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How To See Dislikes on YouTube in 2024 (iOS, Android)

YouTube has many valuable features to help you grow your channel, but they disabled one of the most useful; the dislike button. While it can seem discouraging, seeing which videos viewers dislike can give you greater insight into what content your audience wants to see. 
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How to See Dislikes on YouTube
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Key Takeaways

To restore dislikes on your YouTube account, you will need a browser extension called Return YouTube Dislike.

You can install the extension on multiple browsers, including Brave, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, and Microsoft Edge.

For those with iOS or another browser, there are add-ons that allow you to install the extension.

In November of 2021, YouTube did away with the dislike button, a decision that was not without controversy. While some users thought it was a great move, others believed it would make it harder to gauge how their audiences felt about their videos, making content creation and channel growth more challenging.

Ultimately, YouTube decided that removing dislikes would decrease negative engagement while promoting constructive and respectful dialogue between creators and their audience. It helped the platform get one step closer to becoming a safe space for all users ensuring a more enjoyable experience overall.

How To See Dislikes on YouTube?

While the aim of removing dislikes from the platform was to reduce negativity, the move had unexpected consequences for creators.

Anyone who posts videos on YouTube understands the importance of seeing the full range of each video’s metrics, which help you determine which content is successful and what falls short with the audience. Seeing how many likes a video gets is great, but it’s only partial information on the total viewer experience. 

Dislikes allow your audience to tell you when they don’t like something you’re doing, helping you gauge which content you should create in the future.

If a video has a disproportionate amount of dislikes, it’s a fair assessment that the topic isn’t connecting with viewers. Fortunately, you can restore dislikes using a simple browser extension called Return YouTube Dislikes. 

To Download Return YouTube Dislike:

Step #1: In the Chrome Extension, search for Return YouTube Dislike

Return YouTube Dislike

Step #2: Click Add to Chrome

Step #3: Open YouTube on your chosen browser

Step #4: Click on any video, and the dislikes will appear next to likes 

The Dislikes

Note – The Return YouTube Dislike extension works on multiple browsers, including Firefox, Brave, Chrome, Opera, and Microsoft Edge. If you use another browser, you must follow a separate installation method.

Installing on a Different Browser

If you are using a different browser than the ones listed above, you will need to take a few additional steps before you can begin viewing video dislikes again. For Safari users, you will need to download a user script on the Tampermoney add-on, which will enable Return YouTube Dislikes to run on your desktop or laptop. For those with a jailbroken device, you will have to install an iOS tweak. 

Is The Dislike Extension Accurate?

It’s important to note that while the Return YouTube Dislike extension lets you view dislikes on videos, the information may not be completely accurate.

The way to extension works is by using a combination of extrapolated user behavior and data that was cached before the feature was disabled, meaning it doesn’t show any new information. While that may seem frustrating, it can provide you with a relatively accurate ratio of how viewers received the original content.

Everyone using the extension takes part in contributing data that helps determine this ratio, allowing the extension’s author to gather information about which videos users watch.

Currently, only the original content creator can access the number of dislikes and likes their videos acquire, but a plan is in place for sharing this information with the extension in the near future to help it deliver even more accurate results. 

Note – Many popular creators have petitioned to return the dislike button to YouTube, but the platform seems set on using comments to gauge viewers’ reactions and increase engagement instead.

Can Viewing Dislikes Help My YouTube Channel Grow?

While viewing dislikes in and of itself won’t help your YouTube channel grow, it is a vital part of understanding the overall video metrics, which can help you determine which content to create in the future. Seeing the ratio between likes and dislikes on a video will give you an indication that some part of your content isn’t connecting with viewers, helping you re-strategize and tweak your next videos.

What plugin lets you see dislikes on YouTube?

Along with the Restore YouTube Dislikes extension, the plugin Dislike Restore Pro will provide you with comprehensive information on your YouTube videos so you can view your dislikes again. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Reading the Comments As Reliable as Viewing a Video's Dislikes?

YouTube removed the dislike button to encourage users to use the comments to interact with creators and tell them how they feel about their videos.

One major benefit of the comments is how they provide more in-depth information about why the viewer dislikes a video instead of simply pressing a button.

For those who enjoy interaction and engagement, the comments section is a valuable resource.


While YouTube removed dislikes from the platform, the feature is still a valuable resource for creators seeking to grow their accounts. Using the browser extension Restore YouTube Dislikes allows you to view dislikes on previously uploaded videos to get a deeper understanding of what your viewers want.

While the information may not be 100% up to date, it is still very accurate and beneficial and an excellent resource for all creators. 

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