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How To Post on Instagram Without Notifying Anyone?

Want to post on Instagram without your followers knowing? Use our guide to hide your new posts.
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Post on Instagram Without Notifying Followers
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Instagram is all about being social. You post, people see and engage with it, and you build a following. But what if you want to make a post on Instagram without notifying followers?

You can stop notifications to some extent, but remember:

  • Instagram wants posts to be seen
  • None of these methods truly block all notifications
  • If you don’t want a post seen, don’t make a post

With all of these facts, let’s see some of the creative methods that you can use to stop followers from being notified of your post.

1. Share Posts with Close Friends 👨

Share Posts with Close Friends

One simple and effective way to limit notifications to only certain friends is to only share them with people who are “close friends.” You’ll first need to set who your close friends are, which is as easy as following these steps:

  • Open up the app
  • Tap the hamburger icon > more
  • Tap on Settings > Close Friends

You’ll want to search and add all of the close friends that you want to see your posts and notifications to this list.

When you use the close friend trick, be cognizant that you’ll need to switch this setting off if you want people to see your post in the future. Your Instagram reach will also decline as fewer people will see and engage with your posts.

If you don’t like the close friends approach, you can also set your account to private. 

2. Set Your Account to Private – With Caution 🔒

Set Your Account to Private

While this tip isn’t exactly the best, the idea is that you can stop additional people who don’t follow you from seeing your posts. For example, you may have an old friend who always checks your account for new posts.

These followers won’t see your posts until they go to your page, so what you can do is:

  • Open the app
  • Tap your profile picture
  • Tap the hamburger icon
  • Go to Settings and Privacy> Account Privacy

Slide the toggle to make your account private. If you follow this tip, it will help keep your posts private from anyone who isn’t following you. I recommend also blocking or removing the followers whom you don’t want to see notifications for added protection.

But remember that if your account is private, you’ll receive far fewer followers and people seeing your content.

3. Block Followers 🚫

Block Followers

If you only want to hide notifications from certain people, you can block or remove them to keep your content hidden.

Whenever you post new content, the people you block won’t be notified.

How do you block followers? Follow the steps below:

  • Navigate to the follower’s profile
  • Tap the hamburger menu
  • Choose Block

Once a follower is blocked, they won’t be able to see your content or be alerted when you post new things.

4. Archive the Post After Publishing

If you don’t want to change your privacy settings, you can use the Archive feature to post content without notifying anyone.

Once you post your content, archive it right away. Leave the post in your archives for a few days, and then unarchive it.

To do this:

Step #1: Tap the hamburger menu at the top right side of your profile

Hamburger Menu

Step #2: Choose Archive


Step #3: Select Post archive

Post Archive

Step #4: Finally, tap Show on profile

Show on Profile

No one will be notified of these posts, and only those who visit your profile will be able to see them.

5. Delete Your Post 🗑️

The simplest way to avoid notifying people of your posts is to delete them

But it’s important to remember that this doesn’t always work, and it’s not ideal for every situation.

This method is best for when you’re trying to see how your post will fit into your grid. Simply upload your post, see how it looks, and then delete it ASAP.

Be mindful that if your followers set up notifications for when you upload new content, they may see the notification before you have a chance to delete the post.

If your goal is to upload posts and keep them on your account, then this strategy won’t work for you. Try using one of the steps above instead.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would you want to hide your Posts?

Instagrammers may want to hide their posts for a variety of reasons. Maybe you want to post something private. Maybe you want to post a lot of content at once to make up for inactivity and don’t want to spam your followers’ feeds.  

No matter the reason, you can use the steps above to post without notifying your followers.

Can you block users to hide your posts from them?

Yes. If you only want to hide your posts from certain people, you can block them or only post your content to groups that don’t include them. This will allow you to post content without notifying them.

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