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10 Best Influencer Marketing Tools To Boost Up In 2023

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Best influencer MArketing Tools

Whether you are an individual marketer or part of a team, you are already trying your best to build an audience. However, beyond building your own audience, you have to get yourself in front of the audience that other people have already built. This is a more effective way of spreading word of mouth via some trustworthy individuals. They are popularly called social media influencers and you can find plenty on various social networks. Influencers can help your brand gain more trust and engagement through real consumers. Influencer marketing and influencer marketing tools both are in trend these days and probably will be in the future. Its popularity is growing continuously as more brands are trusting influencer collaborations to run successful marketing campaigns.

Some Major Stats to Let you Know the Importance of Influencer Marketing:

  • 70% trust the experiences of their peers and 92% of consumers trust recommendations from people they know.
  • 92% of brand marketers who used influencer marketing in 2019, found it effective.
  • Influencer-generated content provides 11X greater ROI compared to other forms of marketing strategies.
  • Last year, approximately one-fourth of marketers spent over $25,000 on influencer marketing.
  • 39% of marketers are planning to further increase their influencer marketing budgets in the upcoming years.

If you have not leveraged influencer marketing yet, now is the time to give it a try. And, if you have little experience in it, you should learn how to do it better.

Influencer marketing can be time-consuming and challenging if you do not know about the right influencer marketing tools. That is why we are going to help you choose among the 10 best influencer marketing tools through which you will be able to find relevant influencers, form partnerships with them, and implement successful campaigns.

Best Influencer Marketing Tools:


BuzzStream -Influencer Marketing Tools

BuzzStream is a powerful marketing tool that helps you build relationships. If you are interested in influencer marketing, it probably sums up your goals pretty well. You might be wondering, how does BuzzStream actually help you in building those relationships and get that social buzz?

The whole process begins with influencer research. Firstly, BuzzStream provides a browser extension that allows you to research regular websites that you find while browsing the web. For example, if you come across a popular blog relevant to your niche, BuzzStream lets you include that blog in your list and get a bunch more information about its author or person behind it.

You can also use keywords on BuzzStream to find influencers that are related to your niche. It gives you a complete image of that person’s website as well as his/her social media presence. After that, you can easily add those influencers to your sortable, filterable prospect lists.

Once you have your prospect lists filled, BuzzStream makes it easier to send out personalized emails and see analytical data on how effective your outreach efforts are.BuzzStream helps you manage your entire influencer marketing efforts in a much convenient way – from research to tracking your relationships to analyzing your performance.

Despite this full-service approach, BuzzStream even has pricing plans accessible for solo bloggers and entrepreneurs. Its starter plan costs $24 per month for up to 1 user. Other plans give you enough features to make BuzzStream a great influencer marketing tool for larger businesses and teams.

You also get a 14-day free trial to know if BuzzStream is for you or not. Blogs are the main focus of this handy tool but it does integrate social media in some ways, such as listing a blog influencer’s social media accounts.


ninjaoutreach - Influencer Marketing Tools

NinjaOutreach is another full-service, one of the best cloud-based influencer marketing tools. It lets you search for prospects in the database of over 25 million websites. To narrow things down and make your search easier, you can add tags to filter by- Bloggers, Influencers, Companies, Individual articles

Other than the websites, NinjaOutreach allows you to search Twitter and Instagram also. And similarly to BuzzStream, it offers a browser extension through which you can see information about a website while you are going about your day-to-day browsing. Once you have found some prospects, you can easily include them in a sortable, filterable prospect list. You can add tags too to organize things further. And then once your prospect lists are prepared, NinjaOutreach helps you send automated and personalized emails to the people on your list, and perform automated follow-ups if desired.

NinjaOutreach will also keep track of details on email opens, replies, and clicks so that you can observe how efficient your efforts are.

Other unique features of NinjaOutreach

  • It allows you to automate your entire email sequence including initial emails.
  • You can directly search for Twitter and Instagram influencers on NinjaOutreach.

NinjaOutreach offers a 14 days free trial so that you can sign up and understand if it is right for you or not. Its paid plans start from $189/month.


awario - Influencer Marketing Tools

Awario is popularly known as a “social media and web monitoring tool”. And part of that “monitoring” includes features that you can use directly for influencer research. For instance, when you are searching for people who have mentioned your brand name or related topics, you can quickly see them, and sort by reach.:

Essentially, Awario allows you to find the most influential people who post about you and your niche. After that, you can reach out to those influencers immediately or monitor them to build a relationship over time.

You can also set up ongoing monitoring for particular keywords and receive an influencer report to know the most influential accounts for that topic. To filter the best influencers in the list, you can sort them by individual networks. This helps you find influencers and stay on top of them as time goes on.

The premium plans of Awario start from $29 per month when billed monthly. You get 2 months free subscription if you pay annually. This tool has another amazing feature- helping you with guest blogging. It supports several platforms such as Blogs, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and Forums.


buzzsumo - Influencer Marketing Tools

Buzzsumo is a great tool that can help you search for influencers in a few different ways. Firstly, you can find the most popular content for specific topics on Buzzsumo. It allows you to find your competitor’s top-performing content and posts or just come up with your own ideas for your site. You can also use this tool to find the top-performing posts in your specific niche and then connect with the person behind each popular post.

