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15 Most Popular Social Media Platforms To Use In 2023

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Social networking is an endless game where every year a new platform, a new feature, and a new player is introduced to the world of digital marketing. Each year, these Social Media Platforms compete with one another to stay at the top. However, the shifting global trends trigger a shuffle in the social media leaderboard. Therefore, knowing deeply about each platform, its features, and its reach into the global online community becomes extremely crucial for social media marketing.

Sometimes, a particular social media site may seem to be the right platform to showcase your brand or talents. However, we recommend learning more about each popular social media site and then experimenting with a bunch of them rather than taking a blind leap of faith.

To help you with your decision, we have an updated list of the 15 most popular social media Platforms you can use in 2023. While some of them have been in this game for a very long time, others are newcomers that have created a deep impact on their user base. So, have a look!

Here is the list of the 15 Most Popular Social Media Platforms In 2023.


Clubhouse - social media platforms

The clubhouse has recently joined the list of most popular social media Platforms . Unlike the traditional social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, and others, Clubhouse brings synchronous audio-only connectivity between the speaker and the audience. It is not a podcast but a more personalized method of sharing information and having meaningful conversations with your listeners/audience. The best part about this app is that the audience can also talk in real-time and take part in the discussion.

From business, relationships, and celebrities, to sports, music, and even comedy clubs, this platform provides an opportunity for people to connect with others who share the same interest. Launched as an exclusive app where people were only allowed to join through a valid invitation, Clubhouse has now become public allowing anyone to join the pool of endless stories and discussions.


TikTok - social media platforms

TikTok and its overnight success is a legend of its own. Launched in 2017, this video-sharing platform became wildly popular with its musical trends and challenges. Within just two years, TikTok became the world’s top five most downloadable social media apps all across the world. And a year later, it topped the list by outperforming some of its strongest competitors.

TikTok is a fun site that allows you to post short videos that play on a repetitive loop just like and Vine. What makes it different from others is that you can add lots of fun effects, AR filters, Musical overlays, texts, and much more to spice up your video.

This platform gave a new meaning to hashtags by incorporating them into different video challenges. Creators, brands, and businesses use trending TikTok challenges to reach their target audience. The platform provides different marketing tactics to draw consumers to your brand. Much like Instagram, it provides a platform to showcase your creativity and to become the top influencers of your field.


Instagram - social media platforms

Founded in 2009, Instagram started as a simple photo-sharing app but soon became a beast of the social network. Within four years it grew its user base to 35 million and from there on it became the fastest growing social media platform with over one billion active users. With the introduction of game-changing features Instagram Likes shop and paid advertising, it has become a prime attraction for all online shopaholics.

Brand advertising Through Social Media and digital marketing are much more fun and simple with built-in tools For Instagram stories, reels, IGTV, and more. Not just that, these tools provide every content creator an opportunity to showcase their talents, generate leads, and become the top influencers in their niche. Furthermore, it gave birth to a whole new marketing industry where even ordinary people can rise high and monetize their fame.


Twitter  - social media platforms

Known for its chatty tweets, this popular social media site is the main attraction point for all micro-bloggers. It is number one in sharing current news, daily updates from politicians, celebrities, influencers, brands, and more creators. Besides this, it is one of the best platforms for digital marketers to directly communicate and stay connected with the consumer. Recently, Twitter launched its newest audio feature called’ Twitter Spaces’ which is an amazing alternative to the traditional 280 character tweet. Similar to Clubhouse, this new feature ventures into the audio-only territory to develop new opportunities for people to connect with others in real-time.

From hosting live discussions and training sessions to answering customer queries and business-related services, Twitter is progressing into becoming an efficient social media site that will benefit everyone. Currently, this feature is under testing and is available for a selected group of people. However, Twitter is all set to soon make it public for everyone to use.


YouTube - social media platforms

YouTube is the perfect fusion of search engines, video streaming, and social media. Statistics show that 80% of the brands and businesses get maximum sales from YouTube-driven engagement. By creating brand videos on YouTube, the customers get an overview of the product before making a purchase, they can interact, ask questions and learn more about the brand through the YouTube videos.

Apart from this, YouTube is a one-stop- destination to fame for the majority of the content creators. From music, entertainment, education, pop culture, or any other field, YouTube provides the best and the most useful videos for everyone. In fact, it has become the best social media platform for young age groups especially children under the age of 11. YouTube for kids opens up a whole new world of online learning for the young generation.



LinkedIn is the only social media site for professionals and companies. Post your skills, update your CV and connect with people from all around the world within your field. This platform provides an opportunity for professionals from any industry to find companies and vacancies that fit their profile. Whether you are a doctor, engineer, nurse, coder, or any other field expert, depending on your skillset and professional achievements, you’ll be matched with the companies on LinkedIn.

From world-renowned agencies to local businesses, you’ll find every type of company looking for a suitable professional. The better you present your profile, the more opportunities you’ll get. Look at the company profile and see if you feel connected with its mission and values. Be fearless in presenting your best self on this platform because LinkedIn will help you find the job of your dreams.


facebook - social media platforms

For years Facebook has been an undisputed champion of social media networks. It was one of the first social media Platforms that showed the world the possibilities of using the internet. Moreover, it changed the way humans interact with one another. With over 2.7 billion users, Facebook is the most popular social media site. Despite its immense controversies and backlash of stealing and selling user data to analytics companies for advertising, Facebook stands strong with millions of supporters.

