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Top 35 Korean YouTubers and YouTube Channels To Follow

Korea puts the “K” in K-pop, K-beauty, and dozens of other beloved global internet trends. Discover the top 35 Korean YouTubers and YouTube channels and find your new favorite content creators!
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Top Korean YouTubers
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What do K-dramas, K-pop, and K-beauty all have in common? 

Two things.

  • They all start with the letter “K,” which stands for the country of Korea.
  • Along with dozens of other Korean cultural trends, they make for extremely popular types of YouTube content on the global stage.

You may be wondering: where did the world’s fascination with Korean pop culture come from? 

It began close to home. Throughout the late 1990s and mid-2000s, the Korean Wave spread throughout other parts of Asia, including China. Then, in the 2010s, it reached its peak in Western regions such as the United States and Europe. 

Consequently, many young people in the present day – no matter where they live in the world – are familiar with Korean animation, drama television, skincare, makeup, fashion, and pop songs.

All of which are ripe content niches for successful, high-engagement YouTube channels.

With that important thought in mind, let’s discover the top 35 Korean YouTubers and YouTube channels to follow for maximum exposure to all things Korea!

Here Are the 35 Best Korean YouTube Channels and YouTubers

To kick off our list, we’re exploring the top Korean YouTube channels. These are distinguishable from YouTubers in that they typically represent a group, brand, or famous Korean personality rather than a vlogger.

Top Korean YouTube Channels

1. Blackpink

92.7 Million Subscribers

BLACKPINK is the name of an all-girls K-pop band consisting of four members: Jisoo, Jennie, Rose, and Lisa. They are one of the most well-known and commercially successful musical girl groups in the world and are marketed as a symbol of a Korean female empowerment concept called “girl crush.” They were also at the forefront of the Korean Wave in the mid-2010s.

2. Bangtantv

77.3 Million Subscribers

BTS is an all-boys South Korean pop band that rose to fame around the same time as BLACKPINK. It has seven members in total – Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook. They are famous worldwide, particularly among the teenage girl demographic. As of 2023, they became the best-selling musical act in South Korea’s history.

3. Hybe Labels

73.8 Million Subscribers

HYBE LABELS is a YouTube channel for a multinational entertainment company based in South Korea. The company owns several music and entertainment labels, including BIGHIT MUSIC, PLEDIS Entertainment, and ADOR. They regularly upload new music videos to promote musical groups under their umbrella.

4. Smtown

SMTOWN is the official YouTube channel for SM Entertainment, a company that represents and promotes many famous K-pop singers and bands. Some of those artists include Kangta (who is a former member of the popular boy band H.O.T.), BoA, and Girls’ Generation.

32.3 Million Subscribers

5. Jane ASMR

Jane ASMR is a Korean mukbang YouTuber as well as an ASMR creator. ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response, which is a tingling sensation on the back of the neck and spine that is stimulated by certain sounds. In the videos on Jane ASMR’s channel, the host films herself eating various types of sweets and snacks (a style of video called mukbang), and the sound of her eating triggers ASMR for many viewers.

17.8 Million Subscribers

6. Twice

TWICE is another great example of a successful South Korean girl band. It has nine members – all women, and all selected from a South Korean competition show called Sixteen – and has been steadily climbing in fame since it first formed in 2015. They are known for their “cute” aesthetic and bubblegum pop style of music that appeals to younger audiences. 

16.7 Million Subscribers

7. Hongyu ASMR

Hongyu ASMR is an ASMR channel with a mukbang bent. The female host, who is Korean, eats desserts, candies, meat, convenience store snacks, and just about every other food you can think of on camera. She doesn’t say anything, but rather lets the noises of her eating stimulate her audience. 

15.6 Million Subscribers

8. Stray Kids

Stray Kids is a world-famous South Korean musical boy group, which shares its name with the reality survival show where it debuted. It has eight members, all of them male (there used to be a ninth member, but he exited the band in 2019). This band is notable for being “self-producing,” meaning the members actually participate in writing and composing their own songs.

15.4 Million Subscribers

9. Bigbang

BIGBANG is the official YouTube channel for the BigBang band, a male K-pop group that helped spread the Korean Wave around the world. The group used to have five members, but now there are just three members: G-Dragon, Daesung, and Taeyang. They’ve won multiple awards throughout their careers and have consistently topped South Korea’s music charts. 

15.1 Million Subscribers

10. Tomorrow X Together Official

Tomorrow X Together (or TXT for short) is a five-member boy band in the K-pop genre that has been active since 2019. Their debut album made history as the highest charting male K-pop album at the time of its release. The group has also won multiple awards, including Best New Male Artist at the Mnet Asian Music Awards in 2019.

