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3 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Shoutouts in 2024

Do you want to get instant followers and recognition on Instagram? Shoutouts are your key to fast follower growth. And these sites are where you can buy them.
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Best Sites to Buy Instagram Shoutouts
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Want to get instant engagement and followers on Instagram? Buying Instagram shoutouts may be the perfect strategy for you. 

With more than 2.3 billion active users on Instagram, it’s really hard to stand out in the crowd. Instagram shoutouts are a quick and simple way to expand your reach by putting your content and name in front of an influencer’s vast audience.

Making the decision to buy shoutouts is easy. Figuring out where to buy them? That’s the hard part. Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. We’re going to share the three best sites to buy Instagram shoutouts today.

What Type of Shoutout Are We Going to Cover?

There are a few different types of Instagram shoutouts:

  • Paid – You pay another Instagram user to mention your product or service in their content.
  • Shoutout for Shoutout (SFS) – Two users agree to mention each other in their content.
  • Word-of-Mouth – Someone mentions your product or service without being asked to.

We’re only going to cover paid shoutouts and the best sites to buy them from.

3 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Shoutouts

There are many sites that sell shoutouts, but not all of them are reputable or worth your time. These three sites are the best sources for buying paid shoutouts.

1. Shoutcart


Shoutcart is a well-known marketplace for buying Instagram shoutouts, but they also sell shoutouts on YouTube and TikTok.

They have a ton of influencers on their platform that have huge followings, like:

  • Akon: 47 million followers
  • Ludacris: 18.3 million followers
  • Martin Lawrence: 19.1 million followers

Along with mega-influencers, Shoutcart can also connect you with macro, micro and nano influencers. 

Each influencer has their own price for shoutouts, and you can only view pricing if you’re a paid member.

Features and Perks

  • Shoutcart Score: Influencers are ranked and receive a score based on past campaign results, authenticity and success.
  • Guaranteed: All funds are held until your campaign is complete.
  • Targeted Campaigns: Filter followers based on country, language, gender, age and more.


  • Free: Marketplace fee of 10% or $10; 3 credits total
  • Startup: Marketplace fee of 10% or $10; Unlimited credits; 10 messages/day; demographics data; filters
  • Pro: All of the Startup features PLUS unlimited messages/day and no marketplace fees

Overall, Shoutcart is a great option for buying Instagram shoutouts for any budget or audience. You can connect with influencers of all levels with the tap of a button.

2. Collabstr


Collabstr is a user-friendly marketplace for Instagram shoutouts. The platform makes it easy to view influencers and their pricing. You can even filter the results by:

  • Content type – Photo feed, Reel, Story or Live
  • Follower count
  • Location – Country, City, etc.
  • Price range
  • Gender

Unlike Shoutcart, Collabstr does not charge a monthly fee for using its platform. You can view each influencer’s page on Collabstr, which tells you more about their account and followers. You can also view their packages, along with pricing and what they include. 

Features and Perks

  • Guaranteed: Collabstr will hold onto your payment until the work is complete.
  • Management: If you want to take a more hands-off approach, Collabstr can manage your influencer campaign for you.
  • Vetted: All influencers are vetted before being accepted to the platform.

Collabstr makes it easy to order packages and get your shoutouts quickly.

3. Sharefans


Sharefans is different from the other two sites on our list. You can’t work with influencers directly, but you can purchase single shoutouts from an influencer with a certain follower count

For example, you can get promoted by one influencer with 15,000 followers.

The prices for shoutouts on Sharefans are much more affordable than Collabstr and Shoutcart. For less than $100, you can purchase a shoutout from a profile with 60,000 followers.

While you can’t choose the influencer who gives you the shoutout, you can be confident that:

  • They have an active and engaged audience
  • You can choose the hashtags and captions for your content
  • You’ll receive your shoutout in 2-4 days

Just provide the text and image you want to post, and Sharefans will take care of the rest.

If you’re looking for budget-friendly shoutouts packages, Sharefans is a great choice.

5 Best Instagram Shoutout Examples

Boosting Instagram posts is one thing, but if you have an influencer, celebrity or brand do an account shoutout for you, it can accelerate your account:

  • Growth
  • Credibility

If you buy a shoutout, what does it even look like? Let’s look at a few examples of existing shoutouts. You’ll find so many examples online, but this will give you a good idea of what this type of promotion really looks like:

1. Home Depot Shoutout

Rachel_metz had a paid partnership with Home Depot, where she killed it in so many ways:

  • She tags both Home Depot and Behr Paint
  • She explains how the color packs and ProjectColor app helped her
  • She replies to people’s comments (which is awesome)

And just look at the carousel. First, you can’t help but love her adorable dog, but she also has the color swatches right on her wall, which shows her followers that she really used the color packs.

Her dog also didn’t look impressed with some of the colors, so she obviously didn’t choose them.

2. Naut & Chain


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Tyler Crispen (@tylercrispen2)

Tylercrispen2 did an amazing Naut & Chain shoutout, and all he had to say was: “—Take it easy my dudes. @nautandchain #nautandchain.” That’s it. Over 1,200 people liked it, and who knows how many people viewed the video?

You’ll notice that he uses style to promote the products, creating a commercial-quality video where he is:

  • Enjoying a drink
  • Hanging outside, loving life
  • Showcases Naut & Chain’s products

3. Allbirds Dashers

Levi_hildebrand spent a lot of time on his shoutout of @allbirds. You’ll see an image of him rocking the shoes from the company, but the magic happens in the text where he:

  • Explains that he’s always had some kind of running routine
  • Tells the world he’s been involved in sports his whole life
  • Asks followers if they’re runners and if they’re enjoying it
  • Links to a full video promoting the running shoes in his bio

While his video isn’t on his page any longer, you’ll see brands asking him for shoutouts in the comments because his words lead to sales for brands.

4. Ivory Ella

Mckenzibrooke helped Ivory Ella on World Elephant Day, and the shoutout was an amazing success. Look at how many likes and comments her post received! She also leveraged a carousel, where she:

  • Shows off an adorable stuffed elephant that she’s kissing on the head
  • Shows herself and a friend (or more?) holding these stuffed elephants

And the pictures are adorable and eye-catching. Ivory Ella also has a strong brand that is all about wildlife conservation and saving elephants, so people instantly want to help in any way that they can.

5. Huel

Cristinaastyles was tapped by Huel to create a sponsored post, and she’s all about style. She’s sitting in a beautiful location with her sketchers on, a leather jacket and jeans, and she seems to be entranced by what she’s looking at.

But what’s in her hand?

She’s holding Huel’s ready-to-drink meal (chocolate), and in the caption, she explains:

  • September is a busy time for her
  • Days are long and she doesn’t have time to prep her own meals
  • Huel offers her a full meal as a drink that is nutritious and delicious

Based on the detail and time she spent on this promo, we’re sure that she will be making money from shoutouts for a long, long time.


You can also use the best sites to buy Instagram shoutouts to find amazing opportunities to have your account or your brand promoted by someone else – just like the examples above. A shoutout can lead to more followers and instant trust-building – which is always nice.

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