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27 Best Social Media Marketing Books (2024)

Attention, bookworms! Do you want to up your social media marketing game? Of course you do! Do it in your spare time by reading 27 of the best social media marketing books, so you can learn strategies, insights, and wisdom from seasoned industry experts.
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Best Social Media Marketing Books
Table of Contents

There’s nothing more crucial in the rapidly changing world of social media marketing than staying up-to-date with the latest strategies and social media platforms. That’s why we’ve curated a list of 27 of the most valuable books today for helping marketers get ahead of the wave. The selection includes books for all levels of marketers, from beginners to experts, exploring different social media platforms with varying degrees of depth.

They look at everything from the art and science of engagement to personal success stories and case studies. So, whether you’re a seasoned professional looking for the next edge or just starting out, there’s bound to be something out there that will help you achieve ultimate success.

Best Social Media Marketing Books

1. The Art of Social Media

The Art of Social Media

Author: Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick
Originally published: 2014
Pricing: $13.23
Available on: Amazon (Ratings: 4.1) & Audible (2 hours and 42 minutes)

The Art of Social Media by Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick is a well-rounded social media marketing book, focused on the fundamentals. It breaks down the “art of social media” into a series of digestible tips that are expanded upon for more actionable results.

With a solid table of contents, you can easily reference any advice you need, including helpful illustrations. However, the main text mainly lists bullet points for easy scanning.

Some of the main topics you’ll find are optimizing profiles, responding to comments, and how to integrate blogging into your social media. The book’s overall message is that if you share good content, the followers will come.

2. 500 Social Media Marketing Tips

500 Social Media Marketing Tips

Author: Andrew Macarthy
Originally published: 2013
Pricing: $13.89
Available on: Amazon (Ratings: 4.4) & Audible (10 hours and 39 minutes)

500 Social Media Marketing Tips by Andrew Macarthy is a practical and actionable guide to mastering social media marketing. The sheer volume of tips and advice is astounding,  making it perfect for beginners and experts alike.

In addition, the guide covers a wide range of social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, while providing specific insight into each platform’s unique features and best practices. The tips are organized into easy-to-digest sections, making skimming and referencing a breeze.

Lastly, what sets this book apart is that it’s not just theory; there is a lot in here that makes it an excellent hands-on guide, encouraging you to take action and implement the strategies presented. So, whether you’re looking to promote your business or grow your personal brand, 500 Social Media Marketing Tips is a must-have resource that will help you achieve your goals.

3. Profitable Social Media Marketing

Author: Tim Kitchen
Originally published: September 26, 2013
Pricing: $13.23
Available on: Amazon (Ratings: 4.3)

Profitable Social Media Marketing looks to help readers harness the power of social media platforms explicitly for generating revenue. This translates to building brand awareness, driving traffic, and generating leads for your business.

Their approach combines creativity, strategy, and data-driven methodology to target your audience and achieve your specific marketing goals effectively. Key elements of their strategy include setting SMART goals, identifying target audiences, creating share-worthy content, and how to analyze performance metrics best.

The book also discusses how to use social media ads, influencer partnerships, and user-generated content. Stay ahead of the curve with insights into platform-specific best practices, a look at emerging trends, and a plan to make your social media presence remain fresh, engaging, and profitable.

4. Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Author: Hector Sullivan
Originally published: April 8, 2023
Pricing: $15.99
Available on: Amazon (Ratings: 5.0)

Social Media Marketing by Hector Sullivan offers essential insights into creating a successful social media strategy with a laser focus. The book’s main focus is connecting with your target audience through clear goals on the right platforms to engage with them, maximizing your reach.

Sullivan believes in high-quality content above all, but also content that is easy to share and connects with your audience’s preferences and interests. He also argues for persuasive storytelling and messaging.

Throughout the book’s later chapters, you’ll get insight into the latest trends and techniques in social media marketing, including influencer partnerships, paid ads, and how to use analytics to your advantage. The overall goal is to drive growth, foster customer loyalty, and propel your brand to new heights.