11.4 Million Subscribers

11. Seventeen

Seventeen is a large boy band from South Korea. With 13 members in total, it should come as no surprise that this group is highly entertaining and beloved around the world for their musical performances. Similar to Stray Kids, Seventeen is regarded as “self-producing.”

10.7 Million Subscribers

12. Jennierubyjane Official

Jennie is one of the members of BLACKPINK and an award-winning solo artist in her own right. Her official YouTube channel is home to vlogs of her personal and professional life, as well as her covers of popular songs. She is also known for partnering with luxury fashion brands like Chanel and Calvin Klein for promotional campaigns.

10.3 Million Subscribers

13. Winner

Winner is a self-producing boy band consisting of four members, all of whom are South Korean: Jinu, Hoony, Mino, and Seungyoon. The group was formed on WIN: Who Is Next, a survival television series produced by Mnet. They met with immediate and meteoric success following their 2014 debut.

4.07 Million Subscribers

14. Akmu

3.23 Million Subscribers

AKMU is the stage name of a famous South Korean musical duo, Lee Chan-hyuk and Lee Su-hyun. The two members are brother and sister, respectively, and such is their popularity in Korea that they’ve been dubbed, “The Nation’s Siblings.” Their music has also won them multiple awards, including Best Pop Album at the Korean Music Awards for their debut release.

Top Korean YouTubers

15. Kimpro

KIMPRO is a YouTube channel belonging to a South Korean content creator duo. The pair are best known for their viral TikTok content in which they dance, lip sync, wear fun costumes, and perform short, humorous skits. Their YouTube content consists of compilations of their most popular TikToks, as well as behind the scenes footage – called “shooting diaries” – of their video creation process. 

31.2 Million Subscribers

16. BeatboxJCOP

26.8 Million Subscribers

Beatbox JCOP is a South Korean YouTuber and a beatboxer, AKA someone who mimics the sounds of drums with their mouth. In his videos, JCOP takes on beatbox challenges and adds his own sound effects to other social media creators’ popular videos.

17. Cure Gurae

CuRe Gurae is a YouTube channel belonging to a trendy young couple living together in South Korea. They are best known for posting YouTube Shorts that cover their relationship, life with their cat, mukbangs, shopping hauls, and satire. They also occasionally publish long-form videos; most of these are compilations of their mukbangs, organized by color.

19.7 Million Subscribers

18. Officialpsy

Psy is a South Korean rapper, singer, and record producer. He is best known for his song, “Gangnam Style,” which helped catapult Korean music to the world masses in 2012. On his YouTube channel, you can find music videos and footage of his live performances.

18.5 Million Subscribers

19. Seungbini Shorts

Seungbini Shorts is a YouTube channel where the host, a male South Korean content creator named Seungbin Hwang, posts YouTube Shorts. His videos are simple but amazingly popular. Most of them show him trying viral hacks, like a powerful tooth whitening technique, or eating snacks to represent the emoticons that he puts on his screen.

18.4 Million Subscribers

20. JFlaMusic

J Fla is a female South Korean singer who is famous not only for her original music, but for her beautiful renditions of popular songs, like Guns N’ Roses’ “Sweet Child o’ Mine” and Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal.” In November 2018, she became the first South Korean YouTuber to generate over 10 million subscribers for her channel. 

17.5 Million Subscribers

21. Seo-Eun’s Daily Life Story

Seo-eun’s daily life story is a YouTube channel that documents the adventures and stories of Seoeun, an irrepressible little girl from South Korea. In her lighthearted, entertaining vlogs, Seoeun (and her mother) can be seen playing with toys, cleaning the house, trying new snacks, and going on trips to do fun activities, like swimming in a waterpark.

14.5 Million Subscribers

22. Sulgi

Sulgi Yang is one of the most popular South Korean mukbang YouTubers on the internet. Her videos are dynamic in that they not only show her eating, but also making meals from scratch and having conversations with her boyfriend at the same time. By incorporating cooking into her content, wearing normal clothes, and interacting with another person, Sulgi sets herself apart from some of the other mukbang creators we’ve mentioned so far as more authentic.

13.4 Million Subscribers

23. [Hamzy]Hamzy

Hamzy is another Korean YouTube creator who films an authentic style of mukbang. Her videos show her eating at a low table in her living space, with a meal that she made herself or bought from takeout arrayed before her. She wears comfy clothes and lets the focus of her video rest on the food and the sounds she makes while eating it. 

12.2 Million Subscribers

24. Gongsam Table

11.5 Million Subscribers

Gongsam Table is a “realistic eating show” hosted by South Korean YouTuber, Gongsam Lee. His mukbang content is notable for the quantities of food that he eats (which he also makes on camera). He consumes multiple types of cuisines, as well, from American cheeseburgers burgers and seafood to Korean egg rolls and fiery noodles.

