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22 Famous Roblox YouTubers, Their Earnings & More (2024)

Do you love Roblox and want to follow the best Roblox YouTubers? Read through our list of 22 creators dominating this niche.
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Famous Roblox YouTubers
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Roblox’s gaming platform puts creativity in the hands of creators like LankyBox and FGTeeV. We’re going to give you the inside scoop behind the top Roblox YouTubers, covering key topics and insights, such as:

  • What type of content they create
  • Profession (when available)
  • Unique channel points (when available)
  • Earnings – with sources (when available)
  • Other great tidbits you won’t find anywhere else
Note: Earnings are a best estimate based on multiple factors and research from other sources. However, we cannot verify with 100% certainty how much these creators make unless they release their own earning reports.

Top 22 Best Roblox YouTubers in 2024

1. LankyBox

28.9 Million Subscribers

Justin Kroma and Adam McArthur run LankyBox, a channel filled with a ton of unique content: parodies, Roblox songs (Piggy Song!), gaming content – tons of it – and insane challenges. The two friends work on their channel full-time and earn tons of money.

How much does the channel earn?

It’s estimated that they earn million a month off of earnings. We’re not including any merch they sell or sponsorships, which can easily double this amount. And with ZAG signing a licensing agreement and a Chuck E. Cheese partnership, the channel is likely to continue growing exponentially.

2. FGTeeV

22.6 Million Subscribers

FGTeeV is a “family gaming team” that started their channel in 2023. The husband, wife and four kids play everything from PlayStation to Wii U together. And they produce a ton of great content: 1.7K videos in total.

While the fam certainly has a lot of videos about Roblox, their most popular is an official music video that has 428 million views.

Earnings come from multiple sources, including:

  • YouTube
  • Books
  • Games
  • Merch
  • Music

One study suggested that the channel makes $27,336 per video, and if you do the math, that’s $46.5 million in total. Add in merch, books, games and a development deal with Studio 71 to develop an animated show, and you can be sure that the channel’s creators are very well off.

3. CookieSwirlC

CookieSwirlC is one of the most popular Roblox YouTubers in the world, and with 3.8K videos, she produces a massive amount of content. Since starting the channel in 2013, she has had multiple videos surpass 100 million views:

  • LOL Surprise Big & Lil Sisters
  • Mermaid Part 2
  • American Girl Doll Room
  • My Grandma! Roblox Obby Cookie Swirl

She also makes skits using toys when she’s not focusing on Roblox. Earnings for her aren’t truly verifiable, but it’s estimated she earns between $45,400 and $726,000 per month from the channel.

A few years back, she teamed up with Mattel to create her own toy and little is known about her life before YouTube.

20.6 Million Subscribers

4. Zbing z.

Zbingz has a massive following and posts a wealth of gaming content. But if you only speak English, this is not the channel for you. The channel is entirely in Thai and was created by Naiyarat Thanawaigoses.

When she’s not livestreaming or making funny videos, she’s working as a voice actress and winning awards.

Socialblade states that she earns between $29,800 and $476,000 per month and is the eighth most popular YouTuber in Thailand. While she did attend the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce, she has been a YouTube sensation since she was 23/24.

18.2 Million Subscribers

5. Lyna

Evelyn Vallejos is an Argentinian YouTuber who focuses on Roblox, gaming (Minecraft), parodies and funny animated content. She’s a passionate creator with 5K videos and started her channel when she just hit 20 while studying social communication.

She posts daily to keep her audience entertained, and her fun personality has led to her being named or nominated for:

  • 8th Annual Bloxy Awards Best Video Content Creator
  • Kids’ Choice Awards Mexico 2022 coolest gamer
  • Roblox Star Awards

Additional streams of revenue include books and albums. Earnings are unknown, but it’s estimated that her earnings from YouTube are between $36,000 and $80,000 per month.

16.8 Million Subscribers

6. Pozzi

Pozzi is an immensely popular gamer whose channel is classified as “entertainment.” You’ll find funny, up-tempo videos on his channel, but we couldn’t find much about Pozzi online. With as many followers as he has, it’s likely that he’s making money off of sponsorships, but we just don’t know for sure.

Earnings from the channel are between $10,100 and $161,400 per month, primarily due to the channel being all in Russian.

13.6 Million Subscribers

7. Flamingo

Albert Spencer Aretz has a massive banner on his channel that says, “Do not subscribe I hate you.” But millions of people have ignored this message. The content on the channel is Roblox-related, with a mix of additional content about being called out or updates on Roblox.

