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How The Order of Instagram Story Viewer Works? Explained

What’s the order of Instagram Story viewers? Learn the secrets of Story viewer order and why it matters. 
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What is the Order of Instagram Story Viewers?
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Key Takeaways

Story views are listed chronologically or based on engagement

Instagram keeps the details of its Story view algorithm a secret

Stories with over 50 views are believed to be based on engagement

Instagram’s algorithm is a mystery. We can speculate on how the platform’s order system works, but no one knows for sure. Even developers working for Meta may only know how a small portion of the system works because they work on modular programming languages.

But there are some theories on the order of Instagram Story viewers that give us a tiny insight into how the ranking system may work.

What Does the Order of Instagram Story Viewers Mean?

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Story viewers for the first 50 views seem to be sorted in reverse chronological order. You’ll see the latest viewer first. If you don’t receive more than 50 views, that’s all you need to know. However, once you pass this view threshold, you’ll find that:

  • Sorting is no longer in reverse chronological order
  • Interactions seem to be a major order factor

Over the 50-view threshold, the algorithm seems to prioritize views by how much engagement someone has with you.

For example, if you engage with an account often, you’ll often see them higher on the viewer list.

Instagram changes its algorithm often. Small tweaks are likely rolled out daily, and even if you know how the algorithm works today, everything can change tomorrow.

How Does Your Instagram Story Viewer Order Work?

Order of Instagram Story Viewers

Engagement factors can influence Story viewer order on Instagram, but what does this mean? The following factors may be used to determine the view order:

  • Past likes on a person’s Story
  • Comments the person makes on your posts
  • How often the person likes your posts
  • Direct message frequency with a person

Instagram and the entire Meta company create massive databases on the engagement that you have with other accounts. These platforms want to keep you engaged, and the way that they do this is by showing you relevant content.

And the posts that you view, like, save and comment on are a good indicator of what posts and Stories Instagram will show you on the platform.

With this information in mind, does it really matter what order your Instagram viewers are in?

Does Viewer Order Matter on Instagram?

Yes, and no. Story view order matters to you as a creator, but not necessarily to anyone else. People who see your Stories won’t be able to see who else viewed your Story or whether they liked or commented.

But you will be able to see this information. 

And you can use this info to see:

  • Who’s engaging with your content
  • Which Stories get the most interactions

You can use your Story view order to improve your content and create more Stories that people love.

Plus, people who like or comment on your Stories may also see your future Stories first on their list. That can help keep your engagement consistent.

Few people scroll past the first few Stories on their list, so getting one of those coveted first few slots is key to keeping your engagement high.

Are Story Views Sorted Differently on Business Accounts?

No. Story view orders are the same for all Instagram accounts, including business accounts. If your Stories get over 50 views, then the order will be based on engagement and not chronological order. 

Instagram keeps the details of its Story view algorithm a secret, but engagement seems to be a top factor for Stories that get over 50 views. If you get only a handful of views, then you’ll see your viewers in reverse chronological order (the latest views first).

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