The messenger service says a lot about the power of Facebook. It offers businesses a concrete way to contact and stay in touch with their customers. From automated Chabot to inbox advertisements, Facebook Messenger has become the most reliable and easy-to-use tool for every digital marketer.

Facebook Groups are the best way to connect with people around the world who share similar interests. Brands can reach their target audience using Facebook groups, pages, and advertising. Although the young generation is shying away from Facebook after the launch of TikTok and Instagram, this site is still the most visited and used social media platform.


Caffeine - social media platforms has recently gained a lot of popularity that allows you to create live video streams/broadcasts for friends and family. The people who join your live broadcast can interact and respond to comments or give an emoji reaction. In addition to this, Caffeine also allows you to stream your computer or TV screen which is a wonderful feature for online game players. The best part is that you can monetize on this platform by increasing your views and subscriptions.

Apart from the young audiences, Caffeine has become a hub for brand marketing as well. All thanks to the live streaming option, now brands can share behind the scenes, run contests and Q/As that will help gain the trust of their customers. If you are looking for a new platform to live stream then Caffeine is an interesting place to be.



Triller is an upcoming music video app that permits the user to make professional-level videos within a few seconds. It offers several features similar to TikTok for example, background effects, AR filters, texts, transitions, and more to make the videos even more entertaining. Recently, Triller hit more than 23 million downloads and is set to give a tough competition to TikTok in the upcoming years.

Users from all over the world can create music and lipsync videos, share them with their followers. Even brands can follow the trends and reach their target audience. Apart from these features, Triller also has an online shop where you can purchase trending merchandise to show your support for the app. It also has a charity campaign by the name Triller Cares which motivates the creators to make amazing content and adds an emotional value to them.



Launched as a photo and video sharing platform, Snapchat became the most popular social media site because of its limited-time display feature. It introduced a new concept of sharing videos and photos with friends and family for a few seconds before it gets deleted permanently. This concept resonated very well with the younger generation who made Snapchat one of the fastest growing social media Platforms during its launch.

Snapchat was also one of the first social media Platforms to break the mold of AR filters and lenses. These features made interactions even more fun and creative. In addition to this, people can put up daily status, run ads, upload product catalogs and provide customers an opportunity to purchase via the app.



Similar to WhatsApp messenger, this social media site offers free messaging between users. However, what makes this platform unique is its ability to create broadcast channels apart from the common group messaging facility. Telegram channels are an excellent way to allow people from different parts of the world to come together, share common interests, participate in group discussions, and find resources like links, images, documents, and videos for any particular field of interest.

Besides this, Telegram is also a powerful tool to increase brand awareness by staying connected with potential customers. Here, brands can create curated messages, post special offers and discounts for their products. They can even create private and public groups to segregate VIP customers from the regular ones for a more intimate brand experience.

Although there is a stigma related to Telegram being used by anonymous hackers and tech geeks, it is safe to say that Telegram is the most trusted messaging platform right now. And considering its high standards of privacy, it is one of the best and most popular social media Platforms to use.



Also known as the giant bulletin board of social media platforms, Pinterest is a place where you can create your moon board for anything and everything. It allows the users to find and pin items of interest from other user’s board and add it to yours. You can even find different brands by choosing the right category of products.

Apart from finding items from others’ boards, you can create your page by adding images and videos that capture the attention of other users with similar interests. Use specific keywords and hashtags to reach more people on the platform. Follow and engage with people that share similar interests to build a community of like-minded people.


Twitch - social media platforms

For a very long time, Twitch was considered to be an exclusive game streaming site but in reality, it is more of a live streaming platform especially for content creators and brands to showcase their talents and products. From games, music, and e-sports to IRL, Twitch provides several categories for users to have a fun time.

Here, you can set up live booths, give talks, or interact with your fans/customers to stay connected with them. You can even do paid advertising to monetize your videos but the drawback is that the ads cannot be skipped. Apart from live streaming, you can also create and interact with other gamers in the most authentic way. Stream games and share your results with the whole group. It is a home for everything from exploring different fields of interest to chatting and beyond.


Discord - social media platforms

Discord is a place where you and a handful of friends can spend time together involved in group activities like online gaming, video streaming, and much more. It is a place where you can create a work club, school club, gaming group, or even an art community. Invite people with similar interests to join the group and hang out with them every day.

Typically, Discord is a consumer version of Slack that provides an all-in-one communication tool for friends and colleagues to stay connected and have regular discussions or conversations. This popular social media site is also a useful place for brands to share insider information with VIP customers. All you need to do is to create your Discord server and invite people to join the fun.


Reddit - social media platforms

Reddit is a place for intellectuals who love to share current news, information, or educational content that opens up a discussion within the online community. Consumers can vote up or down on these posts, links, or videos that provide information about anything and everything. It is a diverse platform where you’ll come across interesting people from all over the world.

Recently, brands have started using Reddit to build a feed with relevant and valuable information about their products that will help them reach their target audience. They post links, text, images, videos, and ads to promote their products and increase brand awareness. In fact, it is easier to target your audience by category searches in subreddits.


The 15 popular social media Platforms listed above offer different functions and features that make each of them unique. Therefore, read more information about the platform, understand what they stand for, what features they provide, and how it can be beneficial for your growth online. Take your time and do not jump to any conclusions before promoting your work or brand.

Try to use multiple social media Platforms to build a loyal online community. Create entertaining content and game-changing campaigns to stay connected with your followers. The better you perform, the better you will monetize from these Platforms . So, what are you waiting for? Go through the list and check out the most popular social media Platforms .

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