5. No B.S. Guide to Direct Response Social Media Marketing

No B.S. Guide to Direct Response Social Media Marketing

Author: Kim Walsh Phillips and Dan Kennedy
Originally published: 2015
Pricing: $16.85
Available on: Amazon (Ratings: 4.4) & Audible (7 hours and 31 minutes)

The No B.S. Guide to Direct Response Social Media Marketing is your ultimate playbook for maximizing the return on your social media efforts with no… B.S. It emphasizes direct response marketing, zeroing in on immediate actions your target market can make, like making a purchase, signing up for a newsletter, or downloading a resource.

The point is to get tangible results as fast as possible, with measurable growth over time. The book is also great for its focus on the power of storytelling, how to copywrite persuasively, and best practices for captivating visuals that stop users from scrolling past.

A big feature in the book is the importance of keeping track of performance metrics, which can help identify areas for improvement and direct resources. So, get ready to cut the fluff and generate real results with the No B.S. Guide.

6. Social Media Marketing All-in-One For Dummies

Social Media Marketing All-in-One For Dummies

Author: Jan Zimmerman and Deborah Ng
Originally published: 2010
Pricing: $56.45
Available on: Amazon (Ratings: 4.4) & Audible (21 hours and 41 minutes)

Social Media Marketing All-in-One for Dummies is a comprehensive guide to navigating the ever-evolving world of social media marketing. Made for easy reading, the book covers all the major platforms with practical tips, strategies, and best practices for all business sizes.

It asks you to start by creating a robust social media plan, including setting objectives and identifying your target audience. Then, it dives into how to create compelling content, optimize engagement, and leverage paid advertising.

Once you get down to the basics, there are also sections on how to build an online community, manage your online reputation, and how to measure success through analytics. It’s an easy-to-understand guide with step-by-step instructions on how to boost your brand.

7. Social Media Marketing: A Strategic Approach

Social Media Marketing A Strategic Approach

Author: Melissa Barker, Donald I. Barker, Nicholas F. Bormann, and Debra Zahay
Originally published: March 9, 2012
Pricing: $67.64
Available on: Amazon (Ratings: 4.5)

If you’re looking for a comprehensive and strategic guide to social media marketing, look no further than Social Media Marketing: A Strategic Approach. The book covers everything from content creation, and audience targeting, to how to use social media metrics. This textbook provides a solid foundation for beginners, with a brief history of the medium, definitions, and terms.

The layout is easy to scan, and the pages include graphs, figures, bulleted lists, and statistics. In addition, it includes case studies and examples of successful social media campaigns.

The authors stress the importance of aligning your social media strategy with your business goals and objectives. Whether you’re a marketer or a business owner, this book is a must-read for anyone looking to take their social media game to the next level.

8. ChatGPT & Social Media Marketing

ChatGPT & Social Media Marketing

Author: Ryan Turner
Originally published: February 14, 2023
Pricing: $13.42
Available on: Amazon (Ratings: 4.7)

ChatGPT & Social Media Marketing delves into the emerging world of artificial intelligence, specifically focusing on ChatGPT, a cutting-edge language model that’s revolutionizing the space. The book especially looks into how we can optimize our social media strategies using the new technology.

However, there are better and worse ways to use the new technology, and it can be hard to get a handle on it at first. By the end of the book, you’ll better understand ChatGPT’s power, learning how to use it to make quality posts and other content that resonates with an audience.

With many expert tips and practical examples, the guide will help you learn how to use AI to improve your social media, saving money and time. So, whether you’re a beginner or just ready to rapidly improve, everyone can find something useful in the book for today’s ever-evolving media landscape.

9. Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Author: Tracy L. Tuten and Michael R. Solomon
Originally published: January 2, 2018
Pricing: $47.99
Available on: Amazon (Ratings: 4.5)

Social Media Marketing by Tracy L. Tuten offers a comprehensive, research-based approach to social media marketing for businesses. The book goes through and explains the similarities and differences between the environments of each social media platform. In addition, Tuten emphasizes the importance of creating engaging, audience-specific content, backed by solid storytelling and data-driven strategies.

