscape video size is 600 x 315 pixels.
  • Maximum Instagram file size is 4GB.
  • We suggest MP4 and MOV Instagram formats for videos.
  • Instagram caption max length: 2,200 characters.

These requirements guarantee the calibre of the motion pictures put out on the website. So be sure to verify them out first.

Steps How to Post Horizontal videos:-

You can hold your phone horizontally while recording. As an outcome, your video recording will be horizontal, enabling Instagram publishing straightforward.

Look for applications for free that allow you to crop and rotate your video in order to bring it into the correct ratio of aspect for Instagram. Upload your video after you have the tool, modify it to the correct size and aspect ratio, and then upload it to the device you are using.

Using a Computer- 

  1. Launch a browser and go to Instagram.
  2. Once you open Instagram it will show you the login screen where you need to enter your account credentials such as your username, email  address,  phone number and password in order to proceed further.
  3. After successfully login into your Instagram account you will see the home screen of your Instagram account.
  4. Select the plus sign at the top.
  5. From the menu, select “Select from computer”.
  6. Locate your landscape video and select it.
  7. To view the available layout formats after your file has been uploaded, click the orientation icon (the one with the two arrows).
  8. After selecting the landscape style, upload the clip.

Using a Mobile Device- For Android & iOS

  1. Open your Instagram and enter your Instagram account credential such as username and password in order to login to your Instagram account.
  2. After successfully login into your Instagram account you will be able to see your homepage where you can post horizontal videos.
  3. The ‘Camera’ icon is at the bottom of the screen. Tap it.
  4. You will be given the choice between “Gallery,” “Photo,” or “Video.”
  5. Toggle to the “Gallery” tab. Choose the image or video you wish to submit.
  6. Instagram will display your image or video in square format by default. If you’d want to alter it, hit the “Format” icon and choose “Portrait” or “Landscape” as the orientation instead of square.
  7. Select “checkmark” from the menu. Open a “Share To” window.
  8. The “Check mark” button is positioned in the upper right corner of the screen. After writing a caption, hit that button.

What are the Instagram video posting options?

In order to assist you in getting started with Instagram video, we have put up a brief description of the 4 available posting options.


Videos on Instagram Stories last for 15 seconds and vanish after 24 hours.

From the home screen, you can capture stories by sliding right, or by touching the + sign and choosing Stories. You can add them from your Media Gallery as well.

The Highlights area of your Instagram profile, located directly above the grid, is where you can keep outdated Stories.

In fact, according to a Facebook survey, over 50% of respondents visit the website of a business as a result of watching a Story.

Stories are still one of the most well-liked elements on the site despite being brief and also transient.

Instagram Live

Users can video broadcast straight to the newsfeeds of their followers using Instagram Live. Both companies and creators has utilized Instagram Live to offer seminars, evaluations, and also other events.

By swiping right or touching the plus icon and switching to Live, you can begin a Live broadcast. One or two accounts can provide broadcasts that run up to four hours.

You can see how many people are watching your broadcast at the very forefront of the display when you start live. To assess the audience and engagement of your airing, you can additionally analyze Instagram Live data.

Instagram video stream

It released a format called Instagram Video in 2021. It integrated in-feed video postings with IGTV to replace it.

Similar to how photographs are added to Instagram, videos can be both shared from your photo library or taken directly from Instagram’s built-in camera.

You have more creative flexibility on Instagram because to its maximum video length of 60 minutes, which is still unmatched by the majority of rival networks.

Instagram Reels

You may capture, edit, and share short videos using the Instagram Reels tool. You can add music, special effects, and other artistic elements to these films, which can be as long as 15 seconds to one minute.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I post a horizontal video on Instagram?

To post a horizontal video on Instagram, open the Instagram app and create a new post by tapping the plus sign. Before taking the video, make sure your phone is in landscape mode (horizontal).

Take the video as you normally would, and then select a cover frame if prompted. Once you are happy with your video, tap next to add a caption, location, and tags before sharing your post.

Can I upload a pre-recorded horizontal video on Instagram?

Yes, you can upload a pre-recorded horizontal video on Instagram. To do this, tap the plus sign on the home screen to create a new post. Select the video from your camera roll, and make sure the video is in landscape mode.

Once you have selected the video, you can add a caption, location, and tags before sharing your post with landscape videos on Instagram.

Will Instagram crop my horizontal video if I upload it in portrait mode?

Yes, Instagram will automatically crop a video if it is uploaded in portrait mode. To ensure your video is not cropped, make sure to hold your phone in landscape mode (horizontal) when recording or uploading the video.

Can I rotate a portrait video to make it horizontal on Instagram?

You can use a third-party video editing app to rotate a portrait mode on the Instagram video to make it horizontal before uploading it to Instagram.

Once the video is edited, you can then upload it to Instagram as you normally would.

Can I upload horizontal videos on Instagram Reels?

Yes, you can upload horizontal videos on Instagram Reels. Instagram Reels is a short-form video feature that allows you to upload 15-second videos with music, effects, and other creative tools.

Which Orientation is better? Horizontal or vertical?

To maximize video quality and phone capacity, we advise that you share videos with a vertical video resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels and 30 fps.

Why do Instagram video size requirements matter?

These make sure that platform videos are as professional and also of the highest quality as feasible. Instagram's specifications for video size go beyond merely dimensions. They cover the maximum file size as well as aspect ratios.

Best resolution for landscape Video posts?

The optimal Instagram resolutions for both aspect ratios are 1080 by 608 pixels and 1080 by 1350 pixels. You can upload a video with an aspect ratio ranging between 1.91:1 and 4:5.


In this article we covered an essential guide on how to post horizontal videos on Instagram. Clearly, Instagram’s future is in video. You should keep an eye on the most recent video trends, both on and off of Instagram, because they are changing quickly. Instagram allows users to post landscape videos.

You can either simply upload the footage to your PC and choose the proper landscape orientation size, or you can hunt for an app that allows you to trim your video to the necessary ratio of dimensions.

We have covered the whole process of uploading a landscape video in this article. We completely addressed the requirements and posting formats for uploading Instagram videos in this article. Additionally, we’ve included instructions for posting landscape Instagram videos on desktop and mobile.

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