BuzzSumo has a great Twitter influencer research tool. You can explore both Twitter bios and shared content to find relevant influencers. And it also has Type filters that make your search more effective by finding whether the influencer is a: Blogger, Influencer, Company, Journalist, or a regular person.

There are various other filters for activity, location, verified status, etc. BuzzSumo offers limited searches for free. For unlimited searches and more pro features, its plans start from $99 per month.


hunter - Influencer Marketing Tools

Hunter is a bit of a twist. It does not necessarily help you find an influencer to target, but once you have a particular influencer in mind, it can help you contact that person directly through their real email address.

While some full-service influencer research tools such as BuzzStream, NinjaOutreach, etc., offer something similar, Hunter focuses entirely on finding email addresses. Moreover, Hunter is free for up to 100 email searches per month. It also lets you save email addresses to track outreach emails and leads that you send via Gmail.



Pitchbox manages that influencer research and outreach tool marketed towards SEO teams. While anyone can use this tool, it is a good reminder that Pitchbox is one of the best software for blog outreach, rather than doing anything with social media.

On Pitchbox, you can find potential influencers through a simple keyword search. It also has integrations with SEO services like Majestic, Moz, and SEMRush that help you filter those influencers to discover only the ones with the most authority.

Once you have some influencers to connect with, Pitchbox assists you in sending personalized outreach emails, and automated follow-ups that can boost your response rates by 62% on average.

The only downside? Pitchbox pricing puts it out of budget for many solo bloggers. Their pricing now has also been hidden from their website, and you have to arrange a demo to learn more about their paid plans.



Sprotsocial is another best service that can help you find influencers. While it mainly focuses on blog influencers, you can also find Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube influencers through Sprotsocial.

To find influencers, you can search for specific pieces of content or entire blogs. And you can also filter by Network, Location, Ad networks used, Plenty more options.

Then, you can add those influencers’ names to a list or import your own list of URLs. While GroupHigh does offer automated outreach, it does include an influencer CRM that helps you in managing the people you are connected with. It also offers content and engagement monitoring to see the performance of your mentions and other marketing efforts.

They have also published some free influencer lists to help you see the type of results that Sprotsocial can generate. It supports various platforms such as Blogs, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube.



Dovetale brands by calling itself “Real-time analytics to grow your brand”. Well, all those analytics are not focused on influencer research, but this tool offers two neat ways to search influencers related to your brand. Firstly, it has the standard “discover” module through which you can search for influencers using specific keywords and then filter by total reach and location.

The coolest feature of Dovetale is the Monitor feature. It allows you to track your competitors and see which influencers are interacting and engaging with your competitors. You can do the same for your own accounts, but the competitor analysis is the best part.

Through this feature, you can quickly add one of those content creators/ influencers to your own list or see more information about them. Competitor analysis works great for Search Engine Optimization, and it can work just as great for influencer outreach.

And another interesting feature of Dovetale is Payments. If you are doing paid influencer marketing, you can manage payments and collect tax details directly from the Dovetales interface. Dovetale pricing starts at $50 per month. It supports Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.



HypeAuditor has a YouTube and Instagram influencers audit tool or  database of more than 10 million creators. Their search filters contain location, language, category, age, and gender. It is one of the best influencer marketing tools and is used by many marketers.

To search based on the target audience, you can use the HypeAuditor’s filters mentioned above. You can further refine your search by engagement, growth rate, audience quality, brands mentioned, and average views,

HypeAuditor helps you identify those influencers who match your campaign needs. You can also use several keywords to find people in a particular niche or brand mentions filter to find the content creators who have worked with your competitors.

The platform also helps in monitoring marketing campaign effectiveness. You get access to analytics such as campaign performance reports and insights to develop your campaigns. The Account Tracking feature offers valuable insights into shifts in audience breakdown. You can track follower growth, content performance, engagement changes, and more. It offers a free 30 days trial and the paid plans start from $299/month.



Are you looking for an all-inclusive solution to handle your influencer marketing needs? Upfluence is a perfect influencer marketing tool on the list. This amazing tool performs all the job– from helping you find and select relevant influencers for managing your campaigns to monitoring their performance.

Upfluence has a huge database of more than 1 million influencers. It helps you identify top influencers using advanced keyword combinations as well as filters like geo-location, social networks metrics, and languages.

Through Upfluence, you will get real-time access to statistics including the influencers’ latest posts, engagement rates, monthly visitors to their blogs, and social profiles. Once you find the required number of influencers who suit your requirements, you can contact them at scale. Upfluence gives you complete access to their contact details and also helps you regulate your campaigns easily. It allows you to see who opened the email, who clicked the link, who is ready to engage, etc.

Upfluence has a free chrome extension that allows you to analyze a particular influencer’s profile straight from your chrome browser and is compatible with all the major social media profiles such as Blogs, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.


Influencer marketing has become the most preferred choice for most marketers, and it has immense potential to provide you great returns. These influencer marketing tools can save you a lot of time and effort in finding relevant influencers and interacting with them. So what are you waiting for? Choose the tool from the above list that suits you and use it for growing your brand and reach more people worldwide.

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