In addition to the fundamentals, the book explores advanced topics such as influencer marketing, community building, reputation management, and utilizing analytics for campaign optimization.

Tuten’s Social Media Marketing also offers practical case studies and real-world examples, helping you gain valuable insights and apply the concepts to your own marketing efforts. A must-read for beginners and seasoned marketers alike, this book equips you with the knowledge and skills to create a winning social media strategy and propel your brand to success!

10. Social Media Marketing Workbook

Social Media Marketing Workbook

Author: Jason McDonald
Originally published: December 13, 2022
Pricing: $31.28
Available on: Amazon (Ratings: 4.4) & Audible (13 hours and 50 minutes)

Social Media Marketing Workbook by Jason McDonald, Ph.D., is a comprehensive guide that provides a practical, hands-on approach to mastering the art of social media marketing. The book’s main thrust is putting into practice different forms of social media marketing on different platforms. In addition, the workbook looks at tailored content strategies for reaching your target demographic, including how to set goals, leverage SEO, and use analytics.

In particular, the Workbook encourages more active learning than many others on our list, with many practical exercises, quizzes, and worksheets to help you along with applying the theory to your own marketing efforts. Other features include working with paid ads and managing your online reputation.

11. One Million Followers

One Million Followers

Author: Brendan Kane
Originally published: 2018
Pricing: $18.04
Available on: Amazon (Ratings: 4.4) & Audible (6 hours and 15 minutes)

One Million Followers by Brendan Kane is a fantastic guide that shares the secrets to rapidly growing your social media presence. Drawing from his experience with top celebs, brands, and influencers, Kane provides a step-by-step framework for gaining one million followers. The book emphasizes high-quality, sharable content and leverages platform-specific strategies.

In the book’s later half, you’ll find more advanced techniques, like how viral content creation works, how to collaborate with influencers, and how to use data-driven analytics to improve your growth. In addition to these, you’ll get a lot of insight into the psychology of social media users and the strategies to grab their attention that really work.

12. Freakishly Effective Social Media For Network Marketing

Freakishly Effective Social Media For Network Marketing

Author: Jessica Higdon and Ray Higdon
Originally published: March 18, 2018
Pricing: $20.95
Available on: Amazon (Ratings: 4.6)

Freakishly Effective Social Media for Network Marketing by Ray Higdon is a must-read guide that offers powerful insights and strategies for leveraging social media in your favor. Higdon is a proven network marketing expert, sharing his techniques for building a robust online presence, attracting leads, and converting prospects to loyal customers.

The book’s main emphasis is creating valuable, engaging content that sparks authentic conversations. What’s nice is the number of actionable tips for mastering social media etiquette the guide provides.

It’s all about building relationships and using things like video to create a personal connection with your audience. With its many examples and no-nonsense approach, the book is perfect for any stage of your marketing journey, helping readers harness social media’s true power.

13. Influencer


Author: Brittany Hennessy
Originally published: July 31, 2018
Pricing: $8.00
Available on: Amazon (Ratings: 4.5)

Influencer by Brittany Hennessy is a specific guide for becoming a social media influencer, building a profitable online presence. From her experiences as a leading influencer marketing expert, Hennessy draws out a step-by-step roadmap for creating compelling content online.

She emphasizes networking and collaborations, showing how partnerships are key to brand growth. Otherwise, the most essential factors are authenticity, consistency, and strategic planning for making a brand that resonates with your target audience.

What’s unique about this book is the insider tips you’re getting about navigating the business side of influencer marketing, with sections on negotiation contracts, legal considerations, and financial management. Packed with real-world examples and practical advice, the guide is an invaluable resource for aspiring and seasoned influencers alike.