25. Ox_Zung Expedition Man

Ox Zung, AKA Seo Won Jeong, is a Korean TikToker and YouTube Shorts star. He is famous for creating short-form content about popular social media challenges, trends, hacks, and tricks. He also parodies and reacts to other creators. Sadly, as of January 2024, he is facing up to seven years of jail time for sexual assault charges. 

11.4 Million Subscribers

26. TwinRoozi

TwinRoozi is a YouTube channel starring identical twin girls from South Korea. They produce mukbang-style content but with a twist, as each video has a different and exciting theme. The twins also often dress up to match the theme. For example, they both wore Super Mario Bros. costumes during their mukbang themed after the popular video game character.

10.6 Million Subscribers

27. Ssoyoung

Ssoyoung is a vibrant and engaging South Korean YouTuber who films herself cooking and eating elaborate feasts, mukbang style, for her large following. It’s interesting to watch her videos because she consumes such a wide variety of exotic foods, especially octopus, lobster, and other seafood.

10.6 Million Subscribers

28. Sio ASMR

SIO ASMR is an ASMR eating show hosted by Sio, a young man from South Korea. He primarily eats food from convenience stores, which can range from burgers and hot dogs to chips and candy. He also has homemade, Korean-style meals from time to time. You can also watch him shopping for ingredients and snacks at the store, something unique among the mukbang creators that this list has covered so far.

9.82 Million Subscribers

29. Sungha Jung

Sungha Jung is a South Korean prodigy guitar player. He is known as a fingerstyle player, meaning he strums the acoustic guitar using his fingertips instead of a pick. He is known for his covers of popular tunes as well as his original songs, which he films himself playing and then uploads the videos to his YouTube channel.

7.14 Million Subscribers

30. Pony Syndrome

Pony is an author, a makeup brand owner, and the host of PONY Syndrome, a YouTube channel dedicated to showing off her artistry in the beauty niche. In each new video, Pony shows how to use makeup products to achieve a unique look for special occasions or even just everyday wear. She is commonly recognized as the figure that made trends in Korean beauty popular in other countries.

5.96 Million Subscribers

31. Korean Englishman

Josh and his friend Olly run a YouTube channel called Korean Englishman. Their content, spoken in both Korean and English, is dedicated to mixing the two cultures – mainly through food. Many of their videos show them introducing Korean cuisine to Western people, including some celebrities. For example, in one video, they ask four actors from the popular Avengers movies to try various Korean dishes, thus mixing pop culture with delicious food and mukbang.

5.85 Million Subscribers

32. Waveya 2011

Waveya 2011 is a Korean dance team featuring two female members. Together, they choreograph moves to dance while playing a popular song, in a style of video called a dance cover. They’ve probably covered most of your favorite songs, like “Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga, “Bongos” by Cardi B, and “Back For More” by TXT and Anitta.

3.71 Million Subscribers

33. Gym Jong Kook

Kim Jong Kook, AKA Gym Jong Kook, represents South Korean fitness YouTubers on our list. Kim is an exercise enthusiast and enjoys sharing his workouts with his fans. But he also likes to visit gyms outside of his local one and interview athletes, bodybuilders, and actors about their training routines. He provides a unique perspective on exercising and gyms in his home country.

2.96 Million Subscribers

34. Physick Univ

2.83 Million Subscribers

Physick University is a South Korean comedy show and YouTube channel. It has three male hosts named Lee Yong Soo, Kim Min Soo, and Jung Jae Hyung, and together they interview guests, tell jokes, and travel around South Korea to hang out with friends and have good times.

35. Eunji Pyoapple

Eunji Pyo is a content creator and a lingerie model. Her YouTube content consists of vlogs about her professional work, modeling footage, and her recommendations for sexy looks for women based on different themes, like Office or Workout. She also posts ASMR videos from time to time that range widely between themes. Some of the noises she’s filmed include her eating, a shirt rustling, her using a scalp massager, and her cleaning her microphone with gloves. 

1.95 Million Subscribers

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Most Popular Korean YouTuber?

With 31.1 million subscribers (as of January 2024), KIMPRO is by far the most popular Korean YouTuber on our list.

What is the Most Popular Korean YouTube Channel?

The most popular Korean YouTube channel overall is BLACKPINK, the channel that represents the world-famous all-girls K-pop group. As of January 2024, it has 92.7 million subscribers.

Are there Any North Korean YouTubers?

Yes, there are North Korean YouTubers. However, many of these are considered controversial because they are known to spread government propaganda.

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