Viewers classify his content as:

  • Childish
  • Raging

Albert is very passionate about Roblox, but he also carved out a niche in skateboarding.

You can buy merch from Albert’s shop, but the New Jersey native is making a killing on just YouTube alone. Earnings are unverified, but it’s estimated he has a net worth of $20 – $30+ million.

12.2 Million Subscribers

8. GamingWithKev

Kevin Lee Edwards Jr. recently took a break from Roblox, but he used to show a lot of gameplay from Mortal Kombat X, Grand Theft Auto 5 and NBA 2K. Kev embraces his age and becoming a dad, but that doesn’t stop him from telling his subscribers his true opinions on some of the games he plays.

You can watch him on Roku, and he has continually ranked in the top 10 most famous Roblox YouTubers lists for 5+ years.

Kev makes a nice living on YouTube, but we don’t know much about his career outside of the platform and his social media status. What we do know is that estimates suggest his earnings are between $195,000 and $3 million per year.

11.6 Million Subscribers

9. ItsFunneh

Katherine La’s bubbly personality and focus on Roblox have made her a major star. She has a major social media presence, sells merch and runs Krew Eats, the mobile game. You’ll find a variety of great content on her channel:

  • Livestreaming
  • Roblox
  • Vlogs
  • Minecraft – from forever ago
  • Much more

YouTube brings in between $25K and $403K a month, but it’s a family-run business. The siblings have an interview on Insider where they explain that they now use the money to support their parents. None of the Krew thought that they would be YouTube famous and all thought that they would either continue their parent’s business or have a regular 9-to-5 job.

They would rush home and start their shifts, busing food or grilling it before their online stardom.

10.7 Million Subscribers

10. Thinknoodles

10.6 Million Subscribers

Justin Watkins runs a channel called Thinknoodles. He plays a ton of different games, including:

  • Poppy Playtime
  • Granny

He runs his own TN merch shop and was on the Wall Street Journal a year ago for cashing in his video rights for millions of dollars. The Texas native moved to New York and is known for his love of animals – he owns quite a lot.

He ran multiple channels before becoming a success, and while he’s never openly released his earnings, many predict he’s earning $1.5M a year.

11. Julia MineGirl

Julia is a Brazilian gamer girl who has become one of the top 20 Roblox YouTubers in the world. She started with Minecraft (surprise) and has been a hardcore gamer since seeing her dad play PlayStation 2.

She plays with her family and was born in 2005, so she’s been a career gamer her whole life.

Like any avid gamer, she does play quite a few other titles, such as The Sims, Kogama and more. She does sell merch and it’s estimated that her channel earns her $141K – $2.3M per year.

10.3 Million Subscribers

12. Beto Gamer

BETO GAMER also started with Minecraft about seven years ago, but he found his niche as a Roblox YouTuber. His channel consists of gaming content with fun commentary. For someone so famous, it’s surprisingly difficult to find anything on the Brazilian creator.

Earnings per month are estimated to be $3.4K – $54K, but with billions of views and a massive following, this creator is likely making a ton more.

10.3 Million Subscribers

13. InquisitorMaster

Alexandra Jennifer Teran is part of the “squad,” which is a group of friends killing it on their super-popular channel. The videos they make are funny and filled with commentary, but they also have videos with:

  • Reactions
  • Animations
  • Roblox (of course)
  • More

Merch, primarily plush toys, are some of their bestsellers, but the channel is still killing it with billions of video views. The squad is routinely at VidCon. Earnings are not fully known, but it’s estimated that they’re between $14K and $82K per month.

10 Million Subscribers

14. Denis Daily

Denis Kopotun has a fun, animated show and he focuses on Roblox. However, he made major headlines when he was “arrested,” and celebrities across the world posted about it. But as it turned out, that news was fake, and he wasn’t arrested for tax evasion.

You can watch the video here.

He focuses heavily on his night series and is streaming about a new Roblox game that he is working on. Previously, he wrote a few short stories and has created or has credits in:

  • Denis and Me
  • Sir Meows a Lot
  • Corl
  • The Pals
  • Incursion

Earning projections are all over the place, from $400K per year to a net worth of $13 million.

9.34 Million Subscribers

15. KreekCraft

KreekCraft is a Florida native and was born in 1997, so he’s still really young. He met his fiancée playing Roblox and made an entire career out of it. By 22, he earned a living gaming and is going to school for programming.

He’s a major fan of Jailbreak and Doors, and in 2921, he partnered with Wonder Works Studio to create a horror game called TIMMEH. On top of this, he also launched Pixel Playground and is co-owner of the studio.

