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Instagram’s Latest Update: New Story & Reel Templates

Instagram is getting a much-needed update that will make Stories and Reels more collaborative and fun. 
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Instagram Story and Reels Templates
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Instagram is rolling out innovative features that are making our content more interactive and creative than ever. And this isn’t just about Instagram trying to outdo its rivals; it’s about giving us – the users – some great new tools to make our stories pop and help us connect in even more ways. 

Introducing Story and Reels templates, a new feature where we can create, share, and engage like never before. 

What Are Instagram Story Templates?

Instagram Story Templates

One of the standout features is the introduction of templates for Reels and Stories. Think of these templates as your canvas, offering a structured yet customizable foundation for your creativity. 

Whether you’re a seasoned content creator or a casual user, these templates provide a straightforward way to produce visually appealing and engaging content.

The ‘Add Yours’ feature for Stories allows you create a template, add your flair with GIFs, text, and images, and then throw it into the social media ether for others to catch, personalize, and pass on. 

When you share an ‘Add Yours’ template, you’re essentially inviting others into your creative process, encouraging them to contribute their own perspectives and styles.

Let’s break down how this works. Say you’re a fitness enthusiast. You can create a template that revolves around workout routines, healthy recipes, or motivational quotes. 

You add your content – maybe it’s a GIF of your morning jog or a snapshot of your post-workout smoothie – and then share it. 

Others see your template, get inspired, and add their twist, maybe a clip from their yoga session or their favorite vegan snack. This chain of shared experiences creates a tapestry of stories, all stemming from your original template.

What Customization Options Are There?

Now, let’s talk about customization. The beauty of these templates lies in their flexibility. When you come across an ‘Add Yours’ prompt in someone else’s Story, it’s an open invitation to add your personal touch. 

Much like TikTok’s Duets and Stitch features, you’re doing more than just viewing content; you’re engaging with it, transforming it, and making it your own. This interactivity is an incredible new way to consume and create content on Insta.

Additionally, the integration of this feature with the already popular ‘Add Yours’ sticker, introduced in 2021, is a smart move. It taps into the existing user behavior, making the transition to using templates intuitive and seamless. Users who are familiar with the sticker will find the template feature an exciting extension of what they already know and love.

What About Reel Templates?

Instagram Reels Templates

It’s not just Stories that are getting a makeover — Instagram’s introduction of a template for Reels is another nod to user-centric innovation. Reels have exploded in popularity, offering a quick, fun way to share video content. 

With pre-made templates now available for Reels, users have a starting point for their creativity. Whether it’s a trendy dance routine, a comedic skit, or a mini tutorial, these templates simplify the content creation process, making it accessible to everyone.

Who Is This For?

For business owners, Instagram’s new templates means effortlessly creating eye-catching content that resonates with your audience and elevates your brand. These tools streamline the process, making it easier than ever to create posts that capture your business’s unique vibe and message.

Influencers and creators, this one’s for you. These templates are your new secret weapon for standing out. They offer a fresh and easy way to showcase your creativity and personality, helping you build even deeper connections with your followers.

And for those of us just looking to stay connected with friends and family, these templates are a fun, hassle-free way to share our lives. They take the guesswork out of creating engaging posts, so we can spend less time editing and more time making memories — from a silly moment, a family gathering, or just a daily update, these templates help us share our world in a way that’s unique to us.

Final Thoughts

Instagram’s global rollout of the ‘Add Yours’ template for Stories and Reels signals a significant shift in how stories are told and shared on the platform. While individual expression will still be common place, Instagram has now adopted a feature that will encourage collective creativity.

And by providing tools that simplify and enhance content creation, Instagram is inviting users of all skill levels to participate in the storytelling process. 

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