14. Likeable Social Media

Likeable Social Media

Author: Dave Kerpen, Michelle Greenbaum and Rob Berk
Originally published: February 14, 2019
Pricing: $26.60
Available on: Amazon (Ratings: 4.4) & Audible (9 hours and 34 minutes)

Likeable Social Media is a solid choice for those looking for a crash course in how to grow a fanbase. There’s a lot of overlap in the fundamentals with other books we’ve covered, but there’s also a huge number of case studies in this one whose depth and details are sure to help those looking for an edge.

You’ll also get more information on how to think like your followers, post quality content, and make genuine and transparent content that clicks. Overall, it’s great as both a starting point and a resource for case study analysis.

15. Run With Foxes

Run With Foxes

Author: Paul Dervan
Originally published: April 7, 2020
Pricing: $19.59
Available on: Amazon (Ratings: 4.7) & Audible (3 hours and 39 minutes)

Social media marketing is often more of an art than a science. Despite extensive planning, data mining, and strategizing, there isn’t a foolproof method for achieving success. Paul Dervan’s book doesn’t claim to have all the answers but promises to provide valuable lessons from him and other expert marketers.

The books can help with making informed marketing decisions by teaching success stories to help to understand the “art” of marketing. It reveals secrets for making better social media marketing decisions, including lessons learned from various failures (both small and large), and offers firsthand advice from top marketers in the industry.

What’s great about Runs with Foxes is that it contains a must-read collection of real-life stories and contains great marketing lessons and success stories. Additionally, the book shares interviews with highly respected marketers and includes a free template for social media strategy. On the downside, the wealth of information presented in the book may occasionally be overwhelming and confusing.

16. The End of Marketing

The End of Marketing

Author: Carlos Gil
Originally published: October 3, 2021
Pricing: $16.99
Available on: Amazon (Ratings: 4.3)

Taking a different approach to marketing than many of our other picks, The End of Marketing is a black swan among social media marketing guides. Outlining approaches that work on each specific platform, author Carlos Gil goes in depth with how each platform has evolved and what tends to do well on them.

The book is a toolkit for hacking growth, increasing engagement, and creating a new mindset toward your market. In addition, many lesser-known techniques are promoted, such as monitoring mentions, mapping out messaging, and unique ways of content performance tracking.

Overall, The End of Marketing shows how to humanize your brand by communicating authentically to customers and creating a meaningful relationship with your audience.

Best YouTube Marketing Books

17. YouTube Secrets

YouTube Secrets

Author: Sean Cannell and Benji Travis
Originally published: December 18, 2018
Pricing: $13.94
Available on: Amazon (Ratings: 4.6)

Youtube Secrets by Sean Cannell is the most comprehensive guide so far about building a successful YouTube channel for businesses. Cannell shares all his expert insights into the platform, going through his list of great tips and tricks for creating engaging video content, optimizing your channel, and growing your audience.

What he emphasizes as most important is staying consistent, adapting to trends, and following changes in the algorithm. The book doesn’t just cover content creation, though. It also looks at channel management, including branding, monetization, and how to collaborate with other creators.

The book includes many real-world examples and case studies to back up its points, highlighting the proven strategies which have worked for other creators. So, whether you are a beginner to YouTube or looking to unlock your full potential, Youtube Secrets is a great resource.

18. YouTube Channels For Dummies

YouTube Channels For Dummies

Author: Rob Ciampa, Theresa Go, Matt Ciampa, and Rich Murphy
Originally published: April 13, 2015
Pricing: $17.79
Available on: Amazon (Ratings: 4.5) & Audible (13 hours and 51 minutes)

For a great beginner’s guide to YouTube, you can check out YouTube Channels For Dummies by Rob Ciampa. It has everything you need to start a successful YouTube channel while remaining easy to understand and implement.

The book covers everything from setting up, optimizing your profile, picking great thumbnails, and developing a content strategy. This guide emphasizes the importance of the YouTube algorithm, and how to use SEO and analytics to drive growth.

It also looks at various monetization opportunities, including advertising, sponsorships, and merch, along with tips for managing channel reputation and community. With clear step-by-step instructions and real-world examples, the For Dummies guide makes it super easy to get started.