Kreek has his hands in everything. So, how much does he earn?

But he also has a massive following on other social platforms, a ton of partnerships and businesses he owns or co-owns.

8.78 Million Subscribers

16. Crainer

Mister Crainer is killing it with new videos and has 4.8K of them. He’s fun, posts a ton of light-humored videos, and when he’s not showing Roblox content, he has funny videos, such as “i am a terrible parent” and “i spent the day being pregnant.”

Most days, he posts two videos.

Crainer is from Denmark and also has his own store where you can purchase his merch. Earnings per month are estimated to be between $1.3K and $20.4K, but we have a sneaky suspicion that he is definitely making more than just $1,300 a month.

7.83 Million Subscribers

17. Uwucutesingle

Uwucutesingle is sort of an enigma on our list because she has millions of subs with just 349 videos. People love her content, which she says, “All my content is a joke lol!” She makes Roblox videos and started her channel in 2021.

Since then, she has been the center of some controversy. She had one of her Roblox accounts deleted, and more recently, she apologized for promoting a gambling site on her social media channels.

You have to give her major credit for apologizing.

We don’t know much about her past, such as her career or education. She’s only 17, so there’s a good chance that this is her first job – and she’s killing it as a creator. Oddly, in September 2023, she deleted her channel to avoid termination. See the video here.

She lied. She wanted to show the true face of Roblox YouTubers, and it worked. People were posting about her like crazy, so it did help her gain even more followers.

Are you getting it yet? She’s a major troll, and while some of her videos are cringe, she is likely (we can’t find the stats) earning a ton of money with her nearly 500M views.

7.26 Million Subscribers

18. iamSanna

Sanna is very loud, so be prepared when you visit her channel for the first time. She has 3.2K videos and multiple successful channels. She plays a lot of Roblox games, such as:

  • Jailbreak
  • Bloxburg
  • Adopt Me!

In true creator fashion, she sells merchandise and lives in beautiful Monaco. The Norwegian speaks multiple languages and uploads videos almost daily to keep her audience engaged.

Sanna Van Vucht is just 25 years old and in 2020, she signed a contract with BBTV to become a partner.

How much does she earn? Some say she is worth $500,000, and others state $9 million. We bet that with the number of followers that she has, he’s not struggling to pay the bills.

6.65 Million Subscribers

19. Glitch

Glitch really knows how to appease YouTube’s algorithm. Three successful channels add to Glitch’s earnings, but we’re going to focus on the Roblox channel. He posts multiple videos a week and some weeks, you’ll see a video per day added to the channel.

Videos are family-friendly, and since 2018, the channel has amassed 1.1B views.

You can buy a Glitch Plushie, and earnings are estimated to be between $7.8K and $124K per month.

6.68 Million Subscribers

20. Poke

Zachary Tarnopol is a great storyteller and has a way of describing events that very few creators can. Zack has had his channel since 2007, but it was Roblox that really transformed it into a career.

Earnings per month for his channel are estimated at $3.4K – $53.9K, and the Austin native owns Poke Media LLC. In 2019, LA Weekly ran a story on Zack, noting that he did some voiceover work on the animated film “The Last Guest.

5.27 Million Subscribers

21. Maizen

Maizen has videos on Minecraft, Roblox and Roblox. If you want to watch any Roblox channel, this is it. Since December 2020, the channel has had over 4 billion views, with many videos having tens of millions of views.

The creators (two sisters) behind Maizen know exactly what their audience wants to see because engagement and views are off the charts. And all of their channels have over a million
subs, which is seriously impressive.

The duo has:

  • English dubs, and
  • Japanese videos

Zenichi is the main character of the series (most of the time), and YouTube alone earns them $49K – $789K a month. Add in merch and sponsorships, and this duo is raking in some serious money.

5.44 Million Subscribers

22. GamingWithJen

Jennifer Flagg focuses on Roblox, such as OBBYs, Tycoons, Simulators and more. She and her ex-husband, who has 17.2M subs, were absolutely earning crazy amounts of money on YouTube. If you watch her videos, you’ll quickly notice her keen way of narrating what’s going on in the game and why people watch her exciting videos.

She’s so famous that People reported the birth of her first baby.

But her earnings are unknown. Some report her making between $153K – $275K per year, but with sponsorships and a book, her earnings are likely much higher.

5.08 Million Subscribers


Roblox YouTubers are killing it with tons of great content that seems almost endless at this point. While our list was comprised of a lot of great creators, we did leave off a few, such as MyUsernamesThis, seebee, Kitt Gaming, Calixo, Alex Crafted and LuTuTu,

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