19. Make Money On YouTube

Make Money On YouTube

Author: Gina Horkey and Sally Miller
Originally published: October 7, 2020
Pricing: $14.99
Available on: Amazon (Ratings: 4.5)

Make Money On YouTube by Gina Horkey is an insightful guide that reveals the secrets to turning your passion for video creation into a profitable business venture. The book focuses on expert advice on creating engaging content that generates money on YouTube.

This means building an audience and maximizing revenue streams. Horkey emphasizes the importance of having a niche, understanding what your audience wants, and producing high-quality, consistent content for them to connect with.

The guide explores different monetization methods, including ad revenue, sponsorships, affiliate marketing, and product sales, allowing for maximum income diversity. With their practical tips, Make Money On YouTube is a solid resource for building your network, including beginners and experts.

20. The YouTube Formula

The YouTube Formula

Author: Derral Eves
Originally published: February 24, 2021
Pricing: $19.03
Available on: Amazon (Ratings: 4.7)

The YouTube Formula by Derral Eves is an up-to-date guide that uncovers the secrets to achieving massive success on YouTube. As a leading YouTube strategist, Eves knows the roadmap for creating engaging content, teaching you how to optimize your channel and master the ever-changing algorithm.

Staying consistent and following the analytics are key to Eves’ approach. Still, other sections include how to foster an online community, get valuable collaborations, and how to best monetize your brand of content. Packed with practical tips and advice, The YouTube Formula is a fast way to turn video creation into a thriving business.

Best Instagram Marketing Books

21. Instagram Marketing 2023

Author: Wayne Peters
Originally published: February 26, 2023
Pricing: $11.97
Available on: Amazon (Ratings: 4.6) & Audible (1 hour and 25 minutes)

Instagram Marketing 2023 by Wayne Peters is a cutting-edge guide that equips you with the latest strategies and techniques to excel in the ever-evolving world of Instagram marketing. It’s a great, up-to-date guide on the platform, its features, and the most effective ways to leverage Instagram.

The guide focuses on the importance of the platform’s high-quality, visually appealing content, finding an aesthetic that resonates with your target audience. It also goes through how to use hashtags, Stories, and Reels to your advantage.

Then, the guide gets into advanced tactics such as influencer partnerships, paid ads, and how to use analytics for better resource allocation. Overall, Instagram Marketing 2023 is an invaluable resource for everyone, from beginners to seasoned marketers.

22. Instagram For Business For Dummies

Instagram For Business For Dummies

Author: Corey Walker, Jenn Herman, and Eric Butow
Originally published: December 14, 2017
Pricing: $17.99
Available on: Amazon (Ratings: 4.3) & Audible (8 hours and 40 minutes)

Instagram For Business For Dummies by Jenn Herman is a comprehensive guide designed to help businesses and entrepreneurs harness the power of Instagram for growth and success. The book thoroughly understands the platform, with advice on what works best for posts, Stories, Reels, and IGTV, explaining how to use each to your maximum advantage.

Herman zeros in on the importance of visual engagement on Instagram, showing how to optimize your profile and keep it professional while reaching as many customers as possible.

23. Instagram Secrets

Instagram Secrets

Author: Jeremy McGilvrey
Originally published: April 14, 2017
Pricing: $19.37
Available on: Amazon (Ratings: 4.2)

Instagram Secrets by Jeremy McGilvrey is a powerful guide that reveals insider tips and strategies for turning your Instagram presence into a lucrative business venture.

Starting from his extensive experience in digital marketing, McGilvrey takes you on a step-by-step journey into what creates compelling content and how it can grow your following.

His approach emphasizes audience interaction and understanding, leveraging a wide range of Instagram’s features like hashtags and Stories to maximize engagement.

24. Instagram Power

Instagram Power

Author: Jason Miles
Originally published: March 8, 2019
Pricing: $9.99
Available on: Amazon (Ratings: 4.5) & Audible (6 hours and 53 minutes)

Instagram Power by Jason Miles is a comprehensive guide that reveals the strategies and techniques for leveraging Instagram to grow your business and achieve success. It’s a step-by-step roadmap for creating visually appealing content, building a loyal following, and harnessing the platform’s features, such as posts, Stories, Reels, and IGTV, to maximal effect.

In addition, Miles emphasizes the importance of understanding your target audience, optimizing your profile, and utilizing hashtags strategically to boost your visibility.

Then, the book gets into advanced tactics, such as influencer collaborations, paid advertising, and analytics. With practical tips, real-world examples, and expert insights, Instagram Power proves to be an invaluable resource.

Best TikTok Marketing Books

25. TikTok Marketing Secrets

TikTok Marketing Secrets

Author: Will Bower
Originally published: October 14, 2022
Pricing: $9.99
Available on: Amazon (Ratings: 4.7)

TikTok Marketing Secrets by Will Bower is an insightful guide that unveils the strategies and techniques for harnessing the power of TikTok to grow your brand. The guide provides a step-by-step roadmap for creating viral content, building a loyal following, and leveraging Tiktok’s unique features.

In addition, it emphasizes the importance of connecting with your target audience, how short-form videos work to captivate viewers, and how hashtags can strategically boost your visibility.

The book also includes advanced tactics, including influencer collaborations, paid ads, and how analytics work on TikTok. With its practical tips, real-world examples, and expert advice, TikTok Marketing Secrets is an excellent resource for anyone looking for a path into profitable TikTok branding.

26. TikTok Marketing For Viral Sales

TikTok Marketing For Viral Sales

Author: Anastasia Olson
Originally published: December 5, 2020
Pricing: $14.14
Available on: Amazon (Ratings: 4.8)

TikTok Marketing for Viral Sales by Anastasia Olson is a comprehensive guide to demystifying TikTok to skyrocket your brand’s growth and achieve viral success. It’s an excellent blueprint for captivating short-form videos and how to develop a page that can generate a devoted following using what makes TikTok unique and popular.

Olson is a stickler for crafting customized, compelling content for your niche audience and building from there. As you move into the higher brackets of the platform, the book recommends using analytics and other resources to up your game. With her practical tips and real-world examples, you’ll be able to use the platform effectively in no time.

27. TikTok For Dummies

TikTok For Dummies

Author: Jesse Stay
Originally published: April 27, 2021
Pricing: $15.99
Available on: Amazon (Ratings: 4.3)

TikTok For Dummies by Jesse Stay is an all-in-one guide designed to help beginners and experts alike harness the power of TikTok for business purposes. The book hones in on the platform’s unique features and ecosystem, explaining how short-form videos, duets, and effects all work, including the kinds of content that tend to blow up.

Stay emphasizes that understanding your audience combined with following trends tends to do the best to leverage the platform’s potential.

In addition to the content creation end, the book also delves into TikTok marketing strategies, like influencer collaborations, paid ads, and data-driven marketing. It’s a great starting point for those looking to make the most of the newest and fastest-growing social media platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

How effective are social media marketing books? Are they worth reading?

Social media marketing books can effectively provide foundational knowledge, strategies, and best practices. However, their effectiveness depends on their relevance, quality, and the reader's willingness to implement the ideas shared.

By reading these books, can you stay current with the latest social media trends and algorithms?

Books may not always be up-to-date with the latest social media trends and algorithms, so supplementing your reading with YouTube videos, blogs, podcasts, and online courses is recommended to stay current and informed.

What are some other ways to improve in social media marketing?

Other ways to improve your social media marketing skills include attending workshops, joining online communities, networking with industry professionals, participating in webinars, and learning from successful brands and influencers.

What are some of the best social media marketing blogs and youtube channels to follow?

Top social media marketing blogs and YouTube channels include Social Media Examiner, Buffer, Hootsuite, HubSpot, Later, Neil Patel, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Content Marketing Institute. These resources provide valuable insights, tips, and trends to enhance your social media marketing